Chapter 11 Size of company. Stability of company. Process:

Speclfic to Project

I . Relevant experience of proposed team. 2. Availability of up-to-date design systems andtools.

Design disciplines: 1. Relevant experience. 2 . Depth and breadth.


Key personnel:
1. Experience together in function.

2. Project ManagedEngineer. 3.ProcessLeader. 4. Cost Engineer.
- Understanding of scope of work. - Experience in geographical area. - Experience with other Owner's projects.

Technical evaluation is a subjective process and, as such, should reflect the consensusof several evaluatorsworking both independently and as a group. Appendix F is an example of an actual technical evaluation for a conventional project. Commercial evaluation The commercial evaluation is essentially an arithmetical exercise to determine the optimum combination of estimated hours, bare salaries, and contractor's mark-ups. Bidders must be required to submit this information as part of the bid. Some bidders will do their homework and prepare realistic hours estimates. Others may try to impress the Owner by submitting the lowest estimate they can ethically justify. The Owner's best protection against this eventuality is to preparein-house estimatesandapply them to all the bids. However, some contractors can perform the same work in fewer hours than others, either by running a lean and mean organization or by being very proficient with up-to-date drafting techniques, such as 3D CAD. If that difference is

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