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#8: Cultural capital,

-.ac$%round of &ourdieu' fe concei!ed a a (ultidi( %a(e.8/0 e for( of capital 1or$ in con . in!ol!in% ) different apital to co(pete for tatu Econo(ic cultural ocial u' pro+ect in distinction .

. ' 4culturalpractice capital ecure t"e T"rou%" t"e con u(ption of re pect of ot"er Only #e con u(ed #y t"o e o#+ect t"at can T"e a#ility t fe1 1"o "a!e ac5uired Cultural capital i ta te.-.1"at i ultural capital it 4 et of ocially rare and S$ill . $no1led%e. and 3olt . and di tincti!e ta te .

o1led%e: e(#odi(ent 6 o#+ec ural capital a $no1led "a to #e done effortle ly Cultural capital i re5uired 4properly' and to con u(e o(e of t"e o#+ect t"at con! 4aut"entically' ur e!eryday li!e 2 .

3o1 to play 1it" cultural capital* I'( da!id 1al " O1ner of (ona d #a ed on 1"at people do !ert notion of cultural cap "ttp:77tra!el*cnn*co(7 ydney7!i it7(ona81orld 8(o t8far8o .

"andlin% and =ealin% 1it" t"e 1orld' for(ed in ociali<ation7cla We cannot %et rid of t"e pa t our ta te are etc"ed in t"e #o . t"ou%"t and ction 1"ic" $eep t"in% con tant' (ean of $no1in%."a#itu ': A Cla ification Structure of ta "e(e of perception.

etc* T"e e are people 1"o 1e learn 1"at i appropriate to de ire and 1"at t"in% to li$e and de ire T"e i(plication: our de ire i ne!er really our o1n. how can we identify these people who we learn what/how to desire? .W"at "a t"i %ot to do > a (ar$eter T"o e 1it" cultural capital are percei!ed a "a!in% 4%ood ta te'. #ut i al1ay ocially8oriented* We learn 1"at to de ire fro( ot"er people* So. 4cool'.

fu ion 6 cultural cap .

on. ta te8(a$er @ Can 1e u e t"i in our e%(entation. t"en "o1 can 1e (anipulate t"e diffu ion cur!e2 ?opinion for(er . cultural capital and (ar If de ire i learned fro( ot"er and people co(pete for tatu . tyle leader . tar%et And po itionin%2 Which people are the most attractive to target so your product/service has the greatest change of spreading? Who do you not want using your products? .

a$e ure you're %ettin% it" your (ar$etin% pla BeCt 1ee$: eCit trate% .

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