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Google For Educators
Google’s Mission

Organize the world’s information and

make it universally accessible and useful.
Press Release
“We've been hearing stories from classrooms across the
US where teachers at all grade levels are using Google
products to bring assignments to life, shine light on new
sources of information, and encourage sharing and
collaboration. What we also heard loud and clear was
teachers' desire for more information about our products
and more connections to other educators who are using
the web creatively. That's why we've launched a set of
resources for K-12 educators today at”

October 2006
‣ Google for Educators web site
• Google for Educators newsletter
• Google Teachers Academy
• Collaborative Projects
• The Infinite Thinking Machine blog
• Partnership with WestEd
The Tools
‣ Web Search

‣ Earth

‣ Book Search

‣ Maps

‣ Docs & Spreadsheets

‣ Blogger

‣ SketchUp
Other Tools
‣ Google Co-op

‣ Google Video

‣ YouTube

‣ Google Image Search

‣ Google News

‣ Google News Archive Search

‣ Google Blog Search

‣ Google Reader
‣ Define
‣ File Type
‣ Currency Conversion
‣ Calculator
‣ Track Packages
‣ Google Help: Search Features

‣ Free weblog service

‣ Recently revamped
‣ Restrict access to entire blog
‣ Restrict comments
‣ Restrict listing in Blogger (still available
on Internet)

‣ Satellite imagery of the Earth that

includes layers of information
‣ Still pictures
‣ Share files
‣ Google Earth
‣ Google Earth Community
Maple School
Book Search

‣ “Search the full text of books to find

ones that interest you and learn where to
buy or borrow them.”
‣ Explore Shakespeare with Google
‣ About Google Book Search
‣ Google Book Search - News & Views

‣ Google Maps
‣ Searchable
‣ Call feature
‣ My Maps
Docs & Spreadsheets
‣ Google Docs & Spreadsheets

‣ Import and export using a variety of file types

‣ Share and publish files
‣ No Safari support, no chart capabilities,
‣ Presentations coming soon
‣ Examples:
‣ Global Warming Project
‣ IL-TCE Volunteer Documentation
‣ ADE NECC proposals

‣ Google SketchUp
‣ 3D Warehouse
‣ Designing with SketchUp Infowiki

‣ Google Calendar
‣ Editable and shareable by multiple
‣ New Features
‣ Picasa
‣ Photo organizer
‣ Standalone and web-based
‣ Privacy settings
‣ RSS feeds
‣ Cristin’s Albums
Personalized Homepage
‣ Google Personalized Homepage
‣ Starting point with your content
‣ Other Google apps can be added to your
personalized to your homepage
e.g., Co-op search engines
‣ Lots of other stuff available not created
by Google
Apps for Education
‣ Google Apps for Education
‣ Customizable
‣ Includes:
‣ Gmail
‣ Google Talk
‣ Google Calendar
‣ Google Page Creator
‣ Google Start Page

‣ GOogle Start Page

Google For Educators

‣ Google for Educators site

‣ Tools for Your Classroom
‣ Teacher Community
‣ Google Teacher Academy
‣ The Infinite Thinking Machine blog
Infinite Thinking Machine

‣ A weblog sponsored by WestEd and

‣ “Internet T.V. shows” found also in
iTunes and Google Video
‣ 7 contributors
QuickTimeª and a
are needed to see this picture.

‣ Get a Google Account

‣ Find a Google cheat sheet
‣ Explore the Google Earth Community
‣ Read John Batelle’s The Search
‣ Check out the Official Google Blog