Tables/Tcodes in SAP SD

Important Tables for SAP SD
Sales and Distribution:
Table Description Customers KNA1 General Data KNB1 Customer Master – Co. Code Data (payment method, reconciliation acct) KNB Customer !ayment "istory KNB# Customer Master – Dunnin$ in%o KNBK Customer Master Ban& Data KNKA Customer Master Credit M$mt. KNKK Customer Master Credit Control Area Data (credit limits) KN'' (ales Area Data (terms, order pro)a)ility) KN'* Customer Master +a, *ndicator KN'! !artner -unction &ey KN'D .utput type KN'( Customer Master (hip Data K/!A Customer0'endor /in& 'BAK1K 'BAK 2 'B1K "eader (tatus and Administrati3e Data (ales Document 4 "eader Data (ales Document 4 Business Data *tem (tatus (ales Document 4 *tem Data !artners Document -lo5 (ales Document (chedule /ine (ales 7e8uirements9 *ndi3idual 7ecords

(ales Documents 'B1K 'BAK 'BKD 'B1! 'BA! 'B!A 'B-A 'B6! 'BB6

(D Deli3ery Docume/*!( Deli3ery Document item data, includes re%erencin$ !. /*K! Deli3ery Document "eader data Billin$ Document 'B7K Billin$ Document "eader 'B7! Billin$ Document *tem (D (hippin$ 1nit '6K! (hippin$ 1nit *tem (Content) '6!. (hippin$ 1nit "eader

SAP SD Transaction codes List
* %ound a 5ay to &no5 hidden customi:in$ +codes. Be%ore e,ecutin$ customi:in$ tas& you desire, point it and $o to 6dit4Display *MG Acti3ity. +hen mar& acti3ity. Go to +.Code se1; and type in C1(<*MGAC" ta)le. 6,ecute. !aste *MG Acti3ity and run. =ou 5ill see +code that )elon$s to *MG Acti3ity. SAP SD Tips by: Javier The most frequently used transaction codes are as follows: 1. '(>> 4 Master data ?. 'C>> 4 (ales (upport @. 'A>> 4 (ales . '/>> 4 (hippin$ #. '+>> 4 +ransportation ;. '->> 4 Billin$ thers as follows: At !onfi"uration: 1. '.'A 4 De%ine (ales documents type (header) ?. .'AB 4 Assi$nin$ (ales area to sales documents type @. .'A1 4 .rder reasons . '.' 4 Assi$n *tem cate$oreies(*tem cat determination) #. '.'; 4 (cedule line cate$ories ;. .'A/ 4 +o assi$n )loc&s to rele3ant sales documents type C. .'/K 4 De%ine deli3ery types A. '0>; 4 !ricin$ D. '0>A 4 Maintain pricin$ procedure 1>..'K! 4 !ricin$ proc determination 11.'0>C 4 Access se8uence #nduser: 1. Customer Master Creation4'D>1 and ED>1 (%or %ull inclu company code) 'D>? 4 Chan$e Customer 'D>@ 4 Display Customer 'D> 4 Customer Account Chan$es 'D>; 4 -la$ %or Deletion Customer ED>1 4 Create Customer ED>? 4 Modi%y Customer ED>@ 4 Display Customer ?. Create .ther material 4444MM>> @. 'B114 +o create material determination condition record . C.>D4 Material a3aila)ility .3er3ie5 #. '/>1 4 Create out)ound deli3ery 5ith re% sales order ;. '/> 4 Collecti3e processin$ o% deli3ery C. 'A11 4 Create *n8uiry 'A1? 4 Chan$e *n8uiry 'A1@ 4 Display *n8uiry Sales $ Distribution Sales order % &uote % Sched A"reement % !ontract F 'A>1 4 Create .rder F 'A>? 4 Chan$e .rder F 'A>@ 4 Display .rder F 'A>? 4 (ales order chan$e F 'A># 4 /ist o% sales orders F 'A@? 4 (chedulin$ a$reement chan$e F 'A ? 4 Contract chan$e F 'A?1 4 Create Guotation F 'A?? 4 Chan$e Guotation F 'A?@ 4 Display Guotation 'illin" F '->? 4 Chan$e )illin$ document F '-11 4 Cancel Billin$ document F '-> 4 Billin$ due list F -B/#N 4 Display Customer in3oices )y line

F -B/1N 4 Display 'endor in3oices )y line Delivery F '/>?N 4 Chan$e deli3ery document F '/> 4 Deli3ery due list F 'KM# 4 /ist o% deli3eries F '/>;G 4 /ist o% out)ound deli3eries %or $oods issue F '/>;! 4 /ist o% out)ound deli3eries %or pic&in$ F '/>D 4 Cancel $oods issue F '+>?N 4 Chan$e shipment F '+C> 4 .utput %or shipments (eneral F 'KM@, 'KM 4 /ist o% sales documents F 'KM1 4 /ist o% )loc&ed (D documents F 'D#? 4 Material Determination

Goto 44 '.Tas) Specifc SD Transaction !odes * +ow to confi"ure ta.BG1 444 C. De%ine no. Create 'endor master data EK>1 C.C6D176 CA/ .N +AB/6 . *tem cate$ory usa$e can also )e maintained 3ia the item cate$ories In contracts we are creatin" quantity contract and value contracts in that we only put the validity period after validity period that contract will close5but customer want before one month closin" the period system should alert with popup bo.tend it to different company codes-ollo5 the %ollo5in$ steps9 1.C .t item. I raise a sales order and is "ettin" a error statin" that .BBG 444 A((*GN C.7= .'K 444 MA+67*A/ +AE CA+6G.M67 +AE CA+6G. the system response i% durin$ document processin$ an item does not re%er to a material )ut to a te.BG? 444 ACC6(( . Distri)ution Channels I Di3isons ?) At '. De%ine document type and no./ 1) At (!7.BA( . 1> 4 -or Ma&e to .'K1 444 +AE D6+67M*NA+*. ran$e %or 3endor account $roup EKN1 @. . @) At '. Create a 3endor account $roup .!!+ 44 Maintain (tarate$y Group Ke can see (trate$y Group in Material Master 7ecord 4 M7! @ 4 !lannin$ 44 (trate$y Group. li)e this contract is "oin" to close5 for this sales mana"er can follow up the customer for renual the contract/ Gettin$ a pop4up 5hen the Contract is $oin$ to e.BA@ #. Create ? G/ accounts -(>> a) !urchases A0c )) (.r$anisations.BD@ ?.1se the %ollo5in$ +codes9 .Item !ate"ory 4sa"e.utline a$reement messa$es If you want to have different number ran"e for different sales area where the settin"s to be done/ . Assi$n num)er ran$e to 'endor account $roup . ran$e . rate.sales area is not defined. 444 A((*GN D6/*'67= !/AN+( and then'K11 to maintain the condition record %or the ta. -or this you need to do some pro$rammin$.!A44H Assi$n !artner -unctions to your Account Group I !artner Determination procedure Steps to create a 0endor 1aster Data at the client level and how do we e.BG@ 444 +AE !7.ample. at the master level(pro 44H (ales and Distri)ution 44H (ales 44H (ales Documents 44H (ales Document *tem 44H De%ine *tem Cate$ory 1sa$e *tem Cate$ory 1sa$e9 item cate$ory usa$es 5hich control the usa$e o% an item. +AE !7.'K@ 444 C1(+. De%ine tolerance Group %or 3endor .rder ?> 4 -or Ma&e to (toc& Tas) Specifc SD Transaction !odes 2 3here do we maintain .ND*+*. *tem cate$ory usa$e controls.44H(D44H(ales header44HAssi$n (ales area to (ales document 4 Com)ine your (ales ..!A44HAssi$n !artner Determination procedure to your Account Group o% Customer Master you are usin$.7= . chan$e0)loc& 3endor master data EK>?0EK># A.'A 444 Guotation and .N 71/6( . creditors A0c . *nstead o% this the (td system has a reminder system 5here in the open Contracts and Guotaions are popped up 5hen you a)out to create a sales order.1N+7= +. +his settin$ is in the (ales order header .BAC a) KA )) KG c) K7 d) KB J44 'andna +ow to find the strate"y "roup in sap sdMenu path %or (trate$y Group is9 (pro 44H !roduction 44H !roduction !lannin$ 44H Demand Mana$ement 44H !lanned *ndependent 7e8uirements 44H !lannin$ (trate$y 44H De%ine (trate$y Group.'K.pire is not a (tandard (A! thin$. %or e.

*n 6. *n internal num)er ran$e system automatically assi$n a num)er to sales document accordin$ to num)er ran$e de%ine in system.ternal.Num)er 7a$e are use to de%ine 5hat num)er to )e assi$n to sales document type.ternal num)er ran$e user manually assi$n num)er to sales document. Num)er ran$e can )e assi$n *nternal or e. -or Assi$nin$ Num)er 7an$e use +4Code 'N>1 Choose *nter3als 4444 De%ine your num)er ran$e .

!ricin$ 7eport 4 '0/D Create Net !rice /ist 4 '<N/ /ist customer material in%o 4 'D#D /ist o% sales order 4 'A># /ist o% Billin$ documents 4 '-># *n8uiries list 4 'A1# Guotation /ist 4 'A?# *ncomplete (ales orders 4 '.ut)ound Deli3ery Monitor 4 '/>.Standard SAP SD 6eports 6eports in Sales and Distribution modules 7LIS8SIS9: (ales summary 4 'C0? Display Customer "ierarchy 4 'D"? Display Condition record report 4 '0*. Memo 4 MC2* Deli3eries4Due list 4 '/> Billin$ due list 4 '-> *ncomplete Billin$ documents 4 MC'D Customer Analysis4Basic /ist 4 MC+A Material Analysis((*() 4 MC+C (ales or$ analysis 4 MC+6 (ales or$ analysis4*n3oiced sales 4 MC2? Material Analysis4*ncomin$ orders 4 MC(6 General4 /ist o% .>? Bac&orders 4 '.rder Kithin time period 4 (D>1 Duplicate (ales orders in period 4 (DD1 Display Deli3ery Chan$es 4 '/?? .1 .ut)ound deli3eries 4 '/>. Bloc&ed orders 4 '.1# .% Material 7eturns4Analysis 4 MC2M Material Analysis4 *n3oiced (ales 4 MC2G 'ariant con%i$uration Analysis 4 MC(B (ales or$ analysis4*ncomin$ orders 4 MC(* (ales or$ analysis47eturns 4 MC2= (ales o%%ice Analysis4 *n3oiced (ales 4 MC46 (ales o%%ice Analysis4 7eturns 4 MC4A (hippin$ point Analysis 4 MC(1 (hippin$ point Analysis47eturns 4 MC4.o *ncomplete deli3ery 4 '<1C Customer 7eturns4Analysis 4 MC2A Customer Analysis4 (ales 4 MC26 Customer Analysis4 Cr.

Shippin" &: +he !/>> condition is %ine in deli3ery. *n all other scenarios you ha3e to &ey in the shippin$ point. e3en i% a price is set up a$ainst the material and not the pre%. Access se8uence is assi$ned to the output type. Group. payment terms. 6lse undesira)le com)inations may )e created )y the system. !. &: "o5 can 5e set up to ha3e the 'A+O )e accepted in the (hip4+o Master -ile Data Control screenL A: *MG4H-in.) it 5ill loo& %or the pre%. Pricin" !onditions &: *t is impossi)le to price at the material le3el (matnr) .M in the sales order.M to e. )ut not pic&a)le. KhyL A: *n order to use the !ac&in$ list !/>> (pac&in$ slip in deli3ery) you must do M!ac&in$M in the deli3ery note (edit4Hpac&in$) &: 5e ha3e to enter a shippin$ point 5hile creatin$ a deli3ery. 5e $et an error NNote #? Access not made (*nitiali:ed -ield)N. *s there a 5ay to )loc& such transactions %or a material %la$$ed %or deletionL A: (ales (tatus %ield in the sales or$ani:ation 3ie5 o% the material master may )e used to )loc& any transaction %or the material. sales or$ani:ation. "o5e3er note that %or system to create com)ined in3oices. But 5hen 5e try to print to either the screen or printer. &: Ke 5ant to e. !ustomi. 5hen a material has a pricin$ re%erence (m3&e4pmatn) set up a$ainst it in the master data. the order can )e still entered ( 5ith a 5arnin$ messa$e). output screen comes up )lan& %or the output type. A2: Chan$e the copy rule %or orders4Hin3oices and deli3eries4Hin3oices to speci%y that in3oice com)ination is permitted.chan$e rate types and use them instead o% the de%aulted types. Assi$ned the condition to access se8uence. 'illin" &: (A! allo5s a non4in3entory item and an in3entory item to )e in the same document till deli3ery )ut splits at the time o% creation o% )illin$ document. and there%ore appear on the same in3oice.plode an 68uipment B. Can 5e com)ine a non4in3entory item 5ith an in3entory item in one in3oiceL Can 5e treat it as a 3alue item in sales order so that it is priced and then ma&e it as a te. 6.t item in deli3ery documents so that it appears in the same in3oice and does not splitL A*: Ma&e the non4stoc& material deli3era)le. &: Ke can de%ine our o5n e. "o5 can 5e price )y material and pre%L A: +he %ield used to loo& up at the price is de%ined in Access se8uence. Acct. Khen 5e loo& up Determination Analysis. =ou may %ind a step 5ith !MA+N as material num)er. choose (ales document 4H (u)se8uent %unctions4H Create" &: Ke $enerated a ne5 condition ta)le. *s it possi)le to create deli3ery 5ithout shippin$ pointsL A: Khen you are releasin$ a sales order. MMM. 63en thou$h deletion %la$ is set %or a material0plant le3el. Both items 5ill carry into the deli3ery.clusion tic& )o. and distri)ution channel must )e identical.SAP Sales and Distribution :requently As)ed &uestion 1aster Data &: (ome materials ha3e )een )loc&ed %or procurement and production. But 5hen 5e create a )illin$ document. num)er. MBM and MGM. Khat else is re8uired to )e doneL A: Assi$n output determination procedure to the header o% the document and the output type. Created a condition record.chan$e rate types are to )e maintained %or the customer in the sales screen o% the customer master record. an error '1>@? occurs. +he a)o3e descri)ed scenario 5ill only 5or& i% all items on the sales order are to )e shipped %rom the same shippin$ point.plode Bill o% Material automatically at time o% .plode .rder entry and e.chan$e rate $ets copied %rom the customer master record. i% not %ound (use the e. "o5 can 5e o3er5rite de%ault types in (DL A: 6. !ricin$ al5ays loo& %or the pre%.4HA7 and A! 4HCustomer acct4HMaster 7ecord 4H !repare to Create Customer4H De%ine Acct. Khat are the settin$ re8uiredL A: 1se an item cate$ory that is con%i$ured %or )ills o% material %or ha3in$ a sales B. then the shippin$ point 5ill )e )rou$ht in %rom the sales order. *% you insert a step 5ith MA+N7 then the system 5ill %irst loo& %or the material.

(a3e the settin$s to ma&e customer G7 entry mandatory . &: "o5 can 5e ma&e the Customer Group 1 (or ?. G7. (tandard (A! item cate$ories are 9 +AG 4 !ricin$ and in3entory control ta&e place at the B.C1M6N+<!76!A76 .!1> MC!?>>>1 and include BE(. . 6N+7=. Khat is the )est 5ayL A: +ry 1ser e. Ke 5ant to include our o5n error messa$e to this list i% the selected )atch is not on a customer de%ined ta)le. #) a mandatory %ieldL A: /o$istic General4H /o$istics Basic Data9 Business !artners 4H Customers 4H Control 4H De%ine account $roups and %ield selection %or customer Choose Customer Acct. @.M item le3el +hese can )e automatically deri3ed usin$ the item cate$ory $roups 67/A and /1M-.automatically. &: *s there an user e. respecti3ely. 4H -ield (tatus9 (ales data (dou)le clic&) 4H sales (dou)le clic&) .it to copy the data into plannin$ ta)leL A: 4se user e. thers &: Ke $et a report screen9 NGoods issue9 !ro)lem /o$N durin$ the deli3ery process 5hen acti3atin$ !ost Goods *ssue ) 4 1(676E*+<(A'6<D.M header le3el +A! 4 !ricin$ and in3entory control ta&e place at the B. (dou)le4clic&).Chec& the radio )utton a$ainst Customer Gr as 76G.

<88 Shahee The lin) between SD and 11 :8 1. 5hen processin$ a customerMs payment. Billin$ is an (D %unction. +his mo3ement is con%i$ured in MM. you create an out)ound $oods deli3ery to the customer. -or instance payment o% a 1K )ased material 5ould )e placed in a di%%erent G/ account to that o% a non41K )ased material. determination9 *n case o% a ta. ?. e$.tended to the sales area o% your sales order0customer other5ise you cannot transact 5ith this material. credit note etc) created in (D. ?. *n (A! you 5ill al5ays $et inte$ration 5ith other modules.Lin) 'etween SAP SD5 11 $ :I 1. %ields. . input %ields. M7! and a3aili)ility chec& related data is also ta&en %rom MM althou$h you control this data in (D also. determination also. @. this mo3ement hits some G0/ account in -*. data mappin$ (i% doin$ an inter%ace %rom one system to another) etc. 5ith them 5ould )e 5hen speci%yin$ the ta)les. Also. plant data. a simple process e. +a. 1). +his process uses a purchase order (5hich is sent to your 3endor). de)it note. Khen you create sales order in (D. ta&e the scenario o% a third party order process. But (A! needs to &no5.the shippin$ point determination ta&es place 5ith the help o% the loadin$ $roup. +his also re%ers to Material Master. or interaction.planation. MM 5ill interact 5ith (D 94 1a. ?. Also in3oice 3eri%ication is used %urther alon$ the process to chec& that the in3oice you send to your customer is the same material and 8uantity as that 5hich the 3endor sends to you ()ut o)3iously shipped directly to your customer). *n case o% standard sales order. shippin$ conditions etc. /oo&in$ at MM and (D interaction %irst. "ere mo3ement . +his is con%i$ured in Account Determination. (D 5ill interact 5ith -*. a 1K )ased customer may ha3e a di%%erent G/ account to that o% an 6. (ales .rder – *nte$ration !oints Module . to 5hich G/ account the payment has to )e processed. Khene3er you create a deli3ery 5ith re%erence to a sales order. +hus this is a lin& )et5een (D and -* @. +he material 5hich you are enterin$ in a sales order must )e e. all the details o% the items are copied %rom Material master o% MM. 63ery such mo3ement o% $ood s hits some G0/ account. -urthermore. +he accounts postin$ in -* is done 5ith re%erence to the )illin$ documents (in3oice. Khile you create in)ound0out)ound deli3ery 5ith re%erence to a sales order.>1 ta&es place. =ow the lin) between SD and :I :8 1. $oods mo3ement ta&es place in the )ac$$round. ABA!ers are there to essential do some )espo&e de3elopment. +here are many such lin&s )et5een (D and MM. =our inte$ration.port customer. there is a direct lin& )et5een (D and MM SD Inte"ration points with other modules (D module is hi$hly inte$rated 5ith the other modules in (A!.

0 MM P+a.'/>?.rder !.'A>@.'A1?.d>@.6K!. ta)les 'B7K. (+a..'BA! !urchase ./*!( Billin$ MN +code %or creation '->1. . P1pdates G0 / 4 -*0 C.'B7! +o create a sales order 5e need purchase order num)er and custmer num)er.'/>@.M6?@.'->?. 3endor no.&>1(create).&>@(display) +a)les are l%a1.rder .d>?. +o create custmer tcode is . P7e8uirement 6liminated 4 !!0 MM Billin$ 4 *nte$ration !oints Module PDe)it A07 4 -*0 C. +code %or creation M6?1. +a)le is &na1.7 +code %or creation 'A>1..PA3aila)ility Chec& 4 MM PCredit Chec& 4 -* PCostin$ 4 C.'A1@. . ta)les 'BAK.'A?@.M6??. surchar$es.&>?(chan$e) .. . . PCredit 7e3enue 4 -*0 C.'A??. to create a purchase order 5e need to ha3e material no.'A>?. ta)les /*K!. ta)les 'BAK. .) PMilestone Billin$ 4 !( 7eturn Deli3ery I Credit Memo 4 *nte$ration !oints Module P*ncreases *n3entory 4 MM P1pdates G0 / 4 -* PCredit Memo 4 -* PAdRustment to A07 4 -* P7educes 7e3enue 4 -* Tips by: Subha SD Transaction !ode :low: *n8uiry 0 Document type *N +code %or creation 'A11. ta)les 'BAK.'->@. Be%ore that.'BA! Guotation 0 G+ +code %or creation 'A?1. +o create 3endor tcode is . (ales . discounts.d>1. etc.'BA! Deli3ery /+code %or creation '/>1. ta)les 6KK. Determination 4 -* P+rans%er o% 7e8uirements 4 !!0 MM Deli3ery I Goods *ssue – *nte$ration !oints Module PA3aila)ility Chec& 4 MM PCredit Chec& 4 -* P7educes stoc& 4 MM P7educes *n3entory Q 4 -*0 C.

A%ter creatin$ sales order usin$ this no 5e can create deli3ery note tcode is 3l>1. .

r$ controls Distri)ution Channel and Di3ision Distri)ution Channel9 +he channel that is choosen the or$ani:ation to ma&e their product reach the end customer. +he Di3ision in the Material Master is not an . !lease note it is not9 (ales or$ani:ation V V Dist..3hy Do 3e Assi"n Division to Sales r"anisation In SAP5 why do we assi"n division to Sales or"anisation not to distribution channel*n (A! Business !rocess (ales AreaS (ales .. ."ea3y 'echiles 6tc.Channel2Di3ision.r$.r$ani:ational 1nit that can )e used to maintain related %ields.2Dist. *t is a %ield 5hich is used to uni8uely assi$n a material to a Di3ision .Channel V V Di3ision Di3ision is an .(Net5or&) Di3ision9 6.ra$ai:ational 1nit.ChannelU44444444444444444HDi3ision (ales ."ealth Care (ectors0Departments +A+A Motars9 +ruc&s0Bus.ut o% "ome.-ood !roducts.Cars. *ts +rian$ular intraction (ales or$ani:ation 0 T 0 T Dist.9 "//44444444H Deter$ents.

To chan"e the 1aterials field Delivery Plant: Goto 11?2.Duplicate customer purchase order *% you are %acin$ a pro)lem 5ith duplicate customer purchase order as your company does not allo5ed a same customer purchase order 5ith the same sales order type. +his should )e )lan& i% you 5ant the system to propose current day %or deli3ery date. *n the General Control (ection. 1sually. try creatin$ a ne5 sales order %or the material and (A! 5ill auto proposed all the dates in the sales order. +here is one %ield (/ead time in days) 5hich Nspeci%y the num)er o% days a%ter the current date that the proposal %or the re8uested deli3ery date in the sales document should )eN. dou)le clic& on sales order type. Auto proposed all the dates when creatin" Sales rder +ow can I ma)e the system auto create all the Sales rder date durin" creation6ach (ales . 0erify the Sales order type confi"uration with the followin" path: *MG9 (ales and Distri)ution 44H (ales 44H (ales Docs 44H (ales Doc "dr 44H De%ine (ales Doc +ypes (transaction 3o3A) 5ill let you control this )y sales document type. =ou can acti3ated the chec& %or duplicate purchase order 5ith N0 0>N. loo& %or the %ield !hec) Purchase rder =o and put in NAN. 4 /oo& and tic& the %ields Propose delivery date and Propose P date. . (elect the 'ie5 Sales: Sales r"/ Data * and %ill in the Delivery Plant. :ollows this step to set the default Sales rder Type proposal date: 4 Goto 0 0>. Testin": No5. a%ter chec&in$. you need to input the Deli3ery !lant %ield %or each Materials that you 5ant the system to propose the de%ault date.rder can ha3e di%%erent date proposal settin$s. A%ter ma&in$ the necessary *MG chan$es.rder +ype %or each (ales Document type 5hether is it a 4 . +he date is control )y each (ales . Default :irst Date is not Today 3hen end user created a new sales order with 0A?*5 default :irst Date wasn@t today5 why=ote: */ 'efore today5 default :irst Date was always today/ 2/ =obody chan"e system confi"uration/ Althou$h you mention that no)ody chan$e the system con%i$uration. you 5ill %ind that someone ha3e actually chan$e the con%i$uration as it could not )e a so%t5are )u$ since you ha3e )een usin$ it %or 8uite sometime 5ithout any pro)lems.rder. 4 76 4 7eturns etc. it is 3ery unli&ely that the system 5ill mis4)eha3ed a%ter one day.7 4 (tandard .

7 +o temporary )loc& the creation o% (ales . . *% the document cate$ory %or order type in *MG 0 0> is de%ined to )e N*N 5hich )elon$ to order type :D 8 Deliv/:ree of !har"e. =ou can set three types o% reponse %or each (ales and Distri)ution process 94 1. %or e.. . the sales and distri)ution document cannot )e entered on the )asis o% the material status) Assi"n a !ost !enter manually in a Sales rder 70'AC8C STL9 +he Cost Center Determination settin$s is in 0:A 4 )ut there are some cases 5here the Cost Center must )e e.rder %or a certain materials. then the %ield cost center is acti3e %or input durin$ transaction 0A?*.ample9 . 5arnin$ 5hen enterin$ the document @.ample. error messa$e (that is. %or e.rder reason9 Dama$e in transit . you can speci%y an order reason and assi$n a cost center to an order reason. (et the material status parameters in transaction S1A?5 +a)le 'ie5s 0BT01S. +he cost center are assi$n %or such )usiness transactions as 9 4 -ree deli3eries 4 7eturns 4 Deli3eries o% ad3ertisin$ materials =ou can also ma&e cost center allocation dependent on the order reason. to pre3ent orders %rom )ein$ entered %or parts to )e discontinued.ceptionally chan$ed. so it 5ould not 5or& i% cost center is needed on the line item. no dialo$ ?. =ou can use the material status. Clic& 1aintain and double clic) into the 1aterials Status code.Define whether the 1aterial can be used at which Sales and Distribution process "ere you de%ine ho5 the system responds 5hen enterin$ a sales and distri)ution document 5ith this material in the di%%erenet (ales and Distri)ution !rocess -lo5. "o5e3er the standard (A! 5or&s only at the header le3el thou$h. either 5ith05ithout the order reason. Alternati3ely.rder reason9 -ree sample Both the *MG settin$s are done in transaction 0:A.

. Determination 6ules =ou speci%y the 3alid on sales and purchases). the sales documents at schedule line le3el.Sales and Distribution 8 Transfer of 6equirements +he M7! department is in%ormed a)out the 8uantities and deadlines )y 5hich incomin$ orders should )e No5. De%ine the Material +a. ?. 0C*2 4 Domestic .es automatically 5ithin pricin$. Materials plannin$ trans%ers the reported re8uirements and creates orders or purchase re8uisitions %rom them are rele3ant 5hen creatin$ an (D document. @. types in transaction 0C*. 5hich 5ill then )e maintain in Material Master. *t is possi)le to ha3e this chec& $roup proposed %or the initial creation o% a material master record. 4 the allocation indicator %rom the sales 3ie5 5hich controls the settlement o% customer re8uirements 5ith re8uirements 4 5hether an item is to )e settled to an au. Determination in 0C* in 0CF. More than one ta. usin$ the country &ey. ta.es06.port +a. %ine tunin$ usin$ the schedule line cate$ory is possi)le). you 5ill maintain the ta. the elements o% %or trans%er o% re8uirements to )e carried out at document item le3el.ample. 4 the results analysis &ey. the (A! (ystem reco$ni:es 5hich ta. 4 the settlement pro%ile. you ha3e to carry out the %ollo5in$ steps9 1. condition type N13STN %or ta. calculation are prede%ined (%or e. +he system chec&s the a3aila)ility o% the $oods )ased on the re8uested deli3ery date o% the customer and creates M7! records 5hich contain all necessary in%ormation %or passin$ on to plannin$. *n the standard (A! 70@ ( in 0CA. -or controllin$ trans%er o% re8uirements. 6ach re8uirement type has to )e allocated to one re8uirement class only. =ou can o3er5rite the de%ault 3alue %or the chec&in$ $roup in the material master record. (1se transaction S1A? %or 0B< con%i$uration) 0D+ 4 7e8uirements type 0BT0#PDB0 4 Assi$nment o% re8uirement type to +ransaction 0BT0#PB0 4 (chedule line cate$ory 0D2 4 De%ine Chec&in$ Group 0BT10:4 4 De%ine the chec&in$ $roup that the system proposes 5hen you create a ne5 material master record. type is 3alid %or a plant and thus 5hich ta.empt MK(+ G(+ 1 /ia)le %or +a.ample 94 MK(+ G(+ > +a. Note that a plant must e. +he (A! (ystem determines the ta. code in Customer Master. Assi$n the plant %or +a. De%ine the Customer +a. -or e. you de%ine the +a. Define Ta. =ou must de%ine a chec& $roup. Determination in E*?. 4 5hether the re8uirements are rele3ant %or M7!. +he trans%er o% re8uirements must )e s5itched on at re8uirements class le3el. *t ensures that the $oods are a3aila)le in time %or the deli3ery. type can )e de%ined %or a country )y de%inin$ the se8uence. 0D( 4 7e8uirement class *t speci%ies the %ollo5in$ points9 4 5hether an a3aila)ility chec& and a trans%er o% re8uirements is carried out %or a transaction (%or sales documents. 6.iliary account assi$nment.

Ta. No5. as a (A! standard Best ! > > >W > 1 >W 1 > >W 1 1 DW *n this e. the pricin$ procedure that is there in . #) *n anycase. Due to this settin$. I central sales ta. the /(+ that is applica)le )y the (hip to party %urther 5ill not )e applica)le in all pro)a)ility to )e captured in (A!.rder processin$. +he consi$nment is trans%erred %rom one D plant to another D plant irrespecti3e o% inter0intra state sales.ation %or their dealers0distri)utors. (toc& trans%er 9 +his does not attract any sales ta.(!7. the %ield %or MManual 6ntriesM. e. authority o% the respecti3e state to ha3e a 5arehouse or D plant to a3oid the dou)le ta. at 'K11 you need to mainatain your pricnin$ conditions 5ith all the com)inations li&e9 1> 11 >1 >> ) Khile maintainin$ your Material Master 7ecords or Cusotmer Master 7ecords. +he sellin$ or$anisations normally needs to re$ister 5ith the sales ta. . the MK(+ condition De%intions.ample o% C(+ 9 +he Deli3erin$ plant I (hip to party $eo$raphic locations are ? di%%erent states.. you can only maintain +a. to any customer. *ndicator (at MM7 as M>M). Khether customer is ta. *tMs a :ero 3alue in3oice. . condition 5hich is applied to customer to 5hom 5e are sellin$. +he rates are de%ined )y the respecti3e state $o3ernments. code is 1. i% )oth the Customer Master and Material Master +a.. e. i% you are sellin$ a $oods 5hich are %ree %or ta.e. -or this case. you must identi%y. *ndicator (at CM7 as >) or 1 in case %ully ta.pemted (in case o% De%ence Customer) ?) +here are %e5 parameteres 5hich 5e apply ta. normally.plain with an e.ation #. lia)le and 5hich are ta.) *n case your client insists %or Manual entry o% +a. 5hether is %ully lia)le %or ta. 6.nce that consi$nment is recei3ed at the ship to party state. the country is *ndia and )ased on its re8uirement9 (ales ta. +here may )e surchar$e cond types as 5ell 5hich 5ill calculate the amount on either X*N1 or X*N?. deli3erin$ plant I ship to party are 5ithin the same state. H (ID H Basic %n. 5hile processin$ a sales order. is depend on 3arious parameteres. !ode 7Ta. 6.ample. Ta. or e. the (+ $oes to that state $ 7ate +a. condition. code 8 which we maintain in 13ST !ondtion 6ecords9 in !ustomer 1aster or in Sales rder+here are %e5 points 5hich * 5ould li&e to remind you9 1) MK(+ is a ta.ample *Mm assumin$ that. 5ill )e included 5hen you create the (ales . lia)le. lia)leL Khether material is ta. And in Cusotmer Master. Code. +he in3oice that is accompanied 5ith the consi$nment thus shall not ha3e any %inal 3alue. *% your customer is not lia)le %or ta. +he rate o% ta. is intra state 5hereas C(+ is inter state. *% your material is ta. At the point o% sales %rom one state. lia)le pur the +a. -or con%i$ 9 1. Accordin$ly. is a state $o3ernment re3enue.Condition +ype 13ST Customer +a. sales ta.C is -actory sale 5ith %ormula4X-AC+. *ndicator and not +a.. @) No5.empeted.rder. you must retrie3e a +a. 5hich are ta. *ndicator (at MM7 as 1). +here are t5o types o% sales ta.emptedL -or e. you cannot maintain Condition ta. H !ricin$ H !ricin$ control H De%ine I assi$n !ric. /ocal sales ta.ample o% /(+ 9 !oint o% sale i.ample. at all (li&e the case o% *ndian De%ence or$anisations) put the +a. it 5ould )e mar&ed as 4 D (Not possi)le to process Manually). at '0>.es Material +a. !ode in !ustomer 1aster % Sales rder +ow can we maintain the Ta. +a. 5ill )e le3ied once the sales is re$istered there. condition record %rom (A! data)ase only and not entered Manually. in 5hich the C(+ condition type is X*N1 I the /(+ is pro)a)ly X*N?. procedure H Maintain !ric proc. I consi$nment is despatched to the (hip to party. code durin$ (ales . /ocal sales ta. )ut the )asic prices needed to )e mentioned. code durin$ sales order processin$.es. . you can chan$e the %ield at point #) a)o3e to C4Manual entry is priority instead o% D. put the +a.

codes. codes can )e created thru + code -+E!. * 5ill try to demonstrate the smallest e. Material ta. +he %orecasted 8tys they sent last 5ee& should account %or this. +o do this con%i$. year end processin$. classi%ications are a3aila)le. missin$ re8uirements. . the /(+ rates are ?W. claasi. #. 1 %or ta.#1. cum 8ty corrections. (tandard (A! you should ha3e t5o sets o% ta)s 4 o% schedule lines. +here are a couple maRor di%%erences9 (1) 4 (chedule a$reements allo5 you to ha3e ? di%%erent sets o% schedule lines ('B6!4ABA7+).rder type 76). 7ate +a. .Y+4Code9 EK>1Z *n con%i$ $o to Basis Components 44H )asis ser3ices 44H Address Mana$ement 44H Maintain title te. rates. rates are normally dri3en %rom the +a. 6eturn material :rom customer =ou need to receipt the reRected $oods throu$h (D Module ('A>1 4 (ales .ne needs to understand here properly as u need to ha3e uni8ue com)inations %or pic&in$ the sales ta. Create a return alternati3e 5ould )e to use customer independent re8uirements 4 enterin$ the 5ee&ly. . price. (ame path 9 But $o to +a. Create out)ound deli3ery accordin$ to return re8uest. *% this access does not e. +a. * 5ill ha3e t5o options %or material master here. )ut they donMt 5ant to suprise you 5ith a lar$e order 8ty. A%ter post $oods issues receipt is done usin$ out)ound deli3ery. * 5ill ha3e 14/(+ ?W. rele3ancy o% master records 5here you con%i$ure the condition type I options o% rates that 5ill %lo5 to these masters. @. Khen * create master records %or /(+ thru 'K11 %or X*N?. 8uantity. +ypically these are used %or component supplier customers (namely Automoti3e).ts SAP SD: Schedulin" A"reement 0s !ontract A schedule a$reement contains details o% a deli3ery schedule )ut a contract Rust contains 8uantity and price in%ormation and no details o% speci%ic deli3ery dates 3hat@s the difference between schedullin" a"reement with normal order3hat@s the condition for us to choose schedule line or orderBoth o% them contains schedule line. (chedule a$reements are 3ery nice 5hen the customer sends 6D* data (A@>s S %orecast or A. +rans%er !ostin$ %rom )loc& stoc& to unrestricted stoc& (m3t type #@). * 5ill chose the access 5here the com)inations o% customer I material ta. Also send you 14? 5ee&s o% indi3idual -*7M ship dates 4 5hich are entered on the X* create it under an access se8uence.. H +a. +his is normally a -* Ro).?. *t comes do5n to the customer not &no5in$ e. +he customer 5ill pro3ide you 41> 5ee&ly )uc&ets (usually a Monday date) o% %uture %orecast 8tys.actly 5hat they need ne. Credit C. rates are %lo5n %rom the ta. (?) Cumulati3e Guantities are trac&ed and in%luence ho5 the schedule a$reement passes re8uirements to )oth %orecastin$ and shippin$.ne -orecast I the other X*+.utside o% that they can really cause trou)le re$ardin$ daily maintenance.ample. +he ta.its to not reset. +he condition records 5ill loo& li&e. (1sin$ (ales . .t 5ee&. code 1 1 ?W A1 ? 1 W A1 @ 1 >W A1 7emem)er. =ou 5ill then decide i% the return 8uantity are indeed )ad stoc& or not. Cumulati3e 8tys reset at year end unless youM3e $ot a customer calendar or youM3e modi%ied standard (A! usere. this 5ill ha3e accountin$ e%%ect (De)it *n3entory.a)le. =ou need to include the condition type %or country *N in MDe%ine ta. classi. determin ruleM. etc. ?4/(+ W I @4/(+>W.?s S X*+s). +hey can )e identical or di%%erent. Cust4+a. But normally this is standard. +hese 8tys are sometimes re8uested )y the customer on A(Ns. .a)le I ? %or not ta. @. /etMs say.rder in (D) ?.G() A. . +he settin$ is in sales order item cate$ory and deli3ery type. 5here your lead times are #2 days. Goods *ssue to scrap account ho5 to create ne5 titles 5hich can )e used in creatin$ the NaddressN 3ie5 on the 'endor master. -or customer master. +he steps are as %ollo5s 9 1. the 8uantity is placed in )loc&ed stoc& 5ithout 3alue updatin$. W I >W. -orecast %or5ards the schedule lines to plannin$ (seen in MD> ) and X*+ passes them to shippin$ ('/1>). *% the settin$ is correct in the out)ound deli3ery screen (A! 5ill automatically s5itch post $oods issue )utton into post $oods receipt. *n the standard system the mo3ement type used is . (ID HBasic %n. classi%ication o% Customer I Material access. .

the system displays the material that descri)es the 5hole )ill o% materials as a main item. 5heels.M) descri)es the di%%erent components that to$ether create a product. in3entory control. the saddle. Processin" at 1ain Item Level *% you 5ant the system to carry out pricin$. Processin" at !omponent Level *% you 5ant the system to carry out pricin$. and deli3ery processin$ at the component le3el. in3entory control. +he indi3idual components are displayed as lo5er4le3el items. the system runs pricin$. +his means that the components only %unction as te. and deli3ery processin$ at9 4 Main item le3el i% the material is assem)led. +here are t5o 5ays to process a )ill o% materials in (ales. or 4 Component le3el i% the material is not assem)led +he type o% processin$ used )y the system is determined )y the item cate"ory "roup that you enter in the material master record %or rele3ant materials. and so on. Durin$ processin$ the system automatically creates a deli3ery $roup. enter L41: in the Item cate"ory "roup field o% the Sales: sales or"/ 2 screen in the material master record of the finished product. Sales ' 1 Implementation A )ill o% material (B. +he latest deli3ery date amon$ all the components )ecomes the deli3ery date %or the entire deli3ery $roup. only the components are rele3ant %or deli3ery.nce you ha3e entered a )ill o% material in a sales order.ample. A B.monthly %orecastin$ 8tys and enterin$ standard sales orders (5ith or 5ithout multiple schedule lines) to represent the true %irm 8tys. enter #6LA in the Item cate"ory "roup field o% the Sales: sales or"/ 2 screen in the material master record of the finished product.M %or a )icycle. *n this case. . %or e. +he %ollo5in$ $raphic sho5s ho5 a )ill o% material is processed at main item le3el. . in3entory control. Process :low Khen you enter the material num)er o% a )ill o% materials that is rele3ant %or sales order processin$.t items and are not rele3ant %or deli3ery. consists o% all the parts that ma&e up the )icycle9 the %rame. and deli3ery processin$ at main item le3el.

5hatMs the M(tructure scopeM set asL Anythin$ e.M9 (peci%ies the se8uence o% a B. +hose are pro)a)ly main reasons 5hy B.M is maintained (# %or (D). !lant9 (peci%y the plant o% B.M to )e e.M thru C(>1) in the sales doc another material pops under the main material line item as a su)4item (s).Ms 5or& i% all maintenance has )een done properly.M isnMt 5or&in$.. B.M item the system automatically determines correspondin$ components.M *tem and %or the components also. Main item cate$ory 4 has B.M shouldnMt 5or&. . ?) *% the item cate$ory $roup is /1M.perience B.M itsel% )een con%i$ured properly (i. +he )om hasnMt )een de%ined %or the plant used.plode sin$le le3el B. #. 3hat Is ' 1 6eferrin" to SAP SD 3hat is bill of materialBy9 Mi&e 'ILL : 1AT#6IALS Ke need to maintain Material master records %or the B. *tem cate$ories %or main items and su)4items ha3e not )een mainteined properly.M C(>1 create (peci%y the data %or the %ollo5in$ %ields. Creatin$ B.M 5ithin a $roup o% B. =ou could set it to B i% B.Ms are all sin$le4le3el.the item cate$ory o% the B. or you ha3enMt de%ined the plant in (. Also . "as the B.M usa$e M#M)L . Rust re4chec& your 5hole con%i$ 4 the truth is out there som5here.M items is [67/A0/1M-\ and the item cate$ory is [N.nce you enter a material (%or 5hch you ha3e created a B. *n my e. *% it doesnMt then your B. A) *% the item cate$ory $roup is 67/A the item cate$ory o% the B.7M\. Note9 Durin$ sales document processin$ i% 5e enter the B.M item9 4 /o$istics 4 (ales and distri)ution 4 Master data 4 !roducts 4 Bills o% material 4 Material B. (/ S stoc& item N S Non4stoc& item) *n the o3er3ie5 screen speci%y the components 5hich ma&es the main item and the correspondin$ 8uantities and sa3e it.M header items and su)4 items to a speci%ic sales doc. (ales items maintenance 4 =ou should assi$n item cate$ories %or B.M maintenance 5as doneL C.M item is +A! in the de%inition o% 5hich 5e ha3e to speci%y the 3alue A in the %ield structure scope. Apart %rom that.M) in the structure scope. ri$ht plant.ploded in the sales document the %ollo5in$ customi:in$ settin$ is re8uired. B) *% the item cate$ory $roup is /1M.e. +he item cate$ory $roup o% the B. since our B.M is +AG.M item. Material9 (peci%y the material %or 5hich components are to )e maintained. B.+ow to Cnow that Sales ' 1 is wor)in" or notI have set up a sales ' 1/ +ow do I )now or test that is is wor)in" or not.Ms.M usa$e9 (peci%y the application in 5hich B. ?..M are con%i$ured multi4le3el. Are you tryin$ it out on an order created a%ter all B. 1) -or the B.M application (D>1 )een assi$ned to itL @. A num)er o% thin$s to chec& is9 1. Alternati3e B. in the de%inition o% 5hich 5e ha3e to speci%y the 3alue A (6.cept C may )e use%ul hereL Ke ha3e that set to A.the system sho5s price %or the components )ut not %or the .

)-rom mass maintenace menu. 4clic& on Nchan$e %ield 3aluesN )utton. you see all the old 3alues are chan$ed to ne5 3alues.plode sin$le le3el B. clic& on N6nter ne5 %ield 3aluesN 4clic& on Nsales order item dataN ta) and choose the %ield you 5ant to chan$e.M *+6M (D type .7 N.B.7M N.M is priced.ecute #)*n Nsales order item dataN ta).M item C(>1 – +ransaction code %or creatin$ B. -or this %ollo5in$ customi:in$ settin$ is re8uired. so the B.7M N. Khile creatin$ sales document to $et the list o% alternati3e B.M item )ut not %or components.7 B. Sales rder 1ass !han"e I am a SAP SD consultant and recently faced with two new terms5 mass order chan"e and AL0 5 I also need to )now about the transaction code/ +here is transaction MA(( 5hich can )e used to carry out mass chan$es in the sales order and other o)Rects.7 . A) +he item cate$ory o% the B.ecute ?) Choose the ta)le or ta)les %or your selection criteria and also %or %ields you 5ant to chan$e. .M item is +A! 5hich is not rele3ant %or pricin$.7M N.N -.7= D6+67M*NA+*. is in Nitem dataN ta)le) @) !ut in the sales documents(?1>>>>>>.Ms in the de%inition item cate$ory o% B. B) +he item cate$ory o% components is +A6 5hich is not rele3ant %or pricin$. -or this the %ollo5in$ customi:in$ settin$ is re8uired. * ha3e done mass chan$e %or customers_ and orders should 5or& the same 5ay too.M item is not !riced. * 5ant to chan$e plant %or item 1>) 4enter the ne5 3alue (o% the plant to )e) 4clic& on NAdoptN and e.M item 5e ha3e to chec& the %ield ]Manual Alternati3e^ ? 4>C4?>>C *+6M CA+6G.M *tem (tatistical 3alue [.M item B – 6. 4sa3e Note9 it 5ill ta&e some time dependin$ on ho5 many records you ha3e. 5hich is rele3ant %or pricin$.\ or [y\ Ma&e +A! rele3ant %or pricin$ )ut 3alues %or statistical only. so the components are not priced. ?1>>>>>1) you 5ant to chan$e and also the items(1>) you 5ant to chan$e.7 . (%or e. 1) +ry t4code `MA((a and select sales orders I e.7 .7 . A) +he item cate$ory o% B. B) +he item cate$ory o% the components is +AN 5hich is rele3ant %or pricin$.7M /1MN.7 .plode multi le3el B. so the components are priced @) *% the item cate$ory $roup is 67/A the system sho5s price %or the B. you see the ne5 3alue o% the plant you entered at the top and the old 3alues o% item 1> are )elo5. +hen e. 4 clic& on N choose selection %ieldsN )utton 4 -rom the !ool.+69 *+CaGr 67/A N.7 .7M 1s$ +AG +A! +A6 +AN "/*tCa +AG +A6 +A! +AN +AN +A6 +A6 D%t*tCa A – 6. so the B.ample. mo3e the %ields you 5ant to the Nselect %ieldsN usin$ arro5s.M item.ecute.M item is +AG. (suppose your selection criteria %ields are %rom Nsales order header dataN ta)le and the %ield you 5ant to chan$e. Mass Maintenance9 (1se to chan$e multiple %ields in multiple documents at the same time).

ecute the report. (elect B. 7!arry out new pricin"9/ Is there a transaction or pro"ram for thisGo to 'A># e.K. Go to the Menu 6D*+ 44H MA(( Chan$e 444H Ne5 !ricin$. e. . +his is only one 5ay o% meetin$ your re8uirement. "o5e3er this re8uirement o% your can )e satis%ied throu$h authorisation pro%iles_ 5hat * mean to say is that the sale order to )e &ept incomplete )y the person 5ho does not ha3e the re8uired authorisation I the person 5ith proper authorisation 5ill complete it %or %urther processin$. Note9 *% you ha3e any user e. I have *????? sales orders whith an incorrect price and I would li)e to do a massive condition update with pricin" type . 6elease strate"y for Sales order Is it possible to have release strate"y for sales orderSatish ! Jha As such (A! standard does not pro3ide release strate$y %or sales orders similar to purchase orders. *% they match. =ou can try %or one or t5o order initially chec& the results and i% it is .) 4 . 'alraG ( Sai"al *n order to emulate a release strate$y similar to purchase orders you can use the status pro%ile in sales documents (B(>?). (ystem 5ill display all the re4pricin$ options.r you can Rust select )y document num)ers (May )e more e%%icient) 6. as& them to deacti3ate the M.port the spool %ile to a spreadsheet. $o to the particular ta)le in `se1. MA(( is a 3ery po5er%ul tool.'.DC"6CK( still you are done 5ith mass maintenance I acti3ate them a$ain. Is there a way to chan"e the billin" date on a ton of sales orders with same old billin" date to a same new billin" date+his can )e done usin$ the mass transaction9 +ransaction9 MA(( . (elect all sales orders you 5ant to update the price. then you can do %or others.ecute 4 /ist 5ill )e pro3ide %or chan$es (el Ch$ -ld9 Billin$ Date (et ne5 )illin$ date 3alue in the Ne5 'alues %ield Clic& on lo5er )illin$ date column Clic& on Carry out a Mass Chan$e )utton Clic& on (a3e )utton (u$$estion is to test this on a %e5 orders in your de3elopment system to $et a %eel on ho5 this 5or&s )e%ore applyin$ this to any production data. +hen do the mass maintenance and compare the results 5ith this one.a and $et the results.)Rect +ype9 B1(?>@? +a)les9 (D Document9 Business item data (el -ield9 Billin$ Date (MA(((D"6 and MA(((D!. *t 5ill re4price all the sales orders. then you are $ood to $o.Chec&9 Go to `(M@Ca and see the status o% the Ro) you are runnin$ and once %inished.its that a%%ect the results. *MG4(ales and distri)ution4(ales4(ales documents4De%ine and assi$n status pro%ile. Be%ore you do mass maintenance.

i% at the end o% the year the customer D.actly do you 5ish to &no5 in 7e)atesL +he total outline o% the 7e)ate process or each and e3ery step in the (A! systemL -irst o% all re)ates are more or less discounts 5hich are o%%ered to customers. de%ine a condition type and place this condition +ype in the pricin$ procedure. "A'6 +. de%ine a re)ate a$reement type ?. D. )ut distin$uish themsel3es %rom pricin$ in applyin$ to transactions o3er time. ?.C6D1764 ACC71A/ K6= S 671 =. +he re)ates are passed on to the customer in the %orm o% Credit notes. +he re)ate can )e $i3en to the customer at one time or in installments also.plain it as I have problem in understandin" the lin)/ Khat e. No5 payment o% re)ates9 !ayments can )e maunal or in %ull settlement..N -.1 A/(. !ro3ision %or accruals is de)ited and (ales re3enue is credited.com0sap4sd0re)ate4process45ith4re%4to4so.+he Billin$ type must )e mar&ed as rele3ant %or re)ates. +"6 ACC. 3ith !ompliment: Srini I have this same problem found in: http900555. . 7e)ate related condition types are identi%ied )y codnition class 4C. use the condition techni8ue. %or e$ i% the customer a$rees %or 7s.(*N 4*MG) 1. A%ter de%inin$ and creatin$ condition types %or re)ated include them in the pricin$ proceedure.+ow to do rebate processin" 7e)ates !rocesss in (A! is di3ided into three components 1) Con%i$urin$ 7e)ates ?) (ettin$ 1p 7e)ates @) Mana$in$ re)ate a$reeeements and payments !re4re8usiistes4 Chec& the %ollo5in$9 1. 8uarterly or anyother speci%ied period. Also. Khen re)ate credit memo is created Customer account0 is de)ited and Accrual pro3ision account is credited. de%ine a condition type $roup @.htm +owever5 can somebody e. then you acti3ate your re)ate porocess. @. +his 5ill help you understand )etter. 1se create access se8uence (A(). it de%ines ho5 much can )e paid out durin$ a partial settlemetn. +his is )roadly the outline o% the re)ate process. 5hich could ha3e di%%erent &ey %ields. +his means multiple ta)les %or an access se8uence can )e aplied at the same time.1N+ D6+67M*NA+*.+e>>1 %or re)ates 5hen you use the 8uery type usin$ transaction (6 1. =ou need to use the technical names A>>1 -or pricin$ and K.7 76BA+6(. 6/Sreeram Note 9 * recomend you to study the theory part o% 5hy re)ate and 5hy not a discount.1 Crore 5orth o% )usiness 5ith u in 1 year. please note that 5hen re)ates are created 5ithout dependent ona material )ut on customer0material you need to re%er to a material %or settlement. Khen you do manual payments.+he payer partner needs toi ha3e the re)ate %ield chec&ed in the customer master on the sales area4)illin$ doc ta). 3ersus on a transaction )asis. +hese accurals are )ased on sales 3olume and 5hen they are posted )illin$ is created int eh %oll5oin$ manner.+he (ales . *N +"6 !7. Also. i% u 5ant to see rea)tes at order time.(o you could ha3e t5o condition ta)le N>>1N one %or pricin$ and one %or re)ates. +he )i$ di%%erence )et5een the re)ate and the pricin$ access se8uence is that there is no e. +he re)ates are )ased on the 3olume o% the )usiness the customer does 5ith you 5ithin a speci%ied time. 7e)ates ha3e their 5n %ield catalo$ and their o5n condition ta)le namin$ con3ention. .6( achie3e the tar$et u o%%er him say ?0@0 W 5hate3er is decided. May )e * can help you 5ith re)ate process.clsuion %la$ a3aila)le %or re)ate related A(. Condition +echni8ue 9 7e)ates.(76G1*76M6N+S? ) A/(.. remo3e the re8uiremnt ? .nce you ha3e de%ined all the @ and assi$nment starts. A( a%ter $oin$ thru the ri$ht path o% maintainin$ access se8uence %or re)ates.sap4im$. 6nter 1 in %ield cate$ory %or re)ate speci%ic. +he re8uirement should )e ? here 5hich implies that the accruals are calculated on the )asis o% in3oice0)ill. +he other %ields4 alctyp and altc)3 does not allo5 you to manipulate ho5 a re)ate is calculated. =ou use partial settlement only 5hen re)ate a$reement is de%ined %or a %ull year )ut the paoyouts are supposed to happen on a monthly.r$anisation must )e mar&ed as rele3ant %or re)ates.

N .M!A76 +"6 N6K 6N+7*6( K"A+ 6'67 =... . =ou decided to $i3e a re)ate o% @W to a customer 5hose sales 3ol is Q1>>> %or a particular (. A-+67 =.1 CAN C. Create condition record %or re)ate $i3in$ the re)ate rate and accrual rate..ample.sa3e the doc no5. +his is 5hat the lin& says. * hope this 5ill )e o% any help to you. 76BA+6 AC+*'A+*.ample u say QA> +hen chec& in re)ate payments re)ate doc and partial setllemetn since you ha3e not paid in %ull.condition records speci%y the re)ate rate and the accrual rates..r$ 1>>> 1? >> 5ith G+= . No5 chec& 'B>@ and see re)ate a$reemtent it 5ill say Accruals 1?> and payments > since your re)ate is not settled still. Condition techni8ue is also used in re)ates. create settlement run usin$ credit memo re8uest and then credit memo to settle this amount 5ith the customer. (A/6( . 7e)ate a$reemnts is )ased on a$reement types. and chan$e the a$reemetn status to B then enter (hi%t2-1? and enter the amount to )e paid %or e. D6/*'67= AND B*//*NG. +hen $o to '->1 and enter the credit memo re8st no $enerated.1N+ !A7+*A//=.N AND -. +he document type %or the partial settlement is 7@. +hen the re)ate 3alue is Q@>. choose a$reement type >>>? and then in conditions $i3e Material re)ate 1 ?> ?> @> No5 create a sales order 5ith a material say M411 %or (.Assi$n the a$reement type to the condition type $roup Assi$n the cond type $roup to the condition type. -irst you need to create a 7e)ate a$reement.7D *N C"ANG6 M. 5hen the re)ate rele3ent )illin$ doc is $enerated.C76A+*. 1. Also it $ets copied in the re)ate a$reement.N4 *N C1(+. Consider an e. A%ter ha3in$ done this please proceed to maintain the condition record %or the re)ates (transaction code43)o1) Note9 i% you maintain the re8uirement coloumn 5ith the re8uirement as ? 4 the re)ate 5ill )e a%%ected in the )illin$ document and i% you dont $i3e the re8uirement as ? your re)ate 5ill )e a%%ected in the sales order. the re)ate and accruals are determined and posted in a seperate G/ account as a noted item 4 amount to )e settled.C1M6N+..N 76C. then the accountin$ 5ill )e $enerated sayin$ ?CQ paid to5ards re)ate and @Q is the accrual 5hich you o5e to the customer !rocedure9 7e)ate a$reement9 +ransaction code9 'B>1 Khen you $o to 'B>1.1M76 D6-*N*NG K*+" +"A+ . +"A+ =.D6 ('B>?) AND (6++/6 +"6 ACC. 6ebate Process with 6ef/ to S If I need to ma)e a rebate for a customer what is the process involved/ * am pro3idin$ some in%o on re)ates 5hich * &no5. 'ie5 the credit memo re8uest 7emo3e the Billin$ )looc& Go to 'A>1 and put order type G? ..Conditon records 5hich are created li&e B>>1 and B>>? are lin&ed to the re)ate a$reeements speci%yin$ the re)ate rate 2 the accrual rates.+"6 (+ANDA7D( or %irst you try 5ith the standard condition type )oo1.ND*+*...M67 MA(+67.7 +"6 B*//*NG D. +. G. ?. )oo? )oo@ )oo . Praveen *n a simple 5ay. @. !lease ma&e sure you open t5o screens (..7D67 .7GAN*(A+*. +he re)ate process is completed 5hen you ha3e created a credit memo to the customer. No5 5hen you ma&e the re)ate settlement )y doiin$ the Credit memo and you decide to pay Q?C. +"6 C..sa3e the doc no and $o to '->? and say release to accountin$ No5 the %inal settlement 5ill )e this 5ay ..1 "A'6 -*N*("6D A C.$o to create 5ith re% and enter ur (ales order no..M!/6+6 (A/6( C=C/6 . 7e)ate setllement Go to 'B>? enter ur sales deal no.

1 (*t is . Create a condition )y copyin$ a a standard condition li&e B. D. Consi$nment *ssue. (the %lo5 is 3ery similar to a normal 76 %lo5. clic& on the conditions enter the percenta$e and accrual amount. *n )oth the in3oice and the credit memo chec& the postin$ 4 accountin$ document it 5ill sho5 u the accrual as ne$ati3e. )ut the materials are returned to the consi$nment stoc& instead o% plant stoc& returns). ?. . clicl on 3er%icayion and it 5ill sho5 the order details. =ou also can ha3e scales in this.. Consi$nment return (return materials %rom customer o5nership to customer consi$nment). *n schedule line cate$ory. #. *t is de%ined in steps.nce he in%orms that he used the stoc& you 5ill in3oice him. Credit memo re8uest 5ill ) $enerated copy the no. No 5ill )e $enerated choose >>@ 4 Customer re)ates. enter the customer code. C. =ou can see the re)ate condition in the in3oice only. Note that in consi$nment %illup and consi$nment pic&up there are no in3oices since there is no chan$e o% o5nership %or the materials. consi$nment return deli3ery and a consi$nment return in3oice. Also you need to maintain the material %or the settlement .@1 I set %or a3aila)ility chec& and +. Assi$n this condition in the std pricin$ procedure 5ith acct &ey as 67B and accural &ey as 671 4 '0>A @. 1. . Consi$nment %ill up9 (ales document type is KB *tem cate$ory KBN shedule line cate$ory 61 *n this step. "ere you ha3e a consi$nment pic&up order and a consi$nment pic&up deli3ery. )ut the materials are issued %rom the consi$nment stoc& instead o% plant stoc& unrestricted). A$ain $o to re)ate a$$reement and chec& the status it 5ill sho5 you D 4 -inal settlement o% a$reement already carried out !onsi"nment Sales Process in SAP The consi"nment process in SAP standard consist of four small processes: Consi$nment %illup (send materials to customer consi$nment). . +ow to perform a consi"nment order*n consi$nment orders you are allo5in$ the stoc& to sit in your customer location. .this 5ill sho5 u the accrual amount.>@ in '0>. "ere you ha3e a consi$nment return order. 5ith an e. the 3alidity and chec& %or the status shld )e in . *t 5ill not )e rele3ent %or )illin$ and pricin$ )ecause you are not char$in$ money %or these $oods in this step.Accruals91?> Accrual re3ersed9A> 7e)ate pay9A> Amount paya)le9 > (o the )alance > is still the accrual +his is an e.ample. consi$nment issue deli3ery and a consi$nment issue in3oice. Consi$nment pic&up (pic&up consi$nment stoc& and mo3e it to plant stoc&). A. 1>. (the %lo5 is 3ery similar to a normal . S . you 5ill set mo3ement type .5l and not :ero). "ere you ha3e a consi$nment %illup order and a consi$nment %illup deli3ery.Create a 7e)ate A$reement in 'B.7 %lo5.nce you ha3e posted the in3oices. "ere you ha3e a consi$nment issue order. *% he returns the stoc& you 5ill accept the stoc& to ta&e it )ac&.ample ho5 a re)ate 5ill )e processed 5ith re% to a (. you are not in3oicin$ the customer.nce the customer in%ormed you that he used all the $oods or partial $oods then you 5ill create consi$nment issue %or used $oods. Consi$nment issue (issue materials %rom customer consi$nment to the customer). remo3e the )loc&s i% any and create an in3oice (credit memo). ?. Create a sales order %or that customer and chec& the re)ate a$reement. document %lo5 is sales order 4444 deli3ery item cate$ory. -or settlement chan$e the status o% the re)ate to B 4 release %or the settlement. then $o to re)ate a$rrement no. +ow to do a rebate a"reement for a specific customers with settin"s details1. and $o to 'A>?.pen. .7.

7.(ales document9 K6 *tem cate$ory9 K6N shedule line cate$ory9 C> or C1 "ere you are in3oicin$ the customer()ecause he used the $oods). a3aila)ility N. you 5ill create return order. special stoc&. =our settin$ schedule line item cate$ory9 . any shedule line cate$ory rele3ent %or . pricin$. -or that you need to create consi$nment pic& up. *n schedule line cate$ory. . No5 you chec& your plant stoc&. Assi$n retrun deli3ery to sales document type. (ales document9 KA *tem cate$ory9 KAN schedule line cate$ory9 -> I -1 =our settin$ item cate$ory rele3ent %or returns. a3aila)ility chec&. returns. special stoc&. Consi$nment !ic& up9 63en i% you create the consi$nment return the $oods are not come to direct to your plant. you are settin$ rele3ent %or )illin$. return )illin$.@@ mo3ement type. +. @.@ mo3ement type. return deli3ery. pricin$.@? mo3ement type. Consi$nment 7eturn9 Customer %ound that some $oods are dama$ed or he not a)le to sold the $oods he 5ant to send it )ac&. here the o5ner ship is not chan$in$ so you do not need to create )illin$. =our settin$ item cate$ory rele3ent %or )illin$. deli3ery. *n item cate$ory. rele3ent %or a3aila)ility chec& I +. (toc& 5ill increase . N.7. M7!. (ales document type9 K7 *tem cate$ory9 K7N (hedule line cate$ory9 D> =ou 5ill assi$n deli3ery document and )illin$ to sales document. your settin$ is . that you are creatin$ this document. you are assi$nin$ the deli3ery documnt and )illin$ document to the sales document.

'BN? to %irst create master record %or %ree $oods as %ollo5s9 6nter %ollo5in$ in%ormation in selection screen9 4 -ree $oods type9 NA>> 4 (ales or$. (orry %or the error. Create %ree $oods determination 5ith transaction code 0n3)n1 %or -766 5ith Key Csuomer Group DD %or e. No5 run 'A>1 %or @ cartons and press enter.Issue free "oods to selected !ustomers !lient wants to issue free "oods to selected customers after the said customer buys a specified quantity of a "ood durin" the festive season startin" ?2 December to mid January/ for e. +o do this.7un trans..ample customer A buys AF cartons of !orn Ice8cream5 we offer him *2 free corns/ this should then reflect as cost in our accounts/ the rest of the system is already up and runnin" and should not be inconvinienced/ +ow do I set it up1. No5 in ne.clusi3e )utton and 3eri%y that you are in e. Acti3e -ree $oods Determination or Assi$n 5ith your sales or$anisation this procedure B-766 A.clusi3e Gi3e customer Group say DD and %rom @ to @ %ree 1? Supressin" :ields in Sale rder +o ma&e optional 0 mandatory you can use in *MG 4 (ID4H Basic H -unctions4H /o$ o% incomplete !rocedures SH select the %ields H %rom the ta)les and the system 5ill chec& %or them (. *% not adRust the calculation parameters in the master record screen *t should )e transaction 'BN1.M67 G7.ecute. it cannot )e allocated to a $roup.7M 1(676E*+<-*6/D< %or step loop %ields Modi%ication $roup @9 -or modi%ications 5hich depend on chec& ta)les or on other %i. the screen %ields are allocated to so4called modi%ication $roups 1 4 and can )e edited to$ether durin$ a modi%ication in ABA!. maintain pricin$ procedure say B-766 5ith condition type -766 No5 assi$n9 C.N +his user e. customer O and e.1! @.D*-*CA+*. *% a %ield has no %ield name. Belo5 is the sample code . *% you re8uire chan$es to )e made. create a se8uence say -766 5ith condition ta)le ### #. 'BN1 creates it. create a condition ta)le (%ree $oods) say ### only %or customer $roup .t screen create the record as %ollo5s9 4 -irst select the e. +his -.N in M' #A-BB.ed in%ormation Modi%ication $roup 9 is not used +he -. Cris J *% you 5ant to $i3e %ree $oods to some o% the customers than -.clusi3e 3ie5. (that is i% you 5ant e.7M routine is called up %or e3ery %ield o% a screen. add a %eild catalo$ %or C1(+. +he system 5ill automatically propose the %ree $oods item at no additional char$e.D*-*CA+*.its in the pro$ram M' #A-BB41(676E*+<-*6/D<M. 3ith !ompliments by: Taner Hu)sel Actually suppressin$ %ieldin$ sales orders user5ise is 8uite easy. No5 sa3e and e. distri)ution channel.clusi3e) 4 can )e used to modi%y the attri)utes o% the screen %ields.. Min 8ty 4 (ay @ cartons..7M routine is called up )y the module -6/DA1(KA"/. (chec& in 5hat units you 5ant to mana$e) -rom9 @ cartons unit o% measure9 -ree $oods9 1? !cs 1nit o% measure9 !cs Calcualtion type9 1 or try the other options Deli3er control9 Blan& or any o% the other options suita)le to you. -or this 5e use usere. you must ma&e them in this user e. 'BN? is to chan$e the record. create a condition type say -766 5ith . create a customer $roup say DD %or -766 G.D( *n -ree Goods Menu9 ?. +ry hi$her order 8tys and see i% the %ree $oods 8ty are scalin$ up. Ke are doin$ it in our company. +he usa$e o% the %ield $roups (modi%ication $roup 14 ) is as %ollo5s9 Modi%ication $roup 19 Automatic modi%ication 5ith transaction M-AK Modi%ication $roup ?9 *t contains M/.'A?0'1A?) +o ma&e a %iled entry ena)led or $rey (non4entry allo5ed)9 1ser e.

*. else. *. A1+".BX6C+ MBM' #A-BBM *D M(C7-NAM6M -*6/D (C766N4NAM6.(C766N4NAM6 S M'BKD4AB((CM. endi%.7*+=4C"6CK .sy4su)rc S >. 5ho should ha3e access to the %ield (in this case it is 'BKD4AB((C). (C766N4*N!1+ S >. =ou place the authority chec& o)Rect in authori:ation pro%ile in the role o% the users. (C766N4*N!1+ S 1. 6ND* . and there assi$n the correspondin$ %ields that are to )e accessed 3ia this usere.

'Aa to con%i$ure the document type (NM(N %or product proposal). * ha3e not seen Material determination procedures used in the proRects * ha3e 5or&ed. Blue etc . 5here in 3alues mention the Color o% the )ile li&e 7ed.9 !urity %or Medicines.'1?a %or con%i$uration o% material determination. =ou need to create a class (=ou mi$ht ha3e to create a ne5 class type) 5hich incorporates the characteristic. (trate$y +ypes and assi$nment to sales docs etc). Ke use 'A#1 to create the item proposal. )ecause at the time o% order material may or may not )e created.N Material determination9 NMaterial determination uses the condition techni8ue to s5ap one material %or another 5hen certain conditions apply. Material determination is 3ery closely related to item proposal 0product proposal and is used to s5ap one material %or another in the sales order usin$ the condition techni8ue. Material determination is tri$$ered )y the material entered in the line item o% the sales order. NAn item proposal is a list o% materials and order 8uantities that can )e copied into the sales order. *tem proposal is the list o% materials and order 8uantities that can )e copied into the sales order %rom the customer master data. -or this you need to maintain a Classes d %or you Material.N 1) 1se transaction `'.%or this material should )e con%i$ured 5ith )atch and )atch determination should )e chec&ed in sales 3ie5s o% material. And `. ) *n `'A>1a to create a sales order. *tems can also )e selected %rom a list and copied into a sales order. +hen $o to (!7. 1se transaction `'B11a to create a material determination condition record. 7esistance %or 6lectric *tems. "ere 5e $et a num)er. +his is 3ery commonly used.N Steps for SD 0ariant !onfi"uration Some li"ht on 0ariant !onfi"uration in Detail/ +he procedure is as %ollo5s9 • Create a Material 4 KMA+ type 5ith *tem cate$ory (>>?) • Create Charateristics in C+> 4 B)i&e. A?) Batch Determination durin$ order Creation.+his num)er is then lin&ed to the customer master data in the sales 3ie5. ?) 1se transaction `'A#1a to create a proposal.Gi3e the 3alue o% the characteristics in this )atch. SAP Tips by: Prashanth +arish *tem !roposal or !roduct proposal9 N*tem proposal is same as product proposal I (A! uses the t5o terms interchan$ea)ly. @) 6nter the item proposal on the sales area data (sales ta)) o% the customer master record. +hen in your material master Classi%ication 'ie5 6nter this class. +hen Create a Batch %or the particular plant and (tor /oc usin$ M(C1N.Some Li"ht on 'atch Determination n batch determination5 the whole process5 how it is determined automatically in the order/ A1) Normaly 5e use )atch determination at deli3ery le3el. Material determination is use%ul 5hen old product is )ecomin$ o)solete or a ne5 product is released )y the company at speci%ic date. 6. +hen Create the Batch Determination 7ecord usin$ 'C"1 Difference between Item Proposal and 1aterial Determination 3hat is the difference between the item proposal and material determination product proposal*tem proposal and product proposal are the same. (elect 6dit I propose items. Dependin$ on the Manu%acturin$ process you can de%ine the characteristics %or your material. 4H/o$istics General 4HBatch Mana$ement and maintain the Condition +echni8ue (!rocedure. -irst Create the Characteristic 1sin$ Ct> and then usin$ Cl>? create the Class includin$ this characteristic.

tras 4 . "ere .B!riceSMBlueM and sa3e • No5 $o )ac& $o to e... Based on the 3alues selected the 3ariant pricin$ 5ill happen usin$ the condition type 'A>>.BJ. • No5 $o )ac& to C+> 4 enter B)i&e 4$o to 3alues4 select 7ed4 $o to e.ists.. Assi$nin$ 4 *n Assi$nin$.r$ )ein$ created. +hese components are called as characteristics in 3ariant con%i$. Num)er 7an$es can )e maintained *nternally )y the system.>>> D>>>>C. J1 is a 1ni8ue +5o di$it Alphanumeric Key. *n (tandard (A! the +ransaction code %or Maintaiin$ Num)er ran$es e.M?. "ere you pro3ide the system a speci%ic Num)er ran$e as %ollo5s9 Num)er ran$e Key 2(tart Num)er ran$e2 6nd Num)er 7an$e2Current Num)er -or 6.M and %ield 'K.ther Dependencies 4 assi$nments and assi$n relationship ( )y de%ault it 5ill come Rust sa3e) • No5 select Blue4 $o to e. )y ma&in$ this .ample9 *% you 5ant to propose the %ollo5in$ Num)er 7an$e J1 D>>>>C. BB. All the sym)ols can )e used alon$ 5ith num)ers %rom > to D and Alpha)ets %rom A to B and in any order.... monitor.ther Dependencies 4 (elect !rocedure enter in %ront 1> 5rite 4 Qsel%. (o choose a &ey that is uni8ue. A$ain this 5ill )e ha3in$ 3alues li&e processor can )e either ! or !@. De%inin$ 4 +he same can )e reached throu$h in *MG as 9 (ales I Distri)ution44H(ales44H(ales Document "eader44HDe%ine Num)er 7an$es %or (ales Documents..ternally is 'N>1.istin$. mouse etc). 5hile proposin$ your &ey. +he Assi$nin$ !art is done as %ollo5s9 . 5here directly $o the additional data ta) and maintain the ta)le (DC.ternally also i% you customi:e it accordin$ly. • =umber 6an"es In Sales rder +his is re$ardin$ num)er ran$es de%inin$ and assi$nin$ tips 5hich you can %ollo5 as )elo59 Khene3er there is a ne5 (ales . monitor can )e 1#N or 1CN etc. you assi$n the particular (ales Document to the Num)er 7an$e you ha3e already proposed as a)o3e.pect in that'ariant con%i$uration is used 5here you ha3e a con%i$ura)le material li&e computer (made up o% components li&e processor. !ossi)le 8uestions you can e. *% you propose a &ey that is there in the system or i% the Num)er 7an$e ((tart and 6nd (eries) is there in the system already.tras 4 . you 5ill )e re8uired to maintain Num)er 7an$es %or (ales Documents 5hich are allo5ed %or your Ne5 (ales Area. J44 Shai) Daheeruddin Tell me about variant confi"aration3hat are the type of questions we can e.Create another characteristics in C+> 4 B!rice. you are assi$nin$ a Key to a Num)er 7an$e (eries. you should ensure that it should not )e there in the system as e. and 5hich is not there in the system. &ey)oard.pect are9 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 Khat is 3ariant con%i$urationL Khat is characteristicL Khat is 3alueL Khat is classL Khat is con%i$uration pro%ileL Khat is dependency and 5hat are the typesL Khat is a 3ariant ta)leL And the transaction codes %or the a)o3e. • +hen $o to C1 1 Con%i$uration pro%ile select the material and enter the description clic& on the class assi$nment ie assi$n B)i&class.ND (ABA! Dictionary it 5ill as& %or) • Assi$n these t5o characteristics to a Class in C/>1 4 BBi&eclass ( +ype @>>) in characteristics ta) pa$e. ho5e3er it can )e maintained e. -or e.B!riceSM7edM and sa3e • No5 $o )ac& $o to e..ther Dependencies 4 6ditor 4 (elect !rocedure enter in %ront o% 1> 5rite 4 Qsel%. .DDD > +he Current Num)er %ield 5ill )e &ept :ero as you are proposin$ ne5 num)er ran$e and no sales documents ha3e )een created on it .tras 4 . cA.ther Dependencies 4 assi$nments and assi$n relationship ( )y de%ault it 5ill come Rust sa3e) • No5 $o to 'K11 4 6nter 'A>> (Condition)(-or (td 7'A>>1 !ricin$ !rocedure) 4 enter 3ariant 7ed and Blue $i3e the rates accordin$ly and create the sales order. the system 5ill thro5 a messa$e that *nter3al already already e.tras 4 .ample9 b1..)3iously.

you can remo3e the )loc&. %or e. you can remo3e the )loc&. +he de)it memo re8uest can )e )loc&ed so that it can )e chec&ed. (imilarly. =ou can use credit memos in (ales and Distri)ution ((D) %or assi$nin$ credit memo re8uests to the open in3oices and in -inancial Accountin$ (-*) %or assi$nin$ credit memos and payments to the open in3oices and carry out clearin$ 5ith them. you send dama$ed $oods )ac& to your 3endor. credit memo re8uests. the payment pro$ram automatically attempts to o%%set the credit memo a$ainst the open item. =ou can )loc& the credit or de)it memo re8uest %rom )ein$ )illed in Customi:in$. +he system uses the de)it memo re8uest to create a de)it memo.ternal Assi$nmentN Besides this9 *% a ne5 (hippin$ !oint is created then Deli3ery Num)er ran$es are re8uired to )e maintained. *% the re8uest is appro3ed.istin$ order "ere you enter 5hich order the complaint re%ers to. you can post a de)it memo to the 3endor. *% a ne5 !lant is created then Billin$ Num)er 7an$es are re8uired to )e maintained. ?. *% the prices calculated %or the customer 5ere too lo5. +he customer could return dama$ed $oods. =ou can create the de)it or credit memo re8uests in the %ollo5in$ 5ays9 – Kithout re%erence to an order – Kith re%erence to an e. you can create a de)it memo re8uest. +he credit memo re8uest is )loc&ed %or %urther processin$ so that it can )e chec&ed. . *n all cases. +hen you can apply a multile3el dunnin$ pro$ram. you can create a credit memo re8uest. 5ho is to reim)urse the amount. As soon as you )ill the credit memo re8uest to$ether 5ith other sales orders. the assi$nment is no lon$er 3alid and the system 5ill not process it. -or this %irst create a sales document 5ith the order type %or a credit or de)it memo re8uest. A transaction that reduces Amounts 7ecei3a)le %rom a customer is a credit memo. A de)it memo is a transaction that reduces Amounts !aya)le to a 3endor )ecause. Khen it has )een appro3ed.3hat is the purpose. *% you use )oth -inancial Accountin$ (-*) and (ales and Distri)ution ((D). and payments. *t is li&e a standard order. or distri)ute the items o% one credit memo re8uest to se3eral )illin$ documents. -or e$. %or e. @. the payment pro$ramme processes them automatically. Credit memo re8uest is a sales document used in complaints processin$ to re8uest a credit memo %or a customer.ample. you ha3e the %ollo5in$ assi$nment options9 4 Assi$nment to a sin$le in3oice 4 Assi$nment o% a partial amount to an in3oice 4 Assi$nment to se3eral in3oices Khen you post credit memos. Go to (ales 4H (ales Documents 4H (ales document header 4H De%ine sales document type and select the )illin$ . +his can also )e reached in *MG )y9 (ales I Distri)ution44H(ales44H(ales Document "eader44HDe%ine (ales Document +ypes /ocate the particular (ales Doc +ype.+he +5o di$it Alpha Numeric Key is maintained or Assi$ned to the respecti3e (ales Document type in '>'A. calculated 5ith the 5ron$ scaled prices. *% it is not possi)le to completely o%%set the credit memo a$ainst an in3oice. "ere you put the +5o Di$it Num)er &ey in the -ield4 NNum)er ran$e 6. *% the price calculated %or the customer is too hi$h. +he system uses the credit memo re8uest to create a credit memo. -or credit memos. De)it memo re8uest is a sales document used in complaints processin$ to re8uest a de)it memo %or a customer.ample.+ow we create1. and dou)le clic& on it to display it con%i$uration. *% the credit memo is speci%ically related to a particular open in3oice item. – Kith re%erence to an in3oice "ere you enter 5hich in3oice the complaint re%ers to. you speci%y the 3alue or 8uantity that should )e in the credit or de)it memo #. )ecause the 5ron$ scale prices 5ere used or a discount 5as %or$otten. creatin$ a credit or de)it memo re8uest ena)les you to create credit or de)it memos )ased on a complaint. 3hat is Debit note and !redit note 3hat is Debit note and !redit note. there is a 191 relationship )et5een the credit memo re8uest and the credit memo item posted in -inancial Accountin$ (-*). As mentioned a)o3e.

8 Prassee Material should e. !lant to plant trans%er and e3en trans%errin$ ra5 material to +hird party contractors (Xo) Kor&). and create a Billin$ Document a$ainst the (+. is (toc& +ransport order. )y another department. 5ith respect to the deli3ery document. Billin$ (*ntercompany pricin$ conditions should )e set). +he !rocess is you create a (+.ecute. 4 i% necessary. 'endor master has to )e created and assai$n the supply source ( Deli3erin$ !lant). *t is used %or inter company trans%er o% $oods. (tart the lo$ display and see the deli3ery document num)er )y the documents )utton Goto '/>?N 44H do pic&in$ and !G* 44H +hen do the M*G.. +he re8uest %or a credit or de)it memo can then )e appro3ed or reRected. +his re8uest can later )e re3ie5ed alon$ 5ith similar ones. Create a puchase order M6?1N 444H (a3e Deli3ery '/1> G 444H Calculation rule (appropriate) 44H Assai$n the purchase order num)er here and in )oth the plants (Deli3erin$ I .rder 4H (etup stoc& transport order 4H assi$n the internal customer to the orderin$ plant and assi$n the (ales area o% the internal customer. +code 9 1(= Assi$n its (ales area to the deli3erin$ plant Assi$n the document type and Deli3ery type NB and N/CC Assi$n the (upplyin$ plant 44H 7ecei3in$ !lant 44H NB +a&e the deli3erin$ plant and assi$n the sales area. (elect the Deli3ery creation line and do the )ac& $round process. +ow to confi"ure the inter8company Stoc) Transport rder. do deli3ery a$ainst the (+.plain ST / (+. !onfi"ure Intercompany Stoc) Transport rder #. *nternal customer should )e assi$ned to the orderin$ plant ( MM 4H !urchasin$ 4H !urchase .rderin$).)loc& %ield in the )illin$ section. .

e the third party sales in summary: 1.K Chec&. A sale order is created and 5hen sa3ed a !7 is $enerated at the )ac&$round #. there is no deli3ery process attached in the 5hole process o% +hird party sales. MM recei3es the in3oice M*7.rder Num)er Goto *tem . Create 'endor EK>1 ?. Goods issue D. 1>. there%ore. +he company raises !. to the 3endor. *tem cate$ory $roup as NBAN(N.N )o. Goods receipt M*G.<G7 !. clic& on classi%ication (erial Num)ers ta) Date o% !roduction -la$ *tem . 'endor deli3ers the $oods and raises )ill to company. Num)er DN Num)er Batch ta) . . ne. Kith re%erence to (.rder +ype (ales or$. is created (M6?1N). Create Material – Material +ype as N+radin$ GoodsN. . Assi$n *tem Cate$ory +A( to . +he item cat +A( or (chedule line cat C( is not rele3ant %or deli3ery 5hich is e3ident %rom the con%i$ and. @. Billin$ J44 (eema Dhar SD 8 Ard party sales order !reate Sales rder 'A>1 .rder type that you are $oin$ to use. di3 6nter (old to !.Third Party Sales Process :low for Ard Party Sales !ustomi. state the 3endor and the Material . A. . . Rust in case !ost (a3e SD 8 Ard party sales order !reate Invoice M*7.3er3ie5 *tem 4H(chedule *tem SD 8 Ard party sales order 0iew the P6 that is created M6#?N Key in the !7 num)er (a3e SD 8 Ard party sales order Assi"n the P6 to the vendor and create P M6#C Key in the !7 num)er +o$$le the NAssi$ned !urchase 7e8uisitionN 6. *n3oice Date /oo& %or the !. O Material Guantity 6nter (a3e SD 8 Ard party sales order 0iew the P6 that is created with a third party sales order 'A>1 ..t to the material Assi$n Automatically )utton Clic& on NAssi$nmentsN )utton Clic& on N!rocess assi$nmentN +he N!rocess Assi$nment Create !. enter Dra$ the !7 and drop in the shoppin$ )as&et (a3e SD 8 Ard party sales order 6eceive (oods M*G. a !.ecute Chec& the )o. distr chnl. C.

Clilc& on NCopyN !urchase .rder Num)er ()ottom hal% o% the screen) Amount (tate the )aseline date (imulate I !ost *n3oice Num)er J*n3oice )loc&ed due to date 3ariance SD 8 Ard party sales order !reate a delivery order '/>1N *n the order screen .Chec& the )o. $o to the menu (ales Document . select NDeli3erN Go to Npic&in$N ta) (tate the 8ty and sa3e SD 8 Ard party sales order !reate a billin" document '->1 6nsure that the deli3ery document is correct in the 6nter Go to edit 4H /o$ (a3e .

appears in re8uest and a%ter date is released Chec& cross sellin$ A+! indicator9 *% you chec& it . 6.9 NBN A9 Define and assi"n cross sellin" profile: a) De%ine cross sellin$ pro%ile9 Go to ne5 entries. speci%y sales area 4 (peci%y customer cross sellin$ procedure –B 4 (peci%y document cross sellin$ procedure – B 4 Assi$n cross sellin$ pro%ile 44 C(>>>1 Maintain condition record %or cross sellin$ ('B 1)9 !ath9 4 /o$istics 4 (D 4 Master data 4 !roducts 4 Cross sellin$ 4 'B 1 .9 C>>1 and assi$n condition ta)le e. in 5hich system displays su$$ested material !onfi"uration settin"s: *9 Define determination procedure for cross sellin": !ath9 4 *MG 4 (D 4 Basic %unction 4 Cross sellin$ 4 De%ine determination procedure %or cross sellin$ a) Create condition ta)le9 "ere 5e de%ine condition ta)le e.9 4 material )) Maintain access se8uence9 "ere 5e de%ine access se8uence e. c) De%ine condition type9 "ere 5e de%ine condition type C>>1 and assi$n it to access se8uence C>>1 that 5e de%ine in pre3ious step.9 *% the customer placed %or the order %or computer then computer stand can )e su$$ested as a com)ination material. *t is )lan& – dialo$ )o. appears only in re8uest. *t can )e mapped )y usin$ cross sellin$ concept that uses condition techni8ue. speci%y cross sellin$ pro%ile &ey 5ith description 4 (peci%y cross sellin$ pricin$ procedure (C(>>>1) 4 Assi$n the pricin$ procedure (7'A>>1) 4 (peci%y cross sellin$ dialo$ )o.7N and assi$n document cross sellin$ procedure e. By usin$ this concept the )usiness can o%%er com)ination material %or ordered material. 29 1aintain customer%document procedures for cross sellin": a) De%ine customer procedure %or cross sellin$9 "ere 5e de%ine customer cross sellin$ pro%ile 6.9 dBN4 cross sellin$ c) Assi$n document procedure %or cross sellin$ to sales document9 Choose sales document type N. d) Maintain procedure9 Go to ne5 entries and de%ine cross sellin$ pro%ile 6. system carry out A+! chec& %or cross sellin$ product. Khen the user raises the sales order and speci%ies ordered material then system automatically pup4up a )o.9 C(>>>1 and assi$n our condition type C>>1 that 5e de%ine in the pre3ious step.9>11 that 5e de%ine in pre3ious step.!ross Sellin" : +ow To !onfi"ure 7*9 !ross Sellin": +ow to confi"ure and the menu path details/ 729 3hile creatin" individual order I face one error @Plant not assi"ned to !ontrollin" Area@: +ow to confi"ure controllin" area and menu path/ 7A9 1enu of path of subsequent Delivery :ree of !har"e/ By 9 Ahmednsp Cross sellin$ is a concept )y 5hich the )usiness can impro3e the sales. )) Assi$n cross sellin$ pro%ile9 4 Go to ne5 entries.9 NBN 44 cross sellin$ )) De%ine documents procedure %or cross sellin$9 "ere 5e de%ine document cross sellin$ procedure e. indicator K *% it is NAN – dialo$ )o.

ut )ond deli3ery ta&es place re$ardless o% main item NAN 44 . F9 Path to created controllin" area: *m$44H6nt (tr44HDe%intio44HControllin$44HMaintain Controllin$ Area .ut )ond deli3ery only i% main item has )een partially deli3ered Go to 'D>?. sales area section o% sales ta) Assi$n customer procedure %or product proposal 4 B (a3e it and e. here you can create controllin$ area .(peci%y condition type C>>1 (peci%y the order Go to 'A>1_ raise the sales order 5ith order material chec& the e%%ect. select condition line item Clic& on alternati3e material icon and maintain alternati3e material 5ith cross sellin$ deli3ery conditions options Blan& – .

as soon as the order is sa3ed a !7 (purchase re8uisition) is automatically $enerated. 1) (in$apore company creates an order %or the sin$apore customer. Plus in the material master also you need to do certain settin"s/ 1) *% you are al5ays %ollo5in$ a third party process %or a material then you ha3e to create the material usin$ item cate$ory $roup BAN(. @) *ndian company supplies the material directly to the sin$apore customer. +he procurement type should )e mar&ed as e. ?) *% you are not al5ays allo5in$ third party order processin$ then you can create a material master record 5ith item cate$ory $roup as N.ternal procurement (-) in M7! ? 3ie5 o% the material master record. *n the item cate$ory the )illin$ rele3ance should )e M-M . +his tri$$ers the automatic creation o% the !7. #) (in$apore company does the in3oice 3eri%ication in MM usin$ tcode M*7.ternal procurement).An #..ample f Third Party Sales Scenario: 2 companies are created in system 8 India $ Sin"apore !ustomer places sales order for particular material on Sin"apore/ Sin"apore is not able to produce the same/ They pass on the order to India for processin"/ After processin" India ships the material directly to the customer alon" with necessary documentation/ Invoice copy is passed on to Sin"apore/ :inal !ommercial Invoice will be raised by Sin"apore/ +ow can the above scenario handledBy9 BalaRi Hou can do this usin" third party sales/ +he third party sales process is as under.) (in$apore company raises the in3oice to the sin$apore customer. +he schedule line cate$ory is C(. item cate$ory I schedule line cate$ory. ) *ndian company sends the in3oice to the sin$apore company. ?) Because o% the con%i$uration settin$s o% the sales document type. item cate$ory +A( is used %or this.7M and the procurement type should )e mar&ed as (E) meanin$ )oth types o% procurement (in house manu%acturin$ and e. *n standard (A!. "ere you can see a %ield Morder typeM 5ith 3alue MNBM. . +his is con3erted into !. (purchase order) and sent to the indan company.

6.cise authorities.cise di3ision in 5hose area the e. Automatic )alance *ndicator 4 6.cise duty and special e.cise code num)er. C*N Con%i$uration is a topic in itsel%. =ou create one *D %or each o% your )usinessMs e. 6. and adds the nondeducti)le duty to the material 3alue. 6.cise re$istrations. the system splits the input e. "ere 6D is document type %or cen3at postin$. *ndicator %or pro3idin$ de)it account o3er5ritin$ De)it Account .cise act. +hese duties are in addition to )asic e. 6.cise in3oice in (ales and Distri)ution ((D) %or %actory sales and %or other mo3ements. +his in%ormation is used to split the trans%er postin$sM items into multiple su)contractin$ challans.ample 4 Additional 6.cise re$istration is located. E 4 *ndicates de)it accounts can )e o3er5ritten.cise 7e$istration *ds *n this acti3ity.cise Collectorate9 +he code o% the that are not co3ered 5ill )e hidden in transactions in3ol3in$ e. 4 6nter each o% your e. !artial C6N'A+ Credit9 *ndicates that the e. 5hich document type the system uses 5hen ma&in$ C6N'A+ postin$s in -inancial Accountin$ (-*).cise re$istrations.cise duty. to)acco and su$ar.imum num)er o% line items that the authorities allo5 per e. you maintain e.cise in3oice num)er ran$e.cise 7e$istration Num)er9 A num)er assi$ned to each premises or location that has re$istered as a manu%acturer 5ith the e. +he month > is entered here indicatin$ April o% the calendar year as the start .CIN SAP SD !I= !onfi"uration 3hat is !I=C*N Means Country *ndia 'ersion *n *ndian +a. you maintain the data relatin$ to your company codes. speci%yin$ a %our4character code %or each 6.cise re$isters set.cise in3oice 4 Khether you are allo5ed partial C6N'A+ credits Maintain 7e$istration *D N1MB67. 6.cise re$istration is located. Dependencies 4 +his in%ormation is used 5hen you create an e. *t pro3ides the %le. 6.cise re$istration *Ds. *ndicator %or con%irmin$. and cess) -ields %or any ta. +he calendar month mar&in$ the )e$innin$ o% the e.cise year start month.cise duty.cise re$istration num)er is re8uired to &eep its o5n e. +hese are li3a)le under the additional duties o% e.cise ran$e in 5hose area the e.cise in3oice.cise re$istration in your )usiness create a re$istration * the re$istration co3ers (additional e.cise *n3oice (ho5s the ma.cise Di3ision9 (peci%ies the e. )ut i% you chec& on screen.cise year.cise re$istration *D is allo5ed to credit only a portion o% its input e. (ome in%o on C*N Con%i$uration (it may not appear as understanda)le )elo5. on Goods Mo3ement H *ndia H Basic (ettin$s H Maintain 6. Maintain Company Code (ettin$s.cise Duty plays a 3ital role in manu%acturin$ cenario\s. *t posts the deducti)le duty to the appropriate C6N'A+ account.cise re$istration is located.cise duty.3er5rite *ndicator.cise duty !ercenta$e.cise duty on the material into its deducti)le and nondeducti)le amounts. *t controls. it 5ill )e understood )etter) Country 'ersion *ndia comes 5ith %our pricin$ procedures as %ollo5s9 4 X*N-AC ((ales %rom manu%acturin$ plants) 4 X*N6E! (6. +his start month represents the month %or the start o% the e. 6.cise )oo&s.cise re$istrations.cise duty. +his in%ormation is also sho5n 5hen you post the 3endorMs e. e. 4 -or each e. *n this *MG acti3ity. you maintain the data relatin$ to your e.cise re$istration num)er 6CC Num)er9 (peci%ies the or$ani:ationMs 6CC num)er. 6.cise duty to its C6N'A+ account Dependencies 4 Khen you post a $oods receipt.cise related con%i$uration is &no5n as C*N con%i$uration. 4 +he ma. special e.cise collectorate in 5hose area the e.cise re$ister set description9 Description o% the e. 1se *n e. 63ery entity 5ith an e.cise duty is li3a)le in case o% te.i)ility to the user to enter the de)it account o% his choice dependin$ on the nature o% transaction.cise$ procedure. (imilarly %or (6D C6(( Num)er o% *tems in 6.tile products.cise ran$e9 (peci%ies the e. and state9 4 Khich ta. 6. Document +ype %or C6N'A+ !ostin$s.cise 7e$istrations *n this *MG acti3ity. A6D usa$e Additional 6.port sales) 4 X*ND6! ((ales %rom depots) 4 X*N(+K ((toc& trans%ers C*N9 *MG H /o$istics 4 General H +a.imum num)er o% items to )e printed on each e.cise Rournal 3oucher transaction.

cise challan then you can lea3e G7Ms per 6* as )lan&.cise re$isters.cise amount to )e paid durin$ an out$oin$ 6. Num)er o% e.cise in3oice %or e. 6. +o indicate the method opted )y the company %or selectin$ the e.chan$e rate type to store di%%erent e.chan$e rate type 4 Key representin$ a type o% e.month %or e.chan$e rate in the system.cise $roups.cise $roup. *% you 5ant to automatically create 6. *% you recei3e multiple G7Ms %or a $i3en 6. %or use in the %ollo5in$ year. 4 =ou enter the e.chan$e rates.cise in3oice durin$ (ales cycle at the time o% )illin$ the tic& .cise in%ormation relatin$ to your plants.cise accounts.cise duty amount 5ill )e rounded o%% to the nearest rupee at the !urchase order le3el.chan$e rate type. or a3era$e rate %or translatin$ %orei$n currency amounts.cise re$isters and e.chan$e rate type to )e used %or 6.cise in3oice transactions 5ill 5or&. Any chan$e )y the 6. @. then you need to maintain only one e. +he 7G ?@A.cise in3oices to )e selected *ndicates the num)er o% e.ample 4 =ou can use the e.cise challan and 5ould li&e to a3ail multiple credit mar& the G7s per 6* as MMultiple G7Ms %or one e. +he roundin$ is done at the item le3el %or each item 5here the amount is $reater than 1 7upee. you de%ine your e. 4 Multiple G7 %or one e.cise in3oices that needs to )e selected in the e. Depot 4 *ndicates that the plant in 8uestion is a depot.cise authorities re8uire e3ery )usiness to maintain only one set o% e. +he e. Maintain !lant (ettin$s 4 *n this *MG acti3ity.cise re$istration *D.port sales then the e.cise in3oice. +his 5ill not round o%% the C6N'A+ credit to )e ta&en.cise Groups 4 *n this acti3ity.cise in3oice selection procedure 96.cise in3oice selection 5ill sho5 the related in3oices only %or the period >A4>@4DC to ?A4>@4DC. sellin$ rate. you maintain e.cise $roup %or each set o% re$isters that you need to &eep. But throu$h e. i% re8uired. . multiple credit Maintain 6. 6. =ou can use the a3era$e rate %or the currency translation.cise in3oice.cise in3oice selection type. Document type %or -* postin$ on 1tilisation -inancial accountin$ document type %or +D( postin$.ample 4 *% the 3alue o% this %ield is ?> and today is ?A4>@4DC. and the )an& )uyin$ and sellin$ rates %or 3aluation o% %orei$n currency amounts. 7ecommendation 4 1nder normal circumstances. to immediately post hal% o% the input e.chan$e rate %or duty calculation 5ill )e pic&ed up usin$ this 6.cise $roup is %or a depot or not. 6. 7G ?@C and !/A serial num)ers are created %or an e.cise in3oice.cise in3oice 4 =ou can round o%% the 6. sin$le creditM. you de%ine e.emption %rom the authorities. !lant (ettin$s 4 *n this acti3ity.cise in3oice selection. 1. *% the duty amount is less than one rupee then no roundin$ is done 7oundin$ o%% o% 6. An e. 4 Assi$n it an e.cise duty amount roundin$ o%% is re8uired durin$ procurement cycle.cise in3oices. *mmediate Credit on Capital Goods 4 *nstructs the system.cise in3oice.cise $roups to plants. Maintain 5hether this 6.cise duty con3erts 4 Khen you are creatin$ an 6.cise in%ormation relatin$ to your plants. 6. *ndicator %or item le3el e. +he rest is posted the C6N'A+ on hold account.cise *n3oices transaction.cise $roup.cise in3oice. 6. *t can )e either earliest or latest in3oices that 5ere recei3ed.cise $roup. Assi$n the e.cise in3oice selection. 4 Depots are re8uired to prepare re$ister 7G ?@D. Alternati3ely i% you 5ant to a3aila the credit only a%ter all the $oods receipts ha3e )een made mar& it as M Multiple G7 %or one e.cise re$isters and one set o% accounts. *% mar&ed MEM then the e. C'D Clearin$ Account 4 (peci%ies 5hich G0/ account the system credits 5hen you ta&e a C6N'A+ credit on counter3ailin$ duty in the *ncomin$ 6. multiple creditM. 5hen you 3eri%y a $oods receipt %or capital $oods.cise in3oice )y mar&in$ this indicator as MEM. 4 =ou can assi$n the same *D to more than one plant. 4 Num)er o% $oods receipt per e. and %ollo5 di%%erent procedures %or $oods receipt and in3oice $eneration.cise $roup allo5s you to maintain a separate set o% e. -or each e. Document type %or +D( -* postin$9 -inancial accountin$ document type %or +D( postin$.cise duty to the appropriate C6N'A+ accounts. 6. ?.chan$e rate type to de%ine a )uyin$ rate. *% your company has only one set o% e. (in$le credit 4 Multiple G7 %or one e. *% you recei3e only one consi$nment %or an 6.cise duty %or out$oin$ e. you maintain e.cise authorities re$ardin$ start month should )e ta&en care o% )y an entry in this %ield and initiali:ation. multiple )oo&s can )e maintained. -or each plant9 4 (peci%y 5hether it is a manu%acturin$ site or a depot. Days to )e considered %or e.port e.cise duty round o%% 4 +his indicator is to )e used %or decidin$ 5hether *tem le3el e.cise in3oice. e.cise $roups. you can also control ho5 3arious e.cise Groups 4 *n this *MG acti3ity.cise in3oice selection Num)er o% days %rom document date %or e. Create one e.

$roup >>1 %or e.cise Group 4 (eries Group Determination. MCreate !art1 %or Bloc& (toc&M 5hen mar&ed 5ill create a !art1 durin$ the receipt o% material into Bloc&ed stoc& . you must also de%ine the de%ault plant.cise in3oice %or other mo3ements system automatically does the 'eri%y and !ost.cise in3oice in this seris $roup then you tic& the MNo utili:ationM indicator. =ou cannot cancel the selection later. -olio num)er %or depo !ostin$ 4 *% this indicator is mar&ed then 5hile creatin$ 6. =ou need not separately !ost the e. . *% this is not selected then you need to separately do 7G?@D selection %ollo5ed )y !G* and then 7G?@D 3eri%ication and postin$. Based on e. +he e. 1>.ample 4 =ou could de%ine t5o series $roups.cise re$isters a )usiness transaction 5ill )e included in. -ollo5in$ is the relation )et5een e. (in$le Credit Create 6.cise re$istration *D 4 *% no %inancial postin$s are re8uired %or an 6.cise $roup.cise $roup.cise in3oice 8uantity on to the Goods receipt document.cise *n3oice Automatically 4 *nstructs the system to automatically create a (ales and Distri)ution ((D) e.emptions %rom the authorities you can maintain multiple num)er series %or out$oin$ documents.cise re$ulations and e.cise in3oices.cise in3oice )y postin$ the selection o% e.cise in3oice into depot. 4 *n de%ine e. +his 5ill post the selected records into 7G?@D automatically. Durin$ depot sales i% you do not 5ant to do 7G?@D selection and postin$ separately and 5ould li&e to complete 7G?@D selection in one step mar& the indicator M7G?@D Auto postM.cise $roup you are usin$. plant and re$istration. e. (eries $roups allo5 you to maintain multiple num)er ran$es %or the out$oin$ e. MCreate !art1 %or (+. %or e. 4 *% the C6N'A+ has to )e paid immediately and you need not 5ait %or the -ort ni$htly payment then mar& the M*mmediate 1tili:ationM *indicator. *ndicates that the plant in 8uestion is a depot.cise in3oice immediately you create a commercial in3oice or a pro %orma in3oice. 4 De%ine e. At the end o% the period. +hen.cise in3oice. Multiple credit 4 Multiple G7 %or one e. *% you need automatic postin$ o% 7G?@D selection then the !ost Goods *ssue should ha3e )een completed )e%ore runnin$ 7G?@D selection. 6. you speci%y 5hich e.documents. 7G?@D (ales Creation and postin$ option 4 7G?@D Automatic .cise documents.cise series $roups )ased on type o% out$oin$ document 4 Assi$n series $roup to e.cise in3oice .ample. MAutomatic postin$M 5hen tic&ed 5ill post the 6..ption i% selected 5ill create Depot e. +his in%ormation tells the system 5hich G0/ accounts to post the e.cise in3oice then you need to mar& this indicator. you create di%%erent sets %or each e.cise Group Go3erns 5hich set o% e. in transactions in3ol3in$ e.cise *n3oice 4 Multiple G7 %or one e.cise in3oice other mo3ements automatically alon$ 5ith creation in sin$le step. MCreate !art1 %or consumption stoc&M 5hen mar&ed 5ill create a !art1 durin$ the receipt o% material into consumption stoc&.cise in3oices in sin$le step. 5hen you come to prepare your e. *% the indicator MDe%ault G7 8tyM is mar&ed system 5ill de%ault the 6. .cise to. 4 *% you 5ant to ma&e use o% this %unction.cise in3oice is created in the )ac&$round.cise challan 8uantity on to the Goods receipt i% the 6.cise duty. A. De%ault e. and $roup >>? %or #C .the indicator MCreate 6*M #. 4 Depots are re8uired to prepare re$ister 7G ?@D.cise in3oice )ut 5ould li&e to Rust $enerate an e.M 5hen mar&ed 5ill create a !art1 durin$ the receipt o% material throu$h inter plant trans%ers.cise in3oice num)er is $i3en in the pop4up.cise in3oice Also 5e can set indicator %or creation o% part 1 %or9 4 Bloc&ed stoc& 4 (toc& transport order 4 Consi$nment stoc& Maintain (eries Group 4 *n this *MG acti3ity. 4 G7 !er 6.cise $roup. C.cise re$isters.cise in3oice .cise $roups in Customi:in$. *% the indicator M-olio no createM is mar&ed system 5ill $enerate -olio num)ers %or 7G?@D durin$ receipt o% e. 11. and series $roups in Customi:in$ %or (ales and Distri)ution ((D). 6.cise series $roups 5ithin your company. 4 No account postin$s %or C6N'A+ in sales cycle 4 No utili:ation -la$ *% you do not need any C6N'A+ utili:ation %or an e. D. and %ollo5 di%%erent procedures %or $oods receipt and in3oice $eneration. 5hen you post a 3endorMs e. But each o% these series has to )e declared to the e.cise authorities. )y choosin$ 6. you de%ine the di%%erent e.cise 8ty in G7 4 *% this indicator is tic&ed then 5hile doin$ Goods 7eceipt usin$ MMB>1M system 5ill de%ault the e.

cise determination in each.cise in3oice in the $i3en (eries $roup )ut there 5ill not )e any account postin$s or !art? postin$s.cise duties usin$ the condition records you ha3e created. the system immediately pays the amount %rom C6N'A+ and creates the !art ** entry.cise duties that apply.cise determination. %ill out the C'D cond.cise Duties 1sin$ Condition +echni8ue and e4H (ettin$s Determination. the system applies the e. . %ield and lea3e all the others )lan& 5hen you enter the e. calculation procedures.cise in3oice. you speci%y 5hich ta.cise in3oice. ?.cise Duty H Condition4Based 6.cise Duty H (elect +a.cise determination and %ormula4)ased e. +he system then calculates the e. 4 *% you use %ormula4)ased e. Maintain 6. code %or condition4)ased on input materials in *ndia. 4 (peci%y the counter3ailin$ duty condition type used %or import purchase orders (ee also 9 (A! /i)rary 4H /o$istics 4H Country 'ersions 4H Asia4!aci%ic 4H *ndia 4H Materials Mana$ement (MM) 4H Condition4Based 6. *% you ha3e )oth %ortni$htly and immediate utili:ation %or the same e. Both ta.cise ta. Day4to4Day Acti3ities 4 Khen you enter a purchase order or other purchasin$ document. Creatin$ Condition 7ecords %or 6. Ke stron$ly recommend that ne5 customers use condition4)ased e. and enter the ta. 5hereas +AE*NX supports condition4)ased e.cise Duty *ndicators 4 *n this *MG acti3ity.cise determination. enter the ta. such as 5hich 3endor you purchase a material %rom. use a copy o% the ta. procedure +AE*NX. +hese acti3ities include one acti3ity 5here you de%ine a ta. enter -'11 and choose . the 70@ (ystem automatically calculates the applica)le e.cise determination. code %or condition4)ased e. you maintain the e.cise duty.cise ta.n Goods Mo3ement H *ndia H Basic (ettin$s H Determination o% 6. special e.cise determination. +he system posts the e.cise $roup.cise determination. 4 *% you use condition4)ased e. procedure you 5ant to use %or determinin$ e. %or e. 4 (peci%y the purchasin$ and sales conditions types used %or )asic e. appears.cise determination.cise determination. Account determination %or immediate payment 5ill )e done e. other5ise you 5ill not )e a)le to display old documents. procedure +AE*NN. procedure and pricin$ condition types are used in calculatin$ e. use a copy o% the ta. code %or condition4)ased e. (ince the e.cise rates. you cannot s5itch to another one.cise duty can 3ary on a lar$e num)er o% %actors. 4 (peci%y the conditions in the sales order that are used %or e.cise duties and sales ta. additional e.cise duty. procedure also supports condition4)ased e.*% the %la$ is chec&ed then system 5ill create an 6. *n the command %ield. procedure. *MG H /o$istics 4 General H +a. *% you use condition4)ased e.cise in3oice.cise duty. (uch in3oices 5ill not )e listed %or %ortni$htly utili:ation. Maintain 6. the account determination 5ithin C*N *MG should point to the 6D interim account. Khen you come to enter a purchasin$ document. *% you use %ormula4)ased e.cise duties usin$ the condition techni8ue. you post the $oods receipt and the applica) on Goods Mo3ements Account 4H 6.cise duty. +his ta.cise determination. -eatures 9 +he standard system comes 5ith t5o usin$ %ormula4)ased e.cise duty to the appropriate accounts %or deducti)le input ta.cise duty at the rates you ha3e entered in the condition records. . Customi:in$ 9 Ma&e the settin$s in Customi:in$ Basic 4H *ndia 4H %or /o$istics – General. Master Data 4 Create condition records %or all e.cise De%aults 4 *n this *MG acti3ity. processin$.cise duties and sales ta.cise determination. Khen the ordered materials arri3e. *mmediate 1tili:ation o% C6N'A+ 4 (peci%ies that 5hen you create an e.cise Determination and 4H -ormula4Based 6. *MG H /o$istics 4 General H +a.cise duty indicators. you create condition records %or e3ery sort o% e. you de%ine 5hich ta. and cess. procedure and the pricin$ conditions that are rele3ant %or e.cise Duty 1.cise determination in each line item.cise Determination Khen you enter a purchasin$ document. Note that once you ha3e started usin$ a ta. +he Key Com)ination dialo$ )o. a purchase order. or 5hich chapter *D the 3endor stoc&s the material under. 6nter the condition type that you 5ant to create a condition record %or and choose . )y choosin$ +a. Calculation !rocedure *n this *MG acti3ity.act rates o% e.cise determination. %ill out all o% the %ields as %ollo5s9 4 6nter the ta.cise Determination.n Goods Mo3ement H *ndia H Basic (ettin$s H Determination o% 6. . so that you can 5or& 5ith )oth concurrently. +AE*NN is only supports condition4)ased e. procedures contain condition types that co3er all o% the e.actly the same as )ein$ done %or %ortni$htly utili:ation pro$ram.

/oo&s up the customer master data to see 5hat status you ha3e assi$ned the customer. Assume you are postin$ a sale o% )all )earin$s to a customer. ?. /et\s assume the chapter *D at plant %or the )all )earin$s is 1>>>. . enter the dummy ta. and chapter *D. you then create a %inal e.cise status. /etMs assume youM3e assi$ned the customer status @. you must customi:e your system accordin$ly.>1. .cise duty indicator is %or customer status @ and plant status ?9 *t is C. code type to ' (input ta. you assi$n the same e. the system . +he system uses this in%ormation 5hen you create a document %rom another one.cise determination.ample. Code %or !urchasin$ Documents 4 *n this *MG acti3ity.cise duty to apply.cise duty as %ollo5s9 1. .cise status %rom a le$al point o% 3ie5. select Country0!lant0Control Code. assi$n the ta.N (o.ample to illustrate ho5 the system determines 5hich rate o% e.nly carry out this acti3ity i% you use condition4)ased e. 4 6. -or each permutation o% plant indicator and 3endor indicator. (a3e the condition record. /oo&s up the plant master data to see 5hat status you ha3e assi$ned the plant. -inally.cise ta. the system automatically calculates the duty %or you. you de%ine an e. =ou must also stipulate i% the 3endor 8uali%ies as a small4scale industry. 6nter data as re8uired. -or e. to create a condition record %or a ta. 4 Material master data 6ach material is assi$ned a chapter *D. rate -or e3ery chapter *D and %inal e. that applies to a com)ination o% country.ample. +he system automatically determines the rate o% e.cise duty.ecute a )usiness transaction in3ol3in$ materials that are su)Rect to e.cise status %rom a le$al perspecti3e.cise duty indicator. /et us consider an e. code that you ha3e de%ined. -ormula4Based 6.cise +a.cise duty indicator.>1 under status C. code %or the purposes o% calculatin$ e. (imilarly.. (elect the com)ination o% o)Rects that you 5ant to create the condition record %or. your plant has status ?. a depot. 4 *n the +a. +he system determines the chapter *D o% the )all )earin$ %or the plant. 4 Create a ne5 ta. or 5hen you create an out$oin$ e. #.cise Determination 4 Khen you e. .cise duty indicator. %or e. =ou must also speci%y the 3endor type – %or e. Choose . plant. 7ate to see 5hat rate o% duty applies to chapter *D 1>>>..cise in3oice %rom a purchase order..cise duty indicator. (ee also the in%ormation a)out manu%acturers that are only entitled to deduct a certain portion o% the duty (see !artial C6N'A+ Credit). .cise in3oice %rom a sales order.). code.cise determination method.nly carry out this acti3ity i% you use condition4)ased e.cise duty.cise duty 5hen you enter purchasin$ documents. 4 'endor master data -or each o% your 3endors 5ith the same e.cise 7ate Maintenance. 4 Customer master data (imilarly. Code to Company Codes *n this *MG acti3ity. code %or purchasin$ documents to the company codes 5here it 5ill )e used. %or each permutation o% plant indicator and customer indicator. such as all those that are in an e.cise *ndicator %or !lant and Customer to see 5hat the %inal e. Do not ma&e any other settin$s %or it. =ou maintain the %ollo5in$ types o% data9 4 !lant master data =ou assi$n each o% your plants an e. 5hen you enter an incomin$ 6. you speci%y 5hich condition types you use %or 5hich sort o% ta.cise determination.cise 7ate Maintenance screen.empt :one. Code %ield. you must ha3e maintained all the data on the 6. Control Code means Nchapter *D. 5hether the 3endor is a manu%acturer. you then create a %inal e.cise duty indicator. Note that this only applies to condition types that you use 5ith the ne5 e. or a %irst4sta$e dealer. @. *n order %or the system to )e a)le to determine 5hich rate o% e.n the dialo$ )o. 5hich you can Master Datafaccess %rom the (A! 6asy Access screen )y choosin$ *ndirect +a. Classi%y Condition +ypes 4 *n this *MG acti3ity.ample. De%ine +a. 4 Assi$n +a. and set the ta. #. =ou can use the same indicator %or all the plants 5ith the same e. . you maintain the rate o% e. *% your )usiness only 8uali%ies %or partial C6N'A+ credit. you de%ine a ta.cise duty indicator to each o% your customers that share the same le$al e. A$ain. +he system loo&s up the ta)le under 6.cise duty to apply to a material. the system loo&s up the ta)le under 6.@.

*% you use su) transaction types. 5hen you create a purchasin$ document.) 4 6(6 (ser3ice ta.cise X's and also i% the payment o% e.pense) (peci%y 6.cise in3oice 3eri%ication. 4 -or ta. +here is no separate transaction type %or %ortni$htly payment. 63en thou$h this %unctionality is a3aila)le in enterprise 3ersion. (elect your screen se8uence. Khen you come to e. ((8.determines the 3arious e. the system only uses the condition types that you enter here.cise duties in the e. +his 5ill )e set o%% 5hen you remit the duty. *n addition. 5hich is .es. procedure. 7e8uirements 4 =ou ha3e set up G0/ accounts %or each o% the processin$ &eys listed )elo5. 4 '(1 ()asic e.cise duty) 4 '(@ (special e. you can also use su) transaction types. Note 9 you need not remit the C6N'A+ to the e. assi$n the e. use the condition types contained in the pricin$ procedures. 6nter all the accounts that are a%%ected )y each transaction type.cise department immediately.hi) on purchases. +he %ortni$htly C6N'A+ payment utility pic&s up the credit side accounts %rom the transaction types o% G7!. 1sually it 5ould )e ?1. (elect the same and clic& on Data (creen in the le%t %rame. *MG H /o$istics 4 General H +a. 1se these settin$s as a )asis %or your o5n.cise $roup.cise accounts (%or e.cise and C6N'A+ accounts to G0/ accounts.cise duty interim account.cise duty) 4 '(# (sales ta.. 7e8uirements =ou ha3e already9 4 De%ined the G0/ accounts 4 De%ined the e. ?.cise Details (creen in Material Master. i% you 5ant separate account determination settin$s 5ithin an e.ample9 4 6. @. Con%i$ settin$ needed to )e done in order to $et the 6. D7 C6N'A+ on hld account (peci%y G0/ Accounts per 6.cise duty has to )e done %ortni$htly. use the condition types contained in the ta. ie.ecute the 3arious transactions. Go to *MG De%ine (tructure o% Data (creen %or each Con%i$urin$ the Material master (creen (e8uence. .cise duty and C6N'A+) are to )e posted to %or the 3arious transaction types. 4 Assi$n an account to each o% the %ollo5in$ postin$ &eys. +he accounts %or '(1.cise $roups 4 Maintained the transaction accounts Acti3ities 4 -or each e. calculation procedures and pricin$ procedures. ?1and (crn 1#.. seto%%) 4 MK( (central sales ta. 4 Material Master g /o$istics General 1.) 4 MK@ (local sales ta. so maintain the credit account %or transaction type D/-C as an e. -ollo5in$ document helps you to do this con%i$uration. you assi$n the on sales.n Goods Mo3ement H *ndia H Account Determination De%ine G0/ Accounts %or +a.C %or determinin$ the C6N'A+ and !/A accounts. . 4 -or ta. and +7.) 4 6(A (ser3ice ta.cise and C6N'A+ accounts to G0/ accounts. you speci%y 5hich G0/ accounts you 5ill use to record 5hich ta. 6. C7 7G ?@ B6D account 4 G7!.cise ++ DC ind Account name 4 G7!. -or most )usinesses.cise duty) 4 '(? (additional e. the system determines 5hich G0/ accounts to post to )y loo&in$ at the9 4 6. +ransaction type 1+/B is used %or determinin$ accounts only 5hile postin$ e.cise $roup 4 Company code 4 Chart o% accounts -urthermore. '(?.nce the data screens are e. and '(@ are used as clearin$ accounts durin$ e. select data screen no.cise Accounts per 6. C7 C6N'A+ clearin$ account 4 G7!. +he standard system comes 5ith sample settin$s %or the ta. 6K!. enter the accounts %or each su) transaction type as 5ell.cise $roup. 4 *n this *MG acti3ity. you speci%y 5hich e.cise +ransaction 4 *n this *MG acti3ity.cise in3oice usin$ the in%ormation that you ha3e entered here. e. a small con%i$uration step has to )e made in (creen (e8uences %or Material Master. one set o% accounts 5ill su%%ice %or all transactions.cise +ransaction 4 *n this *MG acti3ity.

Create a Material Master and chec& 5hether in (creen -orei$n +rade – *mport. . C. no.. ??>#.cise related su) screen appears.e.]-orei$n +rade9 *mport Data^. 4 (A!/MGD14 >>>1 and select the same. (elect the same and clic& on (u) screens in the le%t %rame. #. (a3e the settin$. Go to the last su) screen i.e. ?141#4. . No5 in the last su) screen i. Clic& on ta) 3ie5 su) screen and ensure that the su) screen is )lan&.. . you delete (A!/MGD1 – >>>1 and instead add (A!/X1*<MA+67*A/<MA(+67 and in the screen no. 6.

) Assi$n sales areas9 symple you indicate 5ich sales areas are allo5ed in your hierarchy. And enter the com)inations that 5ill )e allo5ed %or creatin$ the hierarchy. 5ill thus recei3e the same discount. =ou 5ant to assi$n a ship4to to a payer. All these settin$s can )e %ound in the *MG. in each partner %unction you must indicate the source partner %unction. then. ?) (et partner determination9 i% you 5ant to user the hierarchy in price determination. %irstly decide the hierarchy type to )e used.t assi$n your customer account $roup to the hierarchy type. 1nder (D 4 master data 4 )usiness partners 4 customers 4 customer hierarchy =ou use %or" !ustomer +ierarchy in SD +ow to confi"ure and maintain the SD !ustomer +ierarchyAll the customi:in$ is in (D0Master Data0Bussiness !artner0Customers0Customers hierarchy 1) De%ine hierarchy type9 Rust put and *D and a name to the ne5 hierarchy. @) Assi$n acount $roups9 you indicate 5hich accounts $roups are allo5ed %or )ein$ part or your hierarchy. Customer hierarchy setup. you ha3e to ha3e a !artner !rocedure 5ith a partner %unction %or each le3el. Kith this in%ormacition. at the header le3el. *% you use a customer hierarchy you can maintain the discount %or the partner in the top o% the hierarchy and in this 5ay it 5ill )e 3alid %or all customers in the hierarchy.ample customer hierarchy 5hen you ha3e an company li&e 1nile3er and you a$ree )oth on a discount. in the orders. Rust %or not ha3in$ to )uild de hierarchy in all the di%%erent sales areas). (o i% you 5ant to a hierarchy %or customers in the same sales area then enter the sales area and enter the same one as the hi$her le3el sales area. in the order. ("ere you can customi:e common sales areas. .ample you create a condition discount %or a customer that is part o% such a hierarchy structure. =ou must also ma&e an entry %or permitted sales area assi$nments. *n the partner procedure. you o)tain the )ussiness partner %or each partner %unction.Customer !ustomi. (o enter the ship to account $roup and enter the payer account $roup as the hi$her le3el. =ou can also assi$n a partner %unction to the customer so that the hi$her le3el customer in the hierarchy is copied into a sales order as a partner %unction 4 )ut you donMt need that ri$htL Ne. 1nile3er does ha3e di%%erent locations 0 )usinesses and you ha3e to maintain the discount %or all customers. #) Assi$nin$ hierarchy type %or pricin$9 you indicate 5hich classes o% documentos uses hierarchy in pricin$ determination. +his mi$ht )e use%ul 5hen %or e. +he standard is type A. *t is possi)le to maintain so called customer hierarchies. All su)nodes in the hierarchy )elo5 that customer.

deli3eries etc already created a$ainst that material in that plant (and possi)ly (tora$e location). M7! 5or&s semi4separately.pected sales orders and deli3eries. plus the times listed a)o3e to $et the date 5hen the customer can actually ha3e it. field in the Procedure 7 0*A9/ +as anyone had the same requirement. or the re8uirement into a production order. it 5ill create a purchase re8uisition (outside purchase) or re8uirement or planned order (%or production) to co3er the short%all. dependin$ on ho5 it is set up. then it 5ill con%irm the customer\s re8uired date. less transportation time. +here must e. and i% it the stoc& does not meet e. less production0purchase time i% applica)le. (A! %irst )ac&5ard schedules loo&in$ at the re8uired deli3ery date. *% the date it calculates is e8ual or later than today\s date.s %or replenishment. Must )e s5ithced on at the re8uirment class le3el and at the schedule line le3el. Khilst the a3aila)ilty chec& at the re8uirement class le3el 3ia $lo)al and mandatory con%i$uration the schedule line cat$ry a3aila)ility chec& deals 5ith the order. SD material Determination based on availability chec) :or SD material Determination you can create a Substitution reason and on the Strate"y field5 the followin" info/ is available: Product selection in the bac)"round is performed on the basis of the availability chec)/ 3e want to have the material determination only in case on material shorta"e/ 3e e. plus 5hat is contained in the a3aila)ility chec&in$ rule (scope o% chec&) e$9 can add !. it 5ill turn the !7 into a !. A+! is the sin$le most comple.N/= in the case o% A+! %ailure %or product ABC. the system 5ill $i3e you a con%irmed date.Chec&in$ $roup must )e de%ined in Material Master records(it controls 5hthr the system is to create indi3idual or collecti3e re8mnt) A com)ination o% chec&in$ $ropup and chec&in$ rule 5ill determine the scope o% a3ail)aility chec&. di%%erent planned orders. or $i3e you a date )ased on the production time or purchasin$ time %rom the material master. the %irst product su)stitution should )e %or the ori$inal )y 5hich a re8uiremnt class can )e %ound @. *% there is enou$h stoc& in the plant0(/oc.requirement. M7! loo&s at the demand on the plant. purchase re8s.ri$inal !roduct9 ABC (u)stitutes9 D6-. *n order to com)at the pro)lem. as 5ell as credit chec&s. Khen M7! is started. and su)tract sales orders. *M3e illustrated this )elo59 . +he date the system proposes is )ased on the customerMs re8uested deli3ery date. dependin$ upon ho5 !! and M7! is set up. less pic& and pac& time. +he system 5ill chec& stoc& in the plant. ?. part o% the (D module. the %irst a3aila)ility chec& is carried out. less transportation lead time. E=B *n order to per%orm product su)stitution .Availability Check Availability !hec) on &uotation SAP standard does not do an availability chec) on the quotation5 as it is not a definite order5 usually Gust a pricin" quote/ Khen it is con3erted to an order. (A! 5ill then %or5ard schedule %or today\s date.Is this a bu" or Gust incorrectly documented* also encountered this a)normally recently usin$ material a plant and is de%ined . Basically. 7e8mnt type must e. +he %ollo5in$ are the mandatory %or A3aila)ility chec& to happen44 1. *% it %alls in the past. .pect the Substitution reason to "ive us this functionallity/ It does not hovever ta)e the availabilty into account before substitution/ 3e thou"ht the worse case is to create a A'AP which is lin)ed to the . structure the Material Determination record as %ollo5s9 Material 6ntered9 ABC (u)stitutes9 ABC D6E=B There seems to be a devaition at availability chec) and or on a conceptual note still/ A3aila)ility chec& can )e con%i$ured )oth at re8uiremnt class and at the schedule line cate$ories le3el. *t is mandatory that the re8mnt class is %la$$ed o%% %or a3l)lty chec& and the schdelu line cat need not )e.

. maintainin$ condition types.e. Clic& the 'ariants *con on top le%t4(reen opens (peci%y di%%erent materials you 5ant to s5ap 5ith the material you ha3e enterd Note that the su)st reason is already copied on the screen 7emem)er materials should )e o% the same sales area.*t is possi)le to $et a list o% materials %or su)stituiton.'7Ga (ee the su)stitution reason num)er %or Manual Material (election 4 chec& the 6ntry )o.)ut remem)er you can su)stitue only one material %rom the list.atleast Di3isions should )e same.maintainin$ procedures %or material determination and assi$nin$ procedures to sales doc. 4 chec& the Karnin$ )o.!reatin" 1ultiple 1aterials in 1aterial Determination Material Determination is used to s5ap one material %or another. 4 select A %or (tate$y 4 sa3e. types ha3e )een done) Create one material determination. Go +o 'B11 to create Material Determination (ta&in$ into consideration that all the pre3ious steps %or material determiantion i.dont %or$et to $i3e the (u)st reason on top and also on the line. +his can )e done throu$h su)stituiton reason + Code `.

+his ne5 material a3aila)ility date %orms the startin$ point %or schedulin$ the remainin$ acti3ities. +his is re%erred to as daily schedulin$. pic&0pac& time. loadin$ time. the system must then use %or5ard schedulin$. All %our o% the deli3ery and transportation schedulin$ lead times are su)tracted %rom the customerMs re8uested deli3ery date to determine i% this date can )e met. and transportation lead time are added to the ne5 material a3aila)ility date to calculate the con%irmed deli3ery date. +he loadin$ time. Bac&5ard schedulin$ is al5ays carried out %irst. the system 5ill calculate deli3ery dates the closest day. transit time. ta&in$ into consideration the 5or&in$ days o% the shippin$ point and a roundin$ pro%ile. -or5ard schedulin$ is also done i% no product is a3aila)le on the material a3aila)ility date calculated )y )ac&5ard schedulin$. *n this case the system assumes a ? hour 5or& day and lead times can )e entered in days up to ? decimal points. +he system calculates )ac&5ard schedulin$ as %ollo5s9 7e8uested deli3ery date minus transit time S Goods issue date Goods issue date minus loadin$ time S /oadin$ date /oadin$ date minus transportation lead time S +ransportation schedulin$ date /oadin$ date minus pic&0pac& time S Material a3aila)ility date By de%ault. . +his allo5s the schedulin$ o% a deli3ery 5ithin a sin$le day. *% the material a3aila)ility date or transportation schedulin$ date is calculated to )e in the past. *t is acti3ated )y maintainin$ the 5or&in$ hours %or a particular shippin$ point.'ac)ward and :orward Schedulin" Bac&5ard schedulin$ is the calculation o% deadline dates9 the arri3al time at the customer site is calculated as the earliest possi)le $oods receipt time at the customers unloadin$ point on the re8uested deli3ery date. +he system does an a3aila)ility chec& to determine the %irst possi)le date 5hen product 5ill )e a3aila)le. hour and minute is supported. !recise schedulin$ calculated do5n to the day. and pic&0pac& time are su)tracted %rom the customer\s re8uested deli3ery date to calculate the re8uired material a3aila)ility date. +he transit time.

Ad3ance %rom customer @> Cr. C>W. 7ecei3e Do5npayment %rom customer 3ia -* screen . +he accountin$ document is as )elo5 Dr. Create (ales order. it 5ill document as Noted item in the accountin$ document. @. Cash0Ban& @> Cr.Account Payable Settlement Downpayment with Installment payment Term (cenario 94 !ro)lem 5ith Do5n payment settlement usin$ installment payment term. (ales @> . Create Billin$ type Do5n payment re8uest . Create Billin$ type Do5n payment re8uest . +he accountin$ document is as )elo5 Dr. Ad3ance %rom customer @> . @>W J @>) *t seems (A! settlement Do5n payment )y *nstallment !ayment term. *n our case 5e o%ten par& and apply the ad3ance manually to %inal in3oice. the ?nd I @rd records are std -? in3oices @>W . )illin$ type is -AB . "o5e3er. A little di%%erent to your ori$inal Billin$ !lan. Khen * create Billin$ document %or the sales item. * 5ant only 1 line item o% credit. A7 @> (Not separate )y *nstallment payment term) (olutions 9 (u$$esstions on ho5 * could proceedL =our pro)lem 5ith Do5n payment settlement is common. at this sta$e the asccountin$ document is created as %ollo5in$ Dr. 7ecei3e Do5npayment %rom customer 3ia -* screen . ?. @>W J >) Cr A7 D (D!. A7 @> Cr. Khen 5e create (ales order. Cash0Ban& @> Cr. 1st record is Do5npayment re8uest @>W o% . the do5n payment 3alue 5ill )e proposed %or settlement at Billin$ Creation. )ut 1st record is Do5npayment re8uest @>W o% .rder 3alue. * meant.@>W std )illiin$ on order completion and C>W on deli3ery. * donMt 5ant to ha3e the last @ Credit item as a)o3e. @>W. @>W). A7 D (D!. Many users o)Rect to the do5n payment or security lod$ement mechanism. A7 @> (Jsplit A7 )y installment payment term) A7 > A7 @> Cr. (ales 1>> Dr. Ad3ance %rom customer @> Cr. >W. the accountin$ should )e Dr. at this sta$e the accountin$ document is created as %ollo5in$ 94 Dr. (ecurity deposit payment @> ( *n many countries this may )e su)Rect to +AE la5s) . (sales item 3alue S 1>>) use payment term 9 >>>D (*nstallment !ayment term. then accept the de%ault 3alue o% do5n payment clearin$ as these e8ual each other.rder 3alue. (ales 1>> Dr. the do5n payment 3alue 5ill )e proposed %or settlement at Billin$ Creation. )illin$ type is -?. )illin$ type is -AB . @. *n the Billin$ !lan. the ?nd record is -inal in3oice 1>>W. @>W J @>) Cr A7 1? (D!. Create the -irst Billin$ documents . A7 @> (Jsplit A7 )y installment payment term) A7 > A7 @> Cr. * 5as 5onderin$ that is there are alternati3e or an option to setup the Do5n payment settlement independent o% *nstallment term. * speci%y ? records. %ollo5in$ the a)o3e case 5e sometimes use this 5ith our !( orders9 1. 1. (sales item 3alue S 1>>) 5ith )illin$ plan 5ith three steps @>W do5n payment. * then accept the de%ault 3alue o% do5n payment clearin$. it 5ill document as Noted item in the accountin$ document. ?.

Create the (econd Billin$ document ( do5n payment 3alue has e. (ales . A7 .Dr. Dr. A7 @> #.> +his alternati3e pro3ides a cleaner option 5ith the Do5npayment.pired and 5ill not )e proposed) +he accountin$ document is as )elo5 is then standard %or the last installement. Ad3ance %rom customer @> Cr.> Cr. .

(A!A?1C1.$ !7>> V C"A7 V >>>>> V >>>>>> V 444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444 BK.K @ BK.K .ND1 4 "eader 7ecord 444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444 V -ield name V Description V 7eport header V Cat..K BK.K # BK.(A!A?> 1 ?1>> ?>>?> @>?>>?> >1 #>1(D ?A// DD>>>>1?@ #. V 444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444 V (+=!6 V 7ecord type V? V C"A7 V >>>>>1 V >>>>>> V V 'AK6= V 'arKey V 'arKey V C"A7 V >>>1>> V >>>>>> V V DA+B* V 'alid to V 'alid to V DA+( V >>>>1> V >>>>>> V V DA+AB V 'alid on V 'alid on V DA+( V >>>>1> V >>>>>> V V KB6+7 V Amount V Amount V C"A7 V >>>>1# V >>>>>> V V K.$. @># V C"A7 V >>>>>@ V >>>>>> V V KA!!/ V Application V App e.ND? 4 no scale 7. BK. V /en$th V Dec.$ ' V C"A7 V >>>>>? V >>>>>> V V K(C"/ V Condition type V C+yp e.ND? 4 no scale 7. V /en$th V Dec.DA+A V No )atch input V0 V C"A7 V >>>>>1 V >>>>>> V 444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444 BK.ND? 4 Main Data 7ecord 444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444 V -ield name V Description V 7eport header V Cat.Customized SD ABAP Re orts Sales and Distribution 8 4pload !ondition Pricin" 60*F'T!I 8 'atch Input for 4ploadin" !ondition Pricin" A%ter e. V /en$th V Dec. 7e8uire %lat %ile 94 7.+ABN7 V +a)le V +a)le e.ND? 4 no scale (ample %lat %ile %or uploadin$ ta)le A@># 4 Customer0Material 5ith release status 94 >B*!7*C6 1?@(A!ABA! E 1'K1# A@>#' !7>> ?A// DD>>>>1?@ #.K 1 BG7>> 7.ND@ 4 5ith scale 7.. you ha3e to use (M@# to process the update pro$ram.A1>> ?>>?> @>?>>?> >1 #>1(D @ 1>>!C ? @ ?>>!C 1 ?A// DD>>>>1?@ #. V 444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444 V (+=!6 V 7ecord type V> V C"A7 V >>>>>1 V >>>>>> V V G7.D6 V +ransaction code V +Code S 'K1# V C"A7 V >>>>?> V >>>>>> V V K'6K6 V 1sa$e V1 V C"A7 V >>>>>1 V >>>>>> V V K.ND1 7.1! V Group name V B* (ession Name V C"A7 V >>>>1? V >>>>>> V V MAND+ V Client V =our client no V C/N+ V >>>>>@ V >>>>>> V V 1(NAM V 1ser *D V Gueue user *D V C"A7 V >>>>1? V >>>>>> V V (+A7+ V /oc& until9 V Gueue start date V DA+( V >>>>1> V >>>>>> V V EK66! V Keep indicator V E 4 donMt delete (6((V C"A7 V >>>>>1 V >>>>>> V V N.(A!A??>1@@D1> +here a total o% %lat %ile %ormat 94 BG7>> 4 (ession "eader 7ecord 1>>!C 1>>!C 444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444 V -ield name V Description V 7eport header V Cat.NKA V 70? ta)le V 7?ta) V C"A7 V >>>>># V >>>>>> V V K!6*N V 70? ta)le V 7?ta) V C"A7 V >>>>># V >>>>>> V . 6n3irionment 9 .K ? BK.ecutin$ the pro$ram. V 444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444 V (+=!6 V 7ecord type V1 V C"A7 V >>>>>1 V >>>>>> V V +C.

NKA V 70? ta)le V 7?ta) V C"A7 V >>>>># V >>>>>> V 444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444 BK.ND@ 4 (cale Data 7ecord 444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444 V -ield name V Description V 7eport header V Cat. V C"A7 V >>>>>1 V >>>>>> V /. code V +.6'M<K.NM( V (cale 1oM V 1oM V 1N*+ V >>>>>@ V >>>>>> V V KB6+7 V Amount V Amount V C"A7 V >>>>1# V >>>>>> V 444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444 . VD V C"A7 V >>>>>1 V >>>>>> V (K. V C"A7 V >>>>>? V >>>>>> V K. V /en$th V Dec.V V V V V V V V V KM6*N V V V C"A7 V >>>>>@ V >>>>>> V MK(K1 V +a.clusion V Cnd6. V Deletion indic.NM( V (cale 1oM V 1oM V 1N*+ V >>>>>@ V >>>>>> V MEK7+ V Amount V Amount V C"A7 V >>>>1# V >>>>>> V GKK7+ V Amount V Amount V C"A7 V >>>>1# V >>>>>> V (+-KB V (cale type V( V C"A7 V >>>>>1 V >>>>>> V KBN6! V 6. V 444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444 V (+=!6 V 7ecord type V@ V C"A7 V >>>>>1 V >>>>>> V V K(+BM V Guantity V Guantity V C"A7 V >>>>1A V >>>>>> V V K.

CC17( 1>.) 'A/16 Mhas )een chan$edM. (6/6C+4. KD6C1 +=!6 ! D6C*MA/( @. +!A7+.Sales rder !han"ed +istory Display J J (ales . E'B6/N -. +AB/6(9 DD> +.B1++.(.. DD>@/. DA+A9 6ND . DA+A9 6ND . K1DA+6 /*K6 CD"D741DA+6.!+*. 'B!A. DD 1'.*CD"D7 . KNAM6 /*K6 CD"D741(67NAM6.N4(C766N (K*!..N G7. DA+A9 B6G*N . CD"D7.B/.A#+.) 'A/16 Mhas )een createdM. DA+A9 1DA+6 /*K6 CD"D741DA+6. DA+A9 B6G*N .N'C.rder Chan$ed "istory Display J J =ou can e. ENAM6 -.*CD"D7. KD6C +=!6 ! D6C*MA/( @.7+ B(DC"ANG6 /*N64(*B6 1@? N.ther *MG (tu%% J http900555.CC17( #>.CC17( #>. KD6C@ +=!6 ! D6C*MA/( @..*CD("K. (ales .ecute the report )y 9 J 1.. KD6C? +=!6 ! D6C*MA/( @. *NC/1D6 (+71C+176 CD"D7.N G7. *NC/1D6 (+71C+176 CD("K..7 *CD"D741(67NAM6.*CD("K .7 *CD"D741DA+6..1! 71. (NAM6 7AD*.B1++.. 1(67NAM6 /*K6 CD"D741(67NAM6.CK B/K1 K*+" -7AM6 +*+/6 +6E+4>>1.N4(C766N 6ND .1N+ >. D+6E+(1.#(>>1) M6((AG64*D '7.CK B/K1. 1ser Name J @. (+ANDA7D !AG6 "6AD*NG /*N64C. *NC/1D6 (+71C+176 CD("K. !A7AM6+67(9 (1DA+6 7AD*. ABA! !ro$rammin$ and . (6/6C+*.) 'A/16 Mhas )een deletedM. DA+A9 K-/AG. K'B6/N /*K6 'B1K4'B6/N.rder Num)er J J (u)mitted )y 9 (A! Basis.B/.B1++.N4(C766N B6G*N . +. . DA+A9 B6G*N .7 'B1K4'B6/N. 'B1K. Chan$e Date J ?.N G7.1! 71. (6/6C+*. KC"ANG6N7 /*K6 CD"D74C"ANG6N7. CD!.B*D 7AD*.com J 76!. *+6E+(1. DA+A9 1+6E+(1.sap4im$.N(9 E1DA+6 -.*+AB .1! 71. K. (6/6C+*. (.

CA(6 *+AB4+ABNAM6. C/6A7 CD"D7.(N7 6+6N7.7 *+AB4-NAM6 *( *N*+*A/.7M 76AD!.7M 76AD"6AD67.7 *+AB4-NAM6 S M!A7N7M .*+AB. K"6N M'BA!M. K"6N MK.(N7(. *. M. 6ND*-.C"ANG6N7 /*K6 CD"D74C"ANG6N7.7 *+AB4-NAM6 S M/*-N7M . 6+6N7( ). CD"D74.B*D S MEM. *+AB4*ND+6E+. 76!/AC6 MIM K*+" +!A7+4'+6E+ *N+.(=4(1B7C S >. /.(N7 6+6N7 1DA+6. 'B6/N(1>). 6ND*-.7+ *+AB B= 'B6/N !. *+AB4*ND+6E+.). 6/(6. (6/6C+ (*NG/6 J -7.. *+AB4*ND+6E+.7 *+AB4-NAM6 S M!67N7M . !67-. 76!/AC6 MIM K*+" M*temM *N+. 6ND*-.ND6N(6 *+AB4*ND+6E+.N'CM. (. *+AB4*ND+6E+. M. 6ND*-.*+AB4C"NG*ND S M*M. CD"D74. !67-. *+AB4*ND+6E+. 76!/AC6 MWM K*+" 1+6E+ *N+.*+AB4C"NG*ND S M1M. C/6A7 CD!. M.*+AB4-NAM6 S MK1NN7M . 'B!A. 6/(6*.M +!A7+ K"676 (!7A( S (=4/ANG1 AND !A7'K S 'B!A4!A7'K.(=4(1B7C S >. *.D*-= *+AB. 6ND/.*+AB4*ND+6E+(1) 6G MIM.*+AB4-NAM6 *( *N*+*A/. *ND+6E+(?>>). !.(N7 6+6N7 1DA+6.(. *+AB4*ND+6E+.A#+4'+6E+ *N+.N'C4K(C"/. .BX6C+C/A( S M'67KB6/6GM. 6ND*-. 6NDCA(6.. *. 6ND*-. 76!/AC6 MWM K*+" D+6E+ *N+. *.!..(. C. 6/(6*.M 'B1K K"676 'B6/N *N E'B6/N. K"6N M'B!AM. (6/6C+ (*NG/6 J -7. 76!/AC6 MWM K*+" *+6E+ *N+. 6ND*-. 76!/AC6 MIM K*+" *+AB4-+6E+( >) *N+. K. *. (.N'C.'6 *+AB4+ABK6= +.BX6C+*D S 'B1K4'B6/N. (6/6C+ J -7. *+AB4*ND+6E+.(. 76!/AC6 MIM K*+" +.'6 *+AB4+ABK6= +. *.7+ *+AB B= 1DA+6 'B6/N !.A#+ K"676 (!7A( S (=4/ANG1 AND K'6K6 S MAM AND KA!!/ S M'M AND K(C"/ S K.7+ *+AB B= 1(67NAM6 'B6/N !.! A+ *+AB. 6/(6. *.M +.(1DA+6 S MEM. 6ND . 6ND(6/6C+. (.

(1DA+6 S MEM. *. >. 6ND*-. K7*+690>. 6/(6*.BX6C+C/A( . KNAM6 S *+AB41(67NAM6.N MC"ANG6D. *. *. K'B6/N S *+AB4'B6/N. >?@ *+AB41(67NAM6.N<-. K"6N M>>>1M.BX6C+*D S CD"D74.1ND S 1 ..-<C"ANG6 S CD"D741DA+6 . (K*!. 6ND*-. (K*!.<!.C1M6N+<76AD<"6AD67(M 6E!.KC"ANG6N7 N6 *+AB4C"ANG6N7.7+*NG DA+6<./D.7M 76AD"6AD67. K7*+690>>1 *+AB41DA+6. CA// -1NC+*./. K-/AG S MEM. (K*!.B*D N6 MEM.! A+ *+AB. -.# *+AB4*ND+6E+(.# *+AB4-<. >@C(1>) *+AB4'B6/N.(. 6ND/.N( N. KC"ANG6N7 S *+AB4C"ANG6N7. K7*+690>.K-/AG S MEM. *. 6ND*-. K"6N M>>>>M. 6ND*-.K'B6/N N6 *+AB4'B6/N. 6ND*-.>).>).(N7. CA(6 (=4(1B7C. C/6A7 K-/AG. . K-/AG S MEM. 6/(6. M6((AG6 (@11. KC"ANG6N7 S *+AB4C"ANG6N7.# *+AB4*ND+6E+(.-<C"ANG6 S CD"D741+*M6 1(67NAM6 S CD"D741(67NAM6 +AB/6( *<CD"D7 S *CD"D7 6EC6!+*. >@C(1>) *+AB4'B6/N.!. >. > D *+AB4!. >#C *+AB46+6N7.BX6C+C/A(( S CD"D74.(N7. K7*+690>?@ *+AB41(67NAM6. K1DA+6 S *+AB41DA+6..KNAM6 N6 *+AB41(67NAM6. K7*+690>>1 *+AB41(67NAM6. *.# *+AB4-<N6K. K7*+69 0>1@ *+AB4C"NG*ND. K7*+690>>1 *+AB4'B6/N.BX6C+*D +*M6<. > D *+AB4!.+"67( S ?. K7*+69 >1@ *+AB4C"NG*ND.K1DA+6 N6 *+AB41DA+6. >#C *+AB46+6N7.(*+*. 6/(6. *. 6ND*-.

K7*+690 (=4DA+1M.'64C.N'CM. M6((AG6 (@11. 6ND/.-4!AG6.+"67(. M6((AG6 (@11. M. *+AB4!. K"6N M>>>>M. (=4!AGN. K"6N M>>>?M.7+*NG C"ANG6N1MB67 S *CD"D74C"ANG6N7 +AB/6K6= S CD!.(=41B6*+. CA(6 *+AB4+ABNAM6. 1?> M!a$eM. 6ND-.7M 76AD!. C/6A7 *+AB.(*+*.'6 *CD("K4+ABK6=21@(.ND*NG *CD("K +.(N7. K"6N MK.! A+ *CD("K..7D67 C"ANG6 "*(+.'64C. /.! A+ *CD"D7. 6NDCA(6. K7*+69 0 (=476!*D.776(!.) +.+"67( S ?. M.) +.!4. .C1M6N+<76AD<!. M.(N7. M.( S *CD("K 6EC6!+*.(. C"6CK *CD("K4C"NG*ND N6 M6M.776(!.> M(A/6( . C"6CK *CD"D741DA+6 *N E1DA+6. M. K"6N ./6A'6. *+AB4'B6/N. CA(6 (=4(1B7C.+"67(. #> M(A/6( . 6ND/.N<-.. 1/*N6. *+AB46+6N7. K"6N . /6A'6. >1@ M+imeM.'6 *CD"D74. 6NDCA(6.7M. M.1ND S 1 .<!. /. 6ND-.N MC"ANG6D. *+AB.. -.!.ND*NG *CD"D7 +.7=M. C/6A7 *+AB.'6 *CD("K4+ABK6=21D( ) +.N(M 6E!.!.N( N. *+AB4!. +. 6NDCA(6.7D67( (+A+*(+*C(M..(4+ABK6= +AB/6NAM6 S CD!.7+*NG "6AD67 S CD"D7 +AB/6( 6D*+!. . A!!6ND *+AB. *+AB4*ND+6E+. M. C"6CK *CD"D741(67NAM6 *N ENAM6.BX6C+*D +.7M. *+AB4'B6/N.(1DA+6 S MEM.(*+*. M. *+AB.'6 MI WM +.'6 *CD("K4+ABK6=2@(1>) +. >?@ M1ser NameM. CA// -1NC+*.. *.(4+ABNAM6 *M!. /6A'6. (K*!.'6 *CD("K4+ABK6=(. K7*+690>>1 MChan$e DateM.

>@C M(ale . >.# MChan$esM. 1/*N6. >?D MChan$e DateM. >#C M(ch NoM. > 1 M+imeM.B*D S MEM.(. >1@ M/ineM.rderM. >.rderM. > D M/ineM. > D M/ineM. >?1 M(ch NoM.# MChan$esM. 6ND*-.>@C M(ale . >. >?# MChan$e DateM. J444 6nd o% !ro$ram .# MCommentM. >#C M(ch NoM.rderM. 6/(6. K7*+690>>1 M(ale . >#1 M1ser NameM. >1# M+imeM. 6/(6*. K7*+690>>1 M1ser NameM.

!ac&. 1sin$ MM>1. +ype9 X!AC (Note) Basic Data 1 4H Material9 XMA+ +hen. +ype9 4 Basic Data 1 4H Material9 XMA+ '/>1N . +he settin$s that * chose9 !lant determ. shirt<Rai (ales9General0!lant 4H Matl. test<pac& (ales9General0!lant 4H Matl.ecution4(hippin$4!ac&in$4 De%ine material $roup %or pac&a$in$ material /etMs say XG7! *MG4/o$istics 6.!"# 'asic Process of how Pac)in" 3or)s /etMs say you 5ant to pac& a material shirt<Rai in test<pac&. !ac&. Grp. 4 !lant is entered manually in handlin$ unit !ac&. . Matls9 XG7! (Note) (ales9General0!lant 4H !ac&a$in$ Mat. cat.ecution4(hippin$4!ac&in$4 De%ine !ac&a$in$ Material +ypes /etMs say X!AC. Matls9 XG7! (ales9General0!lant 4H !ac&a$in$ Mat.ecution4(hippin$4!ac&in$4 De%ine allo5ed pac&a$in$ materials XG7! 4 X!AC MM>?9 Chec& settin$s %or the materials -irst. 4 !ac&a$in$ materials Generate Dl3. *tems 4 )lan& Num)er assi$nment 4 Num)er ran$e inter3al M"1<'6K!M *MG4/o$istics 6. create material typeSpac&a$in$ test<pac& `(!7.a *MG4/o$istics 6. Grp.ut)ound Deli3ery 4H !ac&in$ 6nter the materials at top and at )ottom ((elect shirt<Rai and 6dit 4 !ac&) +his is ho5 the )asic process o% pac&in$ 5or&s. matl.

es are put into pallet (!K4>D#). with an #. =ou need to create a deli3ery and A)pac& > pieces each o% the material are $rouped to$ether into lar$er card)oard )o. . ?)Go to Npac&N icon.ample: =ou created a order %or a material(7411.Pac)in" Process.)No5. select )oth lines o% upper I lo5er section I clic& the )utton Nper part. #)(elect )oth the lines o% upper section and lo5er section and clic& the $reen o&.3er3ie5N icon to see 5hether it pac&ed > pieces o% material in @ cartons.>. +hen Nsa3eN the deli3ery. #)No5 all the @ cartons(!K41>> 5ith > pieces each o% material) are pac&ed in one )i$ carton (!K4 >D#).> 4 hard dis&s) %or a 8ty 4 1?> pieces. . Chec&9 NGeneral o3er3ie5N icon. . you already created. B)!ac&in$ all @ cartons in one )i$ carton(!K4>D#) 1) %rom a)o3e screen. Solution: A)!ac&in$ > pieces each o% material ( > . *t $enerates a shippin$ unit0handlin$ unit num)er. @)select @ lines o% !K41>> in lo5er section since you 5ant to pac& them in !K4>D#. enter the Npac&in$ materialN (!K41>>) )*n the lo5er section.ample #. @)*n the upper section.r you can do the %ollo5in$ steps 5hile you are creatin$ a deli3ery also. )selectin$ )oth lines. chan$e the Npartial 8uantityN to > o% material 7411. 8tyN (Ne5 "1 per part 8ty o% material) Chec&9 clic& NGeneral . clic& Npac&N (!K41>> 4 shippin$0pac&in$ material) and B)these @ card)oard )o.The . @ S 1?> pieces) 1)Goto `'/>?Na to chan$e the deli3ery. clic& Npac& "1sN (pac& shippin$ unit) ?)enter the pac&a$in$ material (!K4>D#) in the upper section and select this line.

the result o% unit costin$ is simply a statistical 3alue 5hich you can compare 5ith the price. Create a su)total in your pricin$ procedure that 5ill add them to$ether and put in the account assi$nment &ey %or it. Accumulate the amount of condition types in accountin" document +o accumulate the amount o% condition types in accountin$ document 5ithout a%%ectin$ the pricin$ display in )illin$ document. +he 3alue can )e used as a )asis %or price determination. !lease note the %ollo5in$ points 9 1) +he condition type must ha3e condition cate$ory MGM (costin$). . And also the settin$s o% the 7e8uirements as it is correct that it o3errules the e.I have set the e.clude )??I for the ne. I have a customer who is bein" offered two discounts ie )??I and )??J5 now I want to e.clusion indicator for the condition type5but still the condition is bein" accepted when I create a sales order/ Am I missin" somethin"5 how do I do it* thin& u need to chan$e the 3alidity o% the condition record %or the condition type K>>C de%inin$ it not 3alid %or that particular ? months.plain the difference between #)?* 7 Actual !ost9 and #C?2 !alculated !ost/ +hese are the condition type that 5ill display the results o% the unit costin$ %or certain type o% sales document.clusion. 6K>?9 *% you use this condition type.t 2 orders or so. 6K>1 9 *% you use this condition 5ay to do it is 94 Mar& the condition types you 5ant to $roup as statistical and remo3e the account assi$nment &ey.Pricin$ Difference between !ondition Type Please e. As an illustration 94 DPEE @#>> DDEE 1>>>4 D3EE #>>4 (all condition types are sho5n separately in pricin$ 3ie5) Xournal9 Dr 'endor ?>>> Cr (ales ?>>> (DPEE 8 DDEE 8 D3EE) . ?) +he condition type must a$ree 5ith the condition type de%ined %or unit costin$ in the pricin$ procedure. +his 5ay the indi3idual components 5ill still display on your pricin$ screen )ut -* 5ill only $et one postin$. the result o% unit costin$ is issued to the %irst position on the conditions screen %or the item.

!ricin$ !rocedure is determined thru tr. . %rei$ht etc. ?. Document !rocedure (de%ined in (ales docTBillin$ doc maintenance) #. .es since output ta. =ou ha3e to implement (A! Note No. . 1se transaction code 30>C to create a access se8uence and assi$n ta)les )ased on 5hich you 5ant to carry on pricin$ as accesses. you still cannot e. +his is $enerally done %or output ta. 1se transaction code 30>A to de%ine pricin$ procedure. to de%ine condition type. *t can )e %or )ase depend upon the deli3erin$ plant.'KK. *?JK2* 8 Authori. !ricin$ procedure assi$ned to customer (de%ined in customer master) "ope this helps. discount. Di3ision .r$ ?.clude certain condition types and su)total lines %rom )ein$ processed or displayed in the condition screen )y restrictin$ the authori:ations. Assi$n this to your rele3ant sales area2 dpp2cupp. (Do assi$n rele3ant access se8uence) @. 1. +he de%inin$ parameters %or pricin$ procedure determination are9 1. Khile speci%yin$ re8uirement. 1se transaction code 30>. Sabir 7e$ pricin$ procedure.+idin" Price Document !ondition Types on a Sales 1p to no5 you. Distri)ution Channel @.ation chec) for the condition screen !reatin" =ew Pricin" Procedure 3hat is the transaction code for creatin" new pricin" procedure and how to attach it to specific plant=ou create !! in spro H (ales and Distri)ution H Basic -unctions H !ricin$ H !ricin$ Control H De%ine and Assi$n !ricin$ !rocedures H Maintain !ricin$ !rocedures =ou canMt attach !! to speci%ic plant. 5e can $i3e re8t no.?? 5hich speci%ies that plant has to )e set.. But directly there is no assi$nment )et5een plant and pricin$ procedure. (ales.

. you %ore$o the de%ault 3alue and then use the alternati3e calculation type in calculatin$ the condition 3alue a$ainst the particular condition. +he alternate )ase 3alue could say. *% you are as&in$ ho5 to reprice a 8uotation 5hen it con3erts into a sales order. )ut 5ith a rate o% 1>W. su)traction or multiplication.3hat is . condition BB>? also e.N +he system only uses the ta)le )ehind this access i% the sales order %or 5hich the price must )e calculated is in a %orei$n currency 6e8pricin" in a &uotation +ow can I5 or am I able to find anythin" on a way of 6#8Pricin" be done in a &4 TATI ==ou can al5ays M1pdateN pricin$ manually in a 8uotation the same 5ay you do in a sales order. 6. 7e8uirement9 A %actor in the condition techni8ue that restricts access to a condition ta)le. 5ith a condition record maintained (master data) %or Q1>>. +he system only accesses a condition ta)le to determine the price i% the re8uirement speci%ied has )een met. Alternati3e Calculation +ype9 Normally i% you 5ant to calculate a 3alue you ha3e to use a calculation type %or determinatin$ the 3alue. 6equirement field. +here you ha3e the options o% either Gty )ased . -or e. either in create or chan$e modes. 5hich 5as QD>. A%ter all. +he %ield you need to )e concerned 5ith is N!ricin$ typeN. No5 you donMt 5ant to ta&e the )ase 3alue and ta&e other 3alues as )ase 3alue 5hich are deri3ed on some %ormulae.ists lo5er in the schema.alt base value.actly what is .alt cal type. the entire point o% usin$ 8uotations is to %irm up details li&e pricin$ )e%ore creatin$ the sales order . 3olume and also the minimum amount etc etc. -or e. No5.6equirement field. you maintain the calculation type as W. +hen the calculation 5ill )e done )ased on the 8uantity o% the material. it depends on so many criteria li&e.ample9 +he system uses an access se8uence to determine the price o% a material. !ut them )oth to$ether. "ere 5hat happens is suppose i% you de%ine =our condition type that calculates the )ase price o% a material on Gty )ased.alt base value. *% the customer orders 1> Nos and you ha3e maintained a unit price o% 1>> 7s %or each material then the 3alue determined is 1>>> *N7. *MG9 (ales I Dist 44H (ales 44H 44H Maintain Copy Control %or (ales Docs 44H (ales Doc to (ales Doc (transaction 3taa). Normally you ta&e the condition 3alue o% the )ase price o% the material to calculate the 3alue. * o% the accesses in the se8uence contains the re8uirement Nin %orei$n currency. the %inal 3alue 5ould )e Q1>> 2 (1>W o% QD>) S Q1>D. in the Pricin" Procedure !an any one e. sense to reprice a 8uotation 5hen con3ertin$ to a sales order. you end up 5ith a %inal 3alue o% Q1>> 2 (?>W o% Q1>>) S Q1?>. Xust choose the com)ination o% documents and the respecti3e item cate$ory. Ni$nore the 1>W alto$ether. -i. +his means i% you maintain the 3alue o% 1> W in the condition record. and you could end up 5ith Q1>> 2 (?>W o% QD>) S Q11A. that can )e done 5ith the copy controls o% the *tem Cate$ory. $ . use an e. Alternati3e Condition Base 3alue 9 *% you ha3e to calculate any 3alue then you ha3e to ha3e a )ase 3alue %or it. Menu path 6dit 44H Ne5 !ricin$ or press the M1pdate pricin$M )utton on the item conditions ta). the 5ei$ht. ima$ine you ha3e a condition type BB>1.alt cal type. +he standard calculation 5ould result in a %inal 3alue o% Q11>.plain e.ample. (imilarly (A! also has $ot a de%ault calculation type in the control data o% the condition type. "o5e3er. +he alternate calculation routine says. (o you create a routine 5hich 5ill do the mathematical operations in the routine and deri3e you a 3alue 5hich is no5 used as the )ase 3alue %or calculatin$ the condition 3alue %or a particular condition type. i% you are calculatin$ the -rei$ht char$es %or a Material . +his calculation type is either addition. i% you 5ant to calculate the discount o% 1> W %or a material then you ha3e to ha3e a )ase 3alue on 5hich this 1>W is calculated. -or e. *n some cases you ha3e to %ore$o the de%ault calculation types and use the customer speci%ic method %or calculatin$ a 3alue. in those cases. and also . $ . %rom a )usiness process perspecti3e it ma&es a)solutely N. No5 once a$ain. +hen this percenta$e is ta&en as the calculation type and the condition 3alue is determined.ed Amount Based or !ercenta$e )ased.N +hen. NdonMt use Q1>> as the )asis 44 use the ori$inal price !7>> only.N +hen. (imilarly i% the discount condition type .ternally calculated ?>W. 5hile the alternate calculation is used to modi%y the %inal 3alue. in the pricin" procedure+he alternate )ase 3alue is used as the calculation )asis only. $ .

it 10FJA:DD.ternally/ Hou are fairly certain there is basic functionality that covers this5 but you@re Gust not sure where to start/ +a&in$ your re8uirements literally.-M 5here you chec& EKK67+ to see i% it is a 5hole num)er.7M 4S#6#EITBP6I!I=(BP6#PA6#BTC 1P.ample5 if a customer orders * piece5 2 pieces5 A5 etc/ of part A'!5 the price is L*??/ If the customer orders *? pieces of part A'!5 the price is LJ?/ +owever5 this is not only a standard minimum quantity discount/ If the customer tries to order ** pieces5 *25 *A5 etc/ it should return L*?? a"ain/ The only values for which LJ? should apply are *?5 2?5 A?5 etc/ 8 multiples of the bul) quantity *?/ Hou have discussed chan"in" your part number to reflect a bul) qty of *?5 however you have in house consumption that is allowed to consume only * part at a time/ Hou would vastly prefer to )eep one part number that you order from the supplier5 consume internally and ship e. =ou can try this 94 1. )ut %irst maintain your ne5 %ield in Condition9 allo5ed %ields. *% it is not then set EKK67+ to :ero. !lace this ne5 )ul& price )ehind your normal N!7>>N price in the pricin$ procedure #. BB'(+6/ 5ith component type '(+6/. =ouMll ha3e to do some settin$s to reach your $oal. . cas.M @.M Determine Sales Price with Shippin" Point Hou are tryin" to use shippin" point as a )ey field 7with sales or"/ distribution channel and ship8to party to"ether9 to determine the sales price/ Hou created a condition table with the above )ey fields5 and maintained the relevant settin" 7access sequence5 condition type and pricin" procedure9/ There is an error messa"e in the sales order pricin" analysis 7. (a3e. Step 2 Chan$e user e. . +he codin$ should )e li&e t&omp4::3stel S 3)ap43stel. De%ine0(elect a 1.. Step A Ma&e a ne5 ta)le as you did )e%ore. )ut shippin$ point o% course is on item le3el. in the shippin" point field9/ In the access sequence5 you found that the shippin" point field@s document structure is C 1C/ !an you put to item level field in the condition table and access sequence(tructure C 1C re%ers to header o% the sales order. Do this )y chan$in$ throu$h S#** the ta)le C 1PAD. acti3ate. Add a component e. pallet. *% you 5ant to ma&e more points. +his is the include %or structure C 1P. it is possi)le. Assi$n this ne5 routine to your )ul& price condition in your pricin$ procedure in A/+ condition )ase 3alue column. As& a pro$rammer i% you donMt understand this part. C. (a3e. assi$n search help "<+'(+ to the component. Con%i$ure you )ul& pricin$ condition type )y usual means (it should )e a )ase price rather than discount).e.M %or sellin$ in )ul& (i. . Maintain )ul& price conditon record in the Bul& 1. (tandard (A! scale pricin$ 5ill not do it in that you only 5ant the reduced price to come into e%%ect 5hen the order 8uantity is multiple o% some )ul& %actor. Step * Append structure C 1P. Maintain 1. Create a ne5 condition )ase 3alue routine 3ia '.&uantity 'ased Discounts in 'ul) &uantities Sales Hou@re loo)in" to implement quantity based discounts in F/Kc/ Hou are tryin" to sell items in specific bul) quantities5 and only "ive the discount for specific quantity intervals/ :or e. )o. Do this under part -. (ay there that %ield B'(+6/ should )e %illed 5ith in%ormation %rom your shippin$ point.$. *t is a$reed 5ith that creatin$ a separate material num)er is not a $ood idea.M con3ersion )et5een your )ase 1.M and this ne5 1.access not made. $enerate. 5hate3er) ?.

Khen you create your ne5 ta)le you 5ill see you ha3e t5o shippin$ points. Kith the )utton technical 3ie5 you can chec& 5hich one BB'(+6/ or '(+6/. Step F -inish 5ith the steps you did )e%ore. +hat 5as o&. No5, you 5ill see in your sales order that the shippin$ point is %illed 5ith in%ormation

Pricin" date based on delivery date
1sed transaction 0 0>. +his con%i$uration is )y order type. +here is a %ield called proposal for pricin" date. +here you can select pricin$ date as re8uested deli3ery date. A 8 Proposed pricin" date based on the requested dlv/date 7+eader9 +his control is set at the document le3el as oppose to the condition type le3el (!7>>). +hat means your other condition types such as surchar$es and discounts are also determined usin$ the re8uested deli3ery date. *% your re8uirement is %or !7>> to alone to )e priced at deli3ery date then this 5ill not 5or&.

+ow pricin" date is determine in the sales order and billin" document- 3here is the settin"+he pricin$ date is proposed )ased on the settin$ you ma&e in the (ales document con%i$uration. ( + code 9 '.'A) =ou ha3e a %ieldN !rop.%.pricin$ date N in the 7e8uested deli3ery date 0 pricin$ date 0 purchase order date se$ment. +hen you can choose the %oll5oin$ options9 Blan& 4 *ndicates the current date as the pricin$ date A 4 *ndicates the date )ased on the re8uested deli3ery date B 4 *ndicates the date )ased on the order 3alidity start %rom date And the pricin$ in the )illin$ document is copied %rom thte sales order 0 Deli3ery document.. *t a$ain depends on the settin$ u ha3e in the copy control %rom order 4 )illn$ or deli3ery 4 )illin$. *n the copy control, in the item settin$s you ha3e t5o %ields rela3ant %or this. .ne is pricin$ source and the other is pricin$ type. +he pricin$ sources are $enerally the order. But i% you 5ant you can chan$e it to other 3alues mentioned in the drop do5n, )ut this 3alues ha3e no e%%ect i% the pricin$ type is B. Any other 3alue other than B in the pricin$ type 5ill ta&e the re%erence document price mentioned in the pricin$ source %ield. )ut %or the pricin$ type B. +he ne5 price is determined in the )illin$ order.

6eport to !hec) the #ntered Pricin" !ondition Price
3hich is the best transaction code to chec) the Pricin" condition price entered in .0C**..ther than N'K1@N, to display the price, you can use '0/D 4 6,ecute !ricin$ 7eport to chec& the prices entered into the !ricin$ Master. Normally !ricin$ 7eport 4 N>C Cust.4speci%ic !rices 5ith (cale DisplayN 5ill do. .ther !ricin$ 7eports you can tried are these9 444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444 V/7V7eport title V 44 444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444 V>1VComparison o% !rice /ists Kithout (cale Display V V>?VComparison o% !rice Groups Kithout (cale Display V V>@V*ncoterms 5ith (cale Display V V> V*ncoterms Kithout (cale Display V V>#V!rice /ist +ypes Kithout (cale Display V V>;V!rice /ist +ypes 5ith (cale Display V V>CVCust.4speci%ic !rices 5ith (cale Display V V>AVCust.4speci%ic !rices K0out (cale Display V V>DVMaterial /ist0Material !ricin$ Group 5ith (cale Display V V1>V/ist Mat.0Mat.!ricin$ Groups Kithout (cale Display V V11V!rice Groups Kith (cale Display V V1 V+a,es V V1#VMaterial !rice V V1;V*ndi3idual !rices V V1CVDiscounts and (urchar$es )y Customer V V1AVDiscounts and (urchar$es )y Material V V1DVDiscounts and (urchar$es )y !rice Group V V?>VDiscounts and (urchar$es )y Material Group V V?1VDiscounts and (urchar$es )y Customer0Material V V??VDiscounts and (urchar$es )y Customer0Material Group V V?@VDiscounts and (urchar$es )y !rice Group0Material V V? VDiscounts and (urchar$es )y !rice Group0Material Group V V?#V'A+0A+E1 V V?;VCanada01(A V V?CV*.6.!.( Me,ico V V?AVConditions )y Customer V V@>VConditions )y Customer "ierarchy V V@1V!rice /ist 5ith 7elease (tatus V VACV V VADV V 444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444

6ND-. EKK67+ S K. . (et P6?? 5ith alt. or i% you donMt 5ant to do that . +race 0A?J on ho5 to %ill the parameters.ther than usin$ 0A?2 and ma&e an 1pdate o% the conditions at item le3el 5hich is a )i$ 5or& )ecause you 5ill ha3e lots o% open sales order a%ter so many months. (imply remo3e P6?? and it 5ill 5or& %ine i% you al5ays use 0P6S as your pricin$ )ase inside the pricin$ procedure. i% you create sales order %or 1# months or so. select your . 0P6S 5ill reads )oth prices )ased on the price control in the material master.$. and at the )e$innin$ o% each year. then you should use re8uirement routines to ena)le the correct price condition type at the ri$ht time. -unction 1P6: SH Ne5 !ricin$) 1a)e 1aterial 1aster Price of a material as sales price automatically +he %irst method is not to set the pricin$ condition 0P6S as statistical. you ha3e to update the prices %or lots o% sales orders. -or e. *t is this simple i% you do not ha3e any other N!ricesN in the price procedure.7M. ?. +he routine (created 5ith transaction 0 :1) is9 7'.nline. i% you are usin$ one pricin$ procedure 5here %or some items you price usin$ 0P6S and some others usin$ P6??. !rice control ' %or mo3in$ a3era$e price.7M -7M<K.M!4KA'K7.ND*<K67+<. 1se 0A?J. +his is ho5 it $oes 94 1. "o5e3er.1ass 4pdate of condition pricin" =ou can update the condition pricin$ %or a ran$e o% sales order. AD>1 -. (et 0P6S to )e the %irst step in the pricin$ procedure and to )e su)total B (as standard). type %ormula.>>. +he pricin$ procedure than loo&s li&e that9 (tep 1 0P6S statistical. 5hich sets the 3alue o% P6?? to )e e8ual to the su)total B. calc. +he second method in3ol3es more 5or& as you need to 5rite a %ormula (0 :1) to $et that in%ormation.>> . !rice control ( %or standard price.rders and on the result screen 94 clic& #dit8 M 1ass !han"e 8M =ew Pricin" (menu). su)total B. re8t (tep ? P6?? Altcty . 5rite your o5n a)ap report and use -unction SDB'4LCB!+A=(# (chec& 5here41sed at S#AI.

3isa char$es. Kindly help. +he discount is only on the #>>. )eeper char$es etc).type ( tcode '0>A .ample. +he solution %or this is 1sin$ re)ate condition types and suita)le condition records.ri$inal Messa$e44444 (u)Rect9 Customer discounts on e%%ort only "i All. *n the a)o3e e. =ou need ABA!67 to de%ine it.ample (in3oice o% @>>>) say the e%%ort )illed is only 1#>>.penses.e. +he discount applies only to the e%%ort and not to the reim)ursements.ample > 4 1>>>>> No discount 1>>>>> 4 ?>>>>> #W ?>>>>> 4 and a)o3e 1>W +his means that discount 5ould only start a%ter the customerMs net sale 3alue crosses 1>>>>>. 1sin$ routine in Alt. )ut only on the e%%ort )illed and not on reim)ursements (li&e air%ares. i% the customer has )een )illed %or DD>>> and the current in3oice is %or @>>>.!ustomer discounts on effort only 44444. +he discount should )e on a $raduated scale )asis %or e. =ou acti3ate the sales or$ani:ation and the payer %or that 7e$ards 444447eply Messa$e44444 (u)Rect9 769 Customer discounts on e%%ort only * am in (A! 70@ rel. Another complication is that. -or e.(cale )ased on a %ormula ( )e9 your )ased amount is in3oice ). the discount is not )ased on the total amount )illed so %ar. ). 1. Ke ha3e a re8uirement o% $i3in$ a discount to customer )ased on the total amount in3oiced so %ar (across %inancial years).e the discount should start $ettin$ applied automatically 5hen it reaches the %irst scale %or 5hich the 3alues span %e5 %inancial years. +han&s 444447eply Messa$e44444 (u)Rect9 769 Customer discounts on e%%ort only "i Arent 5e loo&in$ at re)ate a$reeement. De%ine scale %ormula. "ope it helps. li3in$ e. the rest )ein$ reim)ursements o% actual costs and hence the customer is not eli$i)le %or the discount. you also need ABA!67 to create routine. Ke ha3e ? options to meet your re8uirement.e the 3alue to )e used %or re)ate cond types. hope this help 444446nd o% Messa$e44444 . the rest )ein$ reim)ursements. =our second pro)lem i. 1>>. 444447eply Messa$e44444 (u)Rect9 769 Customer discounts on e%%ort only "i.calc. +his * )elie3e sol3es your pro)lem o% re)ate only on e%%ort. "ere. +hat appears to )e a strai$hta5ay solution to your pro)lem. Maintain !ricin$ !rocedure ). a discount o% #W should )e $i3en on ?>>> i. 1sin$ scale in condition type ( tcode '0>. +his * am not really sure 5hether it can )e made possi)le in the in3oice itsel%. choose scale )asis G.@>-.% this to handle your %irst pro)lem that is the re)ate has to )e applied only on the Ne%%ortN you ha3e to set up a line in the pricin$ procedure 5hich $i3es the re)ate )asis i. But a 5or& around is not $i3in$ the discount directly in the in3oice )ut settlin$ it a$ainst the re)ate a$reements )y Credit notes periodically. ?. . Khere do 5e set this upL Ke ha3e seen so %ar the discounts are calculated )ased on the 3alue o% the current in3oice.ample the customer mi$ht ha3e )een )illed say 1#>>>> so %ar )ut actual e%%ort )illed mi$ht )e only D>>>>. (the rest )ein$ ta&en up )y the lo5er limit %or eli$i)ility o% 1>>>>>) -or e.

N( 4H_ !A7+N67 D6+67M*NA+*.G*(+*C( BA(*C DA+A9 B1(*N6(( !A7+N67( 4H_ C1(+./ 4H_ D6-*N6 ACC6(( (6G16NC6( 4H_ MA*N+A*N ACC6(( (6G16NC6( +ransaction Code9 '0>@ 1#) Create an access se8uence containin$ the ne5 ta)les (Client *ndependent) Menu !ath9 +.7 C1(+.M67( 4H_ C.N 4H_ BA(*C -1NC+*.MKAB -ields to the !ricin$ -ield Catalo$ (Client *ndependent) Menu !ath9 +./( 4H_ ABA! K.N 4H_ BA(*C -1NC+*. addition.N( 4H_ !7*C*NG 4H_ !7*C*NG<ne5<pricin$<3)&d chan$in$ ne5<pricin$ (Client *ndependent) Menu !ath9 +.NM6N+ 4H_ ACC.!M6N+ 4H_ ABA! 6D*+.7KB6NC" 4H_ D6'6/.N( +ransaction Code9 '.!A @) Create a !artner !rocedure %or the Commissionees Menu !ath9 +.N( 4H_ !7*C*NG 4H_ !7*C*NG C.M*B*NG 4H_ (A/6( AND D*(+7*B1+*...M*B*NG 4H_ (A/6( AND D*(+7*B1+*.NA7= +ransaction Code9 (611 D) 6dit M' #A-BB – usere.1! A((*GNM6N+ +ransaction Code9 '.N 4H_ BA(*C -1NC+*.N( 4H_ !A7+N67 D6+67M*NA+*.it<pricin$<prepare<t&om& (Client *ndependent) Menu !ath9 +..7 +ransaction Code9 (6@A 11) 6dit M' #A-BB 4 usere..N 4H_ D6-*N6 !A7+N67 -1NC+*./( 4H_ B1(*N6(( 6NG*N667 4H_ C1(+..M*B*NG 4H_ (A/6( AND D*(+7*B1+*..+.1!( AND -*6/D (6/6C+*.M*B*NG 4H_ /..N+7./ 4H_ D6-*N6 ACC6(( (6G16NC6( 4H_ MA*N+A*N ACC6(( (6G16NC6( +ransaction Code9 '0>C 1.N( 4H_ 6N'*7./( 4H_ B1(*N6(( 6NG*N667 4H_ C1(+. 1) 6sta)lish !artner -unctions %or the Commissionee(s) Menu !ath9 +..N( +ransaction Code9 './( 4H_ B1(*N6(( 6NG*N667 4H_ C1(+.M*B*NG 4H_ (A/6( AND D*(+7*B1+*./( 4H_ B1(*N6(( 6NG*N667 4H_ C1(+.!+*.N( +ransaction Code9 '. 4H_ !A7+N67 -1NC+*./( 4H_ B1(*N6(( 6NG*N667 4H_ C1(+.M*B*NG 4H_ (A/6( AND D*(+7*B1+*.N -.!A ) Create Ne5 Customer Account Group(s) %or Commission A$ents Menu !ath9 +.N 4H_ BA(*C -1NC+*.N( 4H_ !A7+N67 D6+67M*NA+*.N( 4H_ !A7+N67 D6+67M*NA+*./( 4H_ B1(*N6(( 6NG*N667 4H_ C1(+..>A-BB 4 usere.N( 4H_ !7*C*NG 4H_ !7*C*NG C../( 4H_ B1(*N6(( 6NG*N667 4H_ C1(+.'+> #) Assi$n the !artner -unctions to the Customer Account Group(s) Menu !ath9 +.7KB6NC" 4H_ D6'6/.N 4H_ BA(*C -1NC+*.!M6N+ 4H_ D*C+*.N( 4H_ !A7+N67 D6+67M*NA+*.!M6N+ 4H_ ABA! 6D*+./( 4H_ B1(*N6(( 6NG*N667 4H_ C1(+.7 +ransaction Code9 (6@A +he %ollo5in$ code should )e inserted into pro$ram M' #A-BB to allo5 the system to re4e.M*B*NG 4H_ (A/6( AND D*(+7*B1+*.M*B*NG 4H_ (A/6( AND D*(+7*B1+*.N 4H_ BA(*C -1NC+*./ 4H_ D6-*N6 ACC6(( (6G16NC6( 4H_ MA*N+A*N ACC6(( (6G16NC6( +ransaction Code9 .7KB6NC" 4H_ D6'6/.N( 4H_ G.ecute pricin$ i% the user ma&es a chan$e to the rele3ant partner %unction (alteration.7 +ransaction Code9 (6@A 1>) 6dit 7'.N( +ransaction Code9 '.) Assi$n the !artner -unctions to the !artner !rocedure %or the (ales Document "eader Menu !ath9 +ools 4H_ Business 6n$ineer 4H_ Customi:in$ 4H_ (ales and Distri)ution 4H_ Basic -unctions 4H_ !artner Determination 4H_ De%ine !artner -unctions +ransaction Code9 '. you ha3e to %ollo5 )elo5 steps.N 4H_ .NA/) Menu !ath9 +. deletion).N+7.N 4H_ BA(*C -1NC+*.N+7./( 4H_ ABA! K./( 4H_ ABA! K..M67 +ransaction Code9 .1N+ G7./( 4H_ ABA! K.N 4H_ D6-*N6 !A7+N67 -1NC+*.!A A) 6dit the !ricin$ Communication (tructure (K.N 4H_ D6-*N6 !A7+N67 -1NC+*.N+7.!A C) Assi$n the !artner -unctions to the !artner !rocedure %or the (ales Document *tem (.M*B*NG 4H_ (A/6( AND D*(+7*B1+*.) Create a ne5 condition type Menu !ath9 +./ 4H_ D6-*N6 ACC.!A ?) Assi$n the !artner -unctions to !artner !rocedures Menu !ath9 +..Steps to !reate !ommission for A"ent -or creatin$ commission a$ent.N 4H_ D6-*N6 !A7+N67 -1NC+*.!A .MKAB) to "old the Ne5 -unctions (Client *ndependent) Menu !ath9 Menu !ath9 +.!M6N+ 4H_ ABA! 6D*+.N 4H_ BA(*C -1NC+*<pricin$<prepare<t&om& (Client *ndependent) Menu !ath9 +./( 4H_ B1(*N6(( 6NG*N667 4H_ C1(+./( 4H_ B1(*N6(( 6NG*N667 4H_ C1(+.1N+ G7.N 4H_ D6-*N6 !A7+N67 -1NC+*. 1@) Add the K..M*B*NG 4H_ (A/6( AND D*(+7*B1+*.'? 1 ) Create Condition +a)les (Client *ndependent) Menu !ath9 +.7KB6NC" 4H_ D6'6/.G*(+*C( G6N67A/ 4H_ /.

M*B*NG 4H_ (A/6( AND D*(+7*B1+*. 1C) Add the Condition +ype to the !ricin$ !rocedure Menu !ath9 +.N +=!6( 4H_ MA*N+A*N C.N 4H_ BA(*C -1NC+*.7 +ransaction Code9 (6@A ..BA(*C -1NC+*./ 4H_ D6-*N6 AND A((*GN !7*C*NG !7.MM*((*.ND*+*.ND*+*..7KB6NC" 4H_ D6'6/.N (Client *ndependent) Menu !ath9 +.C6D176( 4H_ MA*N+A*N !7*C*NG !7.N( 4H_ !7*C*NG 4H_ !7*C*NG C.N+7.N( 4H_ !7*C*NG 4H_ !7*C*NG C./( 4H_ ABA! K./( 4H_ B1(*N6(( 6NG*N667 4H_ C1(+.!M6N+ 4H_ ABA! 6D*+.N +=!6( +ransaction Code9 '0>.C6D176( +ransaction Code9 '0>A 11) Create Commsission 7eport BBC./ 4H_ D6-*N6 C.N+7.

e9 !7>>. %or !7>>. But 5e also need to &no5 a)out the Condition +a)les. 5e remain least interested in creatin$ our o5n Condition +ypes. +hese di%%erenes are controlled throu$h the indicator o% $roup condition in the cond.7 +"6 K". 5hich can )e processed %or %urther calculation.istin$ condition types (i.+his %eature is $i3en to enhance the systemMs per%ormane and not to create the duplcation o% the 5or& %or each condition type.Condition +a)les I Access (e8uences. usin$ +4Codes is more smarter than %ollo5in$ paths throu$h *MG screen.6. 1tsa3 Mu&herRee 4 utsa3mu&herRee1 you can not maintain the data at 'K@1. this is a condition re8uired %or a particular condition type to )e e.N I N'0>CN. (o %or that purpose 5e ha3e to use the %ollo5in$ +4Codes respecti3ely 9 N'0>#N.But you see there is the di%%erence )et5een the technical 3ie5 o% it %or trans%erin$ the data %rom document %ield and condition %ield. *n 'K11 you can store condition record %or more than one condition type. (u)total9 this represents 5here a 5hich ta)le a 3alue is stored.) I then assi$n that !ricin$ !rocedure 5ith N (ales Area. K>>C.I )now item condition applies to each item in a sales document/ +eader condition can only be applied to an entire document/ Di%%erence )et5een header and item condition 4 as =.SD &uestions About Pricin" !ondition The 1ost Important Tips in Pricin" :or SAP SD 1odule to crac) interviews/// Khene3er 5e de%ine our pricin$ procedures. i% this 3alue is to )e used %or credt chec& o% a customer. 6$.(ay discount ?W at header le3el 5hich is also applica)le to all the items ))(econd is the accumulation o% the 3alues o% all the item at the header le3el.-M. Khat 5e do is. A%ter that 5e put the 3alues a$ainst each Condition +ypes. Also to in%orm that. K->> etc. =ou ha3e t5o di%%erent types o% the header conditions.776C+/= (A*D "6AD67 C. N'0>. J44 Ar3ind 7ana In pricin" procedure there are column such as requirement5 sub total altclty5 altbv5 accurals/ 3hat are these and where we calculate all these values which we put/ earlier e. SAP SD Tips by : 0ishwaGit Disallowin" !ondition Types 8 +ow I can accomplish the followin": 'e able to DISALL 3 D?'P !ondition type to be ne"ative 7 Invoice 'loc)9 =ou can modi%y condition type %rom customisin$_ (ales and Distri)ution4HBasic -unctions4H!ricin$4H!ricin$ Control4HDe%ine Condition +ypes4 HMaintain Condition +ypes Chan$e condition type B. mentioned in our !ricin$ !rocedure )y usin$ the +4Code N'K11N. 3hat is the difference between +eader condition and Item condition.C1M6N+ 5here as item is %or item. 5e Rust de%ine our o5n pricin$ procedures )y usin$ the e. And so o)3iously header condition can not ha3e the condition record and hence access se8uence. .19 re8 ie cost 7e)ate BA.1 7e8 ? 07e8 ?# etc ?. 5e mar& the su)total as A.type con%i$uration. a) *n one you can duplicate the same 3alue throu$hout the document %or each item. Document !ricin$ !rocedure I Customer !ricin$ !rocedure N .4(ay %ri$ht is dependent on the total 5ei$ht o% all the items in the documents then header condition adds on 5ei$hts o% all items and calculates the record accordin$ly. +his means you can ha3e same condition record %or di%%erent condition types.1 C. A$ain system is not allo5in$ to store the record in the 3&@1 %or the condition type pr>> and access se8uence pr>?.plained %or the 5ei$ht0%ri$ht.+his is )ecause i% you see this ac se8 cointains t5o accessses ?> and @> ha3in$ the same ta)le no. KA>?./6 D.B!Ms plus0minus indicator to NAN 5hich means only positi3e is allo5ed. 6$. K>> . Condition +ypes I Access (e8uence Creation. 3hat is the difference of 0C** and 0CA* 7condition records91y condition type is P6?? and Access sequence is P6?2/ And in this access sequence table A?F is available/ =ow when I was enterin" the P6?? in 0CA* it shows error Table A?F is not definin" for the condition type P6?2/ 'ut when I was enterin" the P6?? at 0C** it is acceptin" it/ Di%%erence )et5een 'K11 and 'K@1 4 i% you $o throu$h the menu path you 5ill $et the 3& @1 as condition record %rom the tamplets 5hereas 3&11 as simple condition record.N *( A!!/*CAB/6 -. !7>>9 re8 ? ie item rele3ant %or pricin$ '!7(06K. No5 it 5ill )ecome easy to create the same. 7e8uirement9 Denoted )y nos and maintained in '.ND*+*.ecuted.

the )ase 3alue is # units.-M. that is the )ase 3alue )ased on 5hich the order 3alue is to )e calculated chan$es.. . 6$. )ut i% the client 5ants a standard )ase 3alue in some casesto )e assumed inspite o% maintainin$ the scale. it constitutes the total accumulated 3alue 5hich customer has earned throu$h re)ate. #. each unit is char$ed Q1>> per unit. alternate calculation type can )e con%i$ured. Alternate )ase 3alue9 Denoted )y no. (uppose %or # units .@ Alternate Calculation type9 this is also denoted )y num)ers and maintained in '. i% the pricin$ scale is maintained and pricin$ %or # units comes under the scale o% Q1>> per unit. one the re)ate %or certain amount is settled the amount %rom the accruals $et deducted. .-M. 6$. and maintained in '. Accruals9 Accruals are maintained %or re)ate a$reements. the order 3alue comes out to )e Q #>>. that is calculation is done as per unit price. an alternate )ase 3alue is con%ihured. i% the client 5ants calculation type to )e )ased on 3olume or 5ie$ht.

Khen you create a condition ta)le (+ransaction '0>@). allo5ed %ields. +eader !ondition and (roup !ondition 3hat are header conditions"eader conditions are those 5hich appear in the header le3el o% any sales in *nclude M' #A-BB.. it o3errides the !7>> condition type.. you can add the %ield throu$h the %ollo5in$ process to %iled catalo$ and create the condition ta)le. %ield !(+=' 5as included in structure K.M!9 M. here 5e add these conditions. Choose !(+=' as a domain. K. ..t. Call up the ABA! Dictionary (+ransaction (611) and create data type BB!(+='. #. you can use the %ield la)els o% !(+='.MK instead o% 1(676E*+<!7*C*NG<!76!A76<+K. K.plain you the process 5ith )elo5 e. K. . %or e.M! (M!ricin$ Communication *temM) as a &ey %or a condition ta)le. 3ia the path M(ales and Distri)ution 4H (ystem Modi%ications 4H Create Ne5 -ields (1sin$ Condition +echni8ue) 4H Ne5 -ields %or !ricin$M and . Choose MConditions9 Allo5ed %ieldsM and include BB!(+=' as a ne5 entry.(a3e. *n case the re8uired com)ination %ield is not there.MK. -or header %ields. *t is most common that one or other time 5e need to use this %unction 5hile con%i$urin$ multi tas&in$ I comple.. the system does not propose the %ield in the %ield catalo$..MKAB instead o% structure K.MG. Khene3er any "eader Condition is used. MBB 4 sales document item cate$oryM and as a %ield la)el. chec& and acti3ate your entries.M!AB.M!. K. Proceed as follows: 1. 4 "A>> 4 W Based "eader Condition.ample. 6.MG (MAllo5ed -ields %or Condition (tructuresM).M!AB.ample. %ield catalo$.4!(+=' +.!lease %ollo5 steps in )elo5 se8uence4 +ry to add the %iled %rom the %ield catalo$. you can use.Add a :ield To =ew !ondition Table in Pricin" Add a field to a new condition table in Pricin" 7!ondition Technique9:8 * 5ill e. Na3i$ate to M(ales and Distri)ution 4H Basic -unctions 4H !ricin$ 4H !ricin$ ControlM and e.ecute MDe%ine Condition +a)lesM. %ield BB!(+=' is no5 &no5n in structures K. these conditions are to )e entered manually and $et distri)uted automatically and the )asis %or distri)ution are ta&en %rom the N6+ 'A/16 o% items mentioned at item le3el.(( Note ?1> >. Khen 5e $o to the conditions section in a sales order. use structure K.M!. !(+=' are the other terms 5hich 5e need to &no5 a)out.. !ricin$ Architecture.'6 .M!AB in the ABA! Dictionary (+ransaction (611) in the chan$e mode and ma&e the %ollo5in$ entry9 Component Component type9 BB!(+=' BB!(+=' (a3e. 7eason and !rere8uisites9 -or technical reasons. and in )illin$ document processin$ you %ind it in *nclude 7'. +K.M! )ecause structure K.ample you 5ant to use %ield !(+=' (M(ales document item cate$oryM) that is included in structure K. -or more in%ormation. not in structure K. 5here the details o% pricin$ is mentioned. K. Call up structure K.MKAB.. Call up +ransaction (!7. ho5e3er. @.M!4BB!(+='.amples o% header condition..As a short te.. 4 "B>> 4 Numeric 3alue or A)solute 3alue.>A-BB. ho5e3er. Condition access. Consider that you can also use this note as a help i% you 5ant to use other customer4speci%ic %ields as &ey %ields in a condition ta)le. Note9Because o% the chan$e in structure K. 4 7B>> 4 A)solute or numeric 3alue 5hich applies to all items. "ere *Mm $i3in$ a simple $uide to add %ields to the !ricin$ -ield Catalo$ues9 -or e. to add -ields. Note9No5 you can use %ield BB!(+=' as a &ey %ield 5hen you create a condition ta)le A. J44 'i3e& Cho&shi 3hat is the difference between "roup condition and header conditionGroup Condition9 =ou can use this is %eature o% a condition type to apply price or discount %or a material )ased on common property.M!AB and 1(676E*+<!7*C*NG<!76!A76<+K. .MG and K.M!. (upply the ne5 %ield you de%ined )y includin$ the %ollo5in$ source code line in 1(676E*+<!7*C*NG<!76!A76<+K. *n order processin$ you %ind the user e. ?..M!AB is included in )oth structures. chec& and acti3ate the chan$e you made. see +ransaction (!7.

>> #. Steps Involved In !ondition Technique 3hat are the > steps involved in condition techniqueBy9 7ohit Xoshi *t starts 5ith an understandin$ o% the %actors that in%luences the !rice. Gty Discount 1 4 1> 7s. +his amount is applica)le to all items. +here is a ta)le # 5hich already has Customer and Material so 5e can no5 copy and rename it or use the same ta)le in our !ricin$ !rocedure. (tep . Chec& the outcome. 1>#. 1. ?. @. Khile calculatin$ the discount.>> to each item irrespecti3e o% the indi3idual 8uantities. 1>>. 1>>. !rocess a sales order %or a customer 5ith these three material 5ith di%%erent 8uantities.>> 11 4 #> 7s. *n the a)o3e e.>> etc. De%ine0Choose your +a)le (5ith the re8uirement parameters that in%luence the price) (tep ?. =ou maintained a discount )ased condition record %)ased on material $roup ( S >1 %or e. No5 comes !rocedure Determination 5here you speci%y the Document !ricin$ !rocedure and Customer !ricin$ !rocedure alon$ 5ith (ales . De%ine your Condition +ype (+here are %our !rice +ypes Basic !rice. Discount *+6M 1 4 ?# NoMs 7s.>> *+6M 4 ?C NoMs 7s.>> *+6M ? 4 @ NoMs 7s. No5 comes your !ricin$ !rocedure 5here you include include Condition +ypes and %ormat. *% you ha3e not acti3ated the $roup condition %eature.) and include your Access (e8. @."eader Condition9 +his is a manual condition 5hich you apply to header (Condition screen) o% a sales document. Khile Creatin$ Access (e8uence. 1>#. 11>. system add the 8uantities o% items 5hich ha3e material $roup S >1. Maintain Condition 7ecords %or your Condition +ypes * $uess you can ma&e it A (teps )y di3idin$ some o% the main steps. )ecause o% this $roup condition. + Code 0 C? (tep 1. Acti3ate the condition type as a $roup condition.? NoMs All the material is ha3in$ the material $roup S >1. ED>1 4 Create Customer 4 Al5ays ensure that you pic& the ri$ht Customer !ricin$ !rocedure %rom here. 'A>1 4 (ales . Discount. *ts al5ays )etter to copy the !rice +ypes pro3ided )y (A!. 11#. 4sa"e of this feature is to apply price % discount for a specific "roup of materials/ 1. ?. (tep #.>> #1 4 1#> 7s. system determines the discount 3alue )ased on indi3idual item 8uantity 5hich is as )elo5. 1>#. . =ou are creatin$ a sales order %or a customer 5ith %i3e di%%erent items 5ith di%%erent 8uantities as )elo5 *+6M 1 4 ?# NoMs *+6M ? 4 @ NoMs *+6M @ 4 1? NoMs *+6M 4 ?C NoMs *+6M # 4 . Distri)ution Channel. =ou maintained scales also. 11>.>> *+6M # 4 .r$anisation. 1>#. (ystem apply a discount o% 7s.. Kith this understandin$ no5 5e 5ill start 5ith the +a)le 5here 5e 5ill pass the a)o3e parameters. De%ine your Access (e8uence and include the a)o3e +a)le in your Access (e8uence (tep @. -rei$ht and +a. ?. . chec& your -ields and ensure that they appear 5ith any .>> *+6M @ 4 1? NoMs 7s. Create a condition record %or this condition type 5ith scales. Maintain Material Group o% each item is same. (tep .ample total 8uantity is S 1>D. -e5 important thin$s to note is %ollo5in$..rder 4 6nsure that you ha3e the ri$ht Document !ricin$ !rocedure %rom here @.? NoMs 7s. *s it clear no5. #. /ets say it depends on Customer and Material.ample). Xust try a sales order and see the out come Procedure to Test: 1. Create @ materials.

Do not %or$et to mention your Access (e8uence 5hile de%inin$ your Condition +ype #. Do not %or$et to mention the 7an$e (-rom +o) 5hile creatin$ your !ricin$ !rocedure. Al5ays remem)er that your !rocedure Determination has only Basic !rice as Condition +ype ..5arnin$ ("i$hli$hted in 7ed) . .

ne +ime Customer can )e used )y many customer. then the user 5ill ha3e to maintained the Account Assi$nment Group manually either in the sales order or the )illin$ documents. .A ha3e )een done correctly. +he Account Assi$nment Group 5ill )e copied automatically into the sales order. you 5ill ha3e to chec& 5hether ha3e the Account Assi$nment Group )een input in the Customer Master (Billin$ ta)strips 4 Accountin$ sections 4 -ield name9 Acct ass$mt $roup). -# . Chec& 5hether the con%i$uration in transaction 'K. there%ore. +a&e note %or . the system 5ill not )e a)le to determine the Account Assi$nment Group manually. (ystem 7esponse +he -inancial Accountin$ pro$ram cannot process the document. the user ha3e to input the Account Assi$nment Group manually into the sales order.Billin$ 'illin" cannot be 6elease to Accountin" +his (A! messa$e 5ill appear i% the system is una)le to %ind the G0/ codes match %rom the con%i$uration in transaction ' +ime Customer. Assumin$ that one o% the &ey com)ination is Account Assi$nment Group.C> Dia$nosis No account 5as speci%ied %or account type N(N in item N>>>>>>1>>1N o% the -*0C.A No account is speci%ied in item >>>>>>1>>1 Messa$e no. document. Chec& the data trans%erred to item N>>>>>>1>>1N o% the -*0C. . Chec& 5hether the sales order ('A>@ 4 Goto 4 "eader 4 -inancial Accountin$ 4 -ield name9 AcctAss$Gr) ha3e )een %illed in automatically. !rocedure A system error has pro)a)ly occurred in the application you called up. document. Chec& 5hether the )illin$ document ('->@ 4 Goto 4 "eader 4 "eader 4 -ield name9 AcctAss$Gr) ha3e )een %illed in automatically. *% the customer master ha3e not )een maintained and the user ha3e already input the sales order.

cluded from pricin"/ +o create a condition e. e.clusion procedure 5hich 5ill )e determined in the )illin$ document. Assi$n the Billin$ !ricin$ !rocedure in 0 C> %or the Condition 6. =ou can set the start 3ariant 3ia S#NA usin$ the !han"e mode.cludin$ the rest that are lo5er price. Assi$n ne5 document pricin$ procedures to )illin$ types in S1A? 8 0BT0:CBP6 De%ine the Condition 6. De%ine ne5 document pricin$ procedure in S1A? 8 0BT0C0 %or )illin$. Khen )illin$ document is )ein$ created Rust enter manually your ne5 price and the pricin$ pro$ram lo$ic 5ill include only the hi$her price one. +he second 3ariant is the 'illin" Layout display 3ariant. copy the standard pricin$ to a BEEEE !ricin$.Default Start 0ariant for 0:?F +here are t5o types o% 3ariant in 0:?F. A%ter creatin$ your layout display 3ariant.clusion which will be determined in the billin" document The system can e. and maintain copy control so that pricin$ is not copied %rom (ales .ample: 1aterial FI** costs *J? 4SD/ Some customers receive a discount of *? 4SD per *?? pieces/ +owever5 a specific customer can buy the material for *?? 4SD/ Since this is a particularly "ood price5 the customer should not also have a discount of *? 4SD per *?? pieces/ Therefore5 this discount is to be e. +his is a%ter clic&in$ the Display Billin$ /ist Button.clude conditions so that they are not ta)en into account durin" pricin"/ :or e. . Assi$n the procedure to the pricin$ is the selection 3ariant )e%ore clic&in$ the Display 'illin" List Button.clusion Groups in 0A*. Assi$n the Condition type %or the Condition 6. +o achie3e this.clusion Groups.clusion Groups in 0A2. you can set it )y clic&in$ 94 Settin"s 4H Display 0ariant 4H Administration (elect the layout display 3ariant you 5ant and clic& 94 #dit 4H Define default settin"s !ondition #. .rder.

('B+=! S 1). you can manually trans%er )loc&ed )illin$ documents to accountin$ )y selectin$9 'illin" 8M !han"e 8M 6elease accountin" ?) Account determination procedure @) .rder -1 4 *n3oice B. An -? in3oice. A%ter that use transaction 0!+#!CT0!P: to chec& your Copy control customi:in$. you let the rest o% the settin$s remains as (A! de%aults. A )illin$ type 5ith 'B+=! M#M can only )e canceled 5ith the 'B+=! M.ample.istin" 'illin" Document Types Create0Chan$e your Billin$ types con%i$uration in 0 :A. *ndicates 5hether the system )loc&s automatic trans%er o% the )illin$ document to accountin$.7 4 (tandard (ales . use transaction 0!+#!C0 :A to chec& your con%i$uration 94 1) !ro%orma )illin$ types9 *% it is a pro%orma )illin$ type.M and 3ice 3ersa. the %ield must )e )lan& and the account determination procedure must )e empty.$.$.7 4 =our (ales . A%ter customi:in$.utput determination procedure etc. G? 4 De)it Memo -1 4 *n3oice G? 4 De)it Memo -? 4 *n3oice Deli3eries in 0T:L e. %or e. mar& the %ield. ('B+=! MMM) can only )e canceled 5ith )illin$ type (1 5ith 'B+=! MNM .7 4 =our Deli3ery 1sually %or copy control. =ou only assi$n the ne5 Billin$ Document +ypes.Steps for creatin" a new or chan"in" an e.. -1 4 *n3oice .$. ma&e sure that you maintain the copy control %or the Billin$ +ypes9 (ales documents in 0T:A +ar$et (ource e.. Ne.t. . ?) Cancellation )illin$ document types9 9 A chec& is made to see i% the cancellation )illin$ document type has the ri$ht 'B+=!. -1 4 *n3oice /.rder Billin$ documents in 0T:: e. .4 Deli3ery -1 4 *n3oice B. @) Cancellation )illin$ document type partner %unctions A chec& is made to see i% the cancellation )illin$ document type partner %unctions are empty or i% those that correspond to the )illin$ type used are empty. Durin$ document processin$. (ome o% the *MG stu%% are 94 1) +o )loc& automatic trans%er o% the )illin$ document to accountin$.

Maintain )illin$ plan types %or milestone )illin$ in ?. #. you must )e a)le to enter data to identi%y the indi3idual milestones. %or milestone )illin$. -or e.'illin" 'loc) will not wor)ed if you did not assi"n it De%ine the possi)le )loc& indicators in S1A? 4 0BT0:S and allocate them to the )illin$ types concerned in S1A? 4 0BT0:SP. Assi$n Billin$ !lan +ype to (ales Documents +ype in C. De%ine rules %or determinin$ the date in 0'S. 0'6. Milestone )illin$ is typically used %or )illin$ proRects. Allocate date cate$ory in S1A? 8 0BT:PLABTH. +he milestones are also assi$ned to the )illin$ dates in the )illin$ plan. =our Billin$ Bloc& 5ill not 5or&ed i% you did not assi$ned it to the desired )illin$ types. 0'J. Maintain Date Cate$ory %or Billin$ !lan +ype *N . Assi$n Billin$ !lan +ype to *tem Cate$ories in A. the system determines %rom the item cate$ory 5hether a )illin$ plan is re8uired and. i% so. 'illin" Plan for 1ilestone 'illin" Milestone )illin$ means distri)utin$ the total amount to )e )illed o3er multiple )illin$ dates in the )illin$ plan. 0' .. De%ine date description in S1A? 8 0BT0T'. . 0'P. Billin$ plans %or periodic )illin$ and milestone )illin$ plans %or proRect4related milestone )illin$ ha3e di%%erent o3er3ie5 screens so that you can enter data rele3ant to your processin$. =ou can auto )loc& )y 94 1. @. item cate$ories in S1A? 4 0BT0AP. Durin$ sales order processin$. *MG con%i$uration re8uires 94 1. )y %illin$ the %ields Billin$ Bloc&. the customer is )illed either a percenta$e o% the entire proRect cost or simply a pre4de%ined amount. such as plant en$ineerin$ and construction proRects. Maintain date proposal %or Billin$ !lan +ype in 0'1. (uch proRects o%ten include a series o% milestones that mar& the completion o% di%%erent sta$es o% the 5or&. sales document type in transaction 0 0>. milestones are de%ined in a net5or& alon$ 5ith planned and actual dates %or the completion o% 5or&. As each milestone is success%ully reached. %ields Billin$ Bloc&. *n the (A! 70@ (ystem. 6ach milestone4related )illin$ date is )loc&ed %or processin$ until the !roRect (ystem . or ?. 5hich type o% plan +he type o% )illin$ plan that is determined at this point is set up in Customi:in$ and cannot )e chan$ed in the sales document.ample.

+he %ollo5in$ %i$ure sho5s an e.$. de%ault data.>>> 4 . +he connection )et5een the proRect and the sales document item is made in the indi3idual schedule lines o% the item. the current date) must )e entered (*n 0:?F 9 settin$s. -inal in3oice . . Maintenance @> @>. al5ays updated 5ith the actual date o% the milestone @. Mar& the schedule line and select !rocurement details.>>> .ed ?. you can speci%y 5hether the )illin$ date is9 1. Acceptance @> @>. ..>>> .con%irms that the milestone is completed..rder *tem +ur)ine Billin$ !lan Billin$ date >141>4D >14>@4D# >14> 4D# >14>#4D# >14>. proceed as %ollo5s9 *n one o% the o3er3ie5 screens o% the sales document. .4D# Description W 'alue Billin$ Bloc& Milestone Billin$ (tatus Contract 1> 1>.>>> . +o display the proRect4related data %or a schedule line.ample o% milestone )illin$ 5here only the Contract ha3e )een )illed 9 . ?. select 1. . . the date o% the )illin$ document (e. . 6ach schedule item can )e assi$ned to a net5or& in a proRect.>>> Net5or&0Acti3ities Milestone 6stimate Actual Assem)ly >14>@4D# >14>@4D# Maintenance >14> 4D# Acceptance >14>#4D# -or each )illin$ date in a milestone )illin$ plan. updated 5ith the actual date o% the milestone.(( notes is 3ery help%ul 94 ***K2 4 *n3oice split criteria in )illin$ document AK>A2 4 *n3oice split in %ields %rom the sales order . 1>>. Assem)ly @> @>. Deli3ery4rele3ant order items %or 5hich a milestone )illin$ plan applies are )illed on the )asis o% the re8uested deli3ery 8uantity and not on the total o% the con%irmed 8uantities. %i. *tem 4H (chedule lines. +his .) *n 0:?K or )ac&$round9 3ariant 5ith parametri:ation) to a3oid an un5anted split due to the )illin$ date. i% the date is earlier than the planned )illin$ date %or the date SAP 'illin" 8 !ombine 'illin" for deliveries with different date Khen usin$ transaction 0:?F or Billin$ ()ac&$round).

. /etMs say you use routine >>1.. 1artishev Sabir Than) you for your reply/ !an you please tell me the e....B1K...... (!A7+ /*K6 'BAK4(!A7+.. 6ND-.... S ... M.. +his is ho5 it should loo& a%ter modi%ication9 J "eader data J 'B7K4..... Create a modi%ication o% copy control routine %or )illin$ and use 'BA!4!(+=' as an additional split criteria there. +he error is as %ollo5s9 Ma..B1K... J Additional split criteria DA+A9 B6G*N . *n that %ield you 5ill see the currently used routine. S . B1K4(!A7+ S 'BAK4(!A7+. J "eader data J 'B7K4. B1K4'+K6G S 'BAK4'+K6G. (!A7+ /*K6 'BAK4(!A7+... '+-A (i% your )illin$ is sales order )ased) choose your )illin$ type and (.. -.B1K. there select your item cate$ories and there select the %ield 'B7K0'B7! data...imum number of items in :I reached 1essa"e no/ :J I2I *% you hit the a)o3e erros 5hen you create an in3oice in (D. U4 Ne5 line 'B7K4B1K7* S B1K. 6ND-.. A%ter this routine is created and acti3ated place it as the de%ault copy control routine instead o% the old ones..7M.. type... U4 Ne5 line 6ND .7M DA+6N<K. J *tem data J 'B7!4. :J I2I .. the correspondin$ accountin$ document is not created..'illin" Spilt by Item !ate"ory Is it possible to split invoice Item cate"ory wise/ I mean If in sales order there is TA= and TA== then the invoice should split5is it possible=aina =es. 6ND ... B1K4!(+=' S 'BA!4!(+='.. it is possi)le... 1a.. J *tem data J 'B7!4. Kith the help o% your ABA! $uy create a copy o% that routine under a di%%erent num)er and add your lines o% code. '+K6G /*K6 'BAK4'+K6G.!*676N<>>1..D1/(@) 'A/16 M>>1M....... '+K6G /*K6 'BAK4'+K6G.D1/(@) 'A/16 M>>1M. !(+=' /*K6 'BA!4!(+='. S ..... 'B7K4B1K7* S B1K. S . M...........7M..imum num)er o% items in -* reached Messa$e no. B1K4'+K6G S 'BAK4'+K6G.B1K. J Additional split criteria DA+A9 B6G*N .act steps what should I add under that7additional split criteria9/ =aina *n tr. B1K4(!A7+ S 'BAK4(!A7+.

ceeded.$. 1 5ith D#> items and the other 5ith the rest. . Procedure *% the documents 5ith an e. lo$istics. the only 5ay 5as to )rea& the accountin$ in3oices. System response -* documents ha3e a @4di$it item counter that limits the num)er o% items permitted per document. order accountin$). N "o5 could this error )e sol3ed as none o% your in3oices are $ettin$ accounted in -*L +o o3ercome this.Dia"nosis +he ma.cessi3e num)er o% items come %rom another application area (e. you can con%i$ure the system to the e%%ect that these documents are summari:ed in -*.imum num)er o% items %or an -* document (MDDDM) has )een e. sales.

By Nprepaid processN * mean9 4 Customer sends to us his order 4 *% customer is set as NprepaidN. and item cate$ory $roup de%aultin$ the ne5 item cate$ory. you can select 5hat item cate$ory (and process) to use at order entry. canMt access a system ri$ht no5). -rom 5hat * understood it loo&s li&e the )illin$ plan is handled )ased upon the item cate$ory. +his can )e done also 5ith item cate$ory $roups (can )e used to determine 5hat de%ault item cate$ory that should appear). +hen you need to create the sales 3ie5s in material master %or DC ?> %or all materials that should )e possi)le to run in the prepaid scenario. No5 you should )e a)le to create a sales order 5ith the ne5 distri)ution channel 5here the ne5 item cate$ory is de%aulted.. DC 1> could )e the normal process and DC ?> the prepaid process. Chec& copy control %rom sales document to )illin$ document %or the ne5 item cate$ory. #. Create a ne5 distri)ution channel and assi$n it to the company structure (plant. . Create a ne5 item cate$ory $roup NBEEEN or somethin$ o% your choice 5ith the description N!repaidN or somethin$ li&e that. "ere is a proposal o% customi:in$ acti3ities to achie3e this9 1. (Chan$e the )illin$ in the item cate$ory to order related )illin$ 5ith no )illin$ plan) ?. add or chec& entries so that you ha3e the order type used. 4 Ke post the payment 5e recei3ed earlier a$ainst this last in3oice. * %ound in%ormation in online documentation a)out Ndo5n paymentsN (* ima$ine that our prepaid process could )e a 1>>W re8uired do5n payment) )ut it does not seem that it 5ould 5or&. Good luc& 444446nd o% Messa$e44444 6estrictin" =umber +ow I can restrict number of items in an invoice- f Items In 'illin" Doc . 5e produce an in3oice %or him to pay 4 . +his 5ould mean that you either ha3e di%%erent materialnum)ers %or the di%%erent processes or use di%%erent distri)ution channels in the sales order. this re8uires a lot o% manual 5or& and a lot o% time is 5asted to match all documents to$ether. As you see. 5e release the sales order %or deli3ery 4 no %urther )illin$ document is produced. and enter the Nprepaid item cate$ory $roup in the sales item cate$ory $roup %ield in material master. @.Prepaid process possible 44444. Also deli3ery copy control could )e $ood to chec&. Chec& that the sales order is completed 5hen )oth )illin$ and $oods issue %or the deli3ery is posted. Khat 5e do no59 4 Ke ha3e de%ined a ris& cate$ory NprepaidN 5hich is assi$ned to our prepaid customer. +here most )e a more e%%icient 5ay to handle this. Create a ne5 item cate$ory as a copy o% the normal item cate$ory used %or non4prepaid sales. 5hich implies the processin$ is NmaterialN speci%ic not NcustomerN speci%ic. and send it to customer 4 .nce 5e ha3e recei3ed his payment. *n item cate$ory assi$nment. +his ris& cate$ory automatically )loc& the sales order %or so that only certain customers 5ill $et the prepaid process. sales or$ etc) .ri$inal Messa$e44444 (u)Rect9 !repaid process possi)le * am loo&in$ %or in%ormation on ho5 5e could implement a prepaid process. 4 Ke recei3e the sales orders and produce a !ro -orma in3oice %rom it.tend your material(s) 5ith 3ie5s %or the ne5 distri)ution channel and enter the NBEEEN item cate$ory $roup in the %ield %or sales item cate$ory $roup (* thin& it is on sales ? screen )ut * am not sure. any)ody ha3e any hintsL 444447eply Messa$e44444 (u)Rect9 769 !repaid process possi)le "i a$ainb =ou are ri$htb "o5e3er. *t is also possi)le to code a user e. i% you create a ne5 item cate$ory %or the prepaid scenario. 6. *% not chec& the completion rule in the ne5 item cate$ory. 5e release the sales order %or deli3ery and produce the in3oices.nce 5e recei3e the payment.

imum num)er o% items allo5ed %or all )illin$ documents 5ithin a $i3en sales or$ani:ation. =ou must also $o to copyin$ control %or order0deli3ery to )illin$ document at item le3el under NData 'B7K0'B7!N and maintain routine >>. "o5e3er. maintainin$ data here is not enou$h alone to )rin$ a)out a )illin$ split )y num)er o% )illin$ items.imum No.If I enter more than > items in a sales order and those items "et copied into delivery doc then to billin" doc/ 'ut our client want to restrict number items to > 7ma. there)y causin$ in3oicin$ o% the desired. . . Nindi3idual in3oice limitedN or a similar routine that accesses the data maintained here.9 in an invoice/ =ou can restrict deli3ery 5ith deli3ery tolerance.% Billin$ *tems. or Go to (!7.HHH*MGHHH(ales I Distri)utionHHHBillin$HHHBillin$ DocumentsHHHCountry4 speci%ic %eaturesHHHMaintain Ma. +his is 5here you can de%ine a ma.

+ransaction 'DC -or the settin$s under items ? 4 . +a&e these &ey %ields %rom the a)o3e settin$s and $o to the detail screen. Accordin$ to your corporate re8uirements. %ield NAll company codesN must )e mar&ed in +ransaction 'FJ. chec& 5hether %ields N7eactionN and N(tatus0)loc&N are set . 1>. i% credit control is per%ormed across se3eral company codes. +he settin$s o% items 1 4 are ta&en into account accordin$ to their priority. you can implement credit mana$ement that is centrali:ed.ample. =ou assi$n customers to speci%ic credit control areas and speci%y the appropriate credit limits in the customer master record. +his ris& cate$ory can )e assi$ned to a credit account )y usin$ +ransaction 6E*+<(A!' #K<>>1 )ein$ usedL %or the deli3ery type usedL Deli3ery type9 Credit $roup %or deli3ery9 Credit $roup %or $oods issue9 D. +ransaction 0AC Khich settin$s do e.Credit #ana$ement +ow To Do !onfi"uration :or !redit 1ana"ement Credit and ris& mana$ement ta&es place in the credit control area. you can de%ine credit control areas %or each company code or each $roup o% company codes. 1. Company code9 Credit control areas allo5ed9 . +ransaction 0A> "ere.posure are mana$ed at )oth credit control area and customer le3el. +ransaction '?* Credit mana$ement0Chan$e ris& cate$ory De%inition o% the ris& cate$ory %or each credit control area. or some5here in )et5een. +he credit control area %ound is stored in %ield 'BAK4 KKB67. the indi3idual credit chec&s %or &ey %ields o credit control area o ris& cate$ory o credit $roup are set. *%. your credit policy re8uires decentrali:ed credit mana$ement. +he implementation $uide is under 6nterprise (tructure 4H De%inition or Assi$nment 4H -inancial Accountin$ and then Maintain credit control area. Credit limits and credit e. -or e. +ransaction 0:L Chec& 5hich credit control area is assi$ned to the sales area. i% your credit mana$ement is centrali:ed. Tips by : Capilaa (ettin$s %or determinin$ the credit control area o% a document. *n particular. decentrali:ed. (ettin$s %or the credit chec&s C. An or$ani:ational unit that represents the area 5here customer credit is a5arded and %or the sales document type usedL (ales document9 Chec& credit9 Credit $roup9 A. +ransaction ED?2 or 0D?2 Chec& 5hich credit control area is assi$ned to the payer.. +ransaction 'A> Chec& 5hich credit control area is assi$ned to the company code. +his or$ani:ational unit can either )e a sin$le or se3eral company codes. you can de%ine one credit control area %or all o% your company codes. (ales area9 Credit control area9 @. Company code9 Credit control area9 ?. !ayer9 Credit control area9 . on the other hand. =ou set up credit control areas and other data related to credit mana$ement in Customi:in$ %or -inancial Accountin$. +ransaction S#AI *s user credit control area contains credit control in%ormation %or each customer. +ransaction 0AD Khich settin$s do e. . or the credit control area must )e entered under the rele3ant company code in ta)le +>>1CM o% the credit control areas allo5ed.

Credit control area9 1pdate9 1. 11.(( messa$e. +ransaction 1 * Khich &ind o% update did you choose %or structure (>. +ransaction 'FJ Khich update $roup (%ield N1pdateN) do you use in the rele3ant credit control areaL +he de%ault settin$ is N1?N. +his 5ay the system is determined to use this su)total %or credit pricin$. +his %ield corresponds to %ield NActi3e recei3a)leN in +ransaction 0 0I. All other settin$s 5ill lead to errors. !ricin$ *n the pricin$ procedure used %or pricin$. the credit chec& status must )e set (%ield N(tatus0)loc&N). +ransaction :DA2 Credit master data %or the payer o% the rele3ant document. +he credit price is stored in %ield 'BA!4CM!76 and used %or update and credit chec&. is mar&ed.. 1@. !ricin$ procedure9 /ine 5ith su)total S MAM9 1#. Credit account9 Credit limit9 7is& cate$ory9 Currency9 1?. .L *n any case. su)total NAN must )e entered in a line %or determinin$ the credit 3alue (mar& the pricin$ procedure and dou)leclic& on NControlN).. +ransaction 0AI 1pdate o% the credit 3alue is acti3e %or the correspondin$ item type i% the chec& )o. =ou can %ind the used pricin$ procedure o% the order under N*tem 4H Condition 4H AnalysisN. *tem type9 Acti3e recei3a)le9 1 . N(ynchronous update (1)N has to )e chosen as the &ind o% is used. 1sually. (ettin$s %or updatin$ the credit 3alues 1pdate o% the credit 3alues is re8uired %or the limit chec& (static or dynamic credit limit chec&). the net 3alue plus ta. +o carry out %ollo54up actions in case o% a credit )loc&. *% you open an . please tell us the alternati3e update $roup. *% you use another update $roup.correctly. chec& 5hether this is %ine 5ith you. +ransaction 0%?>.

16P bloc) for !redit limit attained !ustomers
+ow to bloc) the requirement 71D?F9 "enerated by the item cate"ory in a sales order when the customer has attained the credit limit- The 16P requirements still appear even thou"h the schedule is ;ero/ =ou should try and use one o% the standard re8uirements. (ee in transaction N0 :1N. 4nder 6equirements % Subsequent :unctions % 6eqs/Availablity/ +ry usin$ routine *?A, you may ha3e to t5ea& i% it doesnMt 5or& e,actly as youMd li&e. -or e,ample, you can 5rite a routine N?A )ecause you only 5anted this reaction %or certain )usiness units. *rre$ardless, usin$ a routine similar to this 5ill pre3ent the re8uirement %rom appearin" in 1D?F for orders bloc)ed on credit. Code9 DA+A9 K<B(DC7D +=!6 B(D<C76D*+B/CK. DA+A9 K<CMG(+ /*K6 'B1K4CMG(+. (6/6C+ (*NG/6 J *N+. K<B(DC7D -7.M B(D<C76D*+B/CK K"676 KKB67 S 'BAK4KKB67 AND C+/!C S 'BAK4C+/!C. *- (=4(1B7C S > AND 'B1K4CMG(+ CA MBM. *M!.7+ 'B1K4CMG(+ +. K<CMG(+ -7.M M6M.7= *D MC76D*+M. *- K<CMG(+ S (!AC6. M6((AG6 *C>;(B1). 6E!.7+ 'B1K4CMG(+ +. M6M.7= *D MC76D*+M. 6ND*-. JZ 76!/AC6 JY *N(67+ D6'KD;;D>A 1 JZ *N(67+ J 7ead the su)se8uent %unction in%ormation %or the messa$e !67-.7M -.-1N<+6E+<76AD 1(*NG G/<-.-1N C"ANG*NG -.-1N<+6E+. M6((AG6 *D M'1M +=!6 M6M N1MB67 MA DM K*+" -.-1N<+6E+ 7A*(*NG 677.7. JY *N(67+ D6'KD;;D>A ? JZ *N(67+ 6ND*-. 6ND-.7M.

!redit 1"mt Dynamic chec)in"
44444.ri$inal Messa$e44444 (u)Rect9 Credit M$mt Dynamic chec&in$ -rom9 7ichard Dra$ani "i credit e,perts, Does anyone &no5 ho5 * can automatically re4e,ecute a dynamic credit chec& a %e5 days prior to shipment %or %uture dated sales orders. Any ideas 5ould )e appreciated. 7ich Dra$ani 444447eply Messa$e44444 (u)Rect9 7e9 /.G9 Credit M$mt Dynamic chec&in$ -rom9 (5ami (u)ramanyan !ro$ram 7'K76D>AL .r manually e,ecute %unction module (D<.7D67<C76D*+<76C"6CK. 7e$ards (5ami 444447eply Messa$e44444 (u)Rect9 7e9 Credit M$mt Dynamic chec&in$ -rom9 /eslie !aolucci Ke chec& credit at the time o% the deli3ery (at deli3ery creation and )e%ore pic&in$) and use the )loc&ed sales doc process0list to release them. +his can )e set up in customi:in$ under ris& mana$ement4H credit mana$ement. 444446nd o% 7eply Messa$e44444

Sales value field in not "ettin" updated after creatin" the billin"
44444.ri$inal Messa$e44444 (u)Rect9 (ales 3alue %ield in not $ettin$ updated a%ter creatin$ the )illin$ 5e are on .;). 5e are $oin$ %or credit mana$ement )ut %acin$ one pro)lem. in %d@?4 customer credit mana$ement chan$e 4 the sales 3alue %eild in not $ettin$ updated a%ter creatin$ the )illin$. e$. 5hen i create the order 4 the order 3alue $et updated in the sales 3alue in %d@?. a%ter creatin$ the deli3ery 4 that 3alue remains same in the %eild o% sales 3alue. )ut 5hen i am $oin$ %or )illin$ (deli3ery related), the )ill 3alue is appearin$ in Mrecei3a)lesM )ut the amount in Msales 3alueM is not $ettin$ reduced. )ecause o% this the credit e,posure is increasin$ continuously. update $roup %or corrospondin$ credit ctrl area is 1?. also the item is mar& %or credit update. can anyone tell the missin$ lin&L than&in$ in ad3ance 444447eply Messa$e44444 (u)Rect9 769 (ales 3alue %ield in not $ettin$ updated a%ter creatin$ the )illin$ "i, =ou need to chec& couple o% settin$s li&e9 1. =our customer should )e assi$ned the credit control area. ?. *n your *tem Cate$ory Credit should )e acti3e. 7e$ards, 444447eply Messa$e44444 (u)Rect9 769 (ales 3alue %ield in not $ettin$ updated a%ter creatin$ the )illin$ customer is assi$n to concorn CCA and item cate$ory is mar& %or credit acti3e 444447eply Messa$e44444 (u)Rect9 769 (ales 3alue %ield in not $ettin$ updated a%ter creatin$ the )illin$ "i, Chec& the credit update $roup in the transaction .B #. +he credit update $roup controls 5hen the 3alues o% open sales orders, deli3eries and )illin$ documents are updated. *t should )e M>>>>1?M. -urther also re%er to the .(( note 1A;1@. "a3e %un 444446nd o% Messa$e44444

Difference 'etween Simple and Automatic !redit !hec) Types #.pen Deli3ery @) .pen *tems.1.?.@Months "ere the (ystem 5ill not consider the a)o3e 1.ceeds then system reacts.'alue 2 . )ut not recei3ed the payment %rom the customer.pen Deli3ery Doc. Billed I +rans%ered to -*.pen Doc.B # +a)les9 +>1 Action9 De%ine a credit control area and its associated currency.+ype(.>>>04 (uppose Doc.@I 3alues %or the lost @ months +hen assi$n the (ales Doc I Del Documents.1>. (+A+*C C76D*+ /*M*+ D6+67M*NA+*.rder 'alue 9 Khich is sa3e )ut not delie3ered ?) .pen *tem 9 (ales . "*G" 7*(K (>>>1) 9 /. 6$9 Customer Credit /imit is 7s. (ales Doc. Deli3ered.ptions 9 A) Karnin$ Messa$e B) 6rror Messa$e ((ales .Code 4 -D@? *t Considers the Doc.7) 2 credit Chec&(>) 2 Credit Group (>1) Credit /imit Chec& %or Deli3ery +ype 9 Del.'alue 9 Khich is )illed )ut not posted to -* ) . Doc.pen *tems #) "ori:on !eriod S 6$.>>>04 "ere credit limit e.+ype (/-) 2 Del Credit Group (>?) 2 Goods *ssue Credit Group (>@) Set 4p for !redit !ard Payment Processin" Gi3en )elo5 is the set up %or credit card payment processin$9 (et 1p Credit Control Areas9 De%ine Credit Control Area +ransaction9 .rder 5onMt )e sa3ed) C) 6rror Messa$e 5ith Deli3ery Bloc& A4T 1ATI! !6#DIT !+#!C : Gi3e e.pen Doc ?) . +his entry is re8uired so the sales order 5ill calculate the 3alue to authori:e Assi$n Company Code to Credit Control Area +ransaction9 .K 7*(K (>>>?) 9 M.1.K C76D*+ /.rder has )een sa3ed .pen Billin$ ) .76 C76D*+ M6D*1M 7*(K(>>>@) 9 A3era$e Credit (tatic Credit Chec& it chec&s all these doc 3alue I chec& 5ith the credit limit 1) . A) Credit Chec&in$ Groups 9 +ypes o% Chec&in$ Groups.'alue 9 (ales .pen *tem 'alue is 7s. D=NAM*C C76D*+ C"6CK 9 1) .'alue 0 (ales .rder "as )een sa3ed )ut not deli3ered .pen *tem 9 Khich is trans%ered to -* )ut not recei3ed %rom the customer. .'alue 2 .pen Billin$ Doc.>>. B) 7is& Cata$eory 9 Based on the ris& cata$eories company decide ho5 much credit has to $i3e to the customer.B@A +a)les9 +>>1 Action9 Assi$n a de%ault credit control area %or each company code De%ine !ermitted Credit Control Area %or a Company Code +ransaction9 .N 9Chec&in$ Group 2 7is& Cata$eory 2 Credit Control Area. >1) (ales >?) Deli3eries >@) Goods *ssue At all the a)o3e @ le3els orders can )e )loc&ed.tra credit %acilities to the particular customer. +he 1pdate Group should )e [>>>1?\.plain in detail difference between simple and automatic credit chec) types/ In automatic chec)5 difference between static and dynamic chec)s/ SI1PL# !6#DIT !+#!C : +r.'alue 9 Khich is deli3ered )ut not )illed @) .

(etce) 'isa . a%ter all pricin$ and ta.A@( Action9 +o5ards the end o% the pricin$ procedure. JJJJJ(A! does not deli3er a card chec& %or Disco3er Card. Determine !ayment Guarantee !rocedure +ransaction9 .'-X +a)les9 +. Ma&e the %ollo5in$ entries9 (u) to9 ]A^ 7e8t9 ]?^ AltC+y9 ] ^ Automatic Credit Chec&in$ +ransaction9 . De%ine (ales Document !ayment Guarantee -la$ +ransaction9 +a)les9 +.D1Action9 (elect each com)ination o% credit control areas. and Disco3er Create the %ollo5in$ entries %or each payment card AM6E American 6. American BCCA7D<C"6CK<AM6E Month DC Disco3er Card BCCA7D<C"6CK<DC MonthJJJJJ MC Mastercard BCCA7D<C"6CK<MC Month '*(A 'isa BCCA7D<C"6CK<'*(A Month +he 7outines can )e created )ased on the ori$inal routines deli3ered )y (A!. -orms o% !ayment Guarantee and ma&e the %ollo5in$ entries (e8uential Num)er ]1^ !ayment Guarantee -orm ]>?^ 7outine Num)er ]>^ 7outine Num)er can )e used to 3alidate payment card presence. determination.. .'-D +a)les9 +.ther than the descriptor. De%ine Customer !ayment Guarantee -la$ +ransaction9 +a)les9 Action9 De%ine a procedure and a description. Create Customer !ayment Guarantee S ]!ayment Card !ayment Cards (All Customers can use !ayment Cards)^. Ke created our o5n routine. the only other entry should )e ]@^ in the column la)eled ]!ymtGuaCat^ De%ine !ayment Guarantee !rocedure +ransaction9 +a)les9 +. =ou need to mar& the %ield ]no Credit Chec&^ 5ith the 3alid num)er %or sales documents. Mastercard. create a su)total line to store the 3alue o% the price plus any sales ta.D1! Action9 De%ine a %la$ to )e stored in ta)le. ris& cate$ories and document types %or 5hich credit chec&in$ should )e )ypassed.D1.D17 Action9 De%ine the %la$ that 5ill )e associated 5ith sales document types that are rele3ant %or payment cards Assi$n (ales Document !ayment Guarantee -la$ +ransaction9 +a)les9 +'AK Action9 Assi$n the document %la$ type the sales documents types that are rele3ant %or payment cards.+a)les9 +>>1CM Action9 -or each company code enter e3ery credit control area that can )e used *denti%y Credit !rice +ransaction9 '0>A +a)les9 +. (et 1p !ayment Guarantees De%ine -orms o% !ayment Guarantee +ransaction9 .D1K Action9 70@ is deli3ered 5ith %orm ]>?^ de%ined %or payment cards. .'AA +a)les9 +.D11 Action9 Com)ine the Customer %la$ and the sales document %la$ to deri3e the payment $uarantee procedure !ayment Card Con%i$uration De%ine Card +ypes +ransaction9 +a)les9 +'C*N Action9 Create the di%%erent card types plus the routine that 3alidates the card %or len$th and pre%i.

A hori:on +his is the days in the %uture (A! 5ill use to determine the 3alue to authori:e (*nsi$ht does not use auth hori:on period).> ? .pires in C days. Multiple ran$es are possi)le %or each card cate$ory or a mas&in$ techni8ue can )e used.De%ine Card Cate$ories +ransaction9 +a)les9 +'C+= Action9 De%ine the card cate$ory to determine i% a payment card is a credit card or a procurement card.># ?C#@@ ?C#@@ ?AA>> ?AADD Mastercard Credit 6. 'isa Credit 6.>. Create the %ollo5in$ t5o entries Cat Description . Auth7e8 7outine D>1 is set here. >>>>> >##>> >##># >## D >#### 1#D?C 1#D?D ? .>@ ? . !reAu *% chec&ed 70@ 5ill re8uest an authori:ation %or a .pires in @> days #>>>>> # > DD # >. (*nsi$ht does not use pre4authori:ation chec&). >##>1 >##> >###> >### 1#D?A 1#D?A ? .DDD American 6. +hen %ollo5 the )elo5 $uidelines %or the remainin$ %ields to )e %illed. De%ine Chec&in$ Group +ransaction9 +a)les9 CC!GA Action9 De%ine a chec&in$ $roup and enter the description. 'BKD. and 'B1!). Belo5 is Rust a sample o% 5hat * am a5are are the di%%erent types o% cards. 'B1K.DD C1C>> DDDDD 'isa !rocurement 6.pires in C Credit 6.pires in @> days .ne Card Additional Data CC Credit Cards No4chec& No4chec& !C !rocurement Cards No4chec& Chec& Determine Card Cate$ories +ransaction9 +a)les9 +'C+D Action9 -or each card cate$ory map the account num)er ran$e to a card cate$ory.>> ## DDD ##C>>> #DDDDD Mastercard !rocurement 6.>1 and the authori:ation 5ill )e %la$$ed as such.pires in @> days # >#>> # >#DD ###>>> ##.>11>> .>11DD (et (ales Documents to accept !ayment Card *n%ormation +ransaction9 +a)les9 +'AK Action9 7e3ie5 the listin$ o% (ales Document types and enter ]>@^ in the column la)eled ]!+^ %or each type 5hich can accept a payment card Con%i$uration %or Authori:ation 7e8uest Maintain Authori:ation 7e8uirements +ransaction9 .pires in @> days @ >>>> @ DDDD @C>>>> @CDDDD Disco3er Card Credit 6.'DA +a)les9 +-7M Action9 De%ine and acti3ate the a)ap re8uirement that determines 5hen an authori:ation is sent. 'BA!. . Note that the %ollo5in$ ta)les are a3aila)le to )e used in the a)ap re8uirement ('BAK. Get the card num)er ran$es %rom user community. ?C#@? ?C#@ ?ACDD ?AD>> C1.

. 6nter Merchant *D\s +ransaction9 +a)les9 +CCM Action9 Create the merchant id\s that the company uses to process payment cards Assi$n merchant id\s +ransaction9 +a)les9 +CCAA Action9 6nter the merchant id\s 5ith each clearin$house account Dunnin" Process In !redit 1ana"ement #.plain in simple terms9 1) =ou ha3e a Customer 5hich you had %ine day you $ot realised that. there 5ill )e no %urther supply to the customer. @) . )) *n case customer doesnt respond. he had com%orta)ly reached to the %ullest credit (or e3en more) 5hich you can a%%ord %or any customer. he is doin$ $ood )usiness and supplied material on Credit o% # days. Maintain Condition +ypes +ransaction9 .'A. Authori:ation and (ettlement Control +ransaction9 +a)les9 +CCAA Action9 De%ine the $eneral led$er accounts %or reconciliation and clearin$ and assi$n the %unction modules %or authori:ation and settlement alon$ 5ith the proper 7-C destinations %or each.A@( Action9 De%ine procedure name and select the procedure %or control. li&e9 a) Ke 5ill send a normal payment reminder. (o. ?) (ince this customer is $ood as you %elt.'A# +a)les9 +.A@ 0 +.plain about dunnin" process in credit mana"ement/et me %or A07 reconciliation purposes and one %or credit card clearin$. Assi$n Chec&in$ Group to (ales Document +ransaction9 +a)les9 +'AK Action9 Assi$n the chec&in$ $roup to the sales order types rele3ant %or payment cards De%ine Authori:ation 'alidity !eriods +ransaction9 +a)les9 +'C*N Action9 -or each card type enter the authori:ation 3alidity period in days. AM6E American 6. 5e 5ill send at least %urther reminder (dunnin$ notice) may )e D times (D reminders) (Dunnin$ le3el) and 5hat inter3els o% time (dunnin$ %re8uency) c) (till i% the customer doesnt resopond %or the reminders. . ) =our companyMs le$al department has laid a policy that. inorder to reco3er any )ad de) @> DC Disco3er card @> MC Master card @> '*(A 'isa C Con%i$uration %or clearin$ houses Create ne5 General /ed$er Accounts +ransaction9 -(>1 +a)les9 Action9 +5o General /ed$er accounts need to )e created %or each payment card type.A# Action9 De%ine a condition type %or account determination and assi$n it to access se8uence ]A>>1^ De%ine account determination procedure +ransaction9 . 6nter the condition type de%ined in the pre3ious step. Assi$n account determination procedure +ransaction9 +a)les9 Action9 Determine 5hich )illin$ type 5e are usin$ %or payment card process.pirin$ 5ithin @> days o% order entry date. you 5ill %ile a la5 suit a$ainst the customer %or reco3erin$ the !ayments. you ha3e not mana$ed Credit Chec&s as 5ell.'alid =ou 5ill $et 5arnin$ messa$e i% the payment card is e. +a)les9 +. there is 3ery )ad de)t 5ith this customer and need to reco3er %rom him and till then.

a%ter $ettin$ 3eridict. as o% release .Control !roduct Allocation (. the user de%ines 4 Num)er o% dunnin$ le3els 4 Dunnin$ %re8uency 4 Amount limits 4 +e.'@B) !rimarily. C.' B) *n order %or the allocation process to %unction properly.. *n addition. +he o)Rect allo5s the user to %urther )rea& do5n a procedure into smaller parts %or %uture 3alidation o% components comprisin$ a speci%ic material @. you 5ill not %or$et dunnin$ %ore3er. +his transaction simply reads the hierarchy esta)lished in the plannin$ ta)le and then $enerates a collecti3e mas& character %or each le3el o% the hierarchy . *% you ha3e de4selected the method %ield.1) *n order to ade8uately esta)lish allocation 8uantities.ts %or the dunnin$ notices *n (A!.'?B) +he allocation o)Rect is the root le3el o% the allocation process 5here actual data is entered and planned in /*(. 7emem)er 7eliance.Allocation !rocedure (.Acti3ate Allocation %or 7e8uirement Class (. the user can assi$n a step le3el to the procedure and in%ormation structure to se8uence the order in 5hich allocation 8uantities are chec&ed. *n this step.'BA) *n order to turn on allocation in the standard order processin$ %unctionality. this %unctionality is not a3aila)le. +he user has the opportunity to set an indicator to identi%y their choice o% t5o di%%erent methods (discrete and cumulati3e allocation) to e3aluate the 8uantities to )e considered %or product allocation. the user has the option o% esta)lishin$ a con3ersion %actor per allocation control record to accommodate B.Create !lannin$ "ierarchy (MC.Allocation . you may proceed %or auction o% his property or as per the order %or /a5.d) -inally. -inally. 7e%errin$ to this your (D +eam 0 -* +eam (user team) 5ill e%%ect Dunnin$ !(9 =ou mi$ht remem)ered the dunnin$ procedure laid )y 7elaince Mo)ile.>. the user must initially determine the le3el at 5hich the allocation is to ta&e place and the a$$re$ation %actor o% the allocation 8uantities. )e%ore the re8uired 8uantity is con%irmed . you 5ill maintain the Dunnin$ !rocedure at customer master. sendin$ street ro5dies %or reco3erin$ the )ad de)ts %rom users. D. the schedule line must ha3e a %la$ indicatin$ that allocation is rele3ant A. allocation control records are created primarily to map allocation procedure steps to their correspondin$ o)Rects so that the allocation data records can )e located %or 3alidation. ?. -or each procedure. a character is assi$ned to the in%ormation structure to permit collecti3e plannin$.'1B).'CB) 1pon completion o% the le3el determination %or the plannin$ hierarchy. (econdly. the le3els %or the collecti3e allocation search procedure are also identi%ied.)Rect (.3er3ie5_ Allocation (peci%ic 1sa$e 1. sometime )ac&. the re8uirements class must ha3e a %la$ indicatin$ that allocation is rele3ant. All materials that are to )e included in the allocation scheme are re8uired to ha3e an allocation procedure assi$ned to it in the material master. +he consumption 5indo5 indicates the num)er o% past and %uture periods to )e used in the allocation chec&. -inally.Generate Mas&in$ Character (.'B>) *n order to turn on allocation in the standard order processin$ %unctionality. No5 in (A!. (econdly.'#B) +he allocation consumption periods %unctionality is only 3alid i% the allocation method %la$ has )een set (. +hat is dunnin$. it is in the procedure that the method o% allocation is de%ined.De%ine Consumption !eriods (.'1B) +he product allocation procedure is the parent o% the entire allocation process. 3alidity periods must )e esta)lished to indicate 5hen the allocation control records are acti3e. +his %unctionality allo5s the user the opportunity to chec& product allocation a$ainst se3eral product allocation scenarios.Allocation "ierarchy Mappin$ (.Acti3ate Allocation %or (chedule /ine Cate$ory (. this transaction permits the assi$nment o% an allocation procedure to an /*( in%ormation structure. Product Allocation Implement the Product Allocation :unctionality 3e are required to implement product allocation functionality in SAP 6%A 7#nterprise 0ersion9/ 3e tried to do the elaborate steps as per the implementation "uide but are not successful/ !an you )indly help by "ivin" the simple steps for implementation/ !lease see i% the %ollo5in$ helps9 Con%i$uration . #. the de%inition o% Dunnin$ procedure is a pre4de%ined procedure speci%yin$ ho5 customers or 3endors are dunned. the collecti3e allocation mas&in$ character must )e $enerated to allo5 a$$re$ation indicators to )e esta)lished.M listin$s o% constrained materials .

Allocation !rocedure Assi$nment to Material Master (MM>?) At the root le3el o% the allocation process are the materials. the collecti3e allocation (mas& character) hierarchy must no5 )e maintained 5ith the appropriate a$$re$ation %actors 11. 5hen a material is entered 5ith a 3alid allocation procedure in the material master. +his data can then )e utili:ed in the mappin$ transaction (.1>. . then. the allocation data is 3eri%ied prior to con%irmin$ the line item ordered 1?. *n order entry.N.1 5here the initial hierarchy 5as esta)lished.'@B) to lin& the allocation procedure step to an in%ormation structure (pre3ious step)./ist o% (uita)le (tructures (. *n order to complete the hierarchical set up.'DB) +his report is used to identi%y potential /*( in%ormation structures that can )e used in the product allocation process. +his report simply reads throu$h the data dictionary and selects all the acti3e in%ormation structures that contain the %ield product allocation o)Rect (K. 6ach material that is to )e considered in allocation scenario must )e mapped to an allocation procedure.B) as the %irst %ield.?) +his step is a repeat o% MC.Modi%y !lannin$ "ierarchy (MC.

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