a) Cable type, Size, Rated kV, Nos. of conductor per phase, Length, Unit, and tolerance.

XLPE, copper conductor, lead sheathed, 2500sq.mm, 400kV, two conductors per phase, route length 5297 meters, and tolerance 5% b) Cable Impedance (resistances, reactance, & susceptance) and Conductor details Resistance at 20ᵒC A.C 0.0078 Ohm/km D.C 0.0072 Ohm/km Max. A.C Resistance at 90ᵒC Zero sequence impedance for 3 Single phase cable A.C 0.0097 Ohm/km 0.154+j0.081 Ohm/km

Positive sequence impedance for 3 single phase cable 0.0097+j0.2910Ohm/km Surge impedance for 3 single phase cables 22.8 Ohm/km

Conductor is high conductivity copper wires stranded, 5 segmented, enameled compacted Milliken type having cross sectional area of 2500sq.mm c) Cable Configuration (Laying Grouping, Temperature, etc.). Flat formation with two cables per phase, ambient temperature is 35ᵒC

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