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Dear Counselor: RE: possible legal representation

A statute of limitations may be approaching as to a potential legal cause of action under the False Claims Act, civil RICO Act, and Declaratory Judgment Act. We’ve been embroiled in legal proceedings for nearly a decade (parallel state and federal), of necessity not by choice, as a pro se litigant. We’ve become quite exhausted (in many ways) trying to find a legal remedy on our own, for significant injuries to our business and property. RICO accrual, res judicata, venue, and the False Claims Act Correction Act of 2008, are important issues to be addressed. We will NOT be pursuing any further legal actions on a pro se basis. We are not litigious by nature, but you do what you’ve got to do, when your back is to the wall. Our backs have been up against a wall for a very long time. Over the years, I’ve tried unsuccessfully on several occasions to try to enlist the interest of an experienced, capable, and compasionate law firm, possibly on a contingent or modified contingent fee basis. The experience trying to solicit such legal representation has been a most unhappy one. Therein, lies the reason for my decision to simply post the case on the internet, now that there are finally no ongoing legal proceedings, keeping some of the KEY files (amassed evidence obtained on my own, acting as “my own Attorney General”) private. In summary, we (my wife Vanessa and I) would welcome establishing a dialogue as to possible legal representation by your firm on a contingent-fee or modified contingent fee basis before the limitations periods expire. There is no simple way to explain the case and controversy. Perhaps, the best summary of the case can be found in the most recent Cert. Petition (U.S. Supreme Court) and Supplemental Brief (U.S. Supreme Court), Amended Complaint (civil RICO Act), Schematic, and Complaint (False Claims Act), which I’ve already posted on the scribd website. These files can be readily found by typing “patrons99" (without any spaces) into the yahoo or google search engines. Please call or email anytime to discuss further. Thank you, in advance, for your interest. Sincerely,

Robert Davidson, M.D. 903-235-0731 (cell phone: please leave a voice message with best call-back time and number)