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United States History II/CP 2 Course Outline 2013-2014

Mr. Swift Pea ody !eterans Me"orial Hi#$ S%$ool swiftt&'ea ody.(12."
This course orientation has been prepared to communicate the expectations, course content, course requirements, policies, and other information that will give you the opportunity to achieve and have a positive learning experience. Please read it carefully and share it with your parents. If you do not understand any part of this outline, please see me for clarification. CO !"# I$T!O% CTIO$ This course will survey &'th century (merican history as well as geography and current events. ( sophisticated and analytical study of history which relates events from the past to present situations is a rigorous adventure. "tudents will find their intellects challenged, their efforts supported and their curiosity pea)ed. nited "tates *istory II is a required course to be completed during a student+s sophomore year. It is intended to provide students with the analytical s)ills and factual )nowledge necessary to deal critically with the problems and materials of modern nited "tates *istory. "tudents will assess historical materials for their relevance to a particular historical problem, their reliability, and their importance. In addition, students will analy,e various interpretations of the evidence as presented in current historiography. T#-T.OO/" 0 1(T#!I(2" .eing prepared for class is essential for success. "tudents will need to bring the following to each class meeting3 textbook, notebook, paper, pen or pencil, and all class notes. This course will use T*# (1#!IC($ 4I"IO$. "tudents are reminded to )eep all materials as there will be a cumulative midterm and a cumulative final exam at the end of the school year. O T2I$# nited "tates *istory II presents a chronological study of (merican history from the Progressive #ra 567''8 to the present while focusing students on the advanced ideas of historical understanding, interpretation, and research. The course strives to build a competent framewor) for understanding the present through the past thus creating the qualities of citi,enship expected of all (mericans. It is through history that our students learn of the diversity of humanity and its potential to sustain change through time. In addition to building a store of factual )nowledge, nited "tates *istory II provides students with the s)ills necessary for success in advanced high school and college level courses. The course includes analytical reading of primary and secondary

source materials, the compilation of primary sources to defend an argument, the compilation of primary and secondary sources in a research pro9ect, and effective strategies for preparing a written argument. "tudents will read, write, listen and discuss history as we analy,e (merica+s social, political, and economic past during the following time periods as mandated by the 1assachusetts state standards for 6'th grade nited "tates *istory II3 Unit 1: The Progressive Era Unit 2: World War I Unit 3: The 1920s Unit 4: The Great Depression & D!"s #e$ Deal Unit %: World War T$o END OF 1ST SEMESTER Unit &: The 'old War & 19%0"s ()eri*an '+lt+re, 194%-19&0 Unit .: The 19&0s: Presidential Politi*s /0 1 & 2304 Unit 5: The 'ivil !ights 6ove)ent Unit 9: 7ietna) War Unit 10: The 19.0"s Unit 11: The 1950"s and the 'onservative !es+rgen*e Unit 12: 'onte)porar8 ()eri*a /1990"s & Earl8 2000"s4 In addition, students will demonstrate certain s)ills which will be assessed along with the content standards3 • Chorological Thin)ing • *istorical !esearch, #vidence, and Point of 4iew • *istorical Interpretation ( full description of the content and s)ill standards may be viewed online at the 1assachusetts %epartment of #lementary and "econdary website: ;!(%I$; "<"T#1 (ll grades will be computed on a 'oint asis and wei#$ted a%%ordin#ly. Points will be awarded in the following categories) *ests 5Including all nit Tests and 1idterm and =inal #xams8 5>'? of overall grade8, C$a'ter/Se%tion/!o%a /!ideo +ui,,es 5@'? of overall grade8, Ho"ewor( 56'? of overall grade8, and combination of Class wor(/Parti%i'ation 56'? of overall grade.8 "cale3 (A 7'B6''? .B C'BC7? Profi%ient CB D'BD7? /asi% %B E>BE7? /elow /asi% =B EF? or below 0ar /elow /asi% -ll students are re%o""ended to 'ossess a U.S. History II t$ree rin# inder. *$is inder s$ould %ontain di.iders. *$ese di.iders s$ould e la eled) • -ssi#n"ents 5this includes all graded wor), assignment instructions, templates and rubrics, etc.8 It is important to )eep all returned wor) for cumulative midterm and final exams. • Class 1otes • +ui,,es

• •

Unit Study #uides Ot$er 5this will include anything that does not fall into the above categories, including videoGmovie questions, completed class wor), etc.8

23tra Hel' Parents and students, I cannot emphasi,e enough how important it is for us to communicate at the first sign of a problem. =or example, if you or your son or daughter is unable to understand an assignment or a particular requirement or does not have the resources required in completing the assignment, please let me )now and we can ma)e the appropriate accommodations. I am always available for extra help by appointment. M4 5-*2 6-4 IS 72612S6-48 • • • 5ate wor(B 2ate wor) is not acceptedH Period. "tudents will ta)e any missed test or qui, on t$e .ery ne3t %lass "eetin# followin# t$e a sen%e. "tudents are responsible for completing absent wor) in a timely manner.

*O1#IO!/ PO2IC< "tudents will be assigned homewor) pertaining to in class discussions and readings or for qui, and test preparation. It is .ital t$at students stay %urrent on t$eir readin# and $o"ewor( assi#n"ents9 as students will e res'onsi le for "aterial fro" t$e readin#s on tests and :ui,,es. (ny student with an excused absence will be required to turn in wor) on the day of their return . It is t$e student;s res'onsi ility to as( t$e tea%$er or a %lass"ate w$at was %o.ered and assi#ned on t$e day of t$e a sen%e. C2(""!OO1 1($(;#1#$T "tudents will respect the rights of others as well as individual differences and perspectives and will wor) together to create a positive classroom atmosphere in which they and their classmates can learn and succeed. I will focus on building positive relationships between the students and their peers and me. • Treat your peers the way you would want to be treated • %o $OT tal) while a fellow classmate or teacher is tal)ing • $o food, drin), or gum in the classroom. Iater is acceptable • (ctive participation in the day+s activities • %o $OT pac) up to leave until the teacher has allowed you to do so • 1on-edu%ational te%$nolo#y in%ludin# %ell '$ones9 IPO6S9 MP3 'layers9 and all ot$er ite"s are 'ro$i ited. Consequences range from a phone call home, conferences, referrals, or classroom suspension. (C(%#1IC *O$#"T< Peabody 4eterans 1emorial *igh "chool emphasi,es integrity. "tudents are expected to conduct themselves honorably in their studies and to 6O *H2I< O71 7O<=. (ny indication of cheating or plagiarism at any time on any assignment will result in a ,ero on that assignmentGqui,Gtest and the appropriate district guidelines will be followed and disciplinary action ta)en.

*$e followin# a%tions will e dee"ed .iolations) • Ihen a student ta)es credit for wor) that is not their own or allows someone else to copy their wor), this will be deemed a violation. • If a student loo)s at another student+s paper or sends or receives test data during or before a qui, or test or uses materials on a test or qui, that has not been approved, this will be deemed a violation. • If a student plagiari,es someone+s wor), whether it is another student+s or reference material, this will be a violation. *$e followin# %onse:uen%es will e ena%ted if a .iolation o%%urs) • The parents of the student who has been academically dishonest will be notified of the event. • The student will receive an automatic ,ero 5failing grade8 on the assignment or testJ no ma)eBup wor) will be offered to compensate for the ,ero. *$e followin# %onse:uen%es may e ena%ted if a .iolation o%%urs) • The student may face suspension from extraBcurricular activities, including sports programs. (TT#$%($C# 0 P(!TICIP(TIO$ <our attendance is directly related to your success in this course. If a student is a sent and t$e a sen%e is dee"ed a truan%y >not %leared y 'arent or #uardian9? t$e student will not e a le to "a(e u' any %lass wor( or $o"ewor( assi#ned on t$at day and will e #i.en a ,ero on any and all wor(. If a student misses class and the absence is cleared, the student can ma)e up missed wor) in a timely manner for full credit. "tudents are expected to participate in class discussionsGactivities and therefore will demonstrate that they are effective communicators who can discuss and write about historical concepts. CO$T(CT I$=O!1(TIO$ I am available by email regarding student progress and grades at any time. I can be reached at swifttKpeabody.)6&

nited "tates *istory IIGCP & 1r. "wift Ie have read, understand, and agree to abide by the rules and expectations outlined in this syllabus. LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL LLLLLLLLLLLL "tudent $ame 5Print8 LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL "tudent "ignature %ate


LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ParentG;uardian "ignature %ate

*ome phone number LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Is there any information that you would li)e to share with me that would help me wor) more successfully with youM

Parents, is there any information that you would li)e to share with me that would help me wor) more successfully with your childM