The Burst Come out Am Em 1) Sitting by the fire is sparkling when I text you Dm Am C Em I just waited all the

night, now is off F Am You're a giver of the life, of all around to you F G C Em C Em I'm surprise for what I'm sad, I'm just not gone F Em 1.2) The Special part is going to come G Em for i decided, it's still not over F Em cause the possession glide away G C of the rejection, I'm not afraid Am Em 2) splitting by the full attention, for your eyes Am Em to the blast of empying of your touch F Em when I smoke and think alone G Em all the voices switched off F Em I'm unable to control G and the beast, no longer, Held! (metallo pesante) Spitting out all useless crap never getting out of the grub of fly all the best words were only paper I've wiped my ass with the meditation Sun! Sun! Sun! Where the fuck do you are I'm drowning mad___ Sun!! sun!! Sun!!!!!

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