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The first words of 1809 text conversations
on my mobile between the 24th April and
10th August 2009
 Welcome Your please


 Mat, I No

 Hi Hummm ... Sorry


 Hey Still giggles You Cool,

Wow Mmmmmm Oh Pah! Well
And Poor I'm No Sorry God
indeed Oh Few Mine I Just.....?
Have Yay!!! yo Aargh Don't
Back Hey Cool, Yay! Hey, Hey,
On You Shlurp I'll If Are

 Did Yes, I You Altho Ahh, If You


 Hard Still Ha Yay!

 Will Hey Birthday Ooo, Just We

 Hey Hey lol

 Just Sorry, I've


 And Lasso That Coming

 I Ahh Hehe! Yours Yep - I Hehe!


 Hi Get The 394. I

 Jonas Well Go Ok But I I
ooooo, Sorry. See. Hehe!
Adopt Ok, Long

 Haha, It's



 Hi Hey, Yes Ya Haha! Thanks

Hey Hi Hi Can Mat,

 You've You've

 Morrissey Morrissey

 Grr! Manifesto: Hey,

 Hi. You


 Heya. 07910 Yr Hello Wait



 Hi Cool Hi Brilliant. Hi Tonight,

Hey, Yes Hi

 Hey Done Sweet, Maybe Hey

Yes Hello


 Sorry Thank
 Matthew We Sorry


 What Hey. Awww

 Hey Hi Tickets

 Hi. Absolutely!

 Hi, No Hi, No Still Yes, Sorry,

No Busy, Indeed, Ok


 Hey Gone Look


 Hi, Hey, Hey Just Working

Someone OINK!! Wouldn't
Alright Hey, He lol Haha!!!


 Simon's Paaaaaarty

 Hi Hi Cool, Hey Hi Ok Mauhew -

Thanks Thanks Hi

 Hey Hey, Thanks Yeah,

 On Hi Not, Okay,


 Hey Sorry
 What Doctors? FW: You Ooo

 Hello ,

 Hi Aww No, Don't How Connect

I About Ok Don't Is My I Mines
lol Of Ill? Nothing Well Maybe
lol No A 10 Because Don't I I'll
you Happy Bless Good Hello
Hmmm London Can I Let Omg
That's What Okay, Eating Okay,
Eh I'm :-) :€ That's The I Why
Okay Hmmm Why So Hope I
Aww I That'd That's Done Are
Just Lucky Can't I I'm Taxi? Did
Just So I Does Damn Check I'm
'tis Oh Have Only I Can't You
Hahaha Okay Me It's It's


 Teaching! Na ... Your

 Hi Hi Hi

 Hi Already I Oh

 Hey I takes Clap Don't Hey

Don't Thank

 Ooo Your Meany Well I'm Yes I

Good I You I Pah! I'd Aww,
Come How's Ok, Does I I'm I've
Aww, Sigh Oh I'm You're I've
Ignore How 1. When Haha,
Fine. You They Even Yours Oh
Just I What Well Come Come
You me Yes I'm I Yay Haha! See
Did I

 How's Hey!!
 BIG Glitterbest get I'm Join The
Friends Dont The On

 Hey, As Hey


 Hi Yeah, Hi Yeah, Cheers Hi

Cool, Dont What's Hi Hey Hi
Hey Hi Hey Definately What
Suspected Fkin I'll lol. Bro. Be
lol. Me You Went

 Auden! Of Hey Hi Hi you Sorry!


 Hi No Thank

 Hey. Thankyou! I Don't Not

Oink! How Feeling It Hey Hey,
I'm Ok. Can Make Meet Ok, It's
I've Damn No. Oh. Right! Put
Hooray. I've 3pm Ok. I Doh!
Yeah. That Very Yeah


 Hello Hi Thanks That

 6pm Train Forget Saturday

 Hey If Vaginas.... What's LOL
hahaha Yeah, Ill Ok Sweet. I
I'm Ps. Oh Kissing That Get I It
I I Odd? Aww Good Morning
Oh Are ;) Know Tea Sure, Well
Hey Yep Awesome I'm Just
About Just That's Home Haha
No Me?? Yes - Omg Such Aww
hey Hey not Oh Unless Hey,
Just Sure, Good Hey A Me Hey
Aww I've Hi Hi Are No, Yep, Hey
Hey Get Next Hello Afternoon
Was That Was Matthew? I'm
Still As I've Ok So Suppose Ok
I Already 3: I'm I lol Hehe
Where'd Mister Really Aww
Okay Aww :) Heeey I Hey lol
Tonight? You I'll That That's So
... I'll Which Hmmm In Running
Turn I Me I Hey Hey What I I
Okay, Thank I'll See Suppose
Ugh. Me tickets I've Hi Hey,
Are It Hi Troilus I It's running
Not Back Hey Wot??? Ok Hey I

 Hey They I Coolios, Ok, Hey

Hey Next Shame Yeah, It Mat,





 Matt Haha! Matt I Ok Matt Matt

Already Brilliant Matt Would






 Hello Fear Ok

 Hey Hey Hi Ah, I I Hey Sent You

Everything Well Cheers


 Hey Hey Hey, Thats I'd

 Hey As As Oooh Surrounding

What Hey! Kiki

 I've Today Friday Friday

Shoreditch Damn Morning,
Yeah Cool, Yep. Argh!! No Ok
lol I'm I Hey As Awesome Long

 You Hey, Pink? I You Well I'm

Did I There What Jeez! Small
Yes, Running Hey, Sounds It
hey, Ok. Word Please I'm heck
Thanks Hey I Could I It's Did
No, Awesome

 Hi Not

 I Awwww So

 16: 16:

 Hi Hey Cool, Hey Hi 7.

Awesome Helen Hey,
Composers' Eh Hey Damn Ps,
If Yup 230 Hey, Hey, Hey Hey
Now, Hi Soprano Yay! Hey,
Yeah Yeah Hey Ok, Yeah, I I've
She's Hey Can Well Hey Course
I've If Hey Do

 Hey, Hey, Is No Are It's You're

Aww You're I Oh Table? Yo Im
No Gracey Glad Hey cool Yay!
Hey, Hey 2nd Cool, Hey, About
thank Hey! surprise Hey, Is You
Cool At Will On I'm Ok ... Cool,
I. Hey Probably


 Hey Hey Oh Hey Thanks Matty,

 Hello Hello Iva

 Sorry, I'm Best I'm Hi Fear No

Wow! I Happy It's Hey I For
Tonight Nope, Hey Hey I

 Hello, I'm Do I'm

 Hi Cheers Really

 Running We Dominoes? Hello I

P. P. Great, Haha, Of Cant Oh

 Thick That They ooh Little Just

Make A It's Dougal!
 Hi Excellent!

 Hey Concert Morning 7pm Hey

Hey, Hey Hey, Hey Hey, Hey
Hey, No Flight When Well I
Cool, What's Sorry! Cool, No
How Am The Oright Hey Hey, Hi
Hey, Hey, I'm Hey, Hey, It's O
Nope, Hey I'm What Again That

 Hey Cool, And Sure. 5


 Hi Hi

 Train Dear

 Come Come

 Still Oh Tsk The Don't Ooh Yes,

Have Oh Well 3. Cool, Will Can
I've I'm Ok. I'll Ding Please Ha
On Yeah, I'm I Sorry As That's
Well No

 Morrissey WHAT? In Hope

Fingers, Shall Yup Crazy Are
Nooo Nooo You Of Humm How
Two The Winnie Hey Argh
Swine Apparantly Um Hey, I No
I've Cool Hey! Oh You I Yes Is
Only I'm Yep I Your Still I So
Call Okay. Did Damn Yay! Hey
Oo It'll



 By Hey
 Upto Yo Oh That's Are Sorry
Oh Oh Understandably.... Also
But Doesn't That U Nope,
Whena Fly Hey A U Will Both!
Not U Naughty what Flight
Where In Csn Yeah, I'm You
Two Medium Very Are No On
Plenty Really? Yes Soon?
Night Night On Nope. U I'm
Shame Who So Yes, I Any You
Are I'm. Are I Highams
Breastfeeding? Ok. Hey, Ok
Will Foods I Its I'm Eeeww! Not
That's Not U Abdrew Yes, Is No
Oh Serviced? I Hey Yes, That
Yay Hey No If Ok Give Hey
Sure, As Upto Teaching Oh A
Why Hey, Ok Pictures Yeah, Oi
Yes Sure I My Well What's Just
Hey, How's
Have Hey, Hey How's Hey Well
Strange Ok I'll Who's I What It
Ok Cool, Hey How Morrissons
Oi! What's 6: Big Awesome
Exams. Woop Finish In
Stockport?? I'm Scunthorpe
I'm Cool! See What I Sounds
How Ok Just I'm That I
Opposite He Yeah. Sounds
Except Well yes, Ur

 Hi Hi Hi I Tues Wonderful!
Cool! Thank Fantastic!!

 We'll O2: Music

 Mat Thanks Hey Lily! Having

Heyy hey, Can Yes! My Hey, Ha
Awesome Hello! Hey Hello!
Yeah! Great! Hey Come I Some
Hey! Our Matt, Hey! Exhibition

 Am Congrats!! About I'm Will

 Hi Ok On Hi I Sorry Today I No
Okay, Do Hi Can Ok 10 It Yep
I'm Er Hard Hi Sure Tomorrow
10 4got R Hi Morning, Sorry,
Ok! Are Yes, Do Alison. Lets
Okay Hi Ok R Yes, Fine Shall

 Hello Hey Aww Got Yo

 Hey Ok. Good, You're Hell

Don't LOL Running Any :) But
Hey. That's Cool On Cool! Was
In Hey, BEGIN: Thanks, Cool.
Lovely, A Why I Bless. Concert
I'm Shame, Yeah, Going
Bizarrelly That Panic Hey Hey,
Hey! I'll I

 Hi Already hey! Yep! Shall If

Cool Yes, Thanks He Hi Hey
Hey, Ah, Yes, Had Sorry Hi Hey
Shit Hey - Oh,

 Would 30th I P. How Work?

Hey Hey Was Wilco! You
Gooder Splendid I Wilco! Hey!!
Oh Yes, Are You Yeth, Aye
Hello, I'm Me Did Starts

 GOOD Harsh ... Haha Cool You

Ello lol T'would Exactly ...
Brandy The Ahhhh, Thats Elliot
hey! Hey!! look I'm Im I you
Totally! december Woo! yeah
Awesome!! lol hey my lol
 Sorry Lithuania Cool. Are Yes I
Awesome! It's Hope Never
What's Argh! Groupie Hey! Will
Cool, Ooooo, Josh Ok, cool,
On I Sorted. Jesus. Haha! I I
Its Hey, Hey Only We Well I Can
I Don't Do Yes, Yes. I I'm Ha! I
Cool, Toof Hey, Ooh Hey Okay,
20 I'm Wicked I'm Neil Hello
07958 I I Also Kk? Normal
Hhmm, Good And. Ah I I've
Dozy We're Sorry Hey, Not I I
Maybe Of Is Sorry, Agreed
Address Yes, On Ok, Sorry
Sorry, Are Left Enjoy I I Oh No.
Whore. Exactly, Nope.
Looking X730 I've That's I Oh
Perhaps Hey, Thanks, Are Doc
Shit, Borderline I Thanks Hello
hello Hey! Argh! Thanks! Ha Ha
I Lets I P..... Well Cheers Cool
Reet Yeah, Fuck! Another
Sorry, Sorry So Grimsby Angel
By Make So Well A Awesome
There's Giving Hey, They're
Sorry, Make After Just Good,
All Oh Are Same Thanks, Stay
Hey Hey! Yes, I'm Hey, Not
Also, Just Trunk, Ratman
Haha!!! Well Find Don't Sure,
Panic Actually, Ring In



 Ring Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi
Mathew It's Please Hi Hi Hope
Venturing Hi I How Was Hi Hi
Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi That's Hi Hi Hi
Yes, Thats
 Hi, Im Yes, If Hi Hey, Hey, 11am
Exam: Hey, Today The Ok It
Right, That Okay, Thanks Hey,
Ok. Hey, Thats How Hey, Hi No
Hi Hi, That's Congrats! Thanks.
Hi The Hi, Yes.. Cool, Sorry, No

 Hiya Hey

 Just That's Yup lol!!!

Something I'm Hey! Yes, Did
Hey, Hey Going Hey Hey. Hey!
ooo Yo! Heeeeey!

 Hey Euston Hey Have Good

Hey Awesome!!! Don't
remember Hey Yes, Is No
Lucky, A Thick Very Am On
Trying Is Well Hey, Hey Be
Yeah Hey Hey, But Sorry, You
Hey, Yeah

 Hi Hi Hi I'm We That's That's

Right, Good! Hi Hi, Ok Thank :-)
Yes, Hi Sunday Done Hi I Do Ok
Hi We're Hi 10. Great, Hi Yes,

 It's Won't Not No, Is Yeah

Wanna Right Right Bring I Do
Ok And Do Ok, You Three I'm
Come Knowles Knowlesy It's
Ok Thank I'll Darling, Fuck!
This I'll Matthew Hey Suffolk
Managed Knowles Cross No,
That's Ha! Sorry, Yes. Will Ed
Have Don't Hey

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