9, 2013

NR # 3282C

Our country has faced a series of trials highlighted by the most catastrophic storm Yolanda that just left us today. It has gone leaving a trail of devastation especially in the Visayas. This comes at a time when we are barely recovering from the 7.2 magnitude ua!e and compounded by a much publici"ed por! barrel scam# even as the $ uino government continuously wor!s to institute reforms and bring improvements to our economic conditions. $lthough these are catastrophes and trials that should not be ta!en lightly# it also tests the resiliency and determination of our people %% traits we are also globally !nown for and which have helped us stand tall despite any adversity. &e must be up to the test once again and not let this catastrophe destroy our resolve to pic! ourselves up. This is a time to wor! together. It is a time for all of us to wor! in unity and in bayanihan to come out even stronger than before. I will be calling on my colleagues at the 'ouse of (epresentatives to study all possible means for us to contribute as an institution to immediately respond# in the best way possible# to this crisis just as we have done so in the past. I empathi"e with our countrymen reeling from the tremendous blow of this crisis and hope they are at least comforted by the thought that the rest of us are here and very willing to help. I call on everyone to ta!e on whatever constructive role they can and join us in government to assist our countrymen in these affected areas. &e who have been spared have an even greater role to play towards recovery so that no challenge can get in the way of our goals for this nation. )*+,