Statement; Each teacher is responsible and accountable for helping Sekolah Victory Plus achieve its aim of equipping its students with the knowledge, skills, conceptual understandings and attitudes to become competent participants, caring active citizens and leaders in a range of settings within Indonesia and globally

Standards and Practices: Standard A ! "he school promotes responsible action within and beyond the school community # "he school promotes open communication based on understanding and respect Standard B $ % "he school provides qualified staff to implement the programme&s'

( "he school provides dedicated time for teachers) collaborative planning and reflection ! "he physical and virtual learning environments, facilities, resources and specialized equipment support the implementation of the programme&s' # "he library*multimedia*resources play a central role in the implementation of the programme&s' + "he school ensures access to information on global issues and diverse perspectives %% "he school utilizes the resources and e,pertise of the community to enhance learning within the programme&s' Standard C 1 $ -ollaborative planning and reflection takes place regularly and systematically

. -ollaborative planning and reflection addresses vertical and horizontal articulation ( -ollaborative planning and reflection ensures that all teachers have an overview of students) learning e,periences

Role: Every teacher is equally responsible and accountable for helping Sekolah Victory Plus deliver quality education through/ • Planning, teaching, managing all aspects of the assigned curriculum in line with both the requirements of the International 0accalaureate P1P, -ambridge, Indonesian 2ational -urriculum and the school)s priorities 3ssessing and reporting accurately students) academic progress and their personal and social development to students and parents Encouraging and supporting the holistic development of students as a class*sub4ect teacher and class manager 5aintaining required records accurately 6orking professionally and collaboratively with colleagues and as partners -ontinuously developing professionally in line with the school)s priorities Participating in the full range of school activities

• • • • • •

Responsibilities Planned and Taught Curriculum:

Success Indicators

% Planning and documenting a comprehensive and sequential learning program which takes into account the requirements of the International 0accalaureate P1P*51P, -ambridge Programme, Indonesian 2ational -urriculum and the school)s priorities &e g international mindedness, community action, social education, character strength'
$ . 7ocumenting all planning on the required formats and meeting submission deadlines Ensuring the planned and taught program takes into account the range of understanding and learning needs of all students in the class

( 8acilitating the program engages the students as inquirers and thinkers using a variety of effective teaching and learning methods to stimulate students and fostering in all students the attributes of the learner profile and -935PI:2 ! Planning learning engagements that provide opportunities for students to take

% Plan and document the learning e,periences on a P1P planner that is in line with the P1P curriculums $ 3ll documents are submitted on time . Students engage in a variety of interesting and meaningful activities based on the students) need ( Promote the I0 learner profile and champion in a daily activity teaching and learning process so that the students show these characteristics ! Students are responsible for their own learning # Provide opportunities for students to think about their learning regularly + ;se resources that are relevant to teaching and learning process < Provide students with

responsibility for their own learning # Ensuring that time and support strategies are provided to support students to reflect on how, what and why they are learning + Planning, preparing and managing resources and equipment required for the effective implementation of the programme < Identifying and understanding special learning and development needs of students, and providing or recommending the necessary support to help ensure each student learns and develops in line with his*her personal potential

engaging and relevant learning e,periences based on the students) needs

Written Curriculum:

= ;tilising the appropriate curriculum framework &scope and sequence documents, curriculum documents and the school developed written curriculum in all aspects of program planning %> ?eference previous learning planning further programmes before

= 3ctivities are developed using inquiry teaching and learning %> ?eflect on what %% Promote I0 learner profile to develop international mindedness %$ Evaluate the quality of the planner after the planning process is completed

%% Incorporate opportunities to e,plore issues of individual, local, national and world significance in the curriculum %$ Ensure that the curriculum identifies a balance of knowledge, conceptual understanding, skills and sound attitudes

%. 6orking collaboratively with the appropriate teaching team during the planning, teaching and review facets of each learning unit %( Ensuring that collaborative planning and ensuing reflection is based on shared learning e,pectations
Assessment and Reporting:

%. @ %( Plan and work collaboratively using the P1P planner

%! ;sing a range of tools and strategies to assess student learning

%! ;se different tools and strategies

%# Providing students with regular feedback to improve and inform their learning %+ Aeeping appropriate records of student learning %< Planning future learning based on assessments of prior skills, knowledge and understandings %= Preparing meaningful and accurate reports on student progress and conducting student*parent*teacher conferences in accordance with SVP policy $> 8acilitating and supporting students with their learning portfolios as set out in the staff essential agreement on portfolios

%# 3necdotal records and observations are provided for students to record their learning %+ and %= Evidence of students) development is reported to students and parents %< 3ssessment of prior skills, knowledge and understanding are shown in P1P planner $> Students have opportunities to choose what to be put in the portfolio, reflect on their learning process



$% "aking action to strengthen one)s own competencies taking into account self@ assessment and performance feedback $$ 3ctively participating in professional development activities in line with school)s development priorities $. 5aintaining a personal professional portfolio that is based on personal and school determined needs and is driven by agreed to personal goals
School "!ents:

$% 9ave a self@assessment to reflect on how effective my teaching and learning is Bearn from colleagues $$ Coin trainings and P7 $. Aeeping records of teaching and learning 4ourney in a portfolio

$( 3ssuming a variety of roles to plan and prepare, manage and*or participate, and special school events as required by the school administration $! 3ttend all school events within and beyond school hours as required by the school administration $# 6orking collegially and collaboratively with colleagues and support personnel to reach previously agreed goals for school events
School Administration# $anagement and e!elopment:

$( 0e responsible and actively participated in school events $! 3ttend all school events $# -ollaborative teaching, learning and planning happens in the classroom to reach the goals

$+ 3ttend and participated

$+ 3ttending, participating and contributing

to the range of team, curriculum, actively in the meeting individual school and entire school staff $< D .% -omplete and maintain all meetings $< 5aintaining all administrative records or documentation required by Sekolah Victory Plus $= ?eading and responding appropriately to staff notices .> -ompleting administrative accurately and on time .% ;ndertaking diligently all assigned tasks duties
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