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Offshore Technicians Recruitment Programme 2011
Offshore Technicians Recruitment Programme 2011

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Offshore Technicians Recruitment Programme 2001
Operations Technician Interview Questions

Attach Photograph Here CANDIDATE NAME: DISCIPLINE: DATE: INTERVIEWERS: Interview Summart Sheet Section Technical Total Score Comments Safety Awareness Environmental Awareness Essential .

thrust pads and \ or impeller. What is the effect on a separator of lowering the pressure? Answer Inlet deflector (gas dispersion). vain pack. weir.Tell us what you understand by the term cavitation. Reduction in light ends in oil. Possible loss of revenue. and lack of discharge pressure or combinations of these symptoms. vibration. silica gel How do we prevent it? 3. e. Ensuring sufficient head through either providing enough height or flow. what is it and why should it be avoided? Break out of vapour in the impeller of a pump. Level Increase gas make. Achieved by • Absorption with liquid desiccants (Glycol or MeOH). residence time. C5. • Adsorption with solid desiccants (alumina.Behaviours Technical Questions Question 1. Removal of water from gas streams (process gas or instrument and plant air). Pressure. Damage to bearings.g. Increase of heavy ends in gas e. minimum flow valves and height of a vessel above the pumps. Identified by noise. baffles. bridles. demister pads.Tell us what you know about the process of gas dehydration and how this process may be achieved? .Describe the components and operation of a ‘‘ three phase Separator’’ high lighting the main control points. booster pumps. Normally occurring at the eye.g. vortex breakers. Gravity separation. Score (15) 2. Temperature.

.• • calcium chloride or Molecular sieve) Cooling below dew point by expansion or external refrigeration. Compression followed by cooling.

counter current liquid \ gas flows.4. Recycle gas from discharge to suction. Filters to remove solids and liquid contaminants (carbon filter). (some times regeneration compressor). filters.Please describe in more • detail one of the following: a)A glycol dehydration system or Contactor. Two driers. How is it often first detected? How do you normally prevent its occurrence? .What is surge in relation to the operation of a centrifugal gas compressor? Lack of forward flow across compressor blades. Air Movers . chemical injection. Low differential pressure. Continuous process. heater. Gas regeneration by heating (205oC). flash and surge drums. Some systems include liquid recovery.O2 Testing. Often sounds like loud heavy breathing. Swing bed system normally 6hrs on drying duty then 2hrs with warm regeneration gas flowing through to drive off liquids. LSA. Purging etc Permits & Procedures Risk Assessment Gas Testing. H2S – Entry cert. Key element in absorption delta T glycol\gas. exchangers. • 5. reboiler \ still column.Could you describe how you would isolate a separator for man entry? Should include the following :Standard of isolation – disconnection (positive). low inlet flow that can lead to reversal of flow. 6. b)A molecular sieve dehydration system. reflux coil. Flushing.


What would you check prior to starting up an item of plant? . Refer to start up Procedures Visually check that plugs/blanks are fitted. • Communications center. if situation merits it to shut down process plant without having to refer to supervisor.What things do you look for on a plant check? Test cert Test Limits Test medium – Water/Nitrogen PSV’s online Increase pressure in stages Inspect at intervals Erect Signs/barriers Request tannoys to be made • Safety of personnel and plant. • Safe operation of plant. Leaks. Local Temp/Pressure indications Sundry chemical storage levels Checkout current work fronts Corrosion Lube oil levels Vibration House keeping standards Safe working practices etc Permits/ICC’s cancelled Pressure test carried out if needed.Describe how you would go about pressure testing a vessel? 8. 10.7.g. PSV’s online Check valves are lined out and consult with CCR for valve indicated status. Feed off answer to try to identify if candidate has the level of confidence and competence to make on the spot decisions e.If you where operating the control room how would you rank your duties in order of importance? 9. • Optimization of plant.

Identify risk elimination/reduction measures.Safety Awareness Question 1. etc. as production where wet gas is being produced.What do you understand by the term safe system of work? Answer Control of risk when performing platform activities. Highlight’s trends and training requirements.e. Score (15) 2.Explain the importance of Handover’s. plant upsets. Transfer of knowledge between individuals.What is NORM (LSA Scale) and were is it found. define what the task involves. separator vessel and oily water treatment units). Highlight safety issues. Naturally occurring radioactive material. first aid treatment. valves. 5. The scale can adhere to surface and can also be finely dispersed in sludges (such as in storage vessels). Where is it found? where a pressure or temperature drop takes place (such as in production tubing. disposal. PPE. Assemble risk assessment team.Why is accident /incident reporting important.Explain how you would perform a risk assessment for a specific task. Actual assessment specific to job and should way hazards and exposure times to give guide to requirements for handling.Can you tell us what you understand about COSHH regulations? 4. 6. . The passing of operational information i. 3. Evaluate severity and likelihood to determine risk. and how they were dealt with. visit work site. Data sheets define hazards. Identify the hazards and hazard effects.

Environmental Awareness Questions 1. global warming. Exhausts of hydrocarbon burning equipment. 3. special or safe. What measures in your current role do you take to minimize harm to the Environment. not CFC’s).What do you understand by waste management? Answer Minimising the impact of our operations on the environment. cardboard and paper etc. ‘Blanket that reflects back heat from sun’. Flares Leaks .) Classification of waste as hazardous. (Not hole in ozone layer. Providing breakdown of hazardous waste. Score (15) 2.What can you tell us about green house gasses? Can you identify possible sources for these? CO2 CH4. Segregation of different materials (asbestos. metals.

What did you do? What was the outcome? 2.Have you ever initiated a safety or Answer Score (1-5) .Could you give an example of a project or task which you have been asked to take the lead and achieved a good result? 6.Essential Behaviours Question 1. What did you do? And Why? 8.What is important to you in team work and team building? 4. What have you done in situations like this.Departmental boundaries in organisations occasionally present obstacles in gaining co-operation.What are your aspirations for the future.Tell us about a time when you needed someone’s co-operation to complete a task and the person was unco-operative. 7.Describe a situation where you made and used connections/contacts with others to get things done.Give an example where you have been involved in a good team result and what part you played in the outcome. 3. 5.

Additional Comments Technical Safety Awareness Environmental Awareness Essential Behaviours .operations improvement? If so how successful was the outcome.

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