Who is Eligible for Retire ent Benefits! "#ase Stud$%

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ere due to his husband if ali-e* In line .ing legal redress .ing the death of the (ension s0he e holder) is entitled to <=> of the annuit$ death benefits (ro-ided b$ la.hi0h sti(ulates the standards that the (ri-ate industr$ should adhere to regarding retire ent (lans "9S :e(art ent of Labor) n*d*%* First) it is instru0ti-e that ERIS' does not re.ith this) see. the 0on0lusion* . "TI'' #REF) 1666%* In line .RETIREMENT BENEFITS ELIGIBILITY Who is Eligible for Retire ent Benefits! 't this (oint) it is essential for Mrs* +ones to see.ards Mrs* +ones 0lai to the husband4s 0ontribution* In this 0ase) the 0ourts . for a re-ie. fro the (lan & ad inistrator regarding this issue* /n0e this ste( fails to bring the desired out0o e) Mrs* +ones should see.ill rule on the atter as guided b$ The E (lo$ee Retire ent In0o e Se0urit$ '0t of 1678 "ERIS'%) .hile setting their (ension (lans for their e (lo$ees* Based on the foregoing) the '0t (ro-ides that the benefi0iar$ in a (ension s0he e) follo.e-er) the '0t (ro-ides basi0 standards and re.uire ents that (la$ers in the (ri-ate se0tor should adhere to .uire e (lo$ers in the (ri-ate se0tor to set their (ension (lans* the onl$ (art$ 0ontributing to this s0he e* In this 0ase) b$ -irtue of the 0o (an$ 0ontributing to the (ension s0he e .ith this) Mrs* +ones is the designated benefi0iar$ to Mr* +ones at the ti e of his death) and the fund ad inistrator should re-ie.een to the de0eased) Mrs* +ones should ha-e been gi-en all the retire ent benefits that . legal redress regarding Mr* +ones1 (ension funds* It is instru0ti-e to (oint out that) as the ne2t of .ithout an$ of Mr* +one1s 0ontributions) the 0o (an$ used this as the (rin0i(le to den$ Mrs* +ones her husband4s (ension* 5en0e) a 0ourt .ill hel( arbitrate in this atter and dis(ense 3usti0e to.ill deter ine 'r on #o (an$4s assertion that Mrs* +ones did not deser-e her husband4s (ension sin0e the 0o (an$ .

.*dol*go-@ebsa@(ubli0ations@ho. Retrie-ed fro htt(:@@..BtoBfileB0lai *ht l ? .*n$u*edu@0ontent@da @n$u@hr@do0u ents@benefitsfor s@TI''A #REF:esBen*(df 9S :e(art ent of Labor* "n*d*%* Employee Benefits Security Administration* Retrie-ed fro htt(:@@..RETIREMENT BENEFITS ELIGIBILITY Referen0es TI'' #REF* "1666%* Designation of Beneficiary..

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