Bangsamoro Transition Commission Committee on Transitory Provisions, Amendments, Revisions and Miscellaneous Matters GUIDELINES FOR PARTICIPATION IN COMMITTEE

HEARINGS 1. Committee hearings are considered a regular committee session, though the Chair may suspend the rules to facilitate the attainment of their purpose as a modality for public engagement. They are intended as a primary venue for exchange of views between the Committee and sectors of the public on particular topics, as well as submission of positions or proposals from affected stakeholders. 2. Committee hearings are open to the public. The Committee may, however, invite groups or sectors with obvious, natural and identifiable interests in the designated topic to ensure their participation in the hearing. Groups conducting consultations in partnership with the BTC may also be invited to share inputs gathered from consultations relevant to the designated topic. The modality for participation and submission of inputs shall be guided by the following paragraphs. 3. Groups, individuals and other stakeholders are encouraged to deliver and articulate their proposals, positions, queries for the Committee, and other statements in the form of interventions. 4. Any group (through its representative) or individual who wishes to deliver an intervention is requested to register with the Secretariat before the start of the session. The priority for interventions will follow the order of registration. The first to register will therefore get priority to deliver his/her intervention. Each intervention will be allotted five (5) minutes. Participants are requested to keep their interventions focused on or relevant to the designated topic. The Committee may respond to interventions, when appropriate or when necessary. 5. The Committee requests that groups, individuals and other stakeholders submit a printout of their interventions to the Secretariat upon registration for further study of the Committee. Other relevant documents may also be attached to the interventions and submitted to the Committee for its consideration. Interventions and other documents submitted to the Committee will be compiled and annexed to the Committee Report for that topic, and deemed part of the Committee’s official records. 6. Participants are enjoined to maintain sobriety and courtesy in the delivery of their interventions. No participant shall harass or threaten any other participant or any member of the Committee. The Chair may take appropriate action in case of disorderly behavior, motu proprio or upon motion of any committee member.

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