HRP Enrollement Wizard -------------------------- New Table to store the calendar years data.

Questions ------------------------- How to find employees to be tested for OE Wizard? - Data tables 1. What is the 'Client HSA Frontload' and where it's coming from? These amounts would be stored in Client Benefit Options. PS_T2_CLIENT_OPTN2.T2_ER_FSA_FRT_EE (employee only frontload) PS_T2_CLIENT_OPTN2.T2_ER_FSA_FRT_FAM (family frontload) select T2_ER_HSA_FRT_FAM , T2_ER_HSA_FRT_EE from PS_T2_CLIENT_O PTN2 where benefit_program='QZD'; 2. OE Quarter? T2_CLIENTOPTION.T2_OE_QUARTER 3. Plan Year? Plan Year associated with the quarter OE quarter assigned. The Plan Yea r for that OE Quarter can be found in table PS_T2_QTR_OE_SETUP 4. Age of employee as of coverage begin date. - PERSON.BIRTHDATE select * from PS_T2_OE_EE_VW where emplid='00001416931' and empl_rcd=' 0'; 5. Medical Election select covrg_cd from PS_HEALTH_BENEFIT where emplid='00001416931' and plan_type='10';

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