Significance of Nakshatra By Dr. Jessie Mercay Mayan perceived an underlying cosmic numerical order of the universe.

He identified this order and realized that it could be replicated in dance, music, sculpture, poetry and building architecture. Through analysis, he discovered that the basis of this order was frequency, vibration, or what he called Time. He also identified that Time was born of activity or pulse within the primal field called Akasha or Absolute Space. Mayan discovered that this Absolute Space was consciousness itself – the stuff that the entire manifest world has as its source. Space is not a location, rather it is the Energy in which Matter is formed and resides. Absolute Space is an unbounded vibrating field of all possibilities that differentiates itself through the element of Time or frequency. Because Absolute Space differentiates itself through Time in a continuous manner. We have what is identified as the Space -Time Continuum which is a term used in modern physics but was identified by Mamuni Mayan over 10,500 years ago and is described in his Pranava Veda, the first Veda ever written in recorded history. Understanding the Space/Time Continuum is vital in understanding the Cosmic Science and Technology of Mayan. A brief summary of definitions is appropriate here. Space is defined as the unbounded three-dimensional expanse in which all matter exists. It is the primal substance, which stirs itself to form matter. In physics it is known as the quantum field. 1

Time, in physics, is a dimension that enables two identical events occurring at the same point in space to be distinguished, measured by the interval between the events. It is a limited period during which an action, process, or condition exists or takes place, Mayan says that Time is pulse or frequency born of Absolute Space moving within itself. Time moves within and through Space just as light and sound moves through space Time has movement, speed, and amplitude and is also known as frequency or pulse. Thinking about music provides a hint about the meaning of Time. In music, time is the relative speed at which a musical composition is played. In music, the speed of a composition creates an order to the sound. That order produces specific sound qualities. In that same way, time produces a specific order within Absolute space from which specific qualities emerge based upon the order produced. In Mayonic science, Time begins as an impulse instantiated by Space itself. It has a beginning point. Since it is a pulse or wave form it moves across the medium (or through the medium) of Cosmic Space. Time is also related to the word kaalam. One dictionary, the Cologne Online Tamil Lexicon gave a deeper and much more significant meaning to the word kaala: 1. to mix, unite, join; to commingle, combine; to be absorbed, 2. a process. Elsewhere, I found the meaning to be "to flow as one". Thus, Time can be seen as an event or process that occurs within Absolute Space from which frequency or pulse arises producing specific qualities of light and sound that ultimately form the five elements and matter. The ultimate outcome is that these elements within the body 2

of Cosmic Space flow as one.

A continuum is a link between two things, or a continuous series of things, that blend into each other so gradually and seamlessly that it is impossible to say where one becomes the next. Physicists define space-time as the four-dimensional continuum of one temporal (time unit) and three spatial (three dimensional space units) coordinates in which any event or physical object is located. Thus, the location in Space of a physical object is dependent on both space and time. In Mayonic Science, these units begin the forming of the sixsided cube as the Brahma Sutra multiplies itself four times. The Space Time Continuum is the field of consciousness in which pulse or vibration occurs producing differentiated qualities in a seamless manner through eternity. All matter exists in this Space Time continuum. Since a continuum is a link between two things, everything in the Space Time Continuum is linked in some way. Everything is of the same source with either similar or differentiated qualities. A vibrational relationship or correlation can be found between objects in the Space Time Continuum when they emerge at the same Space and Time moment. Mayan says in his Aintiram: 1. All objects of nature are unified entities (forms) of energy and matter. 2. The free space is the unified field of energy and matter and source of all forms that we see in material world. 3. All material forms of the universe are musical forms or have taken shape on musical rhythm or musical scale. 3

4. The primal square pattern is designated as the diagram of embodied energy – Vaastu Purusha Mandala. 5. The free space is packed with cubical atoms of energy. They are building blocks of the structure of the universe. 6. The cube is micro-abode called Sittravai/Chittrambalam (mini hall in Tamil). 7. Within the hall there is a vertical luminous shaft called Brahma Sutra (Oli nool). 8. This Olinool/Brahma Sutra is a shaft of consciousness also called Moolathoon/Moolasthambham. 9. This shaft of consciousness vibrates in a particular order called rhythm. This is the order of nature.

There are multiple frequencies or time units / pulses occurring at any given moment within this vast singular quantum energy field called Space. At any one moment frequencies exist in relationship with each other. We could take as an example the plucking of a string on a guitar or sitar. When a string is plucked, a main tone is emitted. Along with that tone are numerous other “harmonic” tones, each having its own distinctive sound yet each being in harmony with the initial or main tone. In this same way, all objects of nature, being unified entities of energy and matter existing within the free space called unified field take shape because of pulse, time, or rhythm – mathematical order that arises due to the vibration of the cosmic string within the microabode (smallest particle that exists in Space) called Olinool or shaft of consciousness. Just as the plucked string emits sound qualities and harmonics to those sound qualities, the cosmic string emits various qualities in the Spacetime continuum at any given moment. 4

Mayan defined and quantified various Time units. He defined time calling them talam and kalam. In addition, he identified specific time units in relationship to the day, month year etc.

Translation of the Surya Siddhanta by Pundit Bapu Deva Sastri, Calcutta 1861 Mayan noted that smaller time units (Pranas) combine together forming larger time units ( called Nakshatras). He also observed that these time units have a relationship to celestial and terrestrial events. He observed that the earth moved around the sun over a period of days; that the moon passed over a particular part of the earth once per month. He made hundreds of such observations. Fundamentally he observed large and small fractals of pulse in Space or the quantum field. In addition he observed qualitative relationships within these fractals.


He also observed that there was a correlation between time units and frequency qualities. In other words, when specific time units were present, specific qualities existed. By qualities I mean actual vibrations that have harmonic relationships with other space-time units existing at the same time and space within the Space-time continuum. Mamuni Mayan discovered that because of the similarities in frequency at any given moment in the space-time continuum, the relationships and qualities of pre existing bodies could be used to describe the qualities or frequencies of newly formed bodies. And, every time preexisting bodies come into the same relationship with other preexisting bodies, the same frequency or qualities emerge in the space-time continuum. As an example, If you think of a clock, you see the numbers on the clock and the hands moving around the numbers. The hands moving past the numbers (time units called minutes) indicate certain events in the environment. For example, the hands moving past the number six in the early morning might indicate an event called sunrise. At sunrise certain frequencies called photons shower the earth and bring light. Mayan used this scientific principle to describe the frequency of human beings at their birth. Mayan noted that when a certain star in the heavens occupied a specific place relative to the moon specific vibrations were present on the earth. He observed that, like the hands on the clock, the moon moved past specific stars in the heavens on a regular and predictable pattern. He noticed that these celestial events occurred in a sidereal day and night – the time frame of which is called Nakshatra- and thus he named hose celestial bodies “Nakshatras”. What we know as “Nakshatras” in astrology are really space-time 6

markers. In other words, they mark the space-time event called Nakshatra, which is made up of sixty units called Gahtikaas. A Gahtikaas is made up of sixty Palas. A Pala contains six Pranas. A prana is a portion of time containing four seconds. These Pranas are equated with the in and out breath that sustains human life and, according to Mayan, causes a fluctuation in the vibration of the thread of conscious (Brahma Sutra or Olinool) within the microabode of each person. Because Mayan was a Siddha and keen observer he was able to observe frequencies within the Space Time continuum that existed when the moon passed by specific Nakshatras. In other words, just as 6 AM indicates certain qualities are in existence, the passing of the moon past these 27 stars indicated that certain qualities existed. He observed that when certain vibrations were present in the atmosphere, a human soul who will express like vibrations would be born (the human being is a harmonic of the overall frequency vibrating in the Space Time Continuum at any given moment). It is due to the vibration or frequency in the Space Time Continuum at a specific time and space or point in the continuum that an individual soul emerges as form. That form vibrates in concert with that space and time frequency based upon the qualities and traits of both the soul and the cosmos. It is not that the star caused the soul to vibrate as it does, rather it is that the soul vibrated with those qualities thus when those qualities come into existence in the field of space and time, the soul has a portal or moment to emerge. The star or so-called Nakshatra is really an identification of a moment in the space-time continuum that lasts for one sidereal day and one sidereal night. Thus, when a specific star in the heavens is in a specific physical 7

relationship with the moon, then it denotes a specific frequency or quality. It does not cause the quality rather it denotes a quality. When a soul has a similar vibration then it can emerge as a human or other entity. It is not that the star, called nakshatra, “causes” the soul to be a certain way, rather it is that the relationship between the star or nakshatra exists when certain qualities of Vaastu are emerging from Absolute Space and those qualities emerge in the form of a human soul, an animal or any other manifested event. These are correlational or corresponding events in the Space Time Continuum and not causal events. Thus because of the correlational values existing at the time of ones birth, those values can be used to describe the frequency of the Soul or person being born at that moment in the space-time continuum.

So, the term Nakshatra used in Vaastu Shastras is not to be construed as a causal factor. Rather it is a word used to describe a sequence of pulses or time units with a certain wave length (sixty units called Gahtikaas, made up of sixty Palas, containing six Pranas which is a portion of time containing four seconds). Each of these Time units has its own quality just as the various strings on a guitar or vina have their own qualities based upon their length. In thinking about Mayan’s intent on using the Nakshatra in Mayonic technology, it become clear that he is using it to describe various frequencies existing on the planet at any given moment in the space – time continuum. Again, one can liken the stars in the sky that surround the earth that we call nakshatras to the numbers on the face of a clock. The moon can be likened to the hand on the clock that indicates the “time.” As the moon passes by a star called a nakshatra, 8

it indicates a certain space time event or frequency. This is what was observed by Mayan: He observed that at that given time a certain vibration or quality of vaastu was dominant in the cosmos. That quality or qualities existed in alliance with the qualities of certain jivatmans (individual soul) who were being born at that moment. It is due to the existence of that frequency that allowed the specific jivatmans to come into this space time continuum at that moment.. Thus by identifying the star that the moon passed by at that time the qualities of the jivatman can be known. was simply a matching of the qualities.. Nakshatra is significant to Mayonic Science and Technology as follows: In the same way that an individual human Soul frequency can be mathematically determined by calculation of nakshatra, the qualities of the Soul of the house nakshatra can be calculated mathematically. In both cases, these mathematical calculations simply indicate the qualities of Vaastu energy of each entity. Thus, in knowing the specific frequency of the human and the house, one can derive knowledge of compatibility. With this knowledge, the Mayonic Scientist can design and build a house whose frequency is compatible with the occupant in such a way that the house enriches the frequency of the occupant bring physical and spiritual well being to the individual. Mayan observed that everything in the manifest world is caused by the mathematical Divine Order of Consciousness. Nothing exists separate from this order. This order gives rise to all of the differentiated qualities and thus we can use mathematics to determine individual qualities or frequencies of everything. This is, in fact, in the words of physics, a Theory of Everything. It is not that the star in the heavens caused the jivatman to have the qualities it had but rather



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