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Communities Guided Viewing Worksheet Lesly Quezada

1: What is ecology? - Ecology the branch of biology that deals with the relations of organisms to one another and to their physical surroundings.

2: What is BBECPO? (Define each) -Biosphere: The regions of the surface, atmosphere, and hydrosphere of the earth (or analogous parts of other planets) occupied by living organisms. -Biome: A large naturally occurring community of flora and fauna occupying a major habitat. -Ecosystem: A biological community of organisms interacting with each other. -Community: A community of living organisms interacting with each other. -Population: The amount of living organisms or species there is in a certain place. -Organism: A living animal of creature.

3: What is a community? -A community is a place with living organisms interacting with each other.

4: What is species composition? -A species composition is the number of different species represented in an ecological community, landscape or region.

5: What is species diversity? -Species diversity is the effective number of different species that are represented in a collection of individuals. Where is the greatest species diversity? -The greatest species diversity are tropical forests, and oceans.

6: Explain the example of symbiosis with Leaf Cutter Ants and the fungus and bacteria on the ant. -Symbiosis is interaction between two different organisms living in close physical association, typically to the advantage of both. The example of symbiosis with Leaf Cutter Ants and the fungus and bacteria on the ant, is that there is an interaction between 2 different organisms.

7: What is an exponential growth pattern? Explain. -An exponential growth pattern is bacteria, and growing organisms.

8: What are the limiting factors to growth? Explain both density dependent and density independent factors. -The limiting factors to growth may be increased or decreased by certain circumstances. Density dependent factors cause a level of molarity. Density independent factors causes a level of molarities that is unrelated to population density.

9: What is a logistic growth pattern? -A logistic growth pattern is a population growth in which the growth rate decreases with increasing number.

10: What is the carrying capacity? -The carrying capacity is the maximum, equilibrium number of organisms. The maximum number of individuals that an area of land can support.

11: What is an age-structure diagram (population pyramid)? How it is set-up? What does ittell you? -An age-structure diagram is a graphical illustration that shows the distribution of various age groups in a population.

12: What is the shape of a population pyramid of a young population? What is the shape of a population of a stable population? -The shape of a population pyramid of a young, is exponential because they'll have kids, so it's exponential growth. The shape of population of a stable population is logistic.