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Grace Baptist Church

To Whom It May Concern,

Senior Pastor Dr. Aaron Lavender Assistant Pastor of Congregational Care Rev. James Harris, Jr. Assistant Pastor of Administration Dr. LeRoy Randolph Assistant Pastor of Youth Rev. Kenton Schiele

It is my pleasure to be a reference for Stevie Roland. I am Pastor Kenton Schiele and I have been the youth pastor at race !aptist Church of reater Kansas City for about the past ten years. "s havin# been Stevie$s %outh Pastor, I have &no'n Stevie most of his life. I have 'atched him #ro' into a mature, fun lovin#, active, youn# man. (e has traveled 'ith our youth #roup on mission trips, campin# outin#s, and many activities that 'e as a youth #roup have done. Most of these trips allo'ed us to spend time to#ether and #et to &no' one another. )urin# his time in our youth #roup Stevie established himself as one of the leaders of the #roup. If I needed to relay instructions to the 'hole I could start 'ith Stevie and count on him to #et the point across to the other students. Stevie is one 'ho &no's ho' to #et the *ob done and have fun doin# it. +or e,ample, one of our mission trips re-uired us to be in char#e of toddlers durin# the day for a church conference. (e didn$t hesitate to #et on the floor 'ith the children and 'ould later be ready to teach the !ible lesson for the mornin#. (e &no's ho' to put his all into 'hatever his tas& is. It is my belief that Stevie 'ill be an asset to any company that 'ould 'elcome him aboard. I believe he 'ould put forth one hundred and ten percent to accomplish any tas& set before him. (e &no's ho' to 'or& 'ith people and be fle,ible enou#h to accomplish the #oal at hand. (e also the desire to #et thin#s done ri#ht and 'ill not cut corners *ust to #et it done. (e is the ri#ht one for the *ob, and I hi#hly recommend him for the position. If you need any more information about Stevie Roland please don$t hesitate to contact me at ./01231345356 or Than& you for time. Respectfully Submitted Pastor Kenton Schiele Pastor Kenton Schiele Pastor of Children and %outh

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