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3 .

 Velocity at the throat: Vc is Velocity coefficient P2 is pressure at throat P1 is pressure at orifice 4 .

Mass flow rate at the throat CDT is the discharge coefficient of the throat AT is the Area of the throat 5 .

Mass flow through the fuel orifice CDo is the discharge coefficient of the orifice Ao is the Area of the orifice 6 .

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 Calculate the specific volume at throat and orifice using gas laws  Calculate the C/S area of the throat and hence the dia.  Estimate the drop in air and fuel pressures  using the fuel mass flow rate formula calculate the c/s area of orifice and hence the diameter 9 . Calculate the pressure at throat using the velocity relation.

Use the following relation to find the pressure ratio Calculate the specific volume 10 .

Calculate the c/s area 11 .

Calculate the pressure drop for air and fuel Calculate the C/s area of orifice 12 .

13 .

 Air flow in each carburetor  Density of air . mass flow rate  Pressure at the throat using velocity relation  Volume flow at choke  Nominal choke area and hence the diameter  Mass flow rate of fuel  c/s area using mass flow rate relation  diameter 14 . Calculate the actual volume of air sucked per sec using volumetric efficiency relation.

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23 .

85 and that of the main petrol jet is 0. The specific gravity of petrol is 0.5) of the choke dia. 24 . The coefficient of discharge for the ventury is 0. At peak power the theoretical air speed at choke is 90 m/s.66. Calculate the sizes of a suitable choke and main jet.2) A 4 stroke petrol engine has a capacity of (1400+ your roll number) c. It develops max power At 4200 rev/min.c. Atmospheric press n temp are 1. efficiency at this speed is (70+ 0.74.013 bar and 20 deg resp. The petrol Surface is 6 mm below the choke at this engine condition.1. emulation tube dia is 1/(2. The vol.ur roll no)% and the air fuel ratio is 13.

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