(Industrial Safety Engineering)




Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli – 620 015.

(Industrial Safety Engineering) M. . National Institute of Technology. .Phase II Total Credits L 0 T 0 P 0 C 12 63 L 0 T 0 P 0 C 12 Department of Mechanical Engineering.INDUSTRIAL SAFETY ENGINEERING The total credits required for completing the M. Safety and Environment Elective I L 3 3 3 3 3 3 18 T 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 P 0 0 3 0 0 0 3 C 4 3 4 3 3 3 20 SEMESTER II Code ME 652 ME 654 ME 656 ME 658 Course of Study Computer Aided Risk Analysis Safety in Chemical Industry Fire Engineering and Explosion Control Industrial Safety Lab Elective II Elective III Elective IV L 3 3 3 0 3 3 3 18 T 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 P 0 0 0 3 0 0 0 3 C 3 3 3 1 3 3 3 20 SEMESTER III Code ME 797 Course of Study Project work .Tech.M.Phase I SEMESTER IV Code ME 798 Course of Study Project work . Tiruchirappalli – 620 015.Tech. Programme is 63 SEMESTER I Code MA 611 ME 653 ME 655 ME 657 ME 659 Course of Study Probability and Statistics Safety Management Occupational Health and Hygiene Safety in Engineering Industry Regulation for Health.Tech.

(Industrial Safety Engineering) LIST OF ELECTIVES SEMESTER I ELECTIVE – I Code ME 671 ME 673 SEMESTER II ELECTIVE .M. National Institute of Technology. Tiruchirappalli – 620 015. III & IV Code ME 672 ME 674 ME 676 ME 678 ME 680 ME 682 Course of Study Safety in Construction Human Factors Engineering Electrical Safety Safety in Material Handling Design of Air pollution control system Industrial Noise and Vibration Control Any other Elective offered by other department L 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 T 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 P 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 C 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 Course of Study Environnemental Pollution Control Safety in On and Off Shore Drilling L 3 3 T 0 0 P 0 0 C 3 3 Department of Mechanical Engineering. .Tech.II.

. Tiruchirappalli – 620 015. MURRAY R. and KAPOOR. Schaum’s series. SPIEGEL. Planning document. (Industrial Safety Engineering) MA 611 . SPIEGEL. Sampling distributions – Confidence interval estimation of population parameters – Testing of hypotheses – Large sample tests for mean and proportion – t-test. 4. V. Probability and Statistics with Reliability and Queuing and Computer Science Applications.C. . Gamma. India reporting requirement. 3. functions of investigator. Safety Audit.One way and two way classifications – Time series analysis.Method of least squares . Sultan Chand and Sons.Accident causation models . Geometric.Regression and correlation – Rank correlation – Multiple and partial correlation – Analysis of variance . Prentice Hall of India. Engineering Statistics.Safety policy . safety sampling. Raw moments from moment generating functions of respective distributions. Fundamentals of Mathematical Statistics.Moment generating function. disaster control. safety inspection.S. Curve fitting . References: 1.PROBABILITY AND STATISTICS (3 – 1 – 0) 4 Random variable – Two dimensional random variables – Standard probability distributions – Binomial.Failure rate analysis – Reliability of systems – Series. four types of evidences. Statistics. Special distributions – Uniform.M. ME 653 – SAFETY MANAGEMENT (3 – 0 – 0) 3 CONCEPTS Evolution of modern safety concept.. Probability and Statistics. Investigators Kit. BOWKER and LIBERMAN. Poisson and Normal distributions .Cost of accident. Basics concepts of reliability .Role of safety committee . Records of accidents. reportable and non reportable accidents.Safety Organization . Job Safety Analysis (JSA). unsafe act and condition – principles of accident prevention.budgeting for safety.. TRIVEDI K. MURRAY R. 2. F-test and Chi-square test. Prentice-Hall. Supervisory role. S.K. National Institute of Technology.line and staff functions for safety. accident reportsClass exercise with case study. Department of Mechanical Engineering. Planning matrix. Parallel – Maintenance . ACCIDENT INVESTIGATION AND REPORTING Concept of an accident. Schaum’s series. Overall accident investigation process . Exponential. 5. Variance. safety survey. TECHNIQUES Incident Recall Technique (IRT).Response to accidents..Safety Committee.Tech. Weibull and Beta distributions – Mean. GUPTA.Preventive and corrective – Maintainability equation – Availability – Quality and Reliability.

compensation aspects. Types. celebrations. design specifications . National Institute of Technology.Biohazard control program.B. properties of sound. types.C. risk factors. “Industrial Accident Prevention” McGraw-Hill Company. noise control program. dose. sound measuring instruments. permissible exposure limit. dust sample collection devices. octave band analyzer. industrial audiometry. monitoring instruments. London. Gas and Vapour monitors. competitions – method of promoting safe practice .S. employee health program-laboratory safety program-animal care and handling-biological safety cabinets . New Jersey. noise exposure regulation. “Industrial Safety” Prentice Hall.cold environments. safety incentive scheme.V. “Safety Management in Industry” Jaico Publishing House. safety “t” score. John Ridley.Methods of Evaluation. frequency rate. Tiruchirappalli – 620 015. occupational damage. 1980. temporary total disabilities Calculation of accident indices. accident rate. .Engineering Control. process or operation description. surveying procedure. Heinrich H. TLV. parasitic agents. vapour. radar hazards. estimation and control CHEMICAL HAZARDS Recognition of chemical hazards-dust. instruments. effects. control programs. permanent partial disabilities. Sampling methodology. SAFETY EDUCATION AND TRAINING Importance of training-identification of training needs-training methods – programme. safety activity rate – problems. Measurement Procedures. noise surveys. safety displays. hearing conservation programsvibration. control measures. viral agents. Krishnan N. Field Survey. infectious diseases . “Safety at Work”. wind chill index. Industrial Hygiene calculations. rickettsial and chlamydial agents. Butterworth & Co. concentration.hot environments.role of government agencies and private consulting agencies in safety training – creating awareness.training and education BIOLOGICAL AND ERGONOMICAL HAZARDS Classification of Biohazardous agents –bacterial agents. microwaves and radio-waves. fog. safety campaign – Domestic Safety and Training.Chicago. hypothermia. types. New York. Air Sampling instruments. 1973 ME 655 – OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND HYGIENE (3 – 0 – 3) 4 PHYSICAL HAZARDS Noise. fungal. conferences.. 1982 2. severity rate. noise networks. lasers. 3. effects. 1997.building design. incident rate. safety pledge. types. personal sampling Methods of Control . safety posters. fumes. Design maintenance considerations. Exposure vs. mist. Blake R. acclimatization. Ionizing radiation. Accident Prevention Manual for Industrial Operations”. Comparison with OSHAS Standard. N.Tech. Instruments Procedures.M. heat stress indices. seminars.motivation – communication . 1983. Inc.General Control Methods . Department of Mechanical Engineering. frequency severity incidence. (Industrial Safety Engineering) SAFETY PERFORMANCE MONITORING permanent total disabilities. gases.. 5.. 4. TLV . Bombay. types. thermal comfort. awards.W. effects. OSHA standardnon-ionizing radiations. References 1.

machine guarding. siderosis. milling machine.back injuries. audiometric tests. E. Wood working machinery. local. eye tests. Tiruchirappalli – 620 015. 1982.functional units and activities of occupational health services. Vol. Handbook of Occupational Health and Safety. safety principles. I & II. trip guard. PRINCIPLES OF MACHINE GUARDING Guarding during maintenance. types. Policy for ZMS – guarding of hazards . International Labour Organisation. interlock guard.. Department of Mechanical Engineering. lead-nickel. CNC machines. gas poisoning (such as CO. electrical guards. fixed guard. aluminosis and anthrax. anthracosis. National Institute of Technology. levels of prevention of diseases. Selection and suitability: lathe-drilling-boring-milling-grinding-shaping-sawing-shearingpresses-forge hammer-flywheels-shafts-couplings-gears-sprockets wheels and chains-pulleys and belts-authorized entry to hazardous installations-benefits of good guarding systems. Tata McGraw-Hill. 1982 2. pneumoconiosis.Tech. hazards.point of operation protective devices. chromium and manganese toxicity. notifiable occupational diseases such as silicosis. Human Factors in Engineering and Design. vital function tests. Zero Mechanical State (ZMS).J. maintenance. types. principles. ammonia.M.guard opening. boring machines. standards and codes. References 1. OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND TOXICOLOGY Concept and spectrum of health . electron eye. 1985. fixed guard fencing. types. planning machine and grinding machines. temporary and cumulative effects. Geneva. coal and dust etc) their effects and prevention – cardio pulmonary resuscitation. 3. work area. ME 657 – SAFETY IN ENGINEERING INDUSTRY(3 – 0 – 0) 3 SAFETY IN METAL WORKING MACHINERY AND WOOD WORKING MACHINES General safety rules. Definition. (Industrial Safety Engineering) Work Related Musculoskeltal Disorders –carpal tunnel syndrome CTS. Inspections of turning machines. systemic and chronic effects. and Sanders. Encyclopedia of Occupational Health and Safety. M. . pre-employment and post-employment medical examinations .saws. NSC Chicago. inspection.guard construction.Tendon paindisorders of the neck. material handling.S.occupational related diseases. positional control guard. asbestosis. carcinogens entry into human systems OCCUPATIONAL PHYSIOLOGY Man as a system component – allocation of functions – efficiency – occupational work capacity – aerobic and anaerobic work – evaluation of physiological requirements of jobs – parameters of measurements – categorization of job heaviness – work organization – stress – strain – fatigue – rest pauses – shift work – personal hygiene. McCornick. Industrial toxicology. automatic guard.

sand and shot blasting. soldering and metalizing – explosive welding. London. Publishing Ltd. Indian Boilers Regulation. 3. All India Travelers Book seller. 1982.Indian petroleum act and rules. feeding and cutting mechanism. Krishnan Jaico Publishery House. 6. personal monitoring devices. safety precautions in brazing. safety in radiography. cupola. point of operation safe guarding. common hazards. resistances welding. hot rolling mill operation. air leak test. Chicago. training.Workmen compensation act. material handling in foundries.SMPV Act . New Delhi. Health and Safety in welding and Allied processes. hazards and control measures. power press electric controls. “Safety in Industry” N. valves. SAFETY IN COLD FORMING AND HOT WORKING OF METALS Cold working. hydro testing. dynamic balancing. pressure vessels. radiation hazards. “Occupational safety Manual” BHEL. 2000 Department of Mechanical Engineering. 1988.Gas cylinder rules . 4. inspection and maintenance-metal sheers-press brakes. distribution and handling of industrial gases-colour coding – flashback arrestor – leak detection-pipe line safety-storage and handling of gas cylinders. crucibles. care and maintenance of the associated equipment and instruments – safety in generation. Government of India. Madras Book Agency. Tiruchirappalli – 620 015. The Factories Act 1948. welding Institute. 5. UK 1992. 7. auxiliary mechanisms. boiler drums and headers. Indian Boiler acts and Regulations. HMSO. References 1. Safety in gas furnace operation. 1996. Storage and Import of Hazardous Chemical rules 1989 Indian Electricity act and rules. work environment. Grimaldi and Rollin H. National Institute of Technology. Simonds. 2. “Safety Management by John V. paint shops. UK. engineering and administrative controls. safety in inspection and testing. arc welding and cutting. foundry health hazards. Hot working safety in forging. “Accident Prevention Manual” – NSC. High Tech. Safety in the use of wood working machines.. ME 659 – REGULATIONS FOR HEALTH. safe guards in hot rolling mills – hot bending of pipes.Tech. ovens. Chennai.M. hand or foot-operated presses. INSPECTION AND TESTING Heat treatment operations. (Industrial Safety Engineering) SAFETY IN WELDING AND GAS CUTTING Gas welding and oxygen cutting. electro plating. power press set up and die removal. 1989.V. SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENT (3 – 0 – 0) 3 Factories act and rules . steam testing. Overview of OHSAS 18000 and ISO 14000 References 1. Trichy. personal protective equipment. SAFETY IN FINISHING. foundry production cleaning and finishing foundry processes. selection. . power presses. Indian explosive act . 1989. Environmental pollution act Manufacture.

Thermo Calorimetry. liquid release. Controlling parameters. methodology. S.I. checklist analysis.M. Sensitiveness Test. Lucknow. References 1. Commonwealth Science Council. Kataria & Sons. Water (Prevention and control of pollution) act 1974.Toxic effects. Applications. Deflagration Test. 10th Edition 6.Basic concepts of Software on Risk analysis. Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC). RISK ISSUES AND HAZARD ASSESSMENT Introduction. Explosion effects and confined explosion. UVCE and Flash fire. 7.Heat radiation effects.Hazard assessment. Logic symbols. Methodologies for Risk and Safety Assessment in Chemical Process Industries.K. Loss Prevention in Process Industries-Frank P. Madras Book Agency. Impact Sensitiveness Test(BAM) and Friction Sensitiveness Test (BAM). BLEVE. Commercial Law publishers (India) Pvt.Explosion. Pool fires and Jet fire.C. Commercial Law Publishers (India) Pvt.Hazard analysis(HAZAN). Air (Prevention and control of pollution) act 1981. 1883 (India). National Institute of Technology. ISO 9000 to OHSAS 18001. The Environment Act (Protection) 1986. two phase release. New Delhi. Less Butterworth-Hein UK 1990 (Vol. Detonation Test. Dr. 1884 and Explosive rules. New Delhi. advantages. Principles of operations.fire explosion and toxicity index(FETI). The manufacture.Ltd. safety review. minimal cut set ranking .identification of hazardous processes. (Industrial Safety Engineering) 2. procedure. (2002). K.Failure Mode and Effect Analysis(FMEA). CISCON.Plotting the damage distances on plot plant/layout.Ltd. Explosive Act. ALOHA CONSEQUENCES ANALYSIS Logics of consequences analysis. II & III) 2. what-if analysis. Gas or vapour release. Tiruchirappalli – 620 015. hazard monitoring-risk issue . FETI. hazard. Shock Sensitiveness Test.Gas/vapour dispersion.Chemical inventory analysis. New Delhi. Thermo Gravimetric Analyzer (TGA). Eastern Book company.. methodology. storage and import of hazardous chemical rules 1989. 5. Delhi SEMESTER – II ME 652 – COMPUTER AIDED RISK ANALYSIS(3 – 1 – 0) 4 HAZARD. 3.Ltd. RISK ANALYSIS QUANTIFICATION AND SOFTWARES Fault Tree Analysis & Event Tree Analysis.. Card Gap Test. UK Department of Mechanical Engineering. Arora. Minimum ignition energy Test.Estimation of source term.Hazard identification based on the properties of chemicals. Commercial Law Publishers (India) Pvt. . hazard operability studies (HAZOP) INSTRUMENTATION Applications of Advanced Equipments and Instruments. preliminary hazard analysis (PHA). various indices . Chennai. 4..Tech. Accelerated Rate Calorimeter (ARC).Estimation. safety audit. Ignition Test. Explosive Testing.

(Industrial Safety Engineering) 3. hazards. repair and demolition. by Trevor A Klett. confined spaces.online repairs. flame arrestors. vacuum valves. atmospheric vent. pre-commissioning documents. operating conditions. layout.process machinery. driers. types. chlorine storages. AICHE 1992. pressure vessel. post commissioning documentation process Plant inspection. fire relief. ammonia storages.over pressure protection. ME 654 – SAFETY IN CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES (3 – 0 – 0) 3 SAFETY IN PROCESS DESIGN AND PRESSURE SYSTEM DESIGN Design process.start up and shut down operation. vapourizer. APELL STORAGES AND TRASPORTATION General consideration. disposal. toxic storages. instrumentation. commissioning. condition.hot works. isolation. conceptual design and detail design. pressure storages. Tiruchirappalli – 620 015. pressure relief devices and design. 5. refinery units. PLANT MAINTENANCE. Centre for Chemical process safety. petroleum product storages.exposure of personnel. storage.maintenance equipment. 4. onsite emergency. pressure vessel design. fire relief. purging. PLANT COMMISSIONING AND INSPECTION Commissioning phases and organization.venting and relief.underground storages. Emergency planning. assessment. pressure testing. Pressure system. Department of Mechanical Engineering. utilities. Centre for Chemical Process safety. Guidelines for Hazard Evaluation Procedures. . performance monitoring. leak testing and monitoring. unit operations and equipments. special situations. separating distance. MODIFICATION AND EMERGENCY PLANNING Management of maintenance.operation of fired heaters.preparation for maintenance.storages layoutsegregation.trip systems. refrigerated storagesLNG storages. assessment.flare and vent systemsfailures in pressure system.Tech. reaction hazard evaluation. commissioning problems. Hazop and Hazon.drum and cylinder storage.maintenance of protective devices. Quantitative Risk assessment in Chemical Industries. inherently safer designchemical reactor. storage hazard assessment of LPG and LNG Hazards during transportation – pipeline transport PLANT OPERATIONS Operating discipline.offsite emergency.pipe works and valves. other chemical storages.controls of modifications.tank cleaning. Institute of Chemical Industries.heat exchangers. storage tanks and vessel. format. corrosion. cleaning. Institute of Chemical Engineering.M. National Institute of Technology. vacuum and thermal relief. acoustic emission-pipe line inspection. batch reactors. pressure piping system. vibration. emergency procedureshand over and permit system.modification of plant.plant monitoring.ware house.operating activities and hazards. secondary containment. reactor safety.loading and unloading facilities. permit system. pressure. non destructive testing. operating procedure and inspection. disaster planning. standards and codes. problems.fire prevention and protectionLPG storages. hydrogen storages.

Petroleum Act and Rules. 1996. fertilizer and distilleries. Frequency and spectrum analysis of noise: Instrument – precision type of Noise level meter with frequency and spectrum analyzer. Orient Longman. 5.Special fire suppression system like deluge and emulsifier. 2. “Quantitative Risk Assessment in Chemical Process Industries” American Institute of Chemical Industries. petro.. James. Gupta R. Chicago. VIBRATION MEASUREMENT AND ANALYSIS Measurement of whole body vibration for various acceleration: Instrument – vibration simulator and vibration analyzer Department of Mechanical Engineering. Tiruchirappalli – 620 015.G handling. petroleum.P.Tech.chemical. ME 658 – INDUSTRIAL SAFETY LABORATORY (3 – 0 – 0) 3 1. 1982.. Butterworths. (Industrial Safety Engineering) Specific safety consideration for Cement. References 1. and Wood.Indian Explosive acts and rules – Techniques of fire fighting and demonstration. rubber. London. GREEN. 4. References 1. “High Risk Safety Technology”.M. . 6. Explosion protection systems – Explosion parameters – Explosion suppression system based on CO2 and Halon – Hazards in L. D. 1986.h... H. Lees. 1997. Government of India. Fawcett. 2. Second Edition. 2. pharmaceutical.P. 1984. “Accident Prevention Manual for Industrial Operations” NSC. paper. Fire Prevention Handbook. Centre for Chemical Process safety. Bulding evaluation for fire safety – Fire load –Fire resistance materials and fire testing – Structural Fire protection – Exits and egress. continuous and intermittent. “Loss Prevention in Process Industries” Butterworths and Company. NOISE LEVEL MEASUREMENT AND ANALYSIS Measurement of noise level for various sources – Impact. Government of India. A.E. 3. Bombay. Statutory Rules and Techniques of fire fighting . John Wiley and Sons. “Safety and Accident Prevention in Chemical Operations” Wiley inters.Stand pipe. Text Book 1. ME 656 – FIRE ENGINEERING AND EXPLOSION CONTROL (3 – 0 – 0) 3 Fire chemistry – Dynamics of fire behavior – Fire properties of solid. Carbide of Calcium Rules. F. Handbook of Fire Technology. liquid and gas – Fire spread – Toxicity of products of combustion Industrial fire protection systems – Sprinkler – Hydrants. National Institute of Technology.S.

M. ESP. sulphur dioxides. CONSEQUENCE ANALYSIS Soft computing skills on developing effects of fire & explosion and dispersion: Software – PHAST 1 and ALOHA 10. apron and leg guard. AMBIENT AIR MONITORING Measurement of respirable and non-respirable dust in the ambient air: Instrument – High volume sampler 9. gum boots. Water pollution. National Institute of Technology. nitrogen oxides. ear plug. ear muff. dry chemical powder. land filling. ankle shoes. STUDY OF PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT: Safety helmet. Carbon monoxide and Hydrocarbons. (Industrial Safety Engineering) 3. Department of Mechanical Engineering. Dispersion of Air pollutants-Plume behavior-Control of gaseous pollutants. ELECTIVE – I ME 671 – ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION CONTROL (3 – 0 – 0) 3 Air pollution– Classification and properties of Air pollutants-Pollution sources. STUDY OF FIRE EXTINGUISHERS Selection and demonstration of first-aid fire extinguishers: soda acid. BREATHING ZONE CONCENTRATION Measurement of breathing zone concentration of dust and fumes: Instrument – personal air sampler 8. face shield.Tech.Control of air pollution – Gravitational settling chambers-Cyclone separators. 11. Air pollution laws and Standards. safety shoe. nose mask.methods of collection – Disposal of solid waste. Solid waste management. Advanced wastewater treatments by physical. foam. THERMAL REACTIVITY TEST Measurement of thermal reactivity for unstable materials: Instrument – DSC/TGA 6. hand gloves. goggles. FRICTION SENSITIVITY TEST Measurement of friction sensitivity for unstable materials: Instrument – BAM friction tester 4. Wet scrubber. biological and thermal methodsEffluent quality standards.Classification of water pollutant and their effects on receiving bodies. . chemical. Tiruchirappalli – 620 015. halon. IMPACT SENSITIVITY TEST Measurement of impact sensitivity for unstable materials: Instrument – BAM fall hammer 5. carbon dioxide (CO2). EXHAUST GAS MEASUREMENT AND ANALYSIS Measurement of Exhaust gas measurement of IC engines: Instrument – Gas analyzer 7. Handling of toxic and radio active wastes –Incineration and vitrification. belt.

Security. Wiley Eastern Ltd. III.lighting and its effects Petroleum Extraction and transport by sea – Oil field products – Operation – Transport of crude by sea – Crude oil hazards.M. Environmental Pollution Control Engineering.Construction materials –Specifications – suitability – Limitations – Merits and demerits – Steel structures –Concrete structure Safety in typical civil structures – Dams-bridges-water Tanks-Retaining walls-Critical factors for failure-Regular Inspection and monitoring. (Industrial Safety Engineering) Pollution control in process industries – Cement. References 1. Department of Mechanical Engineering. Fulman.Petroleum solvents – Lubricating oils – Petroleum wax.Work position –Working condition – safety and associated hazards. Accident Prevention Manual for Industrial Operations.. Geneva.Tech. NSC. New Delhi.. paper. ELECTIVE – II. Chicago. Maintenance –Training-Scheduling-Preventive maintenance-Lock out of Mechanical and Electrical maintenance-ground maintenance-hand tools-Gasoline operating equipment.B. References 1. 1979. IV ME 673 – SAFETY IN CONSTRUCTION (3 – 0 – 0) 3 General safety consideration – analyzing construction jobs for safety – Contract document – Safety certificate for statutory authorities for old building and construction Excavation. 1982. National Institute of Technology. Vol. International Labour Organisation. petroleum. 2. and Loss Prevention.. Rao. . foundation and utilities – Cordoning – Demolition – Dismantling –Clearing debris – Types of foundations – Open footings. fertilizer and petrochemical. ME 672 – SAFETY IN ON AND OFF SHORE DRILLING (3 – 0 – 0) 3 Petroleum and Petroleum products – Fuels. II. C. greases – Miscellaneous product On and off shore oil operation – Construction of Installation – Pipe line Construction – Maintenance and repair activities – Safety and associated hazards Drilling oil – Technique and equipment. Tiruchirappalli – 620 015. Petroleum product storage and transport –Storage equipment –Precaution –Tank cleaning References 1. Encyclopedia of Occupational Health and Safety. 1985 & I. Safety in Erection and closing operation . John Wiley and Sons.S. Construction Safety. 1992. J.

standards. www. London. 1982. Tata McGraw-Hill.ELECTRICAL SAFETY (3 – 0 – 0) 3 Review of Electrical concept. Electrical Safety Engineering. hoisting. and maintenance). 1982. . Electrical Hazards – Energy leakage – Clearance and insulation – Excess energy – Current surges – Electrical causes of fire and explosion – National electrical Safety code. installation. References 1. Accident Prevention Manual for Industrial Operations. Factors impending safety – Technological factor –Physiological factor –Legal factor – Administrative factors Personal protective equipments (different types. 1986. Chicago.HUMAN FACTORS ENGINNERING (3 – 0 – 0) 3 Concept of man-machine system –Applications of human factors Engineering. Protection and Interlock – Discharge rods and earthing device – Safety in the use of portable tools . Man as Controller Human Behavior – Individual difference –Motivation –Frustration and Conflicts – Attitudes Learning concepts. specifications. Arresting gears – Prime movers. National Institute of Technology.M. 3. ME 675 .statutory requirements from Electrical inspectorate.Preventive maintenance Hazardous area classification and classification of electrical equipments for hazardous areas ( IS.gov ME 676 – SAFETY IN MATERIAL HANDLING (3 – 0 – 0) 3 General safety consideration in material handling .. API and OSHA standards). Clamps. (Industrial Safety Engineering) ME 674 . 1982. Electrostatic – Electro magnetism – Stored energy – Working principle of major electrical equipment – Typical supply situation Standards and statutory requirements – Indian electricity acts and rules . References 1.Ropes. NSC. design. testing procedures. Butterworths. McCornick.osha. 2. Selection of Environment.Tech. Principles of Ergonomic – Application of ergonomics in a work system – Principle of motion economy – effects of environment. Man as Information processor. Fordham Cooper W.J. 2. Sling. Hoops. Tiruchirappalli – 620 015. traveling and slewing mechanisms. Accident Prevention Manual for Industrial Operations. Chains. Department of Mechanical Engineering. operation and maintenance of Conveying equipments. E.. Human Factors in Engineering and Design.Man as Sensor. NSC. Ergonomic consideration in material handling. Chicago.

Competent persons.Filtration – Interception – Impaction – Convective diffusion – Collection of particles by fibers and Granular beds – Electrostatic precipitation – Cyclones – Wet Collectors. Wang. operation and maintenance of driving gear for hoisting mechanism – Traveling mechanism Selection. C Perelra. Yung-Tse-Hung. Material Handling Equipment. Mir Publishers. operation and maintenance of Industrial Trucks – Mobile Cranes – Tower crane – Checklist . Noel de Nevers. 2. Storage and Retrieval of common goods of various shapes and sizes in a general store of a big industry. Alexandrov. 2. National Institute of Technology. installation. McGraw Hill. Particulate pollutant control: Settling chambers – Laminar and Turbulent flow . Air Pollution Control Engineering. ME 678 – INDUSTRIAL NOISE AN VIBRATION CONTROL (3 – 0 – 0) 3 INTRODUCTION Basic definitions and terminology used in Vibrations and acoustics – Mathematical concepts and degrees of freedom in vibratory systems – Natural frequencies and vibration modes – continuous systems and wave theory concept – wave equation and relation to acoustics theory of sound propagation and terminology involved – Plane wave and spherical waves – Concepts of free field and diffuse field. Norman. INSTRUMENTATION AND AUDITORY Sensors used in vibration and measurements – Frequency and spectrum analysers – Weighting networks – Hearing mechanism – relation between subjective and objective sounds – Auditory effects of noise and audiometric testing – Speech interference levels and its importance. K. 1981. (Industrial Safety Engineering) Ergonomic consideration in material handling.M. References 1.P.. New York. Gaseous Pollutant control: Gas absorption in tray and packed towers – Absorption with / Without chemical reaction – Removal of SO2 – Absorption in fixed blades. Integrated Air pollution control systems.Breakthrough. 1982. Lawrence. Accident Prevention Manual for Industrial Operations. 1981. Material Handling Equipments. M. NSC.Tech. 3. Mir Publishers. Moscow. Tiruchirappalli – 620 015. Tokyo. design. ME 677 – DESIGN OF AIR POLLUTION CONTROL SYSTEM (3 – 0 – 0) 3 Industrial sources of Air Pollution – Emission factors – Regulations – Control Strategies – Policies.. . Department of Mechanical Engineering. References 1. Moscow. Removal of HCs / VOCs – NOx removal – Wet scrubbers. nearfield and farfield – frequency analysis and vibration and noise spectrum – Signature analysis and condition monitoring. Rudenko N. Air Pollution Control Engineering.. Chicago.

Walker J. J.D and Graf. Receiver: Measure to control at the receiver end – use of enclosures. Prentice Hall Inc. Vibration isolation and absorption. G. “Noise and Vibration”. construction. Vannostrand Company. Spring and damping materials. New Jercy. ABATEMENT OF NOISE Active noise attenuators and scope for abatement of industrial noise.M. Harris. – industrial safety and OSHA regulations – Noise legislations and management. D. McGraw Hill Book Company. White R. John Wiley and sons New York. aircraft community etc. – Directivity index – Concept of Leq and estimation – Noise ratings and standards for various sources like industrial. Cyril M. . Tiruchirappalli – 620 015. E. Path: Close filter and loosely covered enclosures – Acoustic treatment and materials – Transmission loss and absorption coefficient of materials and structures and their estimation – Reverberation time and room constant – Design of rooms / industrial halls/ auditorium for minimum noise. 1979. National Institute of Technology. Dynamic absorbers. Theory of Vibrating Systems and Sound. Irwing B Crandall. Irwin. 1971. NOISE CONTROL Energy transferring and dissipating devices Source: Structure borne and flow excited. 1974. Noise and Vibration Control. G. Text Book 1. References 1. 1982.Tech. Department of Mechanical Engineering. Hand Book of Noise Control. New Jercy. New York. Mufflers and silencers. R. traffic. 2. 3. ear muffs and other protective devices. (Industrial Safety Engineering) SOURCES OF NOISE AND RATINGS Mechanism of noise generation and propagation in various machinery and machine components. vehicles etc.

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