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BIM 8 Thi!9 Se6e&te! 8 :SY20 ) :&;cho<o=;

F"<< Ma!>&) 10 Ti6e) . h!&

Candidates are required to answer the questions in their own words as far as practicable

G!o"# $A%
B!ief An&'e! ("e&tion&)
2./012340What is behavior? Explain in one sentence. Define primary needs. Who are mentally retarded? Point out the things that influence learning. List the principles of perceptual organization. What is forgetting? Give the meaning of spontaneous recovery. ntroduce the concept of emotion. !pecify the meaning of personality. "ention the difference bet#een compliance and conformity.

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G!o"# $B%
Sho!t An&'e! ("e&tion& - $o# can #e study psychology by observational method? Explain. 2- What is locus of control? Describe ho# does it affect the employee. .- What do you mean by %problem solving&? Explain its steps. /- What is emotional intelligence? Explain. 0- !tate and explain the factors that influence perception. 1- What is pre'udice? Explain the causes and techni(ues of reducing pre'udice. *150+.0,

G!o"# $C%
Co6#!ehen&i7e An&'e! ("e&tion&)
)*. +ead the follo#ing text carefully and ans#er the (uestions given belo#, n a classic study- .ay +am effectively pointed out the impact of parents on the personalities of successful executives. $e conducted a detail case study of t#enty executives #ho risen from a lo#er class childhood to hold top ran/ing positions #ith business firms. Data #ere accumulated from intervie#s- #hich #ere at first focused on personal and 'ob histories and then on the use of 0hematic 1ppreciation 0est 2ards. t #as found that fifteen of the t#enty executives#hile they #ere children- had #hat .ay +am calls a 3separation trauma4 #ith their fathers. 0#o fathers had died during the childhood of the sub'ects- t#o sub'ects had lived #ith their mother follo#ing a divorce- six of the fathers had been seriously ill. 0he fathers #ere blamed for the hardships suffered by the family. 0hey #ere described as hostile and inade(uate. "others on the other hand #ere generally vie#ed as being economically and morally stable but not 3motherly4 in the sense of affection. ("e&tion&) a. Why #ere the mothers described as economically and morally stable? b. Do the parents play an important role in 3ma/ing a child a successful person4? c. .ustify the relationship bet#een personality traits and their behavior in an organization. d. $o# personality is measured using 010?