When I Was Your Man - Bruno Mars Structure, harmony, rhythm, melody, lyrics, arrangement, production, feel, texture

Structure 1. Straight forward erse - !horus song. "here#s an extra $ar after 1st !horus. %nd a repeated line at end for & extra $ars. Intro '() erse '*) +efrain '() !horus '*) 1 Bar erse '*) +efrain '() !horus '*) Bridge '*) !h'*) & Bars repeat line Harmony 1. !ool switch from +efrain to !horus. $ II to I to in chorus. &. erse starts on ,i, !horus on , Bridge on I . -othing on I. erse ',i I ) ' ii ) ' .) 'I iii) ',i I) 'ii ) ' ) 'I ) +efrain 'iii ,i) 'iii) '$ II) 'I ) !horus I I I I I ,i II. I i, I iii Bridge I I ,i iii II.

My selfishness caused you to lea. $ac5ground .a$a$ Bridge . &.I admit I was wrong +hyme< erse 1 . hours. radio.images of things he should ha. instead of first person you. $ut you#re dancing with another man6.iim Rhythm 1.a$$c Arrangement/Production 4iano. 8i5e 6now you#re dancing.I was young and dum$ !horus . *th note piano rhythm Melody 1.sets up image framewor5 in erse 1 -images of things that remind him of how much he misses her:Bed.a$ !horus . 0. $ut she#s dancing with another man6 7oes second person.a$a$ +efrain . I made a mess and it haunts me Bridge .ocals Feel / Texture Balla . It 5ind of creates an effect where he#s tal5ing to himself and regretting it. friends.dancing. 0. 23!24" he $rea5s rule with 6now my $a$y#s dancing. /oooo sounds for gi$$erish stuff &.e done:flowers. so wor5s.I should of appreciated you more erse & . Same with !horus . Storyline< erse 1 . can tell it#s really to her. 1irect address.I miss you +efrain . party. IM%72 9S2 . !horus has a call and response to it. Bridge has a perfect rhyme with $uild up melody into last chorus Lyrics 1.aaaa erse & .e.

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