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AMERICA'S HERO'S: "Fit For Duty"

AMERICA'S HERO'S: "Fit For Duty"

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"Max Muscle supports the armed services. Here is a handful of customers in various branches of service who not only knowingly put their lives at risk to protect our freedom, but understand the value of being in the best shape they can be for their country" [Read more]
"Max Muscle supports the armed services. Here is a handful of customers in various branches of service who not only knowingly put their lives at risk to protect our freedom, but understand the value of being in the best shape they can be for their country" [Read more]

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America's Heroes:
Fit For Duty
Max Muscle supports the armed services. Here is a
handful of customers in various branches of service
who not only knowingly put their lives at risk to protect
our freedom, but understand the value of being in the
best shape they can be for their country.
Randy Yarbrough, 42
Location: Florida
Max Muscle store: Wesley Chapel, Florida
Favorite Supplements: Pro BCAA, Kre-Alkalyn,
Full Blown XXX, Vit-Acell, Joint Relief, High 5
Military Branch: U.S. Marine Corps
Before joining the U.S.
Marine Corps, Randy
Yarbrough felt great respect
for Marines. He thought
of them as elite warriors,
members of the most
revered hghting force of
earth. He specihcally liked
the way Marines carried
themselves, how they were
so physically ht and tough.
“Marines are in a
category all by themselves,”
said Yarbrough who served
in the Marine Corps for 11
years and spent three more
years on reserve duty. “I
wanted to serve my country
and wanted a challenge.
The Marine Corps was the
perfect place.”
During his time in the
Narines, Yarbrough worked
in intelligence and traveled
around the world. He kept
a focus on htness, spending
countless hours in the gym.
But recently, Yarbrough
started to put on weight, so
he visited Fernando Salas
at the Max Sports Nutrition
in Wesley Chapel, Florida.
“Fernando put me on a
strict supplement, workout
and meal plan,” Yarbrough
said. “In less than a year,
my weight dropped from
200 to 170 and my body
fat dropped by half. I have
been able to put on 10
pounds of solid muscle and
maintain my body fat. I’m
in the gym every morning
at 5 a.m. I love the results
and I’m living the dream.”
Q: Who is your hero?
A: My wife. She is a
wonderful wife and mother.
She keeps me motivated to
make it to the gym every
Q: What’s your favorite
cheat meal?
A: There is a local high-end
burger chain I frequent
every chance I get on my
cheat days. I order the
double with bacon, cheese
and even a fried egg on
top. I also get fries and a
beer. Heaven!
Julio Pinto, 29
Location: California
Max Muscle store: Los Alamitos
Favorite Supplements: Emerge, 2TX, Lipo Red,
Max LiquiCarn, Cleanse & Lean
Military Branch: U.S. Marine Corps
Julio Pinto enlisted in the Marine
Corps eight years ago because he
wanted to defend his country and
lead young Marines. He recently
returned from overseas where he was
serving as an advisor for the 31st light
infantry battalion in support of the
Georgia Deployment Program.
Whether at home or abroad, Pinto
keeps his focus on gaining lean
muscle, shedding excess weight and
maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
“Julio is the epitome of consistency
and his physique is a testament to
that,” said Roy Sabater, franchisee at
Max Muscle Sports Nutrition store in
Los Alamitos. Even though Pinto was
shipped overseas to Europe, Sabater
said he stayed on point with his diet,
training and supplements.
“For months, Julio would regularly
have us ship him his supplements,”
Sabater said. “Pretty soon his fellow
soldiers on base started taking
notice of his progress and wanted
supplements shipped to them as well.”
Q: What’s your favorite workout?
A: I like to work my back and biceps.
Q: Who is your role model?
A: Bodybuilder Greg Plitt
Q: What is your favorite meal?
A: I love grilled salmon with brown
rice and broccoli.
Matthew Spalding, 32
Location: Nebraska
Max Muscle store: Max Muscle Lincoln
Favorite Supplements: Full Blown XXX, MaxPro,
Max Kre-Alkalyn, Max Glutamine and 2TX
Military Branch: U.S. Army
Matthew Spalding is an Airborne
Ranger and a Platoon Sergeant for
a Long Range Surveillance (LRS)
unit of the U.S. Army. He has
served 13 years and is stationed
at Camp Ashland, Nebraska with
combat deployments to Iraq and
“It has always been one of my
goals to become an Army Ranger,”
Spalding said. “After I returned
home from my first deployment,
I decided to make that dream a
reality. I love the adventure and
excitement that comes with my job.
I think it is important to be part of
something bigger than myself.”
Spalding stepped up his training
and sought nutrition advice from
the people at Max Muscle Lincoln.
Soon, he achieved his fitness goals
and earned the coveted Army
Ranger title.
“I have continued to train hard
and use Max Muscle for my
nutritional needs,” Spalding said.
“Now I am over 30 and in the best
shape of my life. I do not plan on
slowing any time soon.”
Chad Case, franchisee of Max
Muscle Lincoln, said Spalding is the
epitome of what many aspire to be:
disciplined in training and nutrition.
“Knowing there are people
like him protecting our freedom
provides great reassurance,” Case
said. “I've been honored as a small
business owner earn the patronage
and support of protectors like Matt.”
Q: What is your favorite workout?
A: I like German Volume Training,
especially with barbell squats.
Q: Who is your role model?
A: My father. He taught me from a young
age the importance of nutrition, exercise,
and achieving your body’s maximum
Q: What is your favorite meal?
A: Salmon, kale and avocado salad.
Jay Canals, 48
Location: Florida
Max Muscle store: Wesley Chapel, Florida
Favorite supplements: Emerge, 2TX, MTX, High 5, Lipo
Red, Cleanse & Lean, Max EFA, Vit-Acell, Max LiquiCarn
and FBX
Military Branch: U.S. Army
Daniel Lingeman, 29
Location: Kentucky
Max Muscle store: Lexington, Kentucky
Favorite supplements: MaxPro (Chocolate, Natural
Vanilla, Cinnamon Roll), JS Nitro Glycomaize, CNS
Black, Max LiquiCarn
Military Branch: U.S. Marine Corps
Daniel Lingeman joined the
Marine Corps to experience
exciting things, serve his
country, finish school and
take care of his family, all at
once. The rifleman has been
serving and meeting all of
his objectives since 2009.
In addition to rigorous
military physical training,
Lingeman devotes time to
CrossFit and running. Yet, he
could not reach his fitness
goals until he improved
his nutrition. Lingeman
worked with Dennis Frank,
franchisee of Max Muscle
Sports Nutrition in Lexington,
Kentucky, to develop a diet
plan. He was able to cut
his body fat percentage
in half over a 12-week
period while maintaining 96
percent of his original lean
“Dan’s perseverance and
commitment to following
the nutrition plan we
developed exemplifies the
important role nutrition plays
in achieving fitness goals
versus exercise alone,” said
Q: What’s your
workout routine?
A: I do CrossFit on Monday,
Tuesday, Wednesday,
Friday and Saturday. I run
on Thursday and Sunday.
Q: Who is your role model?
A: My biggest role model is
my father because he tries
to spend every single minute
of his day doing something
Q: What workout
tunes do you like?
A: I enjoy working out to
electronic dance music or
hip hop, but once my heart
rate gets going after the first
few minutes, I hardly notice
what is playing.
Jay Canals served four years
active duty and four years in
the reserves with the United
States Army. It was this service
that instilled in Canals a sense
of respect and discipline.
“Military experience has
helped me through life and
matured me in many ways,”
Canals said. “The respect and
discipline I carry has allowed
me to succeed in all I do with
fitness and nutrition.”
Canals completed basic
training in Fort Jackson, South
Carolina and was stationed at
Fort Bragg, North Carolina. He
was a squad leader, a translator
in South America, and a patrol
leader in Panama. He has also
been a Max Muscle supporter
since 2009. He placed in
the top 10 of the 2011/2012
MaxForm Life Challenge.
“My current store is Max
Muscle Wesley Chapel,”
Canals said. “Fernando Salas
is the franchisee who has
helped me through weight
loss and transformations. I am
no longer on blood pressure
medication and I owe it all to
Max Muscle, my family and
especially my wife, Kimberly,
who helps prepare my meals
and holds me accountable each
Q: What’s your favorite
workout routine?
A: I love high-intensity interval
training and weight lifting.
Q: Who is your role model?
A: Jesus Christ (and Superman).
Q: What’s your favorite meal?
A: The standing joke among my
friends is “chicken and broccoli”
is all I eat. But, my favorite
meal is red beans, white rice and
breaded flank steak with sweet
Lani Hefel, 28
Location: Iowa
Max Muscle store: Clive, Iowa
Favorite Supplements: Triple Whey Chocolate, Vit-Acell, Essential
Omega Pina Colada
Military Branch: Iowa Army National Guard
Saul Mendoza
Location: California
Max Muscle store: Los Alamitos
Favorite Supplements: GlutaMatrix, Max EFA, CNS Black, Max
ACM, ADRX, MaxPro protein
Military Branch: U.S. Air Force
Saul Mendoza has known since he
was a small child that he wanted to
serve in the military. Now, he has
put in nine years with the U.S. Air
“It’s all I have ever wanted to
do,” Mendoza said. “I will serve
until it kills me, or I am too old and
frail to do my job. As long as I keep
up my htness, that won't be for a
Mendoza spent eight years in
the Air Force as a c-130 engine
mechanic. Now, he works as a drill
sergeant for at-risk youth. Because
physical htness is such a big part of
what he does for a living, Mendoza
said it is important to stay in peak
physical condition. He does this
with proper nutrition and by being
a self-proclaimed ¨htness junkie."
Roy Sabater, franchisee of the
Max Sports Nutrition store in
Los Alamitos said he has been
amazed by Mendoza’s dedication,
consistency and progress. He
remembers when Mendoza came
into the store to stock up – three of
everything – for a stay on a base in
the Philippines.
“I thought to myself, ‘this guy is
going to attain his physique goals
in no time,’” Sabater said. “The
same soldiers who were teasing
Saul about his supplement and
workout routine are now picking
his brain on how to lose weight and
gain muscle.”
Q: What’s your favorite workout?
A: I do chest and back twice a
week. Also, deadlifts are by far my
favorite exercise.
Q: Who is your role model?
A: Bradley Martin is a spitting
image of what I would like to
accomplish and maybe even
surpass one day as a bodybuilder.
Q: What’s your cheat meal?
A: That would have to be anything
from Chipotle with sour cream. I
love sour cream.
Lani Hefel originally joined the Army
National Guard in 2002 for the college
money. Eleven years later, she said she
still serves “with honor and pride” at
Camp Dodge in Iowa.“I’ve met so many
people and made so many great friends
that being a soldier is who I am,” Hefel
said. “I love being able to serve my
One month ago, Hefel returned from
Afghanistan. While she was there,
Hefel placed in the women’s top three
in every 5K race. She competed in a
female-only 500-pound club where
she placed second in the lightweight
division, lifting a total of 550 pounds.
Hefel, who loves to be active,
enjoys running, hiking, weight lifting,
biking, rock climbing and kayaking.
In the past, she struggled to balance
running with weight lifting. Although
she completed nine marathons, Hefel
wanted more muscle definition. So,
she visited her Max Muscle Sports
Nutrition store in Clive, Iowa.
Tyler Barkley, franchisee and
certified fitness nutrition coach, created
a nutrition plan for Hefel. She saw
immediate results and has been a Max
Muscle devotee ever since.
Now, Hefel is dedicated to nutrition
and balances running with high-
intensity interval training – a regime
that fits her life as a soldier.
Q: Who is your role model?
A: I really look up to fitness model/
writer Jamie Eason Middleton.
Q: What’s your favorite meal?
A: I love breakfast any time of day.
Q: What’s on your workout playlist?
A: Ludacris is my favorite.

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