The US is getting deeper and deeper into debt, and very soon, will be going straight to the poorhouse

. But it is not going there quietly, and has decided to cause major trouble for other people. By use of ASB. The US intends to use the ASB hammer on its number one creditor, the !". The US has decided that it is necessary to use ASB because of two pressing reasons# it does not want to owe too much to the !" and also, using ASB is the best option to cling onto the world$s top %& crown after the other option, the 'SA cyber confrontation, or cyber offensive evaporated totally due to Snowden$s disclosures. But will ASB wor( against the !". Another term for ASB is hammer) and)invade, but the US is unli(ely to be able to successfully invade the !". Thus, the ASB will not wor( against "hina. Any use of the ASB hammer against the !" will surely require the US to compel its loyal minions li(e *apan, +orea and others to attac( the !". But today, the !" has the military muscle to badly crash and burn all these minions. The price to pay for using ASB is just too great or too severe. Therefore, it is much better for the US to consider giving the cyber confrontation or cyber war option ,against the !"- a second thought. But first, the US needs to wage a huge demonisation war on the !".

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