Dr. Harald Fien 2 Benchmarking_v1 .Benchmarking Abstract • Benchmarking is the process of systematically comparing: – – – – Companies Business fields Processes Products • Benchmarking provides a snapshot of the own performance compared to other organizations regarding: – – – – – Cost Cycle time Productivity Quality … • The result is often a business case for making changes in order to make improvements.

Harald Fien 3 . – benchmarking partner have to be motivated to participate (even competitors) • • • Comparability of the benchmarking objects. Access to comparative objects. Benchmarking_v1 Dr. Possibility to explain performance differences.Benchmarking Prerequisites • • Clear identifiability of the investigation object. Inclusion of functional experts and directly affected person.

Harald Fien 4 . • Root cause analysis • Transfer of “BestIn-Class”-solutions to own business Communicat. • Choice of the partners • Make sure comparability • Development of the analysis instruments Benchmarking_v1 Dr. • Definition of own targets and action plan to improve performance • Definition of benchmarking targets • Demarcation of the investigation extent.Benchmarking Process Preparation / Set-up Generation of benchmarking data • Detailed defining of benchmarking data • On-site inspection and execution • Protection of the results Analysis of benchmarking data • Evaluation of the raw data. • Identification of performance gaps. & derivation of measures • Internal communication with affected • Make available results to the benchmark partner.

Harald Fien 5 .Benchmarking Lessons Learned • • • What is meant by benchmarking? Which prerequisites have to be considered for a benchmarking action? Outline the benchmarking process. Benchmarking_v1 Dr.

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