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On the Use of the Attitudinal Function of English Intonation Guangqin Ma Abstract: As we know, in communication between people with different

mother tongues, intonation can not only eliminate ambiguity and convey information, but also reveal the speakers mood and attitude. If we use intonation improperly, it will make the native listeners puzzled, or lead to misunderstandings. Nowadays, the economic, political and technological communication between countries all over the world is developing at a great speed. Therefore, we can differentiate the right intonations from the wrong ones that baffle our communication to promote international communication and cooperation. In this paper, the use of the attitudinal function of English intonation is specifically studied, through native speakers judgment and analysis to explore characteristics and problems exhibited by Chinese learners of English in using English intonation to express emotions and attitudes and at the same time try to provide suggestions to solve these problems and provide guides for English intonation teaching and learning.