Directions /«r Care i7«d' Weaning THE STYLE CAUTIONS lE COMPOSITION MOLD ft Type Block .


TAKING APART: Re-read the Cautic .

3. then lift them up out of the opening in the Squaring Plate (L). If the ASSEMBLING .left Type Block (C) as shown in Fig.

th the next fie very careful not surfaces of the Squiping Plate (L) to allow the Nick Pin to strike the left Type Block (Ci Remo^L the Type Block (O) wipe it off and replace it Slide in the lower Mold this time keeping it in position Blade (J) fiom the rear without the Point Biock (V) while holding the rieht Type Block firmly against the If out rf the rear and remoN e the right Type Block (O) the the Oil P^d has been removed (129) r<=P'^« j"^ ^^'^ ' 31 Put the (P) ver Mold Blade its BUDE '"^ complete with (J) and the upper Mold Carrier [H] ^Latch ^I]^ thK''\U°d'irt"r'Tr'?t'StwMV?hTm'\ln JSd\b''be 1 urn the Mold ontn^ n^s_ Wt^^-Kie^ pr* the ^hol^ (U) wiutennit '"Rcpl'ace removed (U) I thTcombme/M^LrSLADrs m^the T ll+T'^pping the ctSSER^Hfover rt7 Shoe Be oaaeful that the lower end of (Sie tu ^ the shell cvtendins (I) goes into the uicular hole from the back ot the s lUARiNr Plate (tig 2) and that L4ICH m the left TIPE Block and move them back and lorth to see that they work smoothh and have no dirt betwe n them '"'^Bv^ASfz'^^M^iKSZlTT. remove .ould mterfere w.Z Blade should ha^ e the groov cd mg in th^MoLD It side Pin uhen the rig^t Type Block (0)is pushed'on 35 Push the light Tipe Block (O) onto the Sqlaring ^ Mold Bi ade Inse.t because .t .(O). t the Ci amp Bolt (a) and tighten it .

'eno°"h?o S n the back ^JiZ r^^tka Typf Blo thit the riBtlt shten thi endo bmnot''en?'Eh to sTrim t °&?mlr ySie Hfl 38 a^ It Pull tliiuMoLD will Shoe (U) go and put in the open n the le '"'39"'Te'.«i^ .oU.fr!il B^c/a|r|er. . the p"S d'iy "fwinr Put the uthe. REWb (d) th..:sfaras.t*both1lOLD ^UDESto see that t ^evw ork freely '"io"T"aut.r„rj CUMP Bolt strike.should Screw i« (h) If ho»e% up ti^ht acam^t the c NO SCREX lER and n n'w' Thl. M..„..the ihL l^fLm>!'la^on'i to''see\haTThe?wOTk sm^'thlf the three (d) (e) rmlinft hem' together ul'l'"Sp'"Jo Screw J%) a (f) mdm "'""fn'S and evenly of their normal stioke 36 For ikJtDS not equ EllZl FiH" 3. ROD cs) bring.PB. |}£far \.oX'S?...t.o„ Whe .ure cin -.BEtO.l.C oklmL the too RRIKR rhe proper pr s. t't'est'^tE e'Mo ^ptrE^ ntrto\?mTth^''?l':^ end \Tth 'Tiold' L^DE ""cSrier It .


requiring .^operly. Oil the bearing "eTo" 'with the bottom ettle it to ICREWS until the Cross Block bearing repeat the above adjustment of the fits very tightly.

Names and Symbols of the Style of Parts IE Monotype Mold .



.J- I » ST \\\^''^' " // \\\\\\\ .

>j .'/ ^"iS -'f '^^^ '*^% '' *^» i^aiD^ia^ia^aasSwSjS cac<cc.}.2asasa gspsssgssggsgssss ' '^ .)^ c>J z S S a3a3ss3aaa3a. .1 S g g ^ » i 1 g s 1 1 c)^ " H 1 s 1 8 1 1 il D fii ^ 5 i M i^ m i^ O cM cH 5 .'_o'___-'-occs SSgSgggfi$$5$SgSSSS iSg |SS| § B 1 g ggsssg c5^ g.X 1 g |(>^ j|c^ g<>^m S ^..^ g g| ":>i^| V.t^ .

\UA 8MD1E1 8MD1E2 2MD1E10 1 11-1 4MA1I 2MC1E10 2MA1E2 3MA1E: 2MA1H 2MAn:4 2MAU alM\ ^ (2) Shoe Screw Screw (2) Plate Screw (2) Block Post Rivet Pin Plate Screw Nit Screw Nut Abutment Base Lock .Plate 1 Block Block (long) (3) Squaring Rivet Type Type Screw El E2 E9 El E2 iliimsliiliiii 1 1 3MAiri 2MC1E8 2MC1E6 2M.

(c) When a M. prepay express charges and write us stating (a) point size and number of Mold. (b) date of shipment and route.. Tc our nilr aaaress nrlrtrpcc as ic is nr-Inl-orl on riii printeo it (lie me \ under side Do not nail the cover— tie on. the Mold .i I ] Mold Repairs Molds ha^e neither the special tools nor the necessar^ training.\DELPHIA 1 '1 ^ . LANSTON MONOTYPE MACHINE COMPANY PHIL. for anx leason «hdtexei and we find after careful j 1 ' j high quad aboNe the lo« limit. the customer to the contrary.is restored to height unless w e arc advised specifically b. enclose these in the box with the Mold and all its parts. If anj defect. Preser\e this box and its screws for returning the rp^fittp tne ftip re\eise ' llrl iia. j This Mold is held in its box by two screws w hich pass through the bottom of the box. occur in the type produced by this Mold that cannot be corrected l)y following for the% should be at once returned to us with samples of the defecHie type.ld is returned to our factory.

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