Lecture 3

Text figures from:
MD: Moore and Dalley, Clinically Oriented Anatomy 5th Edition 2006 Lippincott Williams and Wilkins G: Drake, Vogl and Mitchell, Gray's Anatomy for Medical Students 2005 Elsevier

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12 Store Calcium Produces new blood cells Bumps and bulges on bones Used for muscle attachments .Bones: Used for support Protect organs Acted on by muscles MD1.

vertebral column.Axial skeleton: 80 bones Skull. The girdle articulates with the Axial skeleton and suspends the rest of the upper limb to allow a better range of movement .11 Upper limb: Begins with the Pectoral girdle. Ribs. sternum. hyoid Appendicular skeleton: 126 bones Upper and lower limb plus Pectoral and pelvic girdles Each Upper limb: 32 bones MDI.

16 Hyaline cartilage If a muscle or a tendon of a muscle crosses a joint.Synovial Joint MDI. it must act at that joint .

9 How do you correctly describe the function of a muscle? Complete the sentence: Muscle (biceps brachii) Acts to (flex) By moving a body part (forearm) At a joint (elbow) .MDSA6.

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