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2013 Media Relations Intern

2013 Media Relations Intern

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Published by: DUMediaFilmJourn on Nov 12, 2013
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Media Relations Intern The National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) is seeking a paid, part-time intern

to assist the media relations manager and the Marketing-Communications department with its media relations and communications activities For more information a!out the National Endowment for Financial Education, visit www nefe org Duties: • Monitor and track placements via media monitoring service • "erform anal#tics and measurement of placements • $esearch and develop lists of media contacts%data!ases • &dentif# staff at various pu!lications and outlets appropriate for pitching stories • 'evelop pitches for stories • "erform writing, editing and proofreading to cop# • Create interview prep materials • (ork on revision and updates to press room page of we!site via CM) platform • *ssist in setting up social media platforms for media relations deliver# • Complete applications for award su!missions • *ssist with the maintenance of media archives (clips, videos, etc ) • +ther responsi!ilities ma# include assisting the Marketing%Communications department with other initiatives Requirements: • )trong writing, editing, proofreading, spelling and grammar skills • ,nowledge of *" st#le • "roficient in computer programs and social media platforms • *ttention to detail and accurac# when completing work assignments • "rofessional presence and demeanor- a!ilit# to work independentl# • $elia!ilit# and a strong work ethic- fle.i!ilit# to assist others as needed • *!ilit# to work a consistent /0-12 hour%week schedule (for e.ample, Monda#s, (ednesda#s and Thursda#s)- da#s can !e fle.i!le • Currentl# enrolled in an accredited four #ear college or universit# or recent graduate with an interest in 3ournalism, communications, pu!lic relations or a related field • "referred (!ut not re4uired)5 e.perience with we!site content management s#stems To appl#5 )end e-mail (including schedule of availa!ilit#), a resume and three references to pdg6nefe org "lease reference 7Media $elations &ntern8 in the su!3ect line *pplication deadline5 'ecem!er 9, 12/:

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