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Published by: mary eng on Nov 11, 2013
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a. Travel to Atlanta (February 5-8, 2012)

Both Cogen and Manhas traveled to Atlanta in February 2012 for a wrap

up meeting associated with the “Communities Putting Prevention to Work”

conference which they both had reason to attend. Based on interviews I know

that during this travel Manhas and Cogen spent personal time together and

engaged in sexual relations. However, based on the investigation there are no

criminal violations related to the expenditures incurred during this trip.

b. Travel to Atlanta (April 9-11, 2013)

Cogen traveled to Atlanta with a group of approximately fifty people from

Portland for an Economic Development Conference entitled Atlanta “Best

Practices Tour.” Cogen invited Manhas to meet him in Atlanta to spend time

together. Manhas took vacation time and paid for her flight personally. Cogen’s

trip was paid for by Multnomah County and had been booked in February 2013.

In March 2013, Cogen requested his hotel be changed from the conference hotel,

Renaissance Atlanta Midtown, to the Lowes Hotel. The per night rate went from

approximately $199 plus tax for a standard guest room to $288.84 plus tax for a

COGEN, JEFF - CJD0007-13

Oregon Department of Justice


Criminal Justice Division

610 Hawthorne Ave. Ste 210

Salem, OR 97301

“Deluxe King” room, plus 29.85 for internet access. Multnomah County policy

(outlined below) clearly states “elected officials may approve their own travel”

expenses. Therefore, based on Multnomah County policy it appears the change in

hotel and the incurred expenses were at Cogen’s discretion as the money came

from his department’s budget.

Cogen and Manhas stayed together in Cogen’s room at the Lowes Hotel

for two nights. Cogen did attend portions of the conference, according to

Manhas. When Manhas was leaving for the airport Cogen decided to go home as

well. He contacted his staff requesting to travel home because the conference was

boring. When this decision was made it was too late to check out of the hotel that

day. The County incurred the charges for the third night despite his early

departure ($288.84). Cogen and Manhas shared a cab to the Atlanta airport.

Cogen submitted for reimbursement for the Cab ride which cost $35.00. Cogen’s

staff changed his flights so he could return early, which incurred additional fees

totaling $178.50 for the flight change. Cogen did not return to Portland on the

same flight with Manhas.

County policy and procedure allows Commissioners latitude to book their

own travel without approval from anyone.

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