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New product development

New product development


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Published by siya115
this is a research on New Product Development With Tata Nano.
this is a research on New Product Development With Tata Nano.

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Published by: siya115 on Aug 10, 2009
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Positive response

✔I have one more angle to look at Nano. I think it is worlds most
hyped about gadget after the iPhone. Did I just say “gadget”. Well,
yes Tata Nano is not just a car; one can also look at it like an
expensive gadget which also gives us mobility. One of the very
few cute looking gadgets that all us geeks will love, who would
generally be interested in stuff that is sleek and powerful. I am also
hopeful that Tata will launch FCV and alternative fuel cars soon.

✔I definitely would like to buy the car. Who would not want a good
car for just 100000 Rs?
✔It’s just cool. One should definitely buy it.
✔As it is, but very smart and sexy. I would defiantly buy it.
✔Congratulations to Mr. Rattan Tata. He did a real good job.

Negative response

✔It is impossible to build a car at such a price. No one has been able
to do it so far. It is just not possible.
✔It will be more like a scooter with a roof. I am sure no one can
make the car for the cost of two bikes.

✔This car is another auto rickshaw. It will add a lot to the traffic on


✔It shall be a half car with no roof. I doubt if it will be able to go up
the flyovers.

✔It may be an upgraded Auto-rickshaw with plastic body. It shall be
a very unsafe car as the very idea of 1 Lac car is too farfetched to
be true.

✔It shall never meet the emission norms. We shall choke on the
poisonous emissions from this car.

✔The disbelief kept piling up and up and was further compounded
by the competitors adding their own mite to the speculations.

Mixed response

✔IT HAS NOT BEEN DONE EVER. Even the nearest car is double
the cost. Let us see what Mr. Tata can do to maintain the price line.
✔I am not very convinced but would definitely go for it if it is safe.
✔I hope I can take my family of 4 in this car. I wish Tata's make this
dream a reality.
✔I know the talk is that it is a myth. However miracles do happen.
Let us wait and watch.
✔The reaction was a mixed one. People wished it to be true but were
very cautious about expressing their optimism.

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