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Smith Trey Smith Ms. Green Comp. Rhet. 406 08 October 2013 Mechanical n!ineerin!

" #or$s Cite% & lectric Car Costs 's Gasoline Cars 's (ybri%s.& ).p.* n.%. #eb. +http",,,car.pricin!,'s.stan%ar%.!asoline.'ehicles/. Cars %irect is a -ebsite that has articles abo0t a0tomobiles an% thin!s relate% to them. 1n this partic0lar article it 'ery plainly %escribes the similarities an% %i22erences bet-een electric 'ehicles* con'entional !asoline 'ehicles* an% hybri% 'ehicles. 1t also compares the costs bet-een these types o2 'ehicles an% attrib0tes the costs to the certain en!ineerin! %esi!ns an% 20nctions o2 the cars. Education Grad. School. 01/01/13. 09/24/13

%0cational Gra%. School is a -ebsite that sho-s the top rate% mechanical en!ineerin! colle!es in the 3.S. This site simply !i'es yo0 a !oo% i%ea o2 -hat colle!es in the 3.S. are i%eal to !o to i2 yo0 -ant to ha'e a really !oo% possible career in mechanical en!ineerin!. The top schools 2or mechanical en!ineerin! ore M1T an% Stan2or% ta$in! the n0mber 1 on% 2 spot. &(ybri% Sa2ety Concerns.& ).p.* n.%. #eb. +http",,,article.asp45cp.%oc0menti%6437470/. This site is a basic ne-s -ebsite. The p0rpose o2 this article that -as share% as ne-s on the site is to e4press the basic sa2ety iss0es that many hybri% an% electric 'ehicles ha'e ha%* or that people ha'e e4perience% -ith them. 1t tal$s abo0t ho- the systems that are 0se% to ma$e these cars r0n on 'irt0ally no 20el are hi!h in 'olta!e an% i2 han%le% -ron! in certain sit0ations li$e an acci%ent they can be hi!hly %an!ero0s or %ea%ly. &8re (ybri% Car Maintenance Costs (i!her5& ).p.* n.%. #eb. +http",,a0to.ho-st022-or$,are.hybri%.maintenance.costs.hi!her.htm/. This -ebsite contains m0ltiple articles that e4plain ho- certain thin!s -or$* an% also in2orms people abo0t e'ery%ay thin!s. 1n this article it ar!0es an% at the same time !i'es s0pport to the claim that hybri% a0tomobiles are less e4pensi'e. 1t %isc0sses ho- hybri%s are cheaper beca0se they -ill sa'e yo0 a lot on !as. 8t the same time it tal$s abo0t ho- hybri%s

Smith can be more e4pensi'e i2 their battery 2ails beca0se the batteries that they r0n on are a lot o2 the time more e4pensi'e than con'entional 'ehicle9s !as en!ines.

#hat 1s the Ris$ o2 the (ybri% Car5& ).p.* n.%. #eb. +http",,,abo0t:6307121:ris$ The -ebsite contains many in2ormati'e cate!ories an% articles that are there to help sho- people ho- to sa'e money or ma$e it. 1n the article sho-n* it e4plains other ris$s abo0t hybri% 'ehicles that one mi!ht not notice at 2irst !lance. 1t also sho-s some o2 the 0ne4pecte% ris$s that people mi!ht not thin$ abo0t* 2or e4ample" the en!ine bein! too ;0iet 2or a blin% person crossin! the street* to notice it. &(ybri% Metho%s in n!ineerin!.& ).p.* n.%. #eb. +http",,!,<o0rnals,!ineerin!.html/. This -ebsite is basically a home -ebsite to tal$ abo0t science an% en!ineerin!. This article in partic0lar is to %isc0ss the p0rposes an% !oals o2 hybri% en!ineerin!. 1t brie2ly tal$s abo0t -here the money !oes an% ho- it is 0se%. 1t tal$s abo0t this speci2ic company9s plan on ho- they -ill !o abo0t their mission or <ob. &(ybri% Cars .. =ros an% Cons.& ).p.* n.%. #eb. +http",,phys.or!,ne-s10031.html/. The main !oal o2 this -ebsite is to tal$ abo0t the positi'es an% ne!ati'es o2 ha'in! an% o-nin! a hybri% car. 1t 2irst !i'es yo0 the basic 0n%erstan%in! o2 -hat a hybri% 'ehicle really is* an% then !i'es yo0 the !oo% an% ba%. One thin! that it tal$s abo0t is ho- the hybri%9s electric motors 0se no ener!y -hile in i%le an% ho- !as motors %eli'er better ener!y e22iciency at hi!h spee%s. >ampton* Christopher. &(o- lectric Car ?atteries #or$.& ).p.* n.%. #eb. +http",,a0to.ho-st022-or$,20el.e22iciency,'ehicles, battery3.htm/. This -ebsite contains m0ltiple articles that e4plain ho- certain thin!s -or$* an% also in2orms people abo0t e'ery%ay thin!s. This <o0rnal article by Chris >ampton simply e4plains ho- batteries in electric cars -or$ an% 20nction. >ampton 2irst !i'es a loo$ at the a%'anta!es an% %isa%'anta!es to 0sin! electric cars. The rest o2 the article is abo0t ho- the batteries in the cars are 0se%. 1t to0ches on s0b<ects li$e rechar!in! the battery* li2e o2 the battery* etc. &Mechanical n!ineerin!.& ).p.* n.%. #eb. +http",,en.-i$ipe%ia.or!,-i$i,Mechanical:en!ineerin!/.

Smith This -ebsite is a electronic encyclope%ia that has a lot o2 in2ormation abo0t a lot o2 %i22erent s0b<ects. The s0b<ect that this article is abo0t is mechanical en!ineerin!. 1t !i'es a h0!e amo0nt o2 in2ormation abo0t mechanical en!ineerin!* this in2o incl0%es the bac$!ro0n% @ history o2 it* the %e'elopment o2 it* the %i22erent cate!ories besi%es mechanical en!ineerin!* an% the e%0cation o2 en!ineerin!. This -ebsite is reliable eno0!h beca0se it re2erences other sites an% s0b<ects -ithin this article. &(o- to ?ecome a Mechanical n!ineer.& ).p.* n.%. #eb. +http",,---.-i$,?ecome.a.Mechanical. n!ineer/. #i$ is a -ebsite that sho-s 0sers ho- to %o a -i%e spectr0m o2 thin!s i2 anyone sho0l% nee% to $no- ho-. 1n this !0i%e it 'ery 'a!0ely !i'es yo0 the steps or tips on ho- to e'ent0ally become a mechanical en!ineer. 1t tal$s abo0t 0sin! tools as m0ch as possible an% tryin! to 2i4 thin!s that are bro$e be2ore <0st thro-in! them o0t. O'erall this site !i'es yo0 a basic loo$ at -hat a person -o0l% -ant to %o to help them i2 they -ere p0rs0in! a career in the mechanical en!ineerin! 2iel%. Gable* Christine* an% Scott Gable. &Cylin%er Aeacti'ation.& ).p.* n.%. #eb. +http",,alternati',o%,research%e'elopment,a,cylin%er%eact.htm/. This -ebsite is similar to ho-st022-or$ beca0se it merely in2orms people abo0t a -i%e array o2 s0b<ects thro0!h mostly articles. 1n this article it !oes more in %epth abo0t e4plainin! ho- en!ines in cars -or$. 1t tal$s abo0t the cylin%ers in the en!ines an% ho- they relate to the throttle -hen %ri'in! in certain places at certain spee%s. 1t tal$s abo0t hocylin%ers in the en!ine can %eacti'ate to increase e22iciency. &Mechanical n!ineer Salary.& ).p.* n.%. #eb. +http",,,salary,Mechanical. n!ineer.html/. The p0rpose o2 the -ebsite is to help tell people the salaries o2 <ob opport0nities aro0n% the co0ntry an% -orl% or local comm0nity. This lin$ sho-s the main salary o2 a mechanical en!ineer -ho has 2inishes his,her %e!ree. Certain en!ineers can ma$e 0p to B111*000 per year an% the salaries ran!e 2rom B7C*000 to B111*000 per year on this -ebsite. Tate* Dames. &(ybri% (orsepo-er" 8 (i!h.=er2ormance =( E Cars an% Concepts.& ).p.* n.%. #eb. +http",,,cars,alternati'e.20el,hybri%s,hybri%.horsepo-er.8.hi!h. per2ormance.phe' This -ebsite is an in2ormati'e -ebsite that has a partnerin! ma!aGine abo0t mechanics an% technolo!ical science. This article %isc0sses ho- hybri% cars are not all absent o2 po-er an% per2ormance. 1t tal$s abo0t ho- a hybri% car can ha'e !reat !as mila!e an% !oo% per2ormance* then !i'es e4amples o2 cars that ha'e alrea%y been realease% that ha'e both o2 these 2eat0res.

Smith ?rian* Marshall. &(o- (orsepo-er #or$s.& ).p.* n.%. #eb. +http",,---.ho-st022-or$,horsepo-er.htm/. This -ebsite contains m0ltiple articles that e4plain ho- certain thin!s -or$* an% also in2orms people abo0t e'ery%ay thin!s. 1n this article the -ay that horsepo-er -or$s in cars is e4plaine%. The article says e4actly ho- one horsepo-er is meas0re% -hich is 33*000 2oot. po0n%s per min0te 2or one horsepo-er. &The >in!en2elter Story.& ).p.* n.%. #eb. +http",,---.lin!,pa!e,lin!en2elter.story/. This site is a per2ormance mechanical en!ineerin! site 2or a company that sells per2ormance parts 2or Che'rolet or General Motors 'ehicles. On this site there is an article abo0t the 2o0n%er o2 the company* Dohn >in!en2elter. 1t tal$s abo0t ho- his s$ills as a mechanical en!ineer ma%e the company as rep0table an% 2amo0s as they are to%ay 2or their per2ormance parts an% 0p!ra%es. The article also maps o0t the history o2 Dohn >in!en2elter9s li2e an% -hat types o2 achie'ements he ma%e alon! the -ay that attrib0te% to the s0ccess o2 the company to%ay.