The Climate News Mosaic

A Project in Collaborative Climate Reporting

The Idea
Climate change is a global issue will be experienced + needs to be tackled


So let’s connect local perspectives

● less interest in climate summits ● less original reporting ● more news agencies
AP, AFP, Reuters

● strong dependency on big Western agencies ● Dev World Bias?

Our Plan
Explore a new approach to climate reporting

UN Climate Talks 2013
November 11 - 22 in Poland ● snippets > local reports around the world ● 3 crowd-funded correspondents > Warsaw

Live Blog

How the it works Live Blog will work
Output: Live Blog on Partner websites

Input: Snippets from around the world

The Team
18 Journalists - most freelance 4 continents - 15 countries + growing

Media Partners

Media, Blogs + You May
● easily embed the entire blog with a code snippet* ● re-use all content of our live blog ● integrate snippets of live blog into your reports ● as media, you can commission stories from our network (collaborative or single author) *Thanks, Sourcefabric :)

This is a non-commercial project so far Thanks to our Indiegogo backers! Spread the word. Find us on Twitter @climatemosaic | YouTube | Tumblr

Thank You :)
@idoliven @giannellisilvia @StephenLeahy @elena_roda @stevancelinac @naijajournal @FabiolaOrtizRio @JustinGerdes @audiozimt @DiarraGmail @PPBjerregaard @Jomunji @arguedasortiz @iabano @yannievalmero Stefanie Otto, Alexandra Popescu Twitter List: cnm-contributors @anjakrieger (slides)


Pic CC-BY DonkeyHonkey/Flickr

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