The Version of Batman I Prefer

By Elton Camp Batman’s nature depends on where you see him Movies, from comic books, managed to free him At my age, only the comics Batman I came to know Consequently, he was, by far, my favorite superhero e used science and wealth took catch the crook !o ridiculous, fake "superpowers# did he brook $uperman was from far away $piderman too puerile to say %f all the things superheroes did do %nly Batman’s e&ploits might be true Batman had a sidekick not much older than me 'he Boy (onder, )obin, I really liked to see (ith Commissioner *ordon they cooperated +vil criminals of *otham they really hated 'o the early television series, I said, "(ow# +ven with "Biff,# "%of,# and even ",ow-# $ome like Batman as some ".ark /night,# But, to me, that image is a disturbing blight

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