During the twentieth century world peace was greatly compromised by the threats posed by various alliances formed

by colonial powers. These alliances were basically very evil in character such as the Allied Powers and the Central Powers. The result was the very very ruinous WW1. WW1 led to the Versailles Treaty which sowed the seeds for WW which in turn gave birth to new alliances or the western !ato and the eastern Warsaw Pact. The "iddle #ast was split into two camps$ one supporting !ato and the other supporting the Warsaw Pact. Today$ the camp supporting !ato has greatly grown in strength and now wields enormous power and influence over the %& and the other western nations. 't is this camp or group that is laying the threat against world peace today. This group consists of the world(s only nuclear mini) superpower$ 'srael$ plus the Ta*firi elements or the Ta*firi fiefdoms. !ow$ with the world political situation going through very rapid change$ the Ta*firi elements are instructing and giving daily orders to the %& and !ato$ while 'srael is handing out some instructions of its own as well. The %&)!ato war machine is the biggest and the most powerful in the world today and with the Ta*firi elements and the mini)superpower controlling its direction$ world peace today has become very imperilled. +umanity is staring at the closing approach of the dreaded armageddon.