US Army: AKO-Login

AKO V Corps Knowledge Collaboration Center Login Instructions

October 2004/bra

AKO Login - Get There Fast
1. Open an Internet browser (such as Internet Explorer or Netscape) 2. Go to 3. Click “login” and enter your username & password 4. If you do not have an account, click on Register for AKO 5. If you forgot your password, click on Lost Password

V Corps Knowledge Collaboration Center
1. Find Army Organizations (left side) 2. Go to MACOMS and click on the plus icon adjacent to USAREUR 3. Click on HQ V Corps 4. Find V Corps KCC and click on the link Go to the V Corps Knowledge Centers 5. On the left, find file cabinet icon that contains the info you seek

If you’d like more details about AKO… Click on Help in the top right corner (after you Login to AKO)

Prepared by: Bryan Armbrust, AETV-PAO 49.(0)6221.57.5822 dsn 314.370.5822

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