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RBMI February Newsletter
RBMI February Newsletter

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Published by: archana_anuragi on Nov 11, 2013
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Issue 06 February 2013

BY: Mr. Abhishek Tavildar
PDP classes were organized to enhance the interview skills of students of RBMI. The main focus was to make the students ready for the interviews and GD to be held in placement week. It helped students to secure employment and in improving their presentation and public speaking skills. Each student gained an understanding of interview preparation and etiquette. In addition, it polished their public speaking techniques, developed their own interview skills and style, and used newly acquired skills in interviews during placement week. In addition, it taught them how to determine if the job suits their individual goals and employment needs.
Inside this issue:
PDP Session IIA Seminar 2013 at Expo Centre Placement Week Students Speak Mark your Diaries Pulse 2013 1 1 2 3 3 4

Students attending PDP Classes

I N D I A N I N D U S T R I E S A S S O C I AT I O N ( I I A ) S e m i n a r 2 0 1 3 AT E X P O C E N T R E
RBMI nurtures talent through live projects and industry exposure. Students of RBMI were the part of the IIA seminar that was held on February 14 -16, 2013 at Expo Centre, Noida. It was first hand corporate knowledge for students. This project gave our students a platform where they could implement their theoretical knowledge and could get the benefit of exposure in the form of experiences. The aim of the project “Entrepreneurship and Marketing” was to enable the students to market their entrepreneurial skills through live projects and real situations.


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I am thankful to RBMI as the opportunity provided to us was wonderful. I had a great experience there and wish that I would get other opportunities like this. RBMI has provided us with a platform that has made us to learn how to work in the real world. I am very thankful to it.

Clearpath Technologies.and White Plot Consultancy.to all the students from RBMI who have got selected. Enigma Telecom Pvt. truly relates to its vision. but most students had 3-4 job offers in hand. Varun Beverages (Pepsi). Muthoot Finance. During the Placement Week. many companies visited the campus for the campus placement drive.. Shri Ram Panels. It truly resonates in the fact that not only did the Placement Week begun with a good note at RBMI. Phyzer Tehnologies. Ltd. Congratulations !! …. Some of the our recruiters are Get It.PAGE 2 CONNECT Placement week February 18 -23.. We wish all the students a better future ahead. Ltd. All the Best!!! . Universal Infotech Pvt. This motto of RBMI. 2013 “Your Future Our Commitment”. Asit C Mehta. ….. Da Milano. Maverick Alpha Traders.

I got two offer letters . I am very happy. 23. It was just like a dream come true. RBMI has provided us this opportunity to grab the job in the current market scenario. Thanks RBMI for providing us this opportunity. . -Chandan It was a great feeling when I got a offer letter from a company. 2013 March 07-12. . .Anand Chaturvedi During the Placement week. It had been absolute pleasure and privilege for us as we all were the part of the placement week. 2013 March 16-17. Many companies came for campus placement drive. 09. number of companies came for campus drive. Thanks to RBMI. . 2013 March 08.Umesh Verma I am very thankful to the Institute for providing this opportunity.Rohit Benjamin RBMI took the task for preparing its students for the interviews and GD. Thanks again.. 2013 M a r k yo u r diaries SESSIONAL EXAMS INDUSTRIAL VISIT TO MOTHER DAIRY PULSE 2013 -MANAGEMENT FEST -ALUMNI MEET . 2013 March 04. This effort of RBMI has proved fruitful during the placement week as most of us has got the offer letters from the companies. 2013 March 16.ISSUE 06 PAGE 3 Students speak The Placement Week of RBMI was great.Yash Gupta Thanks RBMI for providing me a platform for entering into the competitive market. 2013 March 17. 30. Thanks RBMI!!! . It was hard but thanks to RBMI for providing us with it and making us ready for the interviews. It was unexpected that I will be getting offer letters from the companies so early.Jyoti Verma EVENTS/ PROGRAMS PDP SESSION BUDGET SESSION DATE March 02.

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