November 11-14, 2013

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important dates:
Friday, November 15th: NO SCHOOL Monday, November 18th: Spelling Test (Leonardo’s Horse) Wednesday, November 20th: No SCHOOL

Students will be creating a math game on a topic we have covered this year. This week they will work on the creation of the game in class, and they will have next week to finish their game at home. The main purpose of Unit 5 is to review the meanings of fraction, decimal, and percent notations for numbers. We will practice turning fractions into decimals and percents, learn the properties of a bar and circle graph, construct bar and circle graphs.

Math: Unit 5- fractions, decimals, and percents

WEEKLY vocabulary
!Math Unit 5: bar graph, circle graph, denominator, equivalent fraction, improper fraction, mixed number, numerator, percent, percent circle, repeating decimal, round down, round up, unit fraction, whole !Spelling: (compound words click link to go to Spelling City: http:/ /www.spellingcity.com/viewspelling-list.html?listId=3304901 ) barefoot, blindfold, countryside, courthouse, earthquake, fishhook, grasshopper, greenhouse, homesick, hummingbird, lightweight, postcard, rowboat, scrapbook, spotlight, tablespoon, teaspoon, thumbtack, waterproof

This week’s reading skill is main idea and details and the reading strategy is visualizing. We will be reading the story Leonardo’s Horse. The grammar skill of the week is parts of regular verbs. Students will practice the literature circle roles we learned last week. They will work on them in class, finish them for homework, and then discuss and share their roles the next day in class. Students will also continue with Writer’s Workshop.

Language arts:

To connect our reading to Social Studies, students will try to create an object using only popsicle sticks, straws, twist ties, and glue. They will go through a similar process to Leonardo da Vinci’s by planning, tweaking, and creating.

social studies:

Goodbye Kazuha! We will Miss You!
mrs. k’s notes:
!This week I will not be in class because I am the varsity boys basketball coach and we are playing in the Big 8 tournament. Mrs. Andrea Camargo will be the sub. She knows the children and will do a great job. Thank you to Mrs. Andrea for teaching while I’m gone! !Using Spelling City is a great way for students to study their words. For this week’s words go to : http:/ /www.spellingcity.com/view-spelling-list.html?listId=3304901 !Last week Typhoon Haiyan destroyed the Philippines when it slammed into the country on Friday. We will be discussing this and ways we can help in the upcoming weeks.