Discipline Plan

As of August 10, 2009


Be silently sitting in your seat by the end of the tardy bell. while teacher is talking, you are not.

2. Be prepared with materials and assignments.
3. Mutual respect for learning environment and right to teach is expected; 4. Work ethic and teamwork are essential to our classroom. 5.

If more rules are needed, I will announce them and edit this Discipline Plan. Updated copies will be posted in the classroom and online.

Incentive Plan
Every other Friday there will be a Preferred Activity Time [PAT] period time. Time is determined by net minutes earned by the class. Minutes may be earned by demonstration of positive behavior traits, such as quick compliance with directions, effective collaboration, and following the three Rs…being Respectful, Resourceful, and Responsible. Minutes may be lost by violation of class rules by one or more members. Note: The class will choose the preferred activity from a menu developed by the class and approved by the teacher [only educationally- related activities will be approved].

Positive Consequences
1. 2. 3.

Praise/Snaps. Earn PAT points. Call or note home telling how good the student's work has been, how cooperation has improved, etc.

Negative Consequences
1. 2. 3.

Strike One – Loss of PAT points. Hallway discussion; possible parent contact via call &/or note home. Strike Two – Loss of additional PAT points. Isolation for remainder of period. Behavior Reflection writing assignment with parent signature. Parent-teacher conference. Strike Three – Revocation of trust card. Referral.

Mrs. Amy White @ http://teachinglll.blogspot.com

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