The US is very much famous or notorious for a number of things, like the huge number of people detained or kept

in its jails. The US today has the most number of people forced to holiday in the clink. The US which likes to holler loudly about ‘freedom’ has the highest imprisonment figures in the world, easily accounting for ! percent of the world’s total number of people held in captivity and boasting an unrivalled incarceration rate of over "## for every $##,### inhabitants. The US is well known for its enforcement officers dragging people to the nearest lock%up for even the most minor offences. &oreigners and minority peoples are always their top victims. These people may have to endure harsh treatment if they find themselves sent to a US city jail. The US is also known for another fact of human life' it has has the most number of police officers engaged or involved in watching detainees and people locked up changing clothes or doing their toilet business. (ecently, a lawyer discovered that this activity has attained epidemic proportions in the whole of the US nation. )t is now routine for police officers to record detainees especially women who have just fallen into their clutches. (ecording videos of them undressing and*or doing their toilet business. This is the result of the US obsession concerning global terror after the +%$$ incident. ,verything has to be recorded, even of its detained citi-ens who are merely answering the call of nature. .ll civil rights or human rights disappear once a person steps inside a US jail. This is the big rule in the US today. Thus the US will always be famous.

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