Template Version 1.0 SMT Framework Version 2.0.2 09/13/2012 v 2.0.

2 Fixed css for MSIE Reworked dinamic loader for MSIE fixed minor bugs with MSIE SMT Framework Version 2.0.1 09/10/2012 v 2.0.1 Fixed bug with back button SMT Framework Version 2.0 08/20/2012 v 2.0 Added Dinamicaly Content Loader Added Dinamicaly Pagination Added Custom Sidebars Added Google Maps shortcode Added Responsive Web Design support Fixed Google Share button Fixed jQuery includding Updated jQuery to version 1.7.3 Fixed minor bugs with activation Fixed minor CSS bugs SMT Framework Version 1.0.2 06/20/2012 v 1.0.2 Added Flickr widget and Video widget

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