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F"== Ma!?'* 70 Ti<e* 2 h!'

BIM : Thi!; Se<e'te! : ITC2 5 * Data St!"ct"!e an; A=>o!ith<

Candidates are required to answer the questions in their own words as far as practicable

G!o"# $A%
& B!ief An'(e! )"e'tion'* i& Define Abstract Data type. ii& When is approximation algorithm used as problem solving approach? iii& What must be done before inserting an element at the beginning of array? i/& Is it possible to convert all the recursions into iteration? /& List any three applications of stack. /i& What do you mean by absurd situation in a queue? /ii& o! many start pointers are required in doubly linked list? /iii& Distinguish bet!een tree and forest. + 0, - 0.

i0& When is collision resolution technique used? 0& Why is internal sorting faster than external sorting?

G!o"# $B%
Sho!t an'(e! 1"e'tion 2An3 Fi/e4 2& 6& 7& 5& +5,6- 5. What is linked list? Write an algorithm or " function to print all the elements of the linked list. What is expression tree? "onvert the given expression to postfix #A$%&"'(#A$%'&"'. Define stack. Write a program to implement the basic operations on stack. What is )ree )raversal? Write an algorithm or "*function for inorder and preorder traversal of %inary )ree. 8& Define +in heap and +ax heap. "onstruct a +ax heap from the follo!ing data given in order, -. /. 0. -1. 2. 3. 4. --. 9& Write a " function or algorithm to solve the )5 problem for n disks.

G!o"# $C%
Lon> an'(e! )"e'tion' * 2An3 th!ee4* deletion operations in a circular queue. A& What is merging? Write an algorithm for merge sort and sort the follo!ing data using merge sort algorithm, --. 22. 00. 6. /. 3. 7. 44. 4. -/. 0& Write an algorithm to search an item using binary search technique. 8earch item -3 in the follo!ing dataset using binary search algorithm, ---. -0. -6. -/. -9. -7. -4. 20. 24. & :xplain +inimum 8panning )ree along !ith ;ruskal<s algorithm. Apply ;ruskal<s algorithm to the given graph to find the +inimum 8panning )ree. +6,5- 5.

@& What are the advantages of a circular queue? Write "*function or algorithm to perform insertion and

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