Generic Name and Brand Name Generic name: Sodium chloride Brand name: larmabak, snif, hizon 0.

9% sodium chloride, salinase.

Classificat ion Oral electrolyt es/ hydrating solutions




Contraindi cation Hypersens itivity to any of its componen ts. Lactation. Sports people. Effects on ability in drive and use machines. Hypernatr emia, hypokale mia, acidosis, diabetes mellitus (DM).

Adverse reaction

Nursing Responsibility -Obtain baseline sodium and chloride levels before starting therapy and reassess regularly thereafter to monitor drug effectiveness. -Monitor other electrolyte levels. -Assess patient’s fluid status. -Assess patient’s and family’s knowledge on drug therapy. -Instruct patient to report occurrence of drug induced adverse reactions.

Replaces and maintains sodium and chloride levels which are essential ions necessary in normal cellular metabolis m.

2 tablets 3xday, 9am, Treatment for 1pm, 5pm, hyponatremia PO

Overdoses may cause pulmonary edema, generalized edema, headache, tinnitus, sensation of warmth in lips, tongue and torso, abdominal, pelvic & back pain, diarrhea, muscle twitching, hyperactivity, confusion, hypertension, reduced salivation & lachrymation, tachycardia, convulsion, numbness. Too much sodium may result to serious electrolyte disturbances leading to water retention, edema, and loss of potassium and aggravation of existing acidosis.

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