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All That Glitters Ain't Gold: A Fable

All That Glitters Ain't Gold: A Fable


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Published by baz211
Written for and read to the children in my family
Written for and read to the children in my family

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Published by: baz211 on Jul 09, 2007
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All that glitters AIn’t gold A fable

One day in the thickest part of the jungle lived a Monkey named
Ramis. Ramis had 5 brothers and sisters and lived in the branches of a eucalyptus tree. Because the monkeys ate bananas and roots, they searched for food six times a day. Now, Ramis was a lazy monkey; he refused to go out and pick bananas or roots for the family’s meals. His mother was very upset with his lazy ways. One day his mother told him “if you don’t return with food for the afternoon meal you must find another place to stay.” The monkey set out angrily to find food for his brothers and sisters. That afternoon while jumping from tree to tree in search of bananas, Ramis met a crafty orangutan. “Why, may I ask Monkey are you out here in the heat of the day hunting for food?” “I have no choice if I don’t search for food six times a day; I have to find another place to live.” “What a waste of time”, the orangutan replied. “I can get you some food that lasts a long time and you only have to search for it once a week.” “That’s just what I need”, the lazy monkey yelped with glee. “Here’s what you do, twice a day you gather up all the bananas and roots you can find and then bring them to me. I’ll solve all your food problems.”

Off the lazy monkey went laughing to himself. Thinking about all the spare time he would have to swing from tree to tree without doing any work for his mother. The monkey shortly returned to tree stump. He had two large bunches of bananas and a large pile of roots. “Here you go orangutan, here’s the banana and roots you wanted. Now where is the food you promised me?” The orangutan retrieved two large cans with shiny labels from a hole in the tree stump he was resting on. The monkey’s eye grew very large and his mouth began to water by simply looking at the inviting food on the labels of the cans. “Mother will be so proud of me,” the lazy monkey boosted with pride. He set off to show his mother the bounty his efforts had secured for the family. The orangutan lay back against the tree; eating his bananas and roots. Then he began to laugh. Louder and louder the orangutan laughed filling the jungle with his gaffahs. “Look mother, I’ve found enough food for a week”, the lazy monkey said holding up the large cans with the shiny labels. “Oh, my,” replied mother monkey. “You’ve done well. Now, where is the can opener?” Moral: There’s a sucker born every minute Written by sassy.baz AKA

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