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MYP Unit Planner

Unit title
Teacher(s) Subject and grade level Time frame and duration

Batting Investigation
P.E. Department Grade 8 Physical Education 3 Cycles 6 lessons

Stage 1: Integrate significant concept, area of interaction and unit question

Area of interaction focus
Which area of interaction will be our focus? Why have we chosen this?

Significant concept(s)
What are the big ideas? What do we want our students to retain for years into the future?

What is happening around the batter and what decisions do they have to make in order to place the ball in their chosen direction

Consistently striking an object well is not a matter of luck, but requires prior knowledge & awareness

MYP unit question

How and why do I direct my hitting?

What task(s) will allow students the opportunity to respond to the unit question? What will constitute acceptable evidence of understanding? How will students show what they have understood?

Students will participate in group work displaying ability to design, lead and reflect their sessions with a sports leader focus and unit question Objective 1 Students (ALL) work in SLC groups on batting practice, games and investigate what effect they can have on the ball in relation to their feet, body positioning and handgrips through a variety of batting and striking sports. They are to understand how making contact with the ball at different times and height, will effect the direction that the ball travels. Criteria C Students (most) in game scenarios will make decisions in relation to the positions of other runners on bases or fielders positioning, the number of outs runs required, game related decisions- Peer Observation Objective 2 Students (ALL) will develop their sports leader certificate (SLC) responsibilities Observation Criteria A & D Objective 3 Students will complete unit action plan and evaluate their end of unit performances in their P.E. portfolios Weebly account Objective 4 Students (ALL) will individually complete an Edmodo quiz on batting investigation students (SLC groups) will created questions and submit to class teacher for feedback which will then be submitted to Edmodo . Criteria A

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MYP Unit Planner

Which specific MYP objectives will be addressed during this unit? OBJECTIVE A Knowledge max 8 points Students will demonstrate a clearer understanding of sports specific terminology in how to bat correctly and the basic knowledge of principles of tracking an object (ball), batting concepts, hitting strategies where to hit the ball and why, batting technique and use the information on how to hold the bat and positioning of the body to become more technically proficient. Use the learning opportunities on Edmodo that supports this unit. Use this knowledge to investigate in familiar and unfamiliar situations and apply this knowledge via Game Sense Demonstrate different sporting/batting skills of a variety of batting sports (t-ball, softball, cricket, hockey) and demonstrate game tactical awareness where to hit the ball Learn specific batting techniques (cricket cover-drive or cut shot, t-ball/softball bunt, ground or air shot, hockey push pass, with the objective for each game situation to demonstrate improved performances and decision-making. Students will launch a clearer understanding of batting technique/s and use the information to become more technically proficient. In all P.E. activities, students will perform and improve their personal performances in relation to speed, balance, agility, flexibility and accuracy Individually perform and contribute within a team environment with synchronization and energy towards team goals and sports leader focus.

OBJECTIVE C Performance max 10points

OBJECTIVE D Social skills and personal engagement max 8 points Take an active role in there own learning process and demonstrate enthusiasm and commitment when taking part in theory lessons, warm-up, peer teaching/feedback and batting activities. Communicate effectively, including basic verbal and nonverbal forms of positive communication Demonstrate attitudes and strategies that supports and encourages others inclusion and improvement Show respect and sensitivity to them self and others during all learning opportunities.

Which MYP assessment criteria will be used?

PHYSICAL EDUCATION CRITERION A max 8 points and C max 10 points D max 8 points

Stage 2: Backward planning: from the assessment to the learning activities through inquiry
Content What knowledge and/or skills (from the course overview) are going to be used to enable the student to respond to the unit question?

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MYP Unit Planner

Task 1 Assign new sports leader roles within class sub groups 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Students have the opportunity to learn new sports related leadership roles over the course of the year Roles will change from P.E. unit to P.E. unit Students will be provided with the opportunity to gain leadership experience peer teaching and assessment Develop sport specific techniques and fitness. Appreciate and be able to execute sport specific terminology Share planning and administration. Demonstrate responsible leadership. Work effectively within a group towards common goals.

Strength & Conditioner - Coach - First aid officer - Manager - Official/umpire/referee Administrator - Media officer

Task 2 At the start of each lesson - Students will lead their sports leader groups a) Check that all students are present and have the correct equipment or if anyone is injured or ill (manager) b) through a mini energiser game warm up (Coach) and then stretch dynamically (strength & Cond) c) the students will arrange a class tournament, who plays who, when, wins, losses and points (administrator) d) the students will teach the rules and guidelines for the class tournament (official/referee/umpire) P.E. teacher guidance Task 3 Students (all) work in SLC groups on batting practice, investigating what outcome they can have on the ball in relation to their feet and body positioning (biomechanics) and handgrips through a variety of batting and striking sports, 1st Hockey, 2nd T-ball, 3rd Softball, 4th Cricket. They are to understand (most) how making contact with the ball at different times and height, will effect the direction that the ball travels. Students (most) in game related scenarios will make decisions (external factors) related to the positions of other runners on bases or fielders positioning, the number of outs or runs required. Task 4 Students will complete unit action plan during their second lesson and evaluate their unit at the end conn ecting the action plan and the reflection - submit into their P.E. portfolios Weebly account

Task 5 Knowledge test Students (ALL) will individually complete an Edmodo quiz at the end of the unit on batting investigation knowledge key PE/sports terminology tracking, body height, grip, centre of gravity, bat follow-through, foot/feet positioning, bio mechanics, power, strength and self-check that they have the correct technique.

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MYP Unit Planner

Approaches to learning
How will this unit contribute to the overall development of subject-specific and general approaches to learning skills?

Punctuality and preparation for the class. Keeping P.E. portfolio organized. Students to ensure appropriate kit is used for lessons Sports Leader Groups Manager responsibility

Students actively participate in practical and theoretical work. Students to develop ability to work in groups giving accurate critical feedback as necessary = evaluating ones own and others achievements hamburger method Students to demonstrate positive group ethos and teamwork - Sports Leader Groups where by respecting similarities and differences that all people can contribute.

Students to develop accurate and appropriate unit terminology task 4 Students to demonstrate an understanding the benefits of constructive feedback 3 layered method positive / area of improvement / how to improve area of improvement (hamburger method). Listen to others and contribute positively towards them. Students to demonstrate an ability to answer sports specific questions and communicate effectively EAL students are paired up with other native speakers uses of Google translate where appropriate.

Students will utilize ICT as an opportunity to observe footage of batting sports and techniques and training ideas or matches. Research source materials on the internet and library

Demonstrate an ability to critically evaluate their own and others performances. Be aware of their own strengths and weaknesses ACTION PLAN - 3 layered feedback positive comment, area of improvement (AoI), how to improve AOI

Students to develop appropriate questioning and inquiry in relation to sporting context and teacher/peer questioning

Risk taking = how to solve a problem = attempting something new. A skill that is transferable to other learning situations, an important aspect of modern life

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Learning experiences How will students know what is expected of them? Will they see examples, rubrics, templates? How will students acquire the knowledge and practise the skills required? How will they practise applying these? Do the students have enough prior knowledge? How will we know? Students will work in their sports leader groups Sports leader (SL) groups are internally divided into sporting roles coach/manager/administrator/strength & conditioner/first aid/ media or PR/ The P.E. teacher teaches students how to develop their subject knowledge within these (SL) roles. Sports leaders then peer teach their subject area to their class members Lessons are conducted with a Game Sense theme with the use of mini games as a learning tool Students taught and then have the opportunity to demonstrate new skill knowledge in isolation and mini game environments Collaborative learning and self check MYP batting investigation unit planner shared with sports leader groups - Edmodo MYP Rubrics for criteria tested - Edmodo Batting investigation knowledge test at the end of the unit Teaching strategies How will we use formative assessment to give students feedback during the unit? What different teaching methodologies will we employ? How are we differentiating teaching and learning for all? How have we made provision for those learning in a language other than their mother tongue? How have we considered those with special educational needs? At the start of each lesson the students are connected with the three intended learning outcomes for the lesson (ILOs) Lessons are conducted with a Game Sense theme with the use of mini games as a learning tool Students demonstrate new skills and try new knowledge with a mini game environment; where the students have regular breaks in play to demonstrate their knowledge & understanding (K & U) with key questioning and group discussions MAKING THINKING VISIBLE Whole part whole lesson & reciprocal peer teaching IDEAS - teaching style = all learning styles Visual learners from watching Auditory learners from listening & explanation Kinaesthetic learners from doing/participating in the activity. LETS SEE IT = where students observe an example of what is expected this allows EAL and SEN students to benefit Reciprocal teaching Self guided discovery Differentiation required for all lessons - working towards (WT) achieving the objectives and working beyond (WB) achieving expectations. During lessons tasks have two levels fundamental and challenging written tests will be given to EAL and SEN departments with extra time granted

What resources are available to us? How will our classroom environment, local environment and/or the community be used to facilitate students experiences during the unit?

Whistles x 3 22 hockey sticks - 6 softball bats 6 cricket bats soft balls x 22 - t-ball stand x 3 cricket stumps x 6 - bibs 3 sets - A4 white board (24) white board markers stop watches x 3 first aid kit ice iPad dongle projector clip boards x 6 sports leader job descriptions batting technique coaching cards stretching coaching cards.

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Ongoing reflections and evaluation

In keeping an ongoing record, consider the following questions. There are further stimulus questions at the end of the Planning for teaching and learning section of MYP: From principles into practice.
Students and teachers
What did we find compelling? Were our disciplinary knowledge/skills challenged in any way? What inquiries arose during the learning? What, if any, extension activities arose? How did we reflectboth on the unit and on our own learning? Which attributes of the learner profile were encouraged through this unit? What opportunities were there for student-initiated action?

Possible connections
How successful was the collaboration with other teachers within my subject group and from other subject groups? What interdisciplinary understandings were or could be forged through collaboration with other subjects?

Were students able to demonstrate their learning? How did the assessment tasks allow students to demonstrate the learning objectives identified for this unit? How did I make sure students were invited to achieve at all levels of the criteria descriptors? Are we prepared for the next stage?

Data collection
How did we decide on the data to collect? Was it useful?

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