We Don’t Serve Cheeseburgers at Downton

By Elton Camp Mrs. Patmore strongly protested When a cheeseburger was requested With a sneer, the cook did say “That guest is from the U !." “While for an !merican it#s good enough, My kitchen would be defiled by such stuff." “Thus, such lowly fare $#ll ne%er ser%e. &rom gourmet food $ refuse to swer%e." “Tell him standards must be maintained," To her young helper, 'aisy, she e(plained “)o back to him and %ery firmly say, *+ook says you must be satisfied with pate.#" “,ord and ,ady )rantham $ couldn#t face $f $ ga%e in and cooked such a disgrace-" “'ownton !bbey is world.renown &or the fine food that does abound."

Standards must be maintained

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