List of Adjectiv es A-D List of Adjectiv es afraid agreeab le amused ancient angry annoye d anxious arrogan t ashame d average awful

bad beautif ul better big bitter black blue boiling brave breezy brief bright broad broken bumpy calm charmin g cheerful chilly clumsy cold

D-G List of Adjectiv es defeate d defiant deliciou s delightf ul depress ed determi ned dirty disgust ed disturb ed dizzy dry dull dusty eager early elated embarr assed empty encoura ging energet ic enthusi astic envious evil excited exubera nt faint

GList of Adjectiv es gorgeou s greasy great green grieving grubby grumpy handso me happy hard harsh healthy heavy helpful helpless high hilariou s hissing hollow homele ss horrible hot huge hungry hurt hushed husky icy ill immens e itchy jealous jittery

-! List of Adjectiv es mammo th many massive melodic melted mighty miniatu re moanin g modern mute mysteri ous narrow nasty naughty nervous new nice nosy numero us nutty obedien t obnoxio us odd old orange ordinar y outrage ous panicky perfect

!-" List of Adjectiv es repulsiv e resonan t ripe roasted robust rotten rough round sad salty scary scattere d scrawny screechi ng selfish shaggy shaky shallow sharp shiverin g short shrill silent silky silly skinny slimy slippery slow small smiling smooth soft

"-# List of Adjectiv es success ful sweet swift tall tame tan tart tasteles s tasty tender tender tense terrible testy thirsty thought ful thought less thunder ing tight tiny tired tough tricky trouble d ugliest ugly uneven upset uptight vast victorio us

colossal combati ve comfort able confuse d cooing cool coopera tive courage ous crazy creepy cruel cuddly curly curved damp dangero us deafeni ng deep List of Adjectiv es fair faithful fantasti c fast fat few fierce filthy fine flaky flat fluffy foolish frail frantic fresh friendly frighten ed funny fuzzy gentle giant gigantic good jolly juicy kind large late lazy light little lively lonely long loose loud lovely low lucky magnifi cent petite pleasan t preciou s pretty prickly proud puny purple purring $uaint $uick $uickes t $uiet rainy rapid rare raspy ratty red relieved solid sore sour spicy splendi d spotty s$uare s$ueali ng stale steady steep sticky stingy straight strange striped strong vivaciou s voiceles s wastefu l watery weak weary wet whisper ing wicked wide wideeyed witty wonderf ul wooden worried yellow young yummy zany .

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