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F"AA Ma!B'* 50 Ti=e* 2 h!'

BIM ; Thi!< Se=e'te! ; ITC 2 6 * O>?ect O!iente< @!o8!a==in8

Candidates are required to answer the questions in their own words as far as practicable

G!o"# $A%
& B!ief An'(e! )"e'tion'* + 0x , 0i& List the methods of using namespace. ii& What is the advantages of using template? iii& When is seekg function used in program? i.& When is it impossible to create object of the class? .& How can you resolve the ambiguity that occurs in multiple inheritance? .i& Write down the different types of conversions that cannot be handled by the compiler. .ii& What is stored in this pointer? .iii& What is a overloaded function? i/& efine manipulator. /& List the major characteristics of object oriented language.

G!o"# $B%
Sho!t An'(e! )"e'tion 0an1 fi.e2* 2& 4& 5& 3& 6& 7& +3x4, 3efine containership with e!ample. Write a program to add private data members of two classes using a friend function. ifferentiate between " and "##. What is "$"? %ive an e!ample of class diagram. &!plain virtual base class. Write a program that overload the operator # to add two heights with data member cm'int(

G!o"# $C%
Lon8 An'(e! )"e'tion 0an1 th!ee2 +4x3, 39& "reate classes called )mount*+ )mount,+ and )mount-. )mount* has data member $s'float(+ )mount, has data member .aisa'int( and )mount- has data member ollars'/loat(. 0he classes must be defined in such a way that it is possible to convert )mount, into )mount* and )mount* into )mount-. :& "reate classes called person and player. 0he class person does not have data member and player has data member height'int(. /rom these classes derive a class called cricketer with data member runs'int(. )ll the classes must have read and display functions and the program must be implement using runtime polymorphism. 0& Write a program that writes the *1 records of 2ook into file 3L4.5o then display only the 6th record stored in that file. & 7s it possible to convert a function with default argument into a number of overloaded functions without default argument? 8ustify your answer with suitable e!ample.