Research Methodology

The Research and Methodology adopted for the present study has been systematic and was done in accordance to the objectives set which has been detailed as below. Research Definition Research is a process in which the researcher wishers to find out the end result for a given problem and thus the solution helps in future course of action. According to Redman & Mory research is defined as a “Systemized effort to gain new knowledge”. Research Design: According to “Claire Seltiz”, a research design is the arrangement of condition and analysis of data in manner that aims to combine relevance to the research purpose with economy in procedure.

Nature of Research: Research is basically of two types. 1. Descriptive research 2. Explorative research 1. Descriptive Research: These studies are concerned with describing the characteristic of a particular individual or a group. Determining sources of Data: There are two main sources of data 1. Primary data 2. Secondary data

Primary Data: It consists of original information collected for specific research. Primary data for this research study was collected through a direct survey to obtain this primary data a well structured questionnaire was prepared by the researcher. Secondary Data: It consists of information that already exists somewhere and has been collected for some specific purpose in the study. The secondary data for this study is collected from various Japanese Management books . Questionnaire: A set of questions containing a few Technical questions and more number of Opinionated questions are prepared for the employees of both Centralized and Decentralized sections of HR Department.

Sample Size: Total sample size is 90

Questionnaire Development: Questionnaire is the most common instrument in collecting primary data. In order to gather primary data from viewers.

The present questionnaire consists of following type of questions.

Open ended questions Closed ended questions Dichotomous questions Multiple choice questions

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