Describe and compare the Factory and Machinery Act 1967 and the Occupational Safety and Health Act 199 . Act Function Factory and Machinery Act 1967 Control of factories operations with respect to safety, health and welfare Registration and inspection of machinery !imited to manufacturing industry, mining, "uarrying and construction #o not contain detail pro isions on health Too dependent to go ernment Occupational Safety and Health Act 199 To promote and encourage OSH awareness among workers and to create organization with effecti e safety and health measures Co er all economic acti ities and go ernment 'e(cept armed forces and seafarers) Ha e practices and guideline Self regulation *orker cooperation and participation Co ers $%& of manpower Co ers +,& of manpower


References.Occupational Safety and Health Act 'OSHA) and Regulations, /#C 0u1lisher Sdn 2hd, /alaysia . Factory and /achinery Act 'F/A) with Regulations, /#C 0u1lisher Sdn 2hd, /alaysia

Occupational 0oisoning and Occupational #isease '>A#OO0O#) Regulation $.% '.!. 0ackaging and !a1eling of Hazardous Chemicals 'C0!) Regulations 3++< 74 Safety and Health Officer Regulations 3++< :4 =se and Standards of 5(posure of Chemicals Hazardous to Health '=S5CHH) Regulations $. State the ob(ecti&es of any t)o of the abo&e re#ulations. #angerous Occurrence.4 Safety and Health Committee Regulations 3++: %4 Classification.. 'a) Safety and Health *ommittee +e#ulations 1996 ? Assist in the de elopment of safety @ health rules and safe systems of workA ? Re iew the effecti eness of safety @ health programme '1) ? to ? to ? to Safety and Health Officer +e#ulations 1997 ad ise employer on the safety and health measures inspect and determine the safety of work place in estigate any accident which has happened in the work place . <4 >otification of Accident.. "ist all the re#ulations under the Occupational Safety and Health Act 199 $OSHA% and their effecti&e dates. 34 5mployers Safety and Health 6eneral 0olicy Statement '5(ception) Regulation 3++7 $4 Control of 8ndustry /a9or Hazards 'C8/AH) Regulations 3++: ..

safety and welfare at work of the employer’s workers. training and supervision that is necessary to protect the health and safety of workers at work. systems of work and working environments that ensure. !mployers should fill in BCC0 : or BCC0 < form4 $. as far as is reasonably practicable. Describe the duties of manufacturers of chemicals to ensure safe use of their chemicals. instruction. Name the forms that employers must fill in when reporting accident. 'a) To determine which hazardous materials intended for use in the workplace are controlled products4 (b) To label all controlled products as a condition of sale (c) To provide material safety data sheets for controlled products as a condition of sale 5. and (d) the provision and maintenance of a safe means of entrance to and exit from the place of employment and all work sites and work-related areas in or on the place of employment 6. the health.. handling. Describe the duties of employers to ensure safe use of chemicals at their premises and explain the preventive measures that can be taken by these employers. (c) the provision of any information. diseases and poisoning to the Department of Occupational afety and !ealth "DO !#. (a) the provision and maintenance of plant. (b) arrangements for the use. storage and transport of articles and substances in a manner that protects the health and safety of workers. Describe the differences between ma%or ha&ard installations and non'ma%or .

e(plosi es manufacturing. store. processed. (a%or ha&ard installation Any su1stance is produced. pro ide info and training to workers and do on?site emergency plan The authority may re"uest additional information to demonstrate that installation is safe operation4 Duantity of hazardous su1stance less than the threshold "uantity ). use any chemical hazardous 1elow the prescri1ed amount that has no potential to cause a ma9or incident4 2ut need to do following? identify possi1le ma9or accident ? show ade"uate step to pre ent ma9or accident. ite emergency -lan and . 9. used. Describe ho) safety and health committee can play an important .nformation to the -ublic. (anufacturers or owners of ma%or ha&ard installations should submit three documents* industrial +ctivity .eport.ha&ard installation. handled or stored in such a form and "uantity it has the potential to cause a ma9or incident 5(ample. Describe in detail the contents of these three documents. petroleum depots4 Re"uire preparation of safety report 1y Competent 0erson4 Duantity of hazardous su1stance e(ceed the threshold "uantity Non'(a%or ha&ard installation 0roduce.

) /0.6uidelines on Occupational Safety and Health Act 3++% 'section . 1xplain how you as an employee can contribute towards ensuring safety and health at your workplace. Assessment. such asA a) They conduct in estigation for any safety and health pro1lems4 1) SHC will monitor the trend of accidents.place. near? miss accidents. a) "esponsible of every action do we take either will affect ourself or other person !specially when dealing with ha#ardous chemical and situation b) $ooperate with employer or other person who discharge on the duty to make safe working condition c) *earing or use protecti e e"uipment all the time to pre ent any pro1a1ility of minor accident getting worst4 d) Follow all regulations or legislation gi en and get information a1out the effect of chemical used4 11.3. occupational poisoning and diseases that may occur in the work place4 c) /ake an inspection for at least once in e ery three months4 d) SHC will gi e recommendations from time to time to the employer related to safety and health4 e) SHC will Report to employer if any unsafe condition at the work place4 f) To form a su1?committee to increase the performance of the safety and health committee itself4 Reference. practices To identify the all hazardous in term of chemical to health that found in the .role in ensurin# safety and health at the )or. 2 )or. page %$?%. Step 1/ Decidin# the assessor #ecide who has the knowledge of doing an assessment and has the a1ility to do the work like consulting people. e(amine the workplace and re iew e(isting records4 Step !/ 0ather information about chemicals1 )or.plain the procedures for *hemical Health +is. There are many important roles of the safety and health committee 'SHC). -.

or greater is considered to significant4 Step 6/ 7dentify actions to be ta. and modifying of process parametersA use low operating pressure and temperature4 Step 7/ *onclude the assessment Conclusion of assessment of each work according to the rating of hazard4 A risk of . .workplace and to collect data a1out the work and other acti ities in ol ing chemical hazardous4 Step '/ Di&ide into )or. fre"uency of e(posure and the circumstances of e(posure Step 6/ Assess ade5uacy of control measures Control measures are the steps taken to pre ent and minimize risk4 Such as elimination of hazardous chemical. who is e(posed. Describe one e3uivalent legislation or regulation that is being implemented by other country in the world to ensure safety and health at the workplace. from 3 to 7 scale '3 is not hazardous and 7 is most hazardous to health) Step 4/ -&aluate e. units To know where and how the chemical hazardous is 1eing used4 Step / Determine de#ree of ha3ards To identify the rating of the hazard.en Suggesting the further precaution and control measures4 Step 9/ +eportin# the assessment 8mportant for purpose of follow?up action and need to 1e presented to employer to inform of your findings4 Step 18/ +e&ie) assessment The assessment need to re iew from time to time depends on situations4 Referencehttp-EEwww4dosh4go 4myEimagesEdmdocumentsEgl(Egarispanduan$<4pdf /2.posure Assess the e(posure parameter such as the duration of e(posure. maintenance of e"uipment used.

&ealth and 'afety (%&') "egulation .%ork.

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